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Losing His Virtue, Winning His Freedom

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The way he’d been scrubbed, pampered, and painted, Izuku would’ve assumed he was signing his life away to another King. Instead, he was prepped as a gift for a barbaric warrior for taking out half the men in their yearly tournament. It seemed silly to reward a man from another territory for causing such fatalities, but Izuku suspected politics were behind it.

He huffed; politics were always behind it.

Izuku glanced down at the intricate gold lines, mingling with his tan and freckled skin. Having been a slave for King Endeavor for nearly ten years now, he’d expected this night to come much sooner than it had. Perhaps the king’s youngest son, Shouto, had been the reason for such a delay. They’d formed a friendship over the years, regardless of their difference in status. Endeavor never approved, but as long as Shouto lived up to his princely duties, the king would turn a blind eye.

Naturally, it had been Shouto to deliver the news to Izuku regarding tonight. A cruel order from the King no doubt, but an order to be obeyed, nonetheless.

He’d spent all his time here much like the other servants, completing chores from dawn ‘til dusk with a gold choker clinging to his neck, reminding the world around him that he no longer controlled his fate. It hadn’t always been this way, but memories of the old days didn’t matter anymore, and they’d faded over time.

With both his parents long gone, Izuku accepted that the servant life would be his only life. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad, and he knew others had it worse. At least he had somewhere to sleep, food to eat, and decent company whenever Shouto came around. Still, he often found his dreams filled with opens fields, a cool breeze, and the smell of honeysuckles. With how vivid they always were, Izuku knew they were memories from his childhood.

A white veil fell over his eyes, successfully hiding his face to inform the warrior of his innocence. After tonight, the veil would disappear and never fall over his eyes again… he only hoped the man wouldn’t break him. The other servants said a prayer over him, but their words fell on deaf ears. The Gods never listened to him as a child, why would they listen to him now?

He was led from the chambers by a chain that connected to the one on his body. They were cold and uncomfortable, wrapped as a harness and connected to the small barbells through his nipples. His focus followed his feet that were glittered with more gold paint, delicately stepping along the dark grey stone. The only clothing he wore was a sheer white cloth that matched his veil and it left very little to the imagination. It flowed with every step and if anyone had been behind them, he was sure they’d see a lot more than freckled thighs.

As they traveled along the corridors, Izuku couldn’t help but notice that they were in the west wing, heading towards the highest tower. Only the very best of the king’s guests were placed there, and he wondered just how important this barbaric warrior truly was or which clan he resided in. Like most tournaments, he hadn’t been allowed to watch. There was work to be done regardless of the things happening outside of the castle. Still, Izuku wished he could’ve seen this man before being handed over to him for the night.

Before he knew it, the guard halted in front of them and announced their arrival by knocking once. Immediately, servants on the other side opened the double doors wide, welcoming them in with a silent nod. Izuku couldn’t look at them; he could only focus on his breathing and his feet.

He zoned out through the announcement of his purpose; he refused to have the words “he’s yours to do with however you may please” seared in his memory. His eyes remained glued to the floor, not that it’d matter if he took a look around, the veil would hide his wondering eyes, but he couldn’t bring himself to. The one thing he still had was his virginity and now…

“I will return for him in the morning.”

That was the final sentence before the guard bowed his head in respect, then turned to unhook the leash from the chained harness on his body. There weren’t any words exchanged between them even though they were both loyal servants to the king, but Izuku thought he’d at least be given a passing glance.

The doors closed with a deafening sound, sealing Izuku’s fate. He braced himself with a deep breath and tilted his head up to finally take in his surroundings.

Nothing had changed since the last time Izuku had gotten a glance at this room (courtesy of Shouto); it was still filled with lush reds and snowy whites, a suite fit for a royal family member with its oversized bed and large, stained glass panes. Candles were the only thing lighting the room, matching the mood for tonight’s purpose.

And in the middle of the bed fit for a king lounged the man who would seize the last thing he had to his name. He was young, maybe even Izuku’s age, built as one would expect a warrior to be. Even though they were twenty feet apart, Izuku could see every line and definition of the man’s frame, right down to his tapered waist and prominent hip bones.

He knew a blush had successfully crept its way along his cheeks and ears; he shouldn’t have indulged. This was nothing more than a night to please a winner and his king. If things went accordingly, the warrior would be on his merry way tomorrow and spread the news of how generous the King had been!

