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White as Milk

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White as Milk


Man nervously hopped off of his scooter in front of the apartment building and beamed as the shorter older man approached him. He couldn’t believe that Type had actually agreed to go out with him that day. It was even more special since he had failed to get the other man to do anything with him at all. Grab a bite? Nope. Get a drink? No. See a movie? Ugh. Nothing. Nothing had worked until he had mentioned the beach. In his mind this was going to be their first date, but he had no idea how Type felt about it. He hoped that he felt the same way too.

“Hey!” He waved excitedly as he tried to figure out if he should approach the man or wait for him to come to him instead. Type’s face remained neutral as he closed the distance between them.

“Hey.” Type responded less emphatically, but Man didn’t mind. The other man’s reserved nature was just a part of his charm and he liked it. Man’s gaze travelled up and down the other man as he noticed the iron pressed blue shirt and black swimming shorts that perfectly fit Type’s body. He couldn’t believe his luck.

“Um, y-you look really great!” He stuttered out nervously. Annoyed with himself that he wasn’t being as suave as he had hoped to be in the presence of the man he was determined to woo. Type glanced down at his own clothes and then fixed his attention on to Man. His face still remained indifferent, but Man noticed the other’s eyes slightly widen.

“Thanks.” Type responded and then glanced at the scooter. Man looked at it too.

“Uh, I wasn’t sure if you wanted to take my scooter or your ca-“

“Scooter.” Type interrupted him and looked into his face. “Let’s take the scooter.”

Man swallowed hard as he imagined Type’s body pressed up against his back. “Are you sure? We’re going to be, um, pretty close that way.” He tried to make sure that Type understood what he was agreeing to.

Type nodded, “I know.” He answered.

Man slowly nodded as well, “Well, alright. Right this way sir.” Sir? Ugh What was he doing? He sounded like an idiot. “Your chariot awaits.” Oh god, it was all just getting worse. Man resisted the urge to cringe at himself as he handed over the second helmet he had brought just in case this moment had happened. The corner of Type’s mouth seemed to twitch up into a smile, but then just as quickly disappeared. He reached out and took the helmet from Man and stared expectantly at him. Man cleared his throat as he adjusted his own helmet on to his head. “Everything okay?”

Type continued to look at him and then at the helmet in his hand, “Aren’t you going to help me?” He asked, slight annoyance laced into his words.

“Oh shit, yea of course.” Man almost tripped on his own feet as he took the few steps over to the other man. He took the helmet out of Type’s hand and placed it on his head. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. He chanted to himself as his fingers brushed under Type’s chin as he secured the buckle underneath it. His eyes glanced over to Type’s face to find him staring intently at him before the older man shifted his gaze to look to the side. Was he staring at him? Were his cheeks slightly pink? No, he was probably imagining that.

“What are we waiting for?” Type muttered impatiently as Man continued to unabashedly stare at him, “It’ll be night before we get there.”

Man laughed at the other’s dramatics, “Well it’d be nice to be on the beach and under the stars right? Kind of romantic.” Ugh why would he say that? Too forward, definitely too forward.

“Least it wouldn’t be this hot.” Type sighed as beads of sweat trickled down the side of his face. “Can we go?”

Man nodded and quickly hopped on to the scooter. He looked behind him as Type still stood there, “We can only go, if you’re on the bike too.” He teased, “That’s usually how it works.”

Type rolled his eyes before he leaned down and wiped the dirt off from the seat. He then looked at his dirty hand in dismay. Man took the other man’s hand and lifted the bottom of his own shirt to wipe the dirt off. He really didn’t care if it stained the grey cotton shirt he was wearing. His attention was focused on making sure the hand he held was as clean as could be. When Man’s eyes travelled up he noticed that Type was biting the right corner of his bottom lip. The older man’s eyes were fixated on Man’s exposed abs that was now visible from the lifted shirt. Man’s breath caught in his throat as he watched the other’s expression. As if noticing that Man was no longer cleaning his hand, Type immediately jerked it away as if it were on fire. “Thanks,” He mumbled as he slid on to the seat behind Man. Man did his best to hide his smile as he felt the light hands press into his shoulders.

