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Swan Song

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Medical Classification: Carmen olor “Swan Song”

Origin: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

Stardate of First Patient: 2109.67

Contracted Through: Recessive genes that cause a malfunction in the cerebral cortex, in the temporal lobe and partial parietal lobe. Not contagious.

History: Statistically shows up in approximately 1/1.0x10^6 children. Has been known to show up in species who lack the gene to begin with. Was thought to have been caused by radiation or carcinogens. Has not shown up in other species besides humans, despite some humans having bred with other species who had the condition themselves, the offspring were perfectly healthy and lacked any sign of the condition or gene.

Cure: No solid cure. Medical implants can be put in place to allow the patient to have more control over their vocal chords.Uses impulses from other sections of the brain to control the chords.  Isn’t always successful. Has a 64.72% success rate. The mind doesn’t always accept the implant and it will simply fail. Doesn’t always work on patients that do accept it. Fails sometimes and the patient’s speech can be limited or cut off at undeterminable intervals.

Number of Patients Diagnosed (as of 2233.04): 15960


Stardate: 2233.04

Winona Kirk was not experiencing what one would call a “normal” labor. Her husband was currently on the bridge of the spaceship she was on: the U.S.S. Kelvin. An Aksani woman was encouraging her to breath and holding her hand as another contraction racked her body.

Or… was that the ship?

Winona’s eyes opened wide as she felt it again, the room rocked. Nurses were instantly at the comms, trying to figure out what was going on.

Over the white noise of the machines and shouting of the medical staff, Winona barely heard the loud voice coming in over the speakers.

“...repeat: evacuate ship and get to designated shuttles NOW.”

“That’s George’s voice,” Winona noted absentmindedly, but she became frantic rather quickly. “What’s happening?”

The Aksani woman took command. “We’re packing up, you’ll deliver in the shuttle.”

She was moved to a wheelchair and was rolling quickly down the hall, when her communicator went off. Winona smiled in relief and answered it. “George!”

“I have medical shuttle 37 standing by, get to it now. Can you do that?” he instructed, his voice commanding.

Winona nodded, despite the fact that her husband couldn’t see it. “Yes, where are you?”

There’s a pause. “I’m on my way.”

She sighed in relief as they took another corner. “Good. George, it’s coming, our baby. It’s coming now,” she told him frantically.

She feels the ship lurch a bit as she awaits his response. Finally, he replies. “I’ll see you in a minute sweetheart.”

The ship lurches again and WInona gasps, doubling over a bit as another contraction hits her. “Ahh! That was - That was a big one,” she groans. The nurses lift her up into the biobed on the shuttle. Winona grips the communicator even tighter, making sure it doesn’t fall. Even though he said he would be there soon, Winona felt she had to keep the link open. She needed to hear his voice. It made it feel like he was there.

“Just keep breathing honey,” the nurse soothed. “You’re going to be just fine-”

“The baby too right?” She pleaded, needing reassurance. After what had happened last time…

The nurse quelled her fears when she answered. “The baby too.”

Winona was about to speak when she realized the comm link had disconnected. She was about to call him back when the shuttle began to move forward, making her finger slip. Her eyes widened in panic. Just then, George called her back. She answered quickly, already beginning to speak before the link was fully established.

“The shuttle is leaving, where are you?”

“My love? Listen carefully, okay?” George soothed, though his voice was a little shaky.

“We’re about to have this baby -” she tried to continue, but he cut back in.

“Sweetheart..” he started, her voice stopping as she listed to him with bated breath. “I’m not going to be able to be there.”

Winona starts to shake her head. “No, no, no, no…” she whispered. She felt something wet roll down her cheek and she realized she was crying. “Wait -”

“I want you to hear me. Please,” he pleaded, but Winona wouldn’t have it.

“Are you still on the ship?”

“There's no other way-”


“-my love-”

“- no, you need to be here-”

“You know all I want-”

“- George, I can’t do this without you -”

“-all I want in the world is to be with you-”

The tears are flowing freely now and a sob escapes from her. “Please - don’t do-” She gasps out in pain and the nurse butts in to her conversation as if her husband isn’t trying to say his last words to her.

“Okay, you need to push.”

Winona yelled and held the nurse’s hand firmly as she pushed. Her breathing was labored and it felt like forever until she was done and holding a baby boy in her arms. Her eyes were wet with tears, but for a different reason now. “It’s a boy…” she breathed in awe.

“A boy?”