“Your king,” the warrior spoke, raw and rough. “Sent me a virgin.”

Izuku’s eyes widened at the obvious distaste dripping from the word.

“Does he think I’m fucking incompetent?”

The question had been rhetorical; it had to have been, because Izuku didn’t think he could answer him, especially not while he came further into view. His eyes darted to heavy boots, watching them close the distance with commanding steps. He had to force his body to keep still no matter how loud it screamed at him to step back. There had been many rumors of warriors treating servants like filth, beating them as much as they pleased… It didn’t matter what they were intended for, it mattered what the winner chose to do with them.

That is until the sun rose.

His focus remained on the ground, his stature subdued and submissive. Perhaps if he showed how compliant he could be, the warrior would have mercy on him. Izuku had many years of practice dealing with tyrants, this man was no different.

“Tell me why,” the warrior began, standing far too close for comfort while threat laced his words. “I, the man who took down fifteen of Endeavor’s finest warriors, was sent a damn virgin.”

The rhetorical question was long forgotten and instead Izuku was placed with a command.

A command he was required to heed.

“I am King Endeavor’s most valued servant. I’ve remained untouched for twenty-one years so that one day when the King found someone suitable to receive me, he could present me as so.” Izuku breathed, genuinely surprised the man looming over him allowed him to say all of that without interruption. “If you’re displeased, I can provide you with someone more suited for your tastes.”

If he were returned, he would receive punishment. It was as simple as that, but he still had to confess the nature of this gift… Shouto had been the one to tell him what to say if the question of his virginity were to arise.

The man scoffed next to his ear, “So that you could be fucked by man worth a quarter of me?”

Izuku’s head dropped further, chin to chest. Unfortunately, what the man had said was true… if he was rejected, his virtue- his purity would lack meaning, and he’d be offered to someone of the lower ranks… Someone from Endeavor’s army who would most certainly treat him like a rag people wipe their bottoms with.

The warrior took a step back, allowing for a normal distance between them but still close enough to have Izuku’s heart racing. “Chin up,” he commanded and Izuku followed in suit. His eyes however remained just below the man’s sharp jaw.

Scarred hands came into view, reaching for the hem of the white veil. Izuku held his breath, terrified the warrior wouldn’t find him good looking enough to have as a cherished present. Many people in the castle had commented on his plain features, apparently the only thing spectacular about himself were the freckles on his cheeks. He was told these spots were kisses from the gods… If that had been true, Izuku doubted he would’ve ended up scrubbing stone floors.

His eyes shut tightly the moment the veil lifted above his nose. Rationally he knew the moment their gazes would meet was inevitable, but he didn’t want to see rejection in the warrior’s eyes. As the veil landed gently atop his wild curls, he took a deep breath and readied himself for the next command.

“Look at me.”

His focus immediately landed on familiar rubies. He couldn’t explain why they seemed familiar… but the flames blazing wildly in them warmed him to his core.

Shock overtook those crimson depths.


The nickname crashed over him, sending him tumbling through long forgotten memories of a boy who used to tease him. A boy who used to push him figuratively and literally. A boy he used to look up to and chase after, in hopes that one day the boy would turn to him and acknowledge him as friend. A partner.

A boy who had a nickname as well.

“K-kacchan.” It came out in a whispered confirmation. Izuku took in the man’s face, hair, the same features he had as a child but sharper, matured… handsome as ever. And as if the Gods couldn’t get any crueler, their reunion only reminded Izuku of one thing.

They still didn’t stand side by side. If anything, Izuku had dropped to the lowest of lows in ranks, while Kacchan continued to climb higher. Humiliation took home in his chest, making it hard to breathe, but he kept his shoulders squared and his head held high.

Afterall, he was still a gift.

He repeated the same words as earlier, only with more hesitation. “I can find someone more suited for your taste-”

Strong hands gripped his shoulders. “THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY?” His voice boomed, echoing off the walls around him, but Izuku didn’t flinch. He’d become accustomed to men twice his size yelling and grabbing him with force.

However, this was the first time Izuku ever remembered seeing panic in those fierce crimson eyes.

The strong grip released him, practically pushing him as if Kacchan was suddenly disgusted by him… Truthfully, Izuku couldn’t blame him if he was. Afterall, Kacchan had become a fine warrior, wielding his own fate and inspiring others, while Izuku had become someone else’s property.