“Uh, you’ll fall off and die that way.” He cleared his throat and lifted the hands off of his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist. He felt Type’s chest against his back and his heart rate immediately accelerated in his chest. He hoped he didn’t get a damn heart attack before he got to the beach. Type scooted up a bit more, pressing his entire body against Man’s.

“This good?” Type whispered by the back of his head. The hairs on Man’s neck stood up at the feeling of the warm breath against his skin.

“Great!” Man squeaked out before he kicked off and drove towards the beach.

Once they had reached their destination, Man turned off the scooter and looked over his shoulder. Type’s arms were still wrapped tightly around Man’s middle which made it a bit difficult for him to breathe. “Type?” Man called out. “You okay back there?”

Type quickly let go, “Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” Man could hear him clear his throat and felt the bike slightly shift as Type got off of it. Man chuckled.

“Well you were holding on pretty tightly.” He got off of the scooter and turned to look at the man behind him who was fumbling with his helmet.

“Don’t be dramatic.” Type retorted as he struggled with the buckle under his chin. Man smirked and grabbed Type’s hands, moving them away from the strap. “What’s with this stupid thing?”

“You keep tugging on it like that and you’ll make it tighter.” Man said softly as he unclipped the buckle. Type’s stare bore into his eyes as they looked at each other. There was an audible click. “There.” Man smiled at Type and pulled the helmet off of the older man’s head. Type immediately reached up and fixed his hair before turning around to face the beach. Before he had turned around, Man was sure that he saw a tinge of pink on the other’s face. He still felt very nervous, but he also felt a bit more in control of the situation. Maybe this would all go well after all. He reached into the top box on his scooter and pulled out the lunch that he had made for their date. As he pulled his hand out, his ring finger got caught on a sharp piece of metal sticking out from a corner on the inside. “Shit.” He hissed, before he switched the food to his right hand, and brought the cut flesh to his mouth.

Type whipped around. “What happened?”

Man shook his head, “Nothing.” He mumbled almost incoherently as the finger stayed lodged in his mouth.

“Don’t do that, it’ll get infected.” Type reached out and pulled Man’s hand away from his mouth before inspecting it. A pearl of white blood seeped through the cut as they looked at it. “Do you have a band-aid?” Type asked.

Man relished the feeling of Type holding his hand for second more before he answered. “Yea, in a bag over there.” He gestured with the hand carrying the food. Type let the hand drop and grabbed the first aid kit. Man watched as he rummaged around and pulled out a small band-aid as well as a rubbing alcohol wipe, before zipping the bag back up. “It’s not a big deal Type.” He said slightly embarrassed.

“Oh yea? Then it gets infected and falls off.” Type frowned, “Very responsible of you.” He muttered as he fixed his attention on the finger that was still bleeding. The milky white liquid smeared against his skin.

“You know how many cuts I get from fixing this bike?” Man laughed, “Tons. Tons of cuts and it’s never a big deal.”

“Well now you have someone here who wants to make it a big deal.” Type muttered as he cleaned the finger, “Now, shut up and let me fix this.” Man did as he was told and watched as the other gently wrapped the bandage around his finger. He threw the garbage into the top box and looked at Man. “You need a new one of whatever this thing is.” He said as he closed the box. “This one’s clearly defective.”

Man raised a brow and gave a small smile, “Sounds like you’re almost concerned about me.” He said slowly as he watched the shorter man.

Type scoffed, “I just don’t want someone else to get hurt and sue you or something.” He grabbed the bag of food from Man’s hand and quickly walked off towards the sand. “Hurry up!” He instructed as Man ran after him.

They finished off their sandwiches and sat beside each other. Their toes and hands buried in the sand they were sitting on. Man glanced over at Type who was staring out into the water. “Want to go swimming?” Man asked.

Type nodded. “Yea, I’m hot.”

“You sure are.” Man responded without thinking and then immediately squeezed his eyes shut so he didn’t have to see Type’s expression, “I mean...” Ugh, what was wrong with him? “I mean I noticed you were uh, sweaty.” He slightly opened one eye and could see the amused expression on Type’s face.

“Is that really what you meant?” Type asked him, a brow raised.

Man rubbed the back of his neck, “No. I meant, that,” he paused, “you’re extremely attractive.” He admitted.