George’s voice broke her out of her trance as he continued. “Tell me.. Tell me about him. Please,” his voice sounded desperate, on the verge of tears, but Winona wanted him to know about his child before he…

“He’s… He’s beautiful. He looks like you. George,” her voice was pleading now. “George, you should be here -”

“I know,” he cut in, but he moved on quickly from the topic. “What should we call him, huh?”

“We could name him after your father.”

“Tiberius? Are you kidding me? That’s the worst. We’ll name him after your dad- we’ll call him Jim.”

He said we like he was planning on being there, and for some reason that calmed Winona just a bit. “Jim… Jim it is.”

She was pulled out of her loving gaze again when George spoke.

“Sweetheart? Sweetheart, I love you. Can you hear me?” he asked, his voice desperate again, pleading for her to hear him.

Winona nodded once again without him seeing it. “Yes- Yes I hear you.”

“I love you. I love y-”

The link dies, leaving static in its wake as a bright light floods the compartment. Winona’s breath gets stuck in her throat as she watches the Kelvin explode out the window. She chokes and  looks down at the little bundle in her arms. The boy who has yet to cry.

As tears stream down her face, Winona sobs loudly. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t cry, as she cried enough for the both of them.


Stardate: 2238.124

Jim was a happy kid. He loved exploring and causing trouble, as most five year olds did. Being on a starship provided him with plenty of opportunities to go on “adventures” as he liked to refer to them as, although those adventures weren’t always the safest for a boy of his age.

Right now, Jim was on one of those adventures. He had a map in his back pocket of every air vent he had gone through on the ship and he was looking to add to it.

Most people would say that the air vents of a starship were no place for a five year old, but Jim didn’t. Sure, they were hard to maneuver through due to the sharp twists and drops, but they weren’t unsafe necessarily. Jim whistled to himself as he headed along, stopping to sketch every once in a while.

Right now, according to his map, he should be over the science labs. He moved around until he found an opening to look through to confirm his location. He sat down and noted the location on his map, using the light from the hole to help him.


The five year old’s eyes widened and he looked down. A friend of his mom, a science officer, was looking up at him.

“Jim get down from there, your mother has been worried sick about you,” she scolded and Jim ducked his head a bit. He contemplated moving on but knew it would only upset his mother more. He sighed and got out his electric screwdriver, opening the grate with practiced ease before hopping down as if the ten foot drop was nothing.

Jim blinked up at the officer once. She quickly scooped him up and Jim simply relaxed as he was carried back to his mother’s station. Being babied like this was nothing new to him, it happened all of the time. It didn’t mean he liked it, but he was used to it.

His mother was on the bridge, taking her shift, and that’s where they were headed now. Before they reached the bridge, though, they ran into Chris Pike.

Chris was wearing his red Starfleet shirt as he jogs over to the science officer holding him. “Jim! Where were you? We’ve been looking for you for almost an hour!”

Jim reached out for Chris, who simply raised an eyebrow at him. “You are a big boy, you can walk. Now answer the question.”

As he was set down, Jim moved his hands rapidly. Chris just watched him with a nod and a sigh. “You know your mother doesn’t like you crawling through the vents. You could get trapped, or hurt.”

“It’s not that dangerous,” Jim argued, hands still moving quickly, his face scrunched up in frustration.

“It is so and you know it. There are sudden drops and fans. I appreciate your love of exploring, but…” Chris looked around, hesitantly. He looked back at Jim and his voice dropped down to a quieter volume. “Look, we’re going on the surface of Nyria III tomorrow, for exploration and treaty purposes, and you can come with us if you behave for the rest of the day, alright?”

Jim beamed widely as they stepped on to the bridge, nodding enthusiastically.

Chris grinned and ruffled his hair just as Winona rushed over to them.

“Oh Jim you’re okay!” she gushed, squatting down and holding him close. She pulled back after a second though, obviously angry. “What on earth were you thinking, running off like that? You know it’s not safe for you to be alone. What if you got hurt and you couldn’t call out to anybody? What if-”

Jim patted her cheek and gave her a peck and she sighed, hugging him again, but more gently this time. “Next time you do something like this, you’re in serious trouble young man.”

That was the third time she had said that this week, but Jim didn’t really look at it that way. It wasn’t like he wanted to make his mom upset, he always had good intentions, it was just that the things he did he never saw as wrong, but his mom did.

Winona stood up, holding her boy in her arms. Her eyes were on Chris, though. “Where was he?”

