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IDOLiSH7 Rabbit Chat Work Skin

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As this fic is meant to be a demonstration of a work skin, please turn on creator styles (unless you're testing how it looks without them).

This is just a filler sentence before the messaging segment begins so that you can how it'll be spaced underneath if embedded into a fic.

NOTE: This fic makes use of creator styles and will look best with them enabled! It's 100% readable without them, but it's recommended that you click here to turn them on.

Tsumugi opens her group chat with MEZZO".

19:03 [TSUMUGI]: Sougo-san, Tamaki-san, thank you for agreeing to help me demonstrate the Rabbit Chat AO3 work skin!

19:03 [SOUGO]: Thank you for choosing MEZZO" to help.

19:03 [TAMAKI]:

19:04 [TAMAKI]: Whoa! Stickers work.

19:05 [TSUMUGI]: Yes! But you need two different classes…

19:05 [TSUMUGI]:

19:05 [TAMAKI]:

19:06 [SOUGO]: Do you need to include time stamps and read receipts to use this work skin?

19:07 [TSUMUGI]: You don't! They're completely optional.

19:07 [SOUGO]: Good to know.

19:09 [SOUGO]: What if someone wishes to read a fic without the creator's style or wants to download it?

19:10 [TAMAKI]: Oh, true. Wouldn't all the code and images get mixed up?

19:10 [TAMAKI]:

19:12 [TSUMUGI]: It wouldn't be a problem! The work skin itself is designed to work on all mobile or desktop browsers. If it's disabled, the fic will still be completely readable. (You can enable them again on AO3 with this link)

19:13 [TSUMUGI]: The documentation explains how to use and edit all of the code! Setting icons and even changing colors is fairly straighforward.

19:14 [TAMAKI]: Wait, can we set our own background image? Or does it have to be a solid color?

19:15 [TSUMUGI]: Good question! There are instructions for setting an image or gradient background if you would like; this is just the default.

19:17 [TSUMUGI]: That should cover everything. Leave a comment if you have any further questions that the docs don't answer!

This is just a filler sentence after the messaging segment ends so that you can how it'll be spaced above if embedded into a fic.