Type grinned and then looked away, “Thanks.” He stood up and pulled off his shirt showing off his broad shoulders and muscular chest. Man gulped as he looked up at the other man. Good grief. How could someone be that good looking? Type glanced down, “Are you just going to stare at me or what?” Man quickly scrambled up, pulled off his shirt, and threw it beside their sandals that were already in the sand. They ran into the water together and swam out a bit away from the beach. The cool water in contrast with the glaring sun was nice. Type dipped under the water and slicked back his hair as Man scratched the side of his stubbled chin as he watched the other in awe. Type’s eyes focused on him, “Why do you do that?” He asked.

Man frowned as the water flicked across his chest and shoulders, “Do what?”

“Stare at me.” Type asked. Man wasn’t sure if he had offended the other man. He looked away.

“I’m sorry.” He apologised, “I try not to, but I can’t help myself.” Man admitted.


Man shrugged, “Because,” He looked at Type, “I like you. And I think you’re amazing. And anything and everything you do just makes my brain explode.” He admitted. This could totally scare off Type, but Man needed to be honest with his feelings. It was who he was. Unfiltered, caring, and transparent.

Type stared at him as the water moved them, “You don’t know anything about me.” Type’s voice was low.

Man smiled, “I don’t know a lot. But what I do know, I like, and I want to know so much more. You’re so perfect.” He exhaled.

An indiscernible look crossed the older man’s face. Type frowned and tried to swim away. Shit. Man swam after him and grabbed his arm. “Stop!” Type yelled as Man held him.

“I’m sorry.” Man’s eyes widened, “I’m sorry that I scared you off. I just wanted to be honest with you.”

“I’m not perfect.” Type spat out.

Man nodded, “You’re right. You can be snarky, standoffish, and sometimes cold.” Oh god, was he just sinking himself even further here? “But I personally love all of that about you. Because you’re not mean. You’re just reserved and that’s okay.” His hand smoothed down Type’s bicep. Type silently stared at him. Man sighed as he pulled the other closer to him so that their chest’s touched. “Type, I like you, no matter what.” His voice was quiet, “Maybe you don’t like me yet, but I’m going to keep try-“ His words were cut off as Type pressed a hasty kiss to his lips. Man’s eyes grew large in shock before he wrapped his arms around Type’s waist and held him close as they bobbed in the water.

“You’re an idiot.” Type said against Man’s lips as he broke the kiss, “I don’t like you?” He scoffed, “I’m here aren’t I?”

Man smiled and nodded, “Yea. You are.”

Type glanced back at the beach, “This heat is killing me.” He looked at Man.

“Alright, maybe we can go somewhere where’s there’s air conditioning.” Man tried to think of where he could take Type to cool off.

“My place is air conditioned.” Type stated.

Man frowned. Oh, he wanted to go home? “Okay, we’ll pack up and I’ll drop you home.” Type had kissed him, that definitely would make up for such a short date.

Type rolled his eyes, “Why would you just drop me off?” He pushed off from Man and swam the rest of the distance to the beach. Man followed him and squeezed out the excess water from his shorts once his feet hit the hot sand.

“Are you-?” He glanced at Type who was putting on his sandals, “-inviting me over?”

Type looked at him and gave him a curt nod. Man’s face broke into a huge smile. He had never been to Type’s condo before. Were they going to kiss again? Would he let him hold his hand? Could they cuddle on the couch? His mind churned through a thousand thoughts of the possibilities.

“Let’s go.” Type commanded before he grabbed the food bag that still had an apple in it and clutched it in his hand. Man quickly shook the sand out of his shirt and pulled it on before shoving his feet into his sandals. He quickly draped his arm over Type’s shoulders and smiled at him. Type looked over at him and smirked. “Your arm is heavy.” He stated before shrugging it off and grabbing Man’s hand to clasp it in his own, “This is better.”

Man nodded eagerly, “It sure is.” He smiled as they walked towards the scooter. They let go of each other’s hands and Man went to grab the helmets when he heard a loud ‘ow’ and the lid of the top box slammed shut. He looked over at Type who was clutching his hand. “Shit, did it get you?” He moved to grab Type’s hand, but Type jerked it away and hid both of them behind his back.

“Don’t!” Type all but yelled. Man was slightly taken aback. People who were walking by looked at them. What was the big deal? Type winced.