“You’ve been gone for ten years!” Furred boots stomped back and forth. “Ten fucking years! And you’re just gonna pretend like nothing’s changed?!”

Izuku couldn’t tell if the question had been rhetorical this time, but he didn’t have to wait long for Kacchan to demand the answer from him.

“Answer me.” His fury could rival King Endeavor’s… no wonder he’d been the warrior to slay fifteen of their finest men.

Izuku dropped to his knees, accepting his responsibility. “Nothing has changed.” The pacing boots halted, but he managed to continue without interruption. “I owe a duty to my king to follow through with his instructions. It does not matter who the warrior is or the past I may have with him. If you do not wish to use me as I am intended, I will have to find another suitor to carry out my duty.”

The room grew silent except for Kacchan’s erratic breathing. Izuku focused on it, wondering if it would level out or if things would go from bad to worse. Unfortunately, everything he said was true. Regardless of their history, Izuku no longer held the reins to his life. His only purpose was to serve the king and if that meant laying besid- beneath the man he’d always admired, then so be it.

The Gods clearly used his life for their entertainment and nothing more.

Eventually, the harsh breathing leveled out and the sound of pouring wine filled his ears. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Kacchan take a generous gulp before filling his goblet once more. Izuku hoped the man didn’t overindulge before accepting his gift; he’d heard too many tales about drunken men and their escapades.

Finally, after what seemed like another decade, Kacchan spoke to him with a low leveled voice.

“How long ago did Auntie die?”

Izuku sighed, his heart twisting at the mention of his mother. He couldn’t blame Kacchan for his curiosity, he just never expected to have this conversation. “Two years after we left.” Even without looking up, he knew this answer wouldn’t satisfy the warrior, so he expanded. “She became ill after working in harsh conditions and by the time we could afford treatment, she died.”

Kacchan didn’t miss a beat, “You sold yourself to pay for the medicine.”

It wasn’t a question, but Izuku found himself answering anyway. “Yes.”

Even with that correct deduction made, Izuku never expected him to make the same one about his father.  “And your dad left you again when she died.”

Izuku wound his hands tightly in his lap, forcing himself to remain still no matter how… emotional this conversation made him. Every time he felt tears burn at the corner of his eyes or his chest begin to swell, the booming threat, “I’ll give you a reason to cry!” replayed in his mind until the feelings subsided.

 “And didn’t bother staying for the burial,” he whispered in return.

A loud clang caused him to flinch and jerk his head towards the sound. He watched the pitcher roll across the stone floor, leaving red wine in its wake. The mess was the least of his worries.

“Mitsuki told her not to leave!” Kacchan yelled, swiping the food that had been prepared for him to the floor. “Begged her to stay!” The goblet he’d drank from flew across the room, meeting the same fate as the pitcher. “My mother, her Queen, could’ve commanded her! Could have forced her to stay, but she loved Inko! She loved you!

Izuku stared Kacchan straight in the eye as an accusatory finger landed on him. The memories he’d sworn he’d forgotten were coming back full force and it was far too much to bear. He refused to think of the day he left, the months he’d spent crying himself to sleep because he’d been separated from his friends, from his clan, but his family had been brought back together. They’d only left because his mom so desperately wished to be reunited with her husband even though he turned his back on them years ago. They left because of a redo! They left for a second chance!

The taste of blood pulled him from his spiral. He’d learned many years ago to hold his tongue, no matter how badly he wished to speak his mind. King Endeavor despised his incessant mumbling, so Izuku had learned to control it.

The solution wasn’t a good one, but the punishments were worse.

He released his tongue between his teeth, exhaling a short breath, and refocused on the man before him. Kacchan’s anger morphed into something new… Something Izuku had never seen before.

“What happened to you?”

Concern. Izuku could see it, hear it, but he couldn’t believe it. “I’m not sure I understand.”

That.” Kacchan huffed in annoyance, dropping in front of him with a grunt. “What the fuck is that?”

Izuku couldn’t help the quizzical etch to his voice. “What do you mean?”

“You’re talkin’ all formal n’ shit as if it you weren’t raised with barbarians.”

Izuku’s gaze dropped to the floor. They were wasting time. This night together was meant for one thing and one thing alone; he didn’t have time to answer pointless questions or address useless accusations.