“Air vents,” he said simply, hands in his pockets. Winona sighed and shook her head. She stuck a hand in Jim’s pockets and handed the screwdriver to Chris. “Could you hide it better this time?”

Chris nodded and Jim just turned and smiled at them. Chris winked at him and the boy beamed wider before turning back and nuzzling into his mother’s neck. Winona smiled and turned her head to kiss the side of Jim’s before walking back over to her station.


Stardate: 2243.268

Jim felt a bead of sweat slide down his cheek as he glared at the man in front of him, the man whose opinion usually meant so much to him.

“Jim, you’re being ridiculous -”

“Why should I have to get a stupid machine in my head for the sake of other people? The people that matter known what I am saying!” Jim signed furiously, a scowl and furrowed eyebrows taking the place of his normally happy expresison.

“It’s logical Jim -” Chris started to argue when Jim stomped his foot to cut him off.

“Don’t ‘it’s logical’ me! Just because we’re on Vulcan, doesn’t mean you have to act like a -” Jim would’ve been growling if he could.

“You’re acting like a spoiled child Jim! You need to realize how much this will help you!” Chris snapped. He was glowering now, his body tense but leaning in towards Jim.

“You’re not my dad! You can’t make me!”

Chris’s body stiffened. “You’re right. I’m not your dad. Guess that means I can’t care either, right?” He crossed his arms over his chest. He holds up his hand. “You need to think about this and you’re not taking it as seriously as you need to be.” He reached his hand out and took Jim’s PADD from him. The boy gaped at him in open shock. “I already spoke with your mother about this. You can have this back at the end of the day, when you’ve thought rationally about this.”

With that, Chris turned and left. Jim glared at his back and stuck his tongue out at the man. The second Chris was out of sight, Jim turned on his heel and started walking towards the edge of ShiKahr. The shuttle from their ship had landed near the VSA. The ship’s mission had been to bring ambassadors from Earth to here for a meeting with the High Council. Jim had heard his mom and Pike talking about it during lunch while he had been on his PADD.

His mom had told him she would take him sight-seeing later this week. Jim loved exploring every new planet they visited. He had been reading and taking noted about different cultures since he could read and write, he just found it to be so interesting. Going to see all of these places he had only read about, in person, was amazing.

Jim didn’t want to wait for his mom to take him out this time, though. He was too angry to go back to the shuttle and he needed to blow off steam.

The city’s skyline was gorgeous. The brown buildings against the yellow sky was a bit disconcerting, but the architecture shone through, sharp edges standing out as if they were black lines on white paper.

The young boy walked into the city, the tall buildings slowly encasing him. He looked up in awe at the structures above him. Vulcans were walking around him everywhere. He must have stood out like a sore thumb, blonde hair amongst a city of black, a white hoodie in sea of dark robes.

Jim knew he stood out when he spotted the first pair of eyes on him. He quickly noticed another pair, and another, and another… Every Vulcan paused for a moment, breaking their perfect stride, to look at him. Jim tucked his head against his chest and flipped his hood up. His eyes stayed up, though, so he could still observe while trying to stop being observed.

All of the buildings were prominently labelled, in Vulcan. Luckily, Jim had been reading up on the Vulcan language when he found out they were coming here and staying for longer than they normally stay on a planet.

A few of the buildings didn’t translate well, from what he’d read, but finally he found which building he was looking for: shi'dunap, the library.

Jim took the steps two at a time, making sure to swerve just a bit in order to not brush shoulders with any of the Vulcans also on the stairs. There weren’t any doors, only an archway into the building. Jim did note the metal rim around the opening, though. He paused and looked over them once. They were obviously force field generators. He nodded to himself as he walked inside. Vulcan was known for its sandstorms and those would help keep the sand out.

The blonde boy sucked in a sharp breath, causing more heads to turn, but this time he didn’t care. The inside of the building was stunning. The architecture was very spiral-centric, and it created a wonderful atmosphere. Bookshelves climbed up walls alongside windows and walkways. Jim grinned widely when he noted how many hard copies the building kept. He loved books, the paper kind. He had a few himself and he treasured them all. The books were only in one section, though. The rest of the shelves contained chips, hundreds of thousands of chips. He could tell that the library was more for study and education than it was anything else. Small tables surrounded by cushions were in the main area, but Jim could see other forms of seating in other parts of the building as well and a good portion of the spots were occupied by Vulcans who were engrossed in their PADDs.

Jim’s feet moved of their own accord, pulling him forward further into the building. As his head tilted up further so he could fully take in the stock that the library held, his hood slipped off and thudded softly against his back.