“Sorry, I just wanted to see how bad it was.” Man put his hands up. Type swallowed hard and then looked away. “Here.” Man said as he went towards the front of the scooter and grabbed the first aid kit. He held it out to Type. Type glanced at the bag and then up at Man’s face.

“You like me no matter what, right?” Type slowly asked. His voice was barely audible with how quiet his question had been. Man furrowed his brow in confusion before he slowly nodded. Type winced again at the pain in his hand.

“Yea, Type. No matter what.” He reassured him with a small smile.

Type let out a long sigh and moved his hands out from behind his back. Man looked down at them and stumbled back in shock as he saw the crimson red blood drip down the other man’s right hand. The left one was stained with the dark red colour as well as Type had tried to use it to put pressure on the other. What the hell? Man blinked quickly as his eyes tried to search Type’s face for any answers.

Type lowered his eyes and let out a strangled whisper, “I can explain.”

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Ruby Red

  Man’s POV


The younger man slowly walked in behind Type as they stepped into the older man’s condominium. His eyes darted around the neat and clean space as Type closed the door behind him. Man was nervous and felt a sense of dread in the pit of his stomach as he slipped off his shoes and stood there. What was he supposed to think? What was he supposed to do?

 From the second that he saw him, he had immediately felt connected to Type. He couldn’t explain why, but he knew that this was the man that he could trust with his entire life. Man slightly took a step forward and then paused, unsure of what to do next. There was just something different about him, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. It seemed that every time Man thought he had Type figured out, something else would slowly reveal itself, and he found himself all the more intrigued. When he had first seen him, he thought that Type was this innocent and meek kind of person, but the minute the shorter one opened his mouth, he knew that the older man was anything but innocent and meek.

“Are you going to just stand there?” Type asked and interrupted the other’s thoughts. The shorter man moved towards the living room and placed his hand on the back of the couch. His eyes looked sad as he fixed his attention on to Man.

“Oh, uh yea. I mean no. I’ll walk in and sit down on the couch.” Man informed as he slowly made his way into the living room. His feet sliding across the wooden floor and slightly stumbling as his foot slipped on a loose floor panel. He was about to look down when Type spoke again.

“Why are you narrating your actions?” Type questioned as he continued to stand and Man eventually sat down on the edge of the seat cushion. He was slightly scared, but mostly curious. His eyes glanced over at the bandage on Type’s hand. Dark red blood still stained the dressing beneath the bandage. The cut on Type’s hand had been much more significant than the one Man had sustained. He vowed to throw out the top box as soon as he got home. Man swallowed hard and offered a nervous smile.

“Sorry. I-I’m nervous.” He glanced away and then back at the hand. What could Type have done for his blood to be such a deep red? It was as if a bottle of merlot had been poured out of his wound. Man had seen people with pink blood before or slightly tinged red, but he had never seen anything like that. Who was Type? He glanced over at the older man who was still staring at him. “Aren’t you going to come and sit down beside me?” Man asked as he patted the seat cushion to his right. “Kind of lonely here.” He attempted a smile as his heart thudded against his chest. Fuck, he wished he wasn’t so nervous. Type didn’t return the smile and walked away into a back room. Oh shit. Where had he gone? Man rubbed his sweaty palms over his thighs. No, Type was a good person. Anyone could see that. He was reserved and he was quiet, kept to himself a lot. But no, he wasn’t a criminal. No matter what his blood looked like, there had to be some kind of explanation. Maybe Type drank a lot of alcohol when he was underage? Or maybe he had dabbled a little bit in some drugs in his past? Type was really uptight, so maybe his escape had been weed. How could Man fault him for that? Yea, that seemed to make the most sense. Type couldn’t be some kind of murderer. No, no way. Man almost jumped out of his skin when he felt a hand on his shoulder. His wide alarmed eyes looked up into Type’s face. The other man held a laptop in his hand and moved to sit beside Man on the couch.

“You’re scared of me.” Type said slowly.  A frown deeply etched into his face.

Man scoffed and shook his head, “No, no. I was just uh lost in thought.” Type set the laptop down on the coffee table and looked at Man. Man reached out and took both of Type’s hands in his own. “Okay, I’ll be honest. I am a bit nervous.” He cleared his throat and glanced down at the blood stained hand. “I know that whatever you did, was done for a good reason.” He nodded as he confirmed this to himself and then looked up to see Type’s eyes slightly soften, “I’m not scared of you Type.”