“Do you want to fuck me, Kacchan?” He raised his head in time to catch genuine shock on the warrior’s sharp features.

I- what?!” He barked.

“If you do not wish to use me the way I’m intended, then I have to leave.” Izuku put as much emphasis into the statement as his body would allow, because Kacchan still didn’t seem to understand.

“Do you fuckin’ hear yourself?” Kacchan shot him an incredulous glare but managed to keep his temper at bay.

Izuku supposed he’d changed too; not only did he mature in appearance, but on the inside too. I always knew he would.

“ ‘You always knew I would’ ?”

Shocked emeralds met curious rubies. “W-what?”

“Heh,” Kacchan smirked triumphantly, his annoyance disappearing as quickly as it had come. “Already broke through your bullshit act.”

He had spoken out loud without meaning to… when was the last time he’d done that? Three years ago? Maybe five? All this time wasted after just a couple hours with Kacchan. This night needed to end here. He’d accept his fate, his punishment from the King and forget this night ever happened.

And forget about Kacchan. Forget the embarrassment he felt the moment he realized he’d never stand at his side. Forget the husky, deep voice that said his name in awe rather than hate. Forget the crimson depths that held such an intensity, Izuku wanted to lose himself in them.

Forget everything about his childhood friend becoming the man of his dreams.

Izuku sighed, successfully finding his center, and rising from the floor. For the first and last time in his life, he looked down at the person he’d always admired and said, “Goodbye, Kacchan.”

It felt weird- unnatural, like this whole scenario hadn’t been planned by the cruel Gods in the sky, because he’d already let go of Kacchan ten years ago. To verbally say it now… as adults…

This would be the last time their paths ever crossed.

He turned on his heel with intent, ready to leave this memory behind with the ones from his childhood. Ignoring the sudden tightness in his chest, he took one step forward, except he didn’t cover any distance.

A firm grip rooted him to the spot, only allowing him to glance over his shoulder and eye the roadblock.

Kacchan’s head was down. “Stop,” the grip on his ankle squeezed, “leaving...”

Another word followed, but Izuku couldn’t believe his ears. Couldn’t believe the emotional rasp in Kacchan’s voice, the soft ‘me’ that fled his lips.

Kacchan.” His voice in return was quiet, his stance wavering. He’d never been able to deny this man when they were kids, how could he deny him now? “Please let go of me,” he whispered; his willpower faded with every passing moment.  

“No.” The answer was immediate and no longer desperate. The more Izuku lost his determination, the quicker Kacchan regained his. “Never again.”

The world became a blur as the ground beneath him disappeared. He waited for the painful fall, but it never came. Strong arms embraced him, carrying him further away from the exit and to the place where the night was meant to begin. His back met the comfort of the lush bed, and his chains clinked together as they fell back in place.

Kacchan looked bigger like this with arms caging him in and thick thighs straddling his small waist. His golden skin practically glistened in the candlelit room, and Izuku couldn’t decide if he was the luckiest or unluckiest man on earth.

“This what you want?” The husky voice was back, dipping deeper than it had before as curious fingers traveled up Izuku’s side. They played with the gold chains, tugging just enough that his nipples perked at the attention.

Kacchan…” Izuku whispered, completely at a loss of what else to say… he already felt raw from their reunion and emotional whiplash. Nothing in his life could’ve prepared him for this moment

“My gift huh?” Kacchan smirked devilishly with a lustful flame sparking in his eyes. The distance between them disappeared as lips pressed against Izuku’s ear. “One night doesn’t make up for the last ten years, Deku.

Just like old times, Izuku shivered at the nickname, except this time, he was feeling something entirely different. Heat pooled in his groin as his limbs grew heavy and sunk into the bed. A foreign feeling of desire muddled his brain, completely distracting him from the implications his childhood friend had made.

Calloused fingers skated across his ribs and stomach, gliding over the intertwined chains. Izuku’s chest rose and fell in anticipation, his breath coming out sharp and short. Again, the chains tugged, causing his back to arch off the bed.

“These hurt?”

If Kacchan had asked this a few moments ago, he would’ve admitted they were uncomfortable, but now, after watching the fiery stare appraise him, he just murmured back a simple answer.


It must have appeased Kacchan, because he hummed low in response, sliding his touch higher until he found where they started from. A small noise escaped Izuku’s throat as a thumb slid over his nipple.

