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Sayaka's Deadly Encounter

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Sayaka Yumi was fuming as she propelled her Super Robot Venus A to swim in the sea after having left stupid pervert Kouji behind at the beach to frolick with Lori and Loru. How dare he go and play with other women like that when she was there first. The nice two piece bikini that she picked just for him felt like a waste now, and it made her all the more furious.

Still, even in the haze of her envy at the voluptuous twins that had snatched Kouji away from her, she still managed to pause when a movement to her left caught her attention: portions of the cliff along the coast were falling into the sea as she watched. While normally one assumes it to be a natural occurrence, more of the cliff was slowly falling into the sea as she watched which belies an artificial cause instead. Without waiting, she floods her super robot’s ballast at a press of a button and and set Venus A to dive underwater, propelling it to swim and dive deeper towards the base of the cliff where the cause of the falling cliffs are likely to originate from.

It didn’t take her long to find the unusual, almost perfectly circular tunnel at the base of the cliff which she fearlessly approached. Peering wearily into the dark tunnel, Sayaka activated Venus A’s floodlights before entering the cavern which was tall and wide enough for her to walk in without trouble. When nothing came at her right away, she studied the walls and floor of the cavern, curious about the strange formation which she was suspecting to be man made or worse.

Without warning and just as she suspected however, the cave wall to her right exploded into many small pieces and kicked up sand in the process which immediately clouds her view. From the same cloud of sand and detritus, the gigantic crocodile-like Machine Beast Crodiiver O1 emerged. 

Sayaka was quick to turn and run, realizing right away she had no chance against something so huge in such a confined space. As Venus A turns back towards the tunnel opening however, Crocodiver’s tail lashes out and winds itself several times around Venus A’s slim torso, preventing her from going anywhere. To further restrain her, its jaws open and chomps down hard on the side of Venus A’s right torso while its clawed arms restrain her one arm and its head.

Alarm klaxons instantly rang as Crocodiver’s claws pressed down and dug into Venus A's cockpit with relative ease much to Sayaka's surprise. Metal groaned and buckled with the descending ceiling as Venus A's cockpit was also crushed under the Machine Beast's immense destructive power. Water began leaking in from the holes and cracks in the armor plating, but worse was the glass canopy in front of her too cracked and shattered without warning into a hundred pieces under stress, and she could only gasp in horror as water immediately rushed in and blanketed her from all sides as she stood up to futilely escape her cockpit.

She didn't make it all the way up when the water swept her off her feet and caused her to fall sideways into the rising water with a splash whilst she yelped with surprise and bubbled underwater. Sayaka panically and dizzyingly flailed underwater, disoriented by the water surging and spinning her around so much she couldn't tell where was up and down in the gloom of Venus A's now ruined cockpit. While she had already stopped screaming her air out, thin stray slivers of air bubbles still managed to escape from her pursed lips. Without her realizing, her bikini top had come undone when the strings had snagged on a lever, rendering her topless and exposing her ample bouncing breasts to the cold water.

She didn't have time to properly orient herself when the water carried her up to slam back first into a panel in the back of the cockpit with so much force she instinctively opened her mouth to cry out from the pain, losing a huge burst of air in the process, but she was still able to clamp her mouth and nose shut with a hand before she could inhale but only just.

With her chest tight and her stomach convulsing, Sayaka looked around her ruined cockpit to find and exit, and saw the faint light in front of her that was the broken and cracked open canopy. She kicked and pulled herself towards it, hoping to escape while she can, but found to her dismay that the gap was too small to even consider pushing herself through it.

Faced with her impending doom she didn’t expect, she wanted to cry. She felt the deep fluttery sensation in her stomach overtaking her as she uncontrollably sobbed just before she unconsciously inhaled and sucked in water into her throat.

Her eyes shot wide open at the new painful sensation welling deep from inside her as she coughed once to expel the invading water yet inhaling again with a whiny mewl of surprise only to draw in more water instead into her throat and lungs this time. Her entire body immediately jerked and spasmed uncontrollably, coughing again and again from abject shock, unable to comprehend the pain that she was experiencing unlike anything she has ever experienced before. Her arms shot out to either side of her as she flailed wildly to find her way out of the excruciating pain of drowning in the dark, cold water. More bursts of bubbles flowed out heedlessly out of her open and closing mouth as her body tries to fight and find air it desperately needs: she only instinctively knows it's 'up', but where is 'up'?

Kouji… help me...

Her uncoordinated flailing of her limbs eventually slowed into token swishings as she felt them grow heavy as if weighed down by lead. Her chest convulsed once more in a futile attempt to draw in air into her now flooded lungs, and with a final shudder her body too moved no more, suspended spread eagle in the flooded, ruined cockpit of her super robot that lay dead on the sea bed like its pilot...