Type stared at him for a moment and then sighed, “Maybe you should be. I’m a monster.” He muttered under his breath before he glanced at the laptop. Man’s blood ran cold before he glanced at the laptop too. Type took his hands out of Man’s grasp and leaned forward to put the laptop on. They both stayed silent as it booted up and Type keyed in his password. “I want to show you something.” Type turned to look at Man who was still intently staring at the computer. Oh shit. Shit, shit. What could it be?

“Okay,” he whispered as he swallowed again and continued to rub his hands on his thighs.

Type sighed, clicked the track pad a few times, and turned the laptop so that only he could see it as Man sat there doing his best not to grab the laptop to see what was on there. “I understand-“ Type paused, “-if you choose not to see me anymore after this.” Man absentmindedly placed his hand on his chest and found it difficult to breathe as his mind raced with a million thoughts. He tore away his focus from the computer and reached out to place his hand on Type’s knee.

“Hey, remember what I said,” He lifted his hand and turned Type’s head towards him. Type’s beautiful eyes scanned Man’s face as they stared at each other, “I’ll like you no matter what.”

Type turned his face away and moved the laptop so that the screen was facing Man. Man resisted the urge to look at it. “Here.” Type said as he nervously glanced at Man. The younger one swallowed hard and shook his head.

“I don’t want to see it. It doesn’t matter what it is.” He tried to sound a lot more confident than he felt. He really didn’t want anything to taint the way that he viewed Type. This was his person. This was going to be the man he would pursue for the rest of his life. He was sure of it.

“It does matter.” Type said firmly, “You’ll always wonder. You’ll always question.” He pursed his lips, “I told you I wasn’t perfect and I need you to accept me for what I am.”

“Type.” Man said the other boy’s name tenderly, “I do accept you.”

“No, you accept the perfect image of me you’ve created in your head!” Type’s voice rose, “If you don’t look at this screen right now, I don’t want to see you again.”

Man’s eyes widened in shock, “You-you don’t mean that.” He accused.

“I mean everything I say.” Type declared, “You should know that by now.”

Man scowled and then fixed his mouth into a straight line, “Fine.” He relented and picked up the laptop from the table and placed it in his lap. Man took in a deep breath and held it as he squinted at the screen in fear of what he was about to see. What is this? His eyes scanned the files and their names. Lilo and Stitch? Bambi? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? He glanced over at Type. His mouth slightly fell open as he tried to process what he was seeing. “Are these Disney movies?” He asked gently, yet slightly confused.

Type bit his bottom lip and nodded, “I’m a thief.” He stated, “I downloaded all these films illegally.” He wrapped his arms around himself, “I’m a pirate. I pirated all of these films.” Man wasn’t sure how it all happened, but the next thing he knew he was throwing his body back against the cushions, cackling his head off. “It’s not funny. I have a problem.” Type’s voice was tinged with annoyance. Man covered his mouth as the guffaws continued to shake his body. The laptop almost slipped off of his lap, but Type reached over and grabbed it. He placed it on the coffee table before he stood up. “I should have never told you.” He said angrily. Man quickly sobered up and grabbed Type’s left hand.

“I’m sorry.” He choked back the giggles, “I’m sorry. Please don’t leave. Just-“ He pulled Type’s arm, “come sit.” Type stared at him and rolled his eyes before plopping back down.

“You’re so annoying.” Type muttered. His eyes narrowed.

“You’re right. I am annoying. But Type,” Man’s eyes shone with tears from his laughter, “You are the most adorable person I have ever met.”

Type pulled his hand away, “What’s wrong with you?” He gawked at Man, “I just told you that I have committed a crime multiple times and you don’t care? Theft is a serious offense Man.”

Man nodded, “Yes it is. But Type, you’ve just been downloading Disney movies.” He cocked his head to the side, “Yes, it’s bad. But I can’t help it that when I picture you all curled up watching The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast, my heart just-“ He imitated a loud thumping sound, “it’s like Thumper from Bambi. My heart already does that when I see you, but now it’s even happier.”

Type studied him for a moment, “What are you saying?” He asked slowly, “That you’re okay with the idea of having a criminal for a love interest? A criminal who’s blood is as red as a ruby.” He sighed and chewed on his bottom lip, “I never thought in a million years I’d have to reveal this part of myself to someone on a first date. If ever.”