Kacchan stared at Izuku with fascination, rubbing over the hardened nub again and eliciting the same noise. “Shit-” the word came out with a rush of air, as if Izuku’s reactions were a surprise to him.

Embarrassment flooded his cheeks and he quickly tried to cover his face, but Kacchan caught his wrist in mid-air.

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare.”

Izuku squirmed at the command, but heeded it, his cheeks burning all the way to his ears.

“I’m never,” Kacchan leaned in, his heated stare unwavering, “letting you out of my sight again.”

He didn’t give Izuku time to process those words. Lips were on his, shattering every doubt to oblivion and stealing his breath.

His mind short-circuited, keeping his lips still against the mouth he’d once dreamed about. Even as a young boy, he’d desired something more from Kacchan, he just never thought that fantasy would come true.

“Open your mouth.”

Again, Izuku heeded, breaking from his stupor and parting his lips. The warm breath that invaded his mouth gave him life, pushing him to finally reciprocate his very first kiss.

For the first time in his life, everything felt right in the world. A missing puzzle piece had finally fallen into its place, granting his childhood wish.  

Kacchan made up for Izuku’s inexperience, balancing out the clumsiness of his kisses with passion and a skilled tongue. It licked him open, drew out soft noises he didn’t know he could make, and devoured every single one of them.

The hands of a warrior roamed his body with a new kind of heat causing Izuku to melt further into the pillows. He writhed and wriggled beneath the touch, his body desperately pleading for more. More kisses, more touch, more Kacchan.

Lips left his and Izuku whined at the absence, opening his eyes to the dizzying world around him. The only thing he could focus on was the chiseled man above him. The furrow in his brow, the part in his lips, and the bead of sweat sliding down his cheek. His touch continued its path of discovery right down to Izuku’s thighs and beneath the sheer cloth.

“Tell me what you want.” Kacchan sounded different like this. Voice broken and filled with lust. Izuku would do anything just to hear it again and again.

Fingers stilled just a hair shy of Izuku’s groin, clearly waiting for the answer.


Immediately, Kacchan obeyed, wrapping his touch around Izuku’s member and giving a slow tug. Izuku couldn’t contain his whimper as the hand worked him slowly, squeezing and twisting just enough to rile him up.

His hips moved on their own, bucking into the grasp and demanding more. It was evident that Izuku had never touched himself. There were times he wanted to, to distract himself from the world around him, but due to the lack of privacy, he’d never been given the opportunity.

Kacchan chuckled darkly next to his ear, clearly pleased with the way Izuku reacted to every tug. “You’ve really never been touched, huh?”

“I w-wouldn’t lie, Kacchan~” The hold around him squeezed tighter, leaving him a breathless mess. “Ah- please.

The warrior’s touch was relentless, grasping and twisting just barely enough to relieve the ache. “You don’t even know what you’re begging for.” It was a taunt, a semblance of the Kacchan he once knew, and it drove him mad.

“Show me.” The words were out of him before his mind understood the implication. He’d fallen back into his old habits without meaning to, causing a new fire to blaze in crimson eyes.

The warmth encircling him disappeared, eliciting an involuntarily groan. Izuku sounded pathetic and by the sound of a rumbling laughter at the end of the bed, Kacchan must’ve thought so too. He raised himself up on his elbows just in time to see the man crawl back towards him, his muscles rippling with every movement.

Emeralds connected with rubies and Izuku had to stop himself from gulping. The predator had caught his prey and now it was time for the feast.

Heavy hands opened his thighs and Kacchan sunk between them, his gaze falling just below his erection- Suddenly, Izuku felt self-conscious. His legs squirmed beneath the intensity of the stare, but every time they tried to squeeze shut, they were met with the strength of a warrior.

“Thought you wanted me to show you more?” Kacchan teased, glancing up with sly eyes and a prideful smirk.

And just like when they were kids, the blond won the silent battle.

Still, Izuku couldn’t tear his eyes away. They watched the warrior lower his head, the way his shoulder blades shifted, and hands hook under his thighs forcing them to bend. A quick and powerful tug had Izuku flat on his back again with his bottom meeting Kacchan’s-


It was weird… sensitive… lewd. Izuku didn’t understand why anyone would want to stick their tongue there but melted under the ministrations anyway. He knew he’d begged for more; he knew he had challenged Kacchan, but nothing could’ve prepared him for this.