Blue eyes flipped about excitedly as he watched small machines, attached to two beams, one vertical and one horizontal, zoom over the bookshelves. They plucked things smoothly out of place and brought them down to the bottom for whichever Vulcan requested them. Despite the fact that there were at least seven per bookshelf, one never ran into the other, and no Vulcan was ever left waiting in line to use a machine. The species was known for its order, but it still amazed Jim to experience it first hand.

Grey tennis shoes still shuffled along the clay floor without their owner looking at where they were going. It wasn’t long before they hit something the owner didn’t want them to hit.

Jim grunted and stumbled back, falling onto his butt when he collided with something rather solid. He heard the successive sound of three books hitting the floor before he noticed that he had run into a boy.

Dark hair fell down a pale face as the young Vulcan squatted in order to pick up his books. Jim scrambled to his feet, wanting to help him, and ended up reaching for the third book at the same time. Brown eyes snapped up to meet blue and the two looked at each other for a second before Jim relinquished his hold on the book so the boy could take it into his arms.

“One should be more aware of his surroundings,” the boy told him simply. Jim stood up and brushed himself off. He wanted to apologize, he really did, but he didn’t know how to. The boy didn’t know sign language, and he didn’t have a PADD to write on.

Jim rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly and gave a shrug. The boy tilted his head to the right just slightly, one of his eyebrows crooking upward.

“You are a human, are you not?” he asked after a brief pause. Jim nodded, standing more upright, hands clasped behind his back as the boy appraised him. “What, may I ask, are you doing on Vulcan? We are not a tourist planet, nor are children allotted on Starfleet regulation vessels. Seeing as one is orbiting our planet currently, and one of its’ shuttles on our surface, it is logical to assume that this is where you originate from, is it not?” Jim nodded again and the boy continued. “Then I must ask a follow up question, why are you on a Starfleet vessel?”

Jim flushed a bit when the pause between them grew awkward. He noticed a table with screens on it and walked over to it, gesturing for the Vulcan to follow. He pressed a button and the glass popped up. Jim quickly began to mess around on it until he got to a typing feature.

“My Mom is a Starfleet officer.”

The boy looked intrigued now, but his eyebrows were furrowed. “That does not-” he started to argue when Jim started typing again.

“I have no Dad. Starfleet made an exception. I’ve been in space since I was a baby.”

The Vulcan’s head tilted the other way just slightly. Jim looked at him before sitting down in front of his screen. “My name is Jim by the way.”

“Greetings Jim. Might I inquire as to why you are not verbalizing these answers? You have already noted that I speak Standard, as you are typing in Standard. The only logical conclusion is that you have the inability to use your vocal chords at this moment. Is that true?”

Jim sighed. “You know, most people, when given someone’s name, offer their own name in return. I am not speaking because I am mute.”

“I apologize for this err. My name is S'chn T'gai Spock. Why have you not undergone surgery to have this flaw righted?” the boy continued.

“Why don’t you sit down? It’s hard to look up like this.” Jim replied, not answering the question. The Vulcan blinked at him once before fluidly sitting beside him. He looked utterly graceful when doing it and Jim couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose slightly in jealousy.

“Can I just call you Spock? I don’t know if I would be able to accurately type out your other two names.”

Spock nodded at him. “That would be agreeable. You have yet to answer my most recent inquiry.”

Jim huffed before quickly typing. “I never got the initial surgery because it has only a 60% chance of working and my mother didn’t want to take that risk. I haven’t gotten an ELV yet because I don’t want one.”

Spock looked confused. “Why would you not desire to get an External Lingual Verbalizer? It is only logical if you desire to communicate with others, such as myself. If you had such a device, there would have been no prior confusion during our conversation.”

“I also might not be having a conversation with you right now if I had been able to just apologize and move on,” Jim argued.

Spock nodded once. “That is a logical assumption, but your reasoning behind not getting an External Lingual Verbalizer is still highly illogical. There is no risk when going through the surgery for an External Lingual-”

“Could you just call it an ELV please? External Lingual, whatever, is such a mouthful,” Jim butt in.

“I do not see the logic in not referring to the device by its’ proper name. I will concede though,” Spock noted. “The success rate of having an ELV implanted is 100%. Not being able to properly communicate with others has no upside to it as the leading of your life would be highly hindered by this fact alone. Therefore, there is no logical reason not to get an ELV. The possibilities of having or not having this current discussion with me due to you not having an ELV is irrelevant for your future as well, as the statistical likelihood of us meeting again after this date is 0.0035%.”

Jim scowled when he realized how right Spock was. He didn’t want to concede, for he was still mad at Pike for yelling at him, but he knew he was going to.

“Though I have not been able to accurately study humans for most of my life, the expression on your face is visually similar to an expression my mother makes on occasion when she is angered. Have I said something to anger you Jim?” Spock asked.

Jim shook his head. “No, I am just mad at someone else who was trying to convince me to get an ELV. They were being a butt head about it… but I guess so was I.”

“While you did answer my inquiry, the situation of which you speak is one of which I am unfamiliar. I do not see how one could be a ‘butt head’ as the two sections of the human body reside in entirely different locations-” Spock started, but he stopped when he heard a wheeze. Jim had a wide grin on his face and was doubled over a bit. Again, his actions were similar to those of his mother’s on past occasions.

“... Are you laughing?” Spock hadn’t meant his question to sound so surprised, but Jim didn’t seem to think anything of it. Instead, he nodded quickly before typing out a response.

“Yes, sorry, it’s just the way you said that. ‘Butt head’ is an expression of sorts. It means,” Jim paused to think before continuing his typing. “It means I think he was being stubborn and stupid.” Jim looked up at him when he was done, grinning widely.

Spock was about to comment on the nature of this expression when he heard a familiar voice carry through the quiet library.


Jim looked toward the voice with interest in his eyes. Spock held in a sigh, a trait he had learned from his mother. He had told his mother on multiple occasions to use her PADD to contact him when they split up on days out, and while she always told him she would, 75% of the time she would call out instead of sending him a message. He did not see this as a lie on her part, merely a preference of means of communicating.

The woman in question had just spotted them. She noted Jim’s blonde hair with a slight widening of her eyes, but she smoothed over her expression as she approached the table.

Jim shifted in his seat as an elegant woman strode over to their table. He could only guess by the way she looked at Spock and him, as well as by the way she had called Spock’s name earlier, that she was probably his mother. He was surprised, though, to note the slight flush in her cheeks. It was distinctly pink and not green in tint. He then recalled Spock mentioning emotions when he referred to his mother. Was she human then?

She looked him over briefly before smiling at him. “Hello, I am Spock’s mother. May I ask who you are?”

Jim was about to move to type and answer when Spock answered for him.

“This is Jim. He is here with the Starship, which his mother is on. He is mute and thenceforth unable to verbally answer any questions you might have.” He told his mother as he stood up, just as gracefully as when he sat down. His robes didn’t even wrinkle awkwardly when he moved.

Jim made a slight face. Spock sure was blunt about his answer.

His mother didn’t seem at all phased by it though. She simply nodded, though he could see the surprise in her eyes. She looked back at Jim and smiled very subtly. “It is nice to meet you Jim. Might I ask what you are doing in town alone, without a communicator or PADD with you?”

Oh she was good. Jim flushed and rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact.

“Jim, does your mother know you are here?” Spock’s mom asked, her tone firm, yet knowing.

Jim bit his lower lip and slowly looked back at her. He shook his head slowly and Spock tilted his head in response to finding out this information.

“I was unaware of this ko-mekh,” Spock told her. It sounded like an apology without Spock outright saying he was sorry.

Spock’s mother held up a hand to him, but not a reprimanding one. “You are not at fault Spock,” she told him before looking back at Jim. “Your mother must be worried sick about you. I know I would be.. if Spock were to wander off without any means of communication on him.” She had paused mid sentence, as if rearranging her wording, but her thought still flowed smoothly, despite the pause.

Spock flushed very subtly at her admission, which made Jim chuckle. Spock’s mother cleared her throat, though, and Jim was instantly silent again, his head tilted down in shame at her stern gaze.

“I am going to take you back to her, if you don’t mind,” she said, though her tone left no room for argument. Jim nodded and stood up. She nodded with a smile before looking at Spock. “Are you ready to go then?”

Spock nodded. “Yes ko-mekh.”

Spock’s mom nodded once before turning on her heel and heading out the door. Jim hurried to keep up as Spock fell in place behind her. It was only when they had gotten outside that he realized exactly how hot he was. The air was dry and the temperature was sweltering. Inside of the building, protected from the sun, it had been perhaps two degrees cooler, but outside, unprotected, Jim started to sweat near immediately. He was astounded when he realized Spock’s mother wasn’t sweating at all, and she had on many more layers than he. He didn’t focus on it too long, though, as she paused to fall back beside Jim.

“Is your mother with the shuttle that is at the Vulcan Science Academy right now?” she asked him and Jim nodded. “Very well, we shall take a different mode of transportation then.”

She stopped beside a hovercraft and opened the door. Spock slide in smoothly and the two waited for Jim to climb in as well. Only when the vehicle started moving did Jim realize exactly how far he had travelled to get into the city. His anger at the time must have given him fuel, for he was sure he would not have made the trek back without dying from heat stroke.

The drive was only five minutes long, and no one spoke during it. Jim was content with looking out the window, watching the red sand whiz by as they grew nearer to the shuttle and farther from the city. He was anxious over returning, fearing his mother’s reaction, and also being still upset with Pike and not wanting to see him. Sure, he had already decided that Pike was right about him getting an ELV, but that didn’t mean he was ready to admit that to him just yet.

The shuttle slowed to a gentle stop before the doors swung open. Spock and his mother stepped out, but Jim hesitated. Spock’s mom gave him a pointed look, and Jim sighed before following them.

Just as the three of them were nearing the doors of the Vulcan Science Academy, Winona rushed out and over to them.

“Jim! My god are you okay?” she asked as she cupped his face in her hand. Jim wrinkled his nose at her motherly display of affection and tugged away a bit. The concerned look on her face instantly shifted to an angry one. “What on earth were you thinking, running off without a comm? You’ve been gone for nearly two hours, I was worried sick, and Chris was too!”

“I was angry, and it’s not like Vulcan is a dangerous place. I was perfectly fine. I went to the library.” He told her, his hands flying rapidly in front of him.

Jim was aware of the eyes on him as he communicated with his mother. He dared to look over his shoulder and caught Spock looking at him with parted lips and furrowed eyebrows. He swore he heard him mutter “Fascinating..” under his breath, but it was too faint to be sure.

“It’s still not a good reason to run off Jim,” she scolded him. Then, as if remembering there were others there, Winona looked up. “Thank you so much for bringing him back here. I can’t thank you enough, honestly.”

Spock’s mom smiled at her. “It’s not a problem at all. I would wish for someone to do the same, would the situations be reversed.”

Winona nodded and held out a hand. “I’m Winona, by the way.”

“I’m Amanda,” Spock’s mom replied, shaking her hand back. The two smiled and began to chat about what Winona was doing here and how Amanda how wound up on Vulcan. Jim took a step back, glancing at Spock, when another pair of footsteps came over to them.

Jim looked over and saw Chris. He wanted to scowl, wanted to stay angry, but he found that he couldn’t. He knew he had been stupid and he was ready to apologize for it.

Chris paused in front of Jim, looking like he wanted to hug him, but held back. He opened his mouth with Jim cut it.

“I’m sorry for acting stupid. You were right. I’ve decided I do want to get an ELV.”

Chris’s eyes widened at the admission. Jim could feel the Vulcan boy’s eyes on him, but he ignored it, looking solely at Chris.

The man smiled at Jim and clapped a hand onto his shoulder before bringing him into a hug. “It’s alright, kid, I forgive you. We’re all stupid sometimes, and I could’ve been a bit less hot headed about it.” He pulled back and looked at Jim. “You shouldn’t run off like that, though. What if a sandstorm had hit, or if we needed to leave suddenly due to an emergency? We wouldn’t have been able to contact you.”

“You took my PADD.” Jim pointed out and Chris raised an eyebrow at him, shaking his head.

“Don’t go blaming this on me. You could’ve brought your comm- being angry is no excuse,” he interjected, not letting Jim speak for he knew what the boy was going to say.

Jim huffed and looked away. “But nothing happened. I was fine.”

Chris shook his head. “That’s not the point and you know it,” he glanced at their company and sighed, leaning in to whisper in Jim’s ear. “We’ll talk about this later.”

Jim watched as Chris stepped around him to talk to Amanda. He knew he was going to get in trouble for storming off like he did, but he knew neither his mom or Chris was mad at him anymore. Now the only thing he had to do was discuss with them what type of ELV he wanted. He was actually a bit excited about it, now. He would be able to talk. Jim fidgeted a bit, the corner’s of his mouth twitching up into a grin. His eyes looked over at the Vulcan boy, who was still observing him. Even though he knew his mom and Chris wouldn’t see it this way, he was glad he had run off. If he hadn’t ran into Spock, he might not have changed his mind so quickly. He had always believed in the say “Everything happens for a reason,” or, as they would say on Vulcan, “Kaiidth.”