Man’s ears perked up at the mention that the other agreed that they were also on a date. He set that aside for a second, “I’m saying that I liked you before and after learning this, I like you so much more. I don’t care what colour your blood is. And hell yea I want you as a love interest, I mean if you’ll have me.” He smirked, “In fact, I find it pretty hot that you’re not the goody two shoes that I thought you were.”

Type raised a brow and looked Man up and down, “I’m actually surprised that your blood is as milky as it is to be honest.” Type admitted, “I’ll admit, it made me more nervous for you to find out about my problem.”

Man pretended to be offended, “Hey, I might be this charismatic, loud, silly guy, but I’ve never broken a law.”

Type rolled his eyes, “Clearly.”

“Well yea, you saw it for yourself.” He smiled, “I didn’t even have my first drink until this year when I turned twenty.” Man laughed, “You’re definitely the more exciting one between the two of us.”

Type gave a small smirk, “Apparently.” He looked at the laptop, “Maybe you’re too boring for me Man.” He glanced at the younger one, “Maybe I need someone who wants to join me on the dark side.”

Man reached up and touched Type’s face, “Maybe you can convince me.” He rubbed his thumb over Type’s cheek, “I’m very impressionable.” He whispered as he looked at Type’s lips, “And like I said, it’s kind of hot.” Type leaned into the touch.

“Oh?” He asked softly. Man bit his bottom lip and nodded. “Well, sometimes I jay walk.”

Man leaned in, “Wow, such a rebel.”

“Yea, and when I was younger I used to litter a lot.” Type tilted his head to the side. “I don’t do that now of course.”

“Fuck, that’s so naughty.” Man muttered as their lips became inches apart.

Man could feel Type smile against his mouth as their lips slotted against one another. His injured hand pressed against the fabric of Man’s chest. Man wrapped his free arm around Type’s waist and pulled him in closer. He couldn’t believe how worried he had been about Type. What an idiot he had been to think that the older man could ever do something horrendous.

After things began to heat up a bit more, Type pulled away and took in a deep breath. His eyes searched Man’s, “I’m really relieved about your response to this.” He breathed out. Man was a bit disappointed that their make out session had ended so abruptly, but he was mostly just happy to be with the other man.

Man nodded and kissed the tip of Type’s nose, “Of course.”

Type glanced at the laptop, “Want to watch Bambi with me?” His gaze landed back on to Man. Man giggled and nodded.

“That’s an old one, but sure.”

Type gave a small smile, “Yea, I know but it’s my favourite. I love Flower.” He pulled the laptop on to his lap, “The other animals look at him as just a skunk, but it just took one deer to see him as something different and then everyone saw him that way.” He glanced at Man, “Like you and me.”

“Wait am I the skunk or?” Man lifted his arm and sniffed his armpit. Type rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“No idiot. I’m the skunk, but you see me as a flower, and I kind of like that.” Type confessed and then looked at the screen. Man looked at it too and saw that the movie was loaded up.

“Oh, well. I’ll always see you as a flower, even if you can be a bit thorny.” He giggled. Type hit his arm.

“Shut up, don’t ruin the moment.” Type muttered as the movie began to play and they snuggled up together on the couch.


Type’s POV


Man spent the rest of the day with Type, cuddling on the couch as they watched the illegally downloaded Disney movies. By the time they looked up again it was night time. Type smiled happily at the other man as he walked him to the door. Man slipped on his shoes. “That might have been the best first date I have ever had. And I’ll admit I’ve had a lot of firsts and very few second dates.” Man smiled sheepishly as he confessed. Type nodded and opened the front door.

“I haven’t dated much at all to be honest. But I enjoyed this.” Type nodded and kept his face neutral, “I wouldn’t mind doing it again.” He had been utterly surprised with how much he had enjoyed Man’s company. He had always been intrigued and curious about him, but he had never expected to feel this comfortable and accepted for who he was. For what he was.

Man smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Type hoped that he wasn’t blushing. “I enjoyed it too. So, if I text you tomorrow to do it again, would you be open to it?” He asked.

Type shrugged, “Maybe, I’ll have to see if my schedule is free.” He teased, but kept his face serious. He didn’t want Man to think that he didn’t have to make an effort just because he knew about his Disney problem and because they had kissed. The make out’s between movies was probably the most enjoyable for Type, however, he refused to admit that out loud.