His mind, clouded with lust, couldn’t keep up with his body. He writhed, wriggled, and whined as Kacchan devoured him whole. Kissing. Sucking. Licking. Over and over on a constant loop, never letting up. Izuku’s member had never been this hard before, red and angry at the lack of attention. When he’d pleaded for more, he meant for release, not for Kacchan to drag it out, no matter how unbelievably good it felt to have a tongue up his-

“AH-” A choked sob ripped through him the second the warmth left him. He opened his eyes, desperately searching for the man that was just between his legs, but he could barely make out his surroundings. Izuku whined as tears formed, ready to slide down his cheeks if his body didn’t get the relief it ached for. “Pl-please…” he sniffled.

Kacchan shushed him, voice so uncharacteristically soft that Izuku almost thought he imagined it, but then a calloused thumb wiped away a stray tear. It didn’t stop there though. The touch traveled down his face, barely grazing his neck and collarbones before pressing flat against his chest, flat against his chains. Slowly, it continued its trek, and for an agonizingly long moment, Izuku feared this was just another teasing game.

Another tear threatened to escape his glossy gaze, but Kacchan’s warmth grasped him exactly where he needed it. His breath came out in a shocked gasp, followed by a deep whine. The hand didn’t let up this time, it stroked him with intent, squeezing him just right so that the heat pooled deep in his belly.

With balls tight and thighs clenched, Izuku found his release. He couldn’t stop himself from mewling as Kacchan coaxed him through his first ever orgasm. The tears were streaming faster now, his body quivering at the overstimulation. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t think. Kacchan had turned him into a puddle and he didn’t think he’d ever recover.

Strong arms enveloped him as words of encouragement flooded his ears. Izuku wanted to remember all of this, but felt far too blissed out to do so. Still, he forced his heavy eyelids open, blinking until his vision cleared.

Kacchan practically glowed in the dimly lit chamber, the flames of the candles dancing perfectly along his features. Their gazes finally met once again and even though Kacchan soothed him with his embrace and low whispers, his eyes were ravenous.

Kacchan~” Izuku sighed, unsure if he could say anything more.

Lips captured his in a searing kiss, successfully bringing his body back to life. Kacchan held him close, slipping his tongue between Izuku’s lips and exploring every inch. Hands that once held him softly fell lower, tugging at his hips and grinding their groins together. Izuku couldn’t mistake the size of Kacchan as it pressed eagerly against him, searching for friction.

The carefulness and teasing taunts were long gone, replaced with nothing but impatience and hunger. It was clear that Kacchan was in search for his own release as he rutted erratically, groaning deep in his throat.

Izuku broke the passionate kiss, their breaths coming out in sharp pants. “Fuck. Me.” He didn’t know where the words came from, but they ignited a flame inside of Kacchan that would never go out. The warrior didn’t think twice of the command, quickly removing himself from Izuku’s grasp to retrieve the bowl of oil next to the bed.

Kacchan coated his fingers generously before returning. Again, he settled himself between Izuku’s thighs, which were already open and waiting for him. Crimson met emeralds in a silent confirmation as one finger eased inside of him.

Izuku sucked in a sharp breath at the foreign feeling, willing his body to keep still as Kacchan slowly worked the digit in and out. Luckily, his post orgasm bliss was still in effect, keeping him relaxed as the experienced touch worked him open.

He hadn’t realized he started mewling again until Kacchan groaned, “Sound so good, love.”

Izuku’s mind reeled at ‘love’ as he rocked his hips down on the digit, begging for another. His silent plead was immediately answered with the plunge of another thick finger and a deep growl. His balls began to feel heavy, his stomach tight with heat, and his member rose back to full attention.

Kacchan didn’t miss a single thing. “Greedy.” He teased with his wolfish grin.

“Want-,” Izuku kept rocking his hips, chasing the careful thrusts of Kacchan’s fingers. “You~”

If the warrior looked hungry before, now he was starving. “Say it again,” he commanded, voice dripping with lust.

Izuku did his best to lock their gazes and hold a steady stare, “I want you- Ah!” His back arched off the bed as the third finger slid alongside the others. The cautious pace was forgotten as Kacchan curled his fingers inside of him, pulling out a wail of pleasure.

The heat engulfing his body was different than before. It was powerful, blazing, all-encompassing, and Izuku flourished in it. His body reacted on its own, somehow knowing what to do regardless of his inexperience. It opened itself up to the penetration, sucking the fingers in deeper… tighter.

