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When Love Blooms

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“OUT! All of you! Out! Izuku, you stay.” Tomura yells at his harem of concubines. They all get up filtering out, Izuku freezing at his command. 

“Geez, what’s got his panties in a twist,” Dabi rolls his eyes as he walks past Izuku.

“Shush,” Izuku whispers, “Go before you all get punished. I’d rather have nothing bad happen to you Dabi.” 

“Yeah yeah, you’re the favorite anyways.” 

Izuku smiles half-heartedly at Dabi’s taunt, and shoos him away. Closing the door of their lounging area for privacy. He walks over to the King that’s sprawled over the large seating area and the cushions that decorate it. Izuku sits beside the King, hands resting at his lap as the King sighs heavily.

Izuku knows a tantrum when he sees it, so he bides his time, waiting for him to open up and talk to Izuku. Tomura enjoyed Izuku’s company, his ability to just sit there and listen and to praise him and lift him up when he needed it. Izuku was eager to please the king for several reasons. 

Izuku had grown affectionate of the man, realizing he just wanted to be a kid with no responsibilities, his facade of being a powerful king falling away instantaneously behind closed doors. Second, it was to protect the rest of the least favorable concubines that he’d acquired as of late. They proved too hard-headed to be broken in, unwilling to bend to the King’s qualms. 

He hated to see the rest of them be subjected to his displeasure and ruthlessness, often offering himself up to the King as a quick alternative to appease him. Some days it worked, while some days the rest were subjected to the King’s wrath. Izuku took extra care of the concubines on those days, consoling them and taking care of them. 

Tomura rolled over, offering his hand for Izuku to hold. He smiled as he took the King’s hand in his, stroking the back of it with gentle caresses. The king sighed, “How is it that you know exactly what to do to calm me?” 

Izuku laughed, “Years of listening to you and being by your side.”

“I’m lucky, I guess. The rest of them seem to hate me.”

“No, your majesty. We’re lucky, I’m lucky that you’ve cared enough to take us under your wing personally.” 

Tomura hums, pleased with the answer, pulling Izuku in for a kiss. Izuku spends several hours in pleasure with the King, slipping away when he’s fast asleep, as he likes to be alone when he wakes up.

Izuku is close to his shared quarters with Dabi, Toga and Shouto. Shouto is the newest addition, and among the less favored in the group; he was who Izuku wanted to protect from the wrath of Tomura. He was a quiet boy, new to the role he was to play, and no doubt burdened by trauma judging by the burn on his face and the way he flinched when Tomura so much as lost his temper. 

Izuku clears the itch in his throat as he walks into the room. Dabi is sprawled out lazily with Toga draped across him. Shouto is sitting off to the side, flipping through a book.

“I don’t know how you do it,” Dabi drawls, “you play him like a fiddle.” 

Izuku laughs, “No, I don’t. He’s still in control.”

“He only listens to your sound reasoning though,” Toga asks, “you’re his equal if not his right hand when it comes to a second opinion.”

Izuku’s heart flutters at that, he likes being thought of as someone equal to Tomura, but he knows not to let his ego inflate over simple praise. He enjoys their conversations, having asked his thoughts before Tomura makes a decision or second guesses himself. 

There’s another itch in the back of his throat that he clears and addresses the two sprawled over one another, “I’m sure you two could give him feedback also.”

Dabi and Toga look at each other and start laughing. Wiping tears from her eye Toga says, “We’re only good for one thing Izu, and it's not our brains.” 

Izuku rolls his eyes and makes his way to Shouto. He wants to make sure that their newest member is acclimating. As soon as he’s done, he can’t fight that annoying scratch in the back of his throat, no matter how much water he’s drunk.

It's past midnight when he wakes up coughing, walking into the adjoining quarters for water. He hacks another cough covering his mouth with his hand, eyes widening at the sight. 

A single violet lays covered in spit, and Izuku freezes in realization. He knew he loved Tomura, he had tried his hardest not to get his hopes up, and maybe this is a fluke, but he can’t help the gnawing fear that this could mean the end for him. 

He wraps the violet in a handkerchief and pockets it, slipping into his bed hoping it goes away. 

The next few days it gets worse, Izuku feels something unfurling inside his chest. Izuku starts to wheeze when he breathes, taking long deep breaths, but it’s still not enough to bring oxygen into his lungs. He hacks and coughs, petals mixed with blood splatter into his handkerchief that collects a myriad of flower petals, and Izuku pushes it to the back of his mind. 

He can’t think about it too much, he knew where he stood, he had been content knowing he was a confidant; the favored one. He could not have asked for more; but his heart did not agree.

Izuku cried in the evenings, strolling the gardens of the castle, nearly collapsing a few times with the weight that lay within his chest. Shouto had found him one night, on the ground, leaning over the edge of the fountain heaving for air. 

“Izuku?” the soft voice had called out. 

Izuku tried to straighten up as the other man approached, “Shouto! Hi,” he grimaced a smile. 

“You’re not well.”

“I’m just a little tired. That’s all.” 

“Then shouldn’t you be resting, then out here. You might catch a cold.” 

Izuku stiffened as he felt something caught in his throat. Unable to suppress it, he coughs violently, and a beautiful chrysanthemum lays in his palm.

Shouto gasps, “Izuku. Is that…”

“I thought it was a myth, no one’s seen this in ages,” he says quietly. 

“What, what can we do?”

“There’s nothing to be done Shouto. There’s no way the King would feel the same way. I am but one of many.” 

Shouto’s lips purse together, a frown etched on his face, “Then, please rest. Let me take your spot.” 

“I couldn’t—”

“Please, let me go in your stead tomorrow. You need as much bed rest, and we need to get help.”