Man sighed, “Why are you so stubborn?”

Type placed his hand on Man’s chest and gently pushed him out the door. “Would you like me any other way?” He asked as Man stood on his doorstep. Man grinned.

“Hell no.”

Type nodded, “Well there you go.”He slightly tapped his foot impatiently. Even though he had enjoyed their date, it was getting late and he had things to do. “Good night Man.” He allowed his voice to be softer than normal.

“Good night Flower.” Man beamed before he happily turned to walk away. The younger man paused and turned to blow Type a kiss, which Type reluctantly caught and stuffed it into his pocket. Man snickered and jogged away.

Type waited for him to be completely gone before he allowed himself to fully smile. He was elated. That had all gone so well. His mind churned over thoughts about Man as he briskly walked into his bedroom and started to peel off all of his clothes except for his black boxer briefs. He smiled to himself as he grabbed some clothes from the very back of his closet. He dropped them on to his bed, tugged at one of the items, and pulled out a pair of black tapered joggers. Type quickly pulled them up his strong legs. He wasn’t entirely sure why Man had zeroed in on him or why he had chosen to pursue him despite him keeping him at arm’s length. It was definitely endearing and even though he hated to admit, he did enjoy the other man’s company. He grabbed the black T-shirt and slid that on before pulling on his black hoodie and zipped it up all the way to his chin. A part of him wondered what Man would plan next for their second date. He hoped that the other wasn’t being facetious when he said that he definitely wanted to go out with him again. His dating experiences had been quite limited due to his standoffishness, but he knew that he was a unique guy and not everyone could handle that. But Man had impressed him. He wasn’t lying when he said he would never have revealed the pirating thing on a first date. He wasn’t even sure if he ever would have admitted it to anyone had it not been for his stupid revealing blood. But he felt safe with Man. Man had said that he would accept Type for who he was and that really meant something to Type.

 Type walked over to the closet again and snatched the black backpack that was hidden under a pile of towels. He placed it on his bed and unzipped it to go through the items on the inside. Quickly he placed the flashlight, switchblade, crowbar, extra batteries, mace, black gloves, some zip ties, and a black ski mask on his mattress. He did an inventory check on the extra items in the front pockets as well and frowned as he pulled out a ruby tear drop necklace. Shit, how had he forgotten that in there? He rolled his eyes at himself and approached the framed painting on his bedroom wall. It was a bit concerning that Man was so innocent. He didn’t want to be the one to accidentally corrupt him. Type lifted the painting off of the wall and punched in his code on the digital safe hidden behind it. It beeped and opened up. He grabbed the large black bag from the inside, opened it, and dropped the ruby necklace on top of the assorted gold and diamond jewelry before he plopped it back on to the plethora of organized stacks of Thai bank notes. Maybe Man would rub off on him and make him a more honest person. Wouldn’t that be a true sign of a positive relationship? He reflected as he grabbed the three fake passports from the back of the safe that were wrapped in a rubber band. He eyed them quickly and decided to separate them in case he needed to access them quickly. Once he had finished, he closed the safe door and made sure that it was locked before he placed the painting back over it. He moved over to the bed, put all of the items back inside the backpack, put it on to his back, and grabbed a black ball cap from the top shelf in his closet. His cell phone that he had left on the bedside table began to vibrate. He walked over and checked it. A small smile graced his lips as he read the text from Man.


I can’t stop thinking about you. Maybe that’s weird to say. Let’s do lunch tomorrow?

Type looked at the time and figured he should be back at the condo by four am which would give him time to sleep.


Sure. Pick me up at 1

He sent off the text and put the phone back down on the table. It wasn’t wise for him to bring it with him because of the GPS in it. He pushed back his hair and pulled on the black hat so that it was low on his face as he headed for his front door. He knelt down on the ground, lifted the loose plank of wood, and pulled out his black sneakers before placing the wood back in place. He tugged the shoes on and opened the door. His mind went to the man who had just left his home. It wasn’t every day that he found someone who would like him no matter what. He adjusted the straps of the back pack on his shoulders. As he thought about their lunch tomorrow, he smiled to himself, stepped out into the cool night air, and closed the door behind him with a soft click.