F-fuck,” Kacchan gritted out, drinking in the lewd scene before him. “Your body wants my cock, Deku.

Oh, keep talking, Izuku thought shamelessly. He’d never forget Kacchan’s voice like this… Dark, husky, full of want and desire. He’d never sounded so good! “Then give it to me!” He challenged for the second time that night.

Those fingers were gone and before Izuku could mourn the loss, something much thicker took their place, sinking deep inside of him. Together they let out long groan that didn’t stop until Kacchan was fully seated.

Izuku felt so full. The pleasure overrode the burn of the stretch and he wiggled his hips to get Kacchan to move, but the warrior held steady.

“Impatient,” he mocked huskily, leaning forward to bite at Izuku’s already swollen lips. Once again, they lost themselves to kissing and the intertwining of their tongues. Izuku couldn’t stop his whining and he would’ve been embarrassed if hadn’t been for Kacchan matching every sound with his own guttural groan.

Finally, Kacchan rocked forward, testing the waters, and the second Izuku gave him the encouraging answer he needed, his hips became relentless. Every thrust was controlled, sinking impossibly further, and causing Izuku to see stars. Sturdy hands locked behind his knees, grasping them firmly and pushing them farther back.

“K-kacchan!” Izuku moaned louder than he ever had before as Kacchan hit the same spot over and over.

Deku- FUCK!” Kacchan growled in response. “So tight, love, so fuckin tight!”

The tears were back, but Izuku didn’t care. He knew it was because his body could barely keep up with the amount of sensation happening. He let the waterworks fall as he desperately tried to match the pace, forcing his hips down and squeezing Kacchan further inside.


“Mmph!” No matter how blissed out he was, he’d remember his name leaving Kacchan’s lips for an eternity.  

Again, his name slipped from the warrior’s lips but this time it came with a command. “Touch yourself.

Izuku didn’t need to be told twice. His hand flew to his erection, copying the same movements Kacchan had shown him. “Mmm~

The pace quickened, thrust after thrust, Izuku felt his release fast approaching and Kacchan was right there with him, “Say my name, Izuku.”

Katsuki!” He wailed as his second orgasm crashed through his body, far more intense than the first. “Katsuki, Katsuki, Katsuki,” he couldn’t stop himself from mumbling the name as Kacchan reached his peak.

The last thing he remembered was his name leaving the great Katsuki Bakugou’s lips.


Nimble fingers carded through his hair as the wind whistled around him. He tugged the thick blanket wrapped around his shoulders tighter, trying not to shiver.

“Midoriya.” A voice, soft and smooth called to him, but his eyelids were far too heavy to open so he hummed in response.

“Are you awake?”

Was he awake? His mind and body still felt like they were in dreamland, ready to drift off in any second. So, instead of a responding, he just nuzzled further into his stiff pillow.

“Let him sleep,” a second voice said, much harsher than the first but still carried care. “It’ll be easier to explain this to him when we’re there.”

Izuku’s ears perked up to that. Where were these two men taking him? Was this a dream?

“Shhh,” the first voice hushed, massaging his scalp gently to try and coax him back to sleep. Except now Izuku’s mind was running a mile a minute, and he needed to wake up.

With a sharp inhale, his mind and body came to, opening his eyes to the night sky. The sight was breathtakingly beautiful, but he didn’t understand.


Izuku shifted on the man’s lap, following his voice, and looking up at his one true friend. “Shouto.” He was relieved to see a familiar face, but it didn’t leave him feeling any less confused. When had he fallen asleep?

“Dammit half n’ half, I told you to let him sleep!”

Shouto turned his focus away from Izuku with a deadpan stare. “I’m not the one yelling.”

Izuku chuckled lightly at that and forced himself upright to face the second man he heard in his dream. His eyes grew wide the moment ash blond hair and a harmless scowl came into view. The memories from earlier flooded his mind.

“Kacchan.” He blushed as he stared at the man who claimed his virgini- Don’t think about that right now! His mind scolded him. There was something clearly way more important to focus on. He searched around, finally realizing they were flying through the night sky. His mind began to catch up with him and a toothy grin broke out on his face. “Are we riding a dragon?”

“Tch.” Kacchan sounded amused as he plopped down across from him. “Didn’t think that’d be the first question you asked.”

