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Down In The Mouth

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Title: Down In The Mouth
Author: Am-Chau Yarkona
Fandom: Minder
Pairing: Terry/Arthur
Rating: R (implied sex)
Summary: Dave always has a listening ear.
Thanks to serasempre
for the beta.

You look down in the mouth, Terry.

Down at the mouth? Yeah, I suppose I am a bit.

Arthur in trouble again?

You must be joking. Arthur ain't in trouble. Arthur is trouble.

True enough. What is it this time?

Long story.

Business is slow tonight.

Well—just between you and me and the pint glass, Dave—he… nah. I don't
know where to start.

At the beginning?

Okay, then. In the slam, right, it's lonely. And—not everybody, but most
blokes, end up taking what they can by way of comfort.

In the absence of ladies?

Yeah, that. You know. I'm telling this the wrong way round—what I'm trying to
say is, when Arthur made the first move, I didn't back away as quick as I

I didn't know he swung that way.

I don't think he does, really. I don't 'swing that way', as you put it—it's
just… something.

How's he square it with being married?

Good question. Wish I knew.

Never mind. You… let him?

I think I was sort of getting used it: used to having him there, used to him
complaining about her indoors. Though when she ever wanted him, between her feet
and her head, I don't know. Arthur ain't the most agreeable man on earth, you
know that.

He has some good points, surely.

One or two, maybe. And I think I sound like somebody's old lady to even think
this, but he never stayed all night, never talked about it, never gave me what I
wanted unless it suited him too. When it was him wanted it, though, that was a
different matter—then it's "Terry, you wouldn't deny an old man his
pleasures, would you?" Often enough, it seems like I wouldn't.

So what's the problem?

The problem? No chance of letting it go both ways, is there? "Not now,
Terrance," he says. "I'm not a bloody queer, you know."
"Just leave it out, Terry." I was starting to enjoy it, and he changes
his mind. In a nutshell, Dave: he dumped me. Seems to me like that's reason
enough to be miserable.

It is indeed, Terry. You want a refill?

Thanks, Dave. Here's to drowning your sorrows.

- - - end - - -