“I don’t think there is medicine out there for Hanahaki,” Izuku said helplessly. 

“There is one cure, and you know it.” 

Izuku shakes his head, “I cannot tell the King that I’m in love with him. He’d laugh at me.” 

Shouto, “Wouldn’t it be worth it to try?”

Izuku repeated, “No. End of discussion. If I am to meet my end, then so be it.” 

Shouto helps Izuku up and back into their quarters and into bed. Shouto asks if he can stay with Izuku, for support. Izuku nods numbly, opening his covers for Shouto to get in. Izuku’s overwhelmed with emotion and coming to grips that he’s on his deathbed and lets his tears slide down his face as Shouto holds him. 

Toga and Dabi know something is amiss when they all wake up in the morning. Izuku’s breath is labored, his face pallored and clammy. His hair sticks to his forehead, as a fever takes over. Shouto grabs a basin and a towel to wipe Izuku down, but as the King summons for Izuku, Dabi and Toga go instead to inform him that Izuku is unwell. 

Just as Izuku had anticipated, Tomura pays no attention to his well-being, sending back Toga alone, who reports that the King said “he will have to make do.” 

Dabi is worse for wear when he comes back, “How does Izuku deal with him, I’m exhausted.”

“He’s probably far more gentle than we could imagine,” replies Toga. 

The three diligently take turns looking after Izuku, calling the doctor who does confirm Izuku’s hanahaki, and provides an anecdote to help stifle the pain in his chest. The doctor reminds Izuku that a confession would be best, but Izuku says the rejection would only add insult to injury. 


It’s been days since Tomura has seen Izuku. At first, he had shrugged it off as no big deal, Izuku just needed a few days. His irritation grows with Izuku’s prolonged absence, and he takes it out on Dabi and Toga. He knows they’re hiding something, but he can’t put his finger on it. 

“Off, both of you,” he growls at Toga and Dabi, who were taking turns servicing his cock, “I’m bored. Bring Izuku tonight, surely he must be better by now.” 

The two back off, giving each other a look and try to speak up, but Tomura silences them, “No. I will not hear excuses. He will be here in my chambers tonight.” 

The two pick up their clothes and leave whispering to one another, and he ignores them as he sulks in his lavish bed. 

Later that evening, he’s pouring wine into two goblets, when he hears a knock on his door.

“Come in,” he commands. 

The door creaks open.

“Finally, Izuku. It took you long—What are you doing here. I asked for Izuku.” 

Shouto shuts the door behind him, a defiant glare in his eyes. Tomura sneers at him, how dare he look at the King like that.

“He will not be coming tonight,” he stated. 

“Oh? Pray tell, what is preventing Izuku from being my bedmate tonight.”

“He’s dying.” 

A heavy wash of silence hangs between them as Tomura takes in his words.

“That’s absurd, Izuku’s the healthiest of the four of you. How could he suddenly be dying?” 

“He’s in love with you.” 

Tomura barks a laugh at that, “Why would loving me bring death upon him.” 

“It’s Hanahaki.” 

Tomura freezes, “That’s a Myth.” 

“It is not. Izuku’s been coughing up flowers for days now. Full flowers bloom from his mouth, and he refuses to tell you.” 

He scoffs, “He’s never been afraid to share a thing with me.”

“He’d rather die than hear your rejection.” 

“Leave,” Tomura dismisses Shouto. 

“But, Sir, I insist—”

“You dare talk back to me?”

Shouto straightens up and turns to leave, turning back with another glare, “You love him, right? If he dies, his blood will be on your hands.” 

He exits the room, slamming the door as he goes. 

Tomura takes a swig of his wine and plops into his chair. Izuku? In love with him? The thought is preposterous. Loyalty, sure. Camaraderie sure. But love? Tomura scoffs, he doesn’t know a thing about love. He grew up with a Father that ruled with an iron fist. He did not believe in silly daydreams. He believed in power, calculated decisions. Love was an anomaly to Tomura, it defied logic. 

But the more he pondered about what it meant to feel for Izuku; the more confused he became. Of the quartet, he enjoyed Izuku’s company the most. He had a sharp mind, was able to provide another way of looking at things. He could read and write, an educated concubine. He made Tomura laugh. He likes the way Izuku’s eyes twinkled with mirth at a silly joke; his laughter was always light and genuine, with a hint of musicality. Tomura also liked how serious Izuku was when he needed to be, the way his eyebrows creased when they were in a deep debate over politics. The way he tapped on his chin with his index finger as he paced the room in thought. 

Aside from his mind, his body was something to lust over. He was compact and lithe, muscularly toned in all the right spots. He was athletic compared to the other lovers in his small harem, Dabi was thin and lanky, Toga was supple and soft. Shouto was all hard muscle. Izuku’s body was a perfect combination of all of that, he loved the way his hands glided over the planes of Izuku’s body, the way his fingers curved around his narrow waist. He loved the sounds that escaped from Izuku’s plush lips.

When he was with Izuku, he smiled a lot more, felt..happy. He felt at ease with Izuku by his side during the trying times of ruling the Shigaraki kingdom. He respected what he had to say.

He thought about Izuku’s smile, the irritation that ebbed when he wasn’t around the last few weeks. It dawned on him, that his irritation was solely because he missed Izuku.

The more he thought about Izuku not being there, he could feel his world dim. Who would keep up with his sarcasm, banter with him? Sure, Dabi could fulfill that role, but he was more of an asshole in his quips than humorous. Both he and Toga had a warped sense of morality that would not help him come to a definitive answer if he needed advice with the kingdom. 

Izuku couldn’t die. Not when—

He shot out of his chair, realization dawned on him slowly.