“We’re taking you home,” Shouto said next to him.

“That’s my line fucker!”

Izuku looked back and forth between his rescuers? “Taking me home?”

“Yes,” they answered in unison.

“We’ve been planning this since last year’s tournament,” Shouto explained, though it didn’t ease Izuku’s confusion.

After Kacchan snapped at Shouto again for stealing another one of “his lines”, he seized control of the conversation. Last year, Shouto and Kacchan had faced off in the arena, and even though Izuku had never watched the tournament, he remembers that fight, because he had never seen his friend so bloodied and bruised. Apparently, that wasn’t the last time the two had spoken.

They had stayed in contact, exchanging letters about their plan to take over King Endeavor’s territory. Kacchan had struggled to believe Prince Shouto, since he was the king’s son, but Shouto shattered those doubts, and the two moved on with their plan.

The first step had been for Kacchan to enter this year’s tournament and take out as many men as possible, using nothing but brute force. Of course, that wasn’t a problem for Kacchan, he’d always used brute force, except this time he had to make sure his opponent couldn’t walk out of the arena.

“That’s why you sat out this year,” Izuku deduced, turning to Shouto. “I thought it was because of the damage from the year before.”

“My father was furious and, in his retaliation, informed me that this year you would be the winner’s prize.” Shouto turned away in favor of watching the starry sky.

“Luckily,” Kacchan guided the conversation back to him, “That worked in our favor.”

Izuku shook his head. “Wait a minute. So, you knew I would be the one in that room?!” How was that possible when Kacchan looked as shocked as Izuku felt?

“No,” Shouto spoke again. “I never told him your identity.”

Izuku’s head was spinning. Everything was happening so fast and his mind could barely keep up. He had at least a thousand more questions.

“Deku.” Izuku’s mind halted as emeralds locked with serious rubies. “My goal was to keep the servant from leaving the room until Todoroki could sneak us out.”

That didn’t quell his anxiety, if anything, the tightness in his chest only grew worse. “I-I forced you to have s-se-”

“I fuckin’ knew you’d do this which is why I wanted to wait until we were home.” Kacchan glared at Shouto before grabbing Izuku and pulling him into a tight embrace. “Do you regret what happened?”

Izuku shook his head, curling himself smaller to hide his face from view.  

“Exactly.” A pause, and then, “Neither do I.”

A comfortable silence fell among the trio as Izuku evaluated everything he’d learned in the last hour. His life had changed significantly and to think it had been the plan for months…

“Shouto,” Izuku spoke, twisting in Kacchan’s arms to face his friend… his prince. “Thank you.”

“I would do anything for you, Midoriya, you know that.”

Izuku blushed and glanced back to Kacchan who’d been watching them carefully. “So… What’s step two?”

“Negotiate.” Shouto answered simply.

Kacchan scoffed in response. “Funny way of putting it half n half.”

“Is this under Queen Mitsuki’s orders?” Izuku couldn’t imagine Kacchan doing this all behind his mother’s back, regardless of their inability to get long.

“He’s the-”

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare steal my thunder!”

“You’re taking way too long to explain something basic,” Shouto said matter-of-factly only flaming Kacchan’s irritation.

“Only because you keep interrupting me!”

“What is it?” Izuku exclaimed. “Did Auntie d-di-”

“See! You got him all worked up for nothin’!” Kacchan barked, pointing an accusatory finger in the middle of Shouto’s chest.

“She didn’t die. Bakugou is king.”


“Kacchan?” Izuku reached for his long-lost friend’s face, carefully turning it in his direction. “You’re my king?”

“You’re damn right, Deku, for now and forever.”

Izuku beamed at him; he truly couldn’t be any happier than he was in that moment. Maybe the Gods did listen to him after all.

“You almost sound like a gentleman, Katsuki.” Shouto shattered the brief moment of bliss.

“THAT’S IT!” Kacchan lunged for Shouto, taking Izuku with him, but a loud roar shook them to their very core.

Izuku crawled out from between his two friends to take a peek over the side of the saddle. His breath caught in his throat the moment he realized why the dragon had signaled them. Mossy mountains and fields of honeysuckles came into view. After an excruciatingly long decade, Izuku had finally returned home. The only thing that could make this moment better was if his mom were there with him, but he knew she was there in spirit.

His King and Prince flanked his sides. “Welcome home, Deku.”