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Sleepy, breathless kisses

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The sun was high above the sky when she headed towards a certain room. The room was filled with a fair amount of sunlight though apparently it had no effect for her lover, who was still laid in his bed.

She peeked slightly before letting herself in. “Napoleon…?” Closing the door behind her, eyes averted towards the bed to see him not stirring at all over her presence.

Of course he was still sleeping.

Rosy lips tugged themselves into a soft smile over the sight, approaching the bed to sit on the edge of it, beside Napoleon’s sleeping figure. The rustle of his sheet moved underneath her was far from enough to rouse Napoleon from his slumber.

Of course she was aware of his habit, already fallen as his victim countless times. But not today, a wicked smile painted across her lips.

“Napoleon.” She uttered his name once more, face leaning down towards his. Close, barely a few inches from his face.

Napoleon stirred, his eyes were still shut tight when he rose a little to kiss her on the lips, then falling back to the pillow.

A chuckle slipped past her lips. “Wake up, Napoleon.” She spoke once again with a stronger voice, and he kissed her again.

Her finger poked his forehead lightly, he kissed her.

Grazing his cheek, another kiss.

Tapping his nose, yet another kiss.

But still not enough to wake him up.

She laughed softly and her long hair falling down, tickling his face. A kiss, then Napoleon grumbled. “Nunuche..” His voice was still hoarse, one eye struggling to open.

“It’s noon, already. Time to wake up.” She said with a triumphant grin, leaning away from his face.

Muscled arms caught her waist, she yelped as Napoleon rolled her over to lay by his side and now her back pressed against his chest, arms circled around her. “Caught you.” His breath tickled the back of her neck, it made her squirm a little.

“No, no, you should be waking up.” She struggled to free herself from his arms, or at least turning around to face him. But the grip was too strong, even from someone who barely awakened.

“Do you want to be kissed that much?” He whispered right in her ear, and with that hoarse voice? Shivers danced along her spine.

She turned her head, peering at him over her shoulder. “I just want to wake you up for lunch.”

“Is that all?” He responded, eyes closed.

“If I want a kiss, I would kiss you myself.” Giggling, she struggled again to pull off his arms that trapped her in the bed.

He only let out incoherent words, a sign of him drifting back to his slumber.

“Oh no, no, you’re not going back to sleep, Napoleon.” With a sense of urgency, her body was struggling even more against him in hope he won’t fall back to sleep.

Napoleon let out a grunt. “Don’t move too much.”

“Not until you let me go.” She unintentionally rubbed herself against him in her protest, in her attempt to wake him up. No, she won’t surrender that easily. “Will you please wake up.”

Another low grunt, then he loosened his arms from her waist. Happy that he obliged, she began to move away from him but all of a sudden, his hands caught her wrists and she fell back to the bed. Napoleon already hovered above her, pinning her hands to both sides of her head. “I’m awake now.” His legs straddling her waist and his lust threatened to overcome him.

She stared up at him in return, dazed, until the realization dawned. Uh oh, she might have awakened something else within him. “I did not consider this as you waking up.” Her protest was entirely dismissed, but she no longer struggled against his hold.

Nunuche.” Hidden from the sunlight that filled the room, his face contorted with unfulfilled desire, the shadow of his burning need was evident in his darkened eyes.

As her heart skipped a beat, her own eyes widened while a crimson blush spread across her cheeks. Damn you, Napoleon. How could she refuse when he made a face like that? “Fine. Just a kiss, then we’re go— “

Too late, he already devoured her lips — a feverish kiss filled with lust and raw desire. Their desire ignited each other.

The kiss intensified as their tongues twinning together, Napoleon pressed himself on top of her, and that moment she realized what her supposedly-innocent intention had done earlier. He was already hard, and she chuckled into his mouth.

Napoleon let out a groan of disapproval and deepened their kiss, a hand sneaked downward to rub her clothed folds. He rubbed the sensitive nub harder and even with the fabric on the way, all that she felt was frustration, bucking her hips into his touch to relieve the arousal between her legs.

Impatiently, she wriggled underneath him to free herself from every part of her clothing, and Napoleon himself was impatient as well, he stood away to pull off his shirt, unbuckled his belt, and shoved any remnants of his clothing. All discarded on the floor.

He climbed up the bed once more, descending on her lips, their tongues swirling sensually together. A fingertip pressed against her, teasing her slick entrance. His mouth soon found her bare breast, nibbling, sucking the tip while his growing arousal rubbed firmly against her slick folds.

Instinctively, she spread her legs, inviting him in. No words were spoken, only heavy breaths, moans and low groans, they were too lost in their desire to say any word.

Napoleon entered her with a groan, slowly pushing all the way in and their breathing became shallow gasps.

Indecent moans erupted from her lips. His thrust reduced her to a panting mess beneath him as Napoleon rocked his hips back and forth, each thrust was harder than before. Heat was spreading through her like a wildfire while he fastened the pace of his thrust. She stifled a cry that turned to a loud whimper, body quaking, and all that she could utter in the peak of her pleasure was his name.

He shifted to lay beside her, skin against skin, while he was still inside her, where he could both embrace her and thrust into her from behind. “Is this comfortable?” He inquired in a breathy murmur.

Lifting her knees up for Napoleon although she was still writhing and whimpering, she answered. “Yes.”

His arm rested and squeezed her hip, the other kneading on her breast, teasing the peak with his fingertips then downward to the bundle of nerves. The moment his finger touched the sensitive nub, her walls tightened around his length, anticipating for more pleasure and she moaned.

Napoleon’s own desire begged to be quenched, he thrust into her quivering walls that clenched around him perfectly. He grunted at the sensation of her tightness, fueling his desire to thrust harder, rougher, uncontrollable, until she was driven over the edge again. After a couple of frenzied thrust, his whole body shuddered, hips jerked into her, who was still trembling from the pleasure.

He did not let her go, however, remaining in their position, and inside her.

“N-Napoleon..?” She said through the heavy pants to realize he was lying motionlessly behind her.

“I’m never letting you go.” Napoleon’s husky whisper followed with his arms encircling around her stomach, placing featherlight kisses on her shoulder. His chin nuzzled against her neck and his breathing turning shallow.

Well, it seemed she won’t be getting up anytime soon.

A soft chuckle emanated from her before she surrendered, settling comfortably in his embrace. Safe, and protected. Her eyes fluttered shut, following him into the blissful slumber.

You caught me in your kiss.

In your arms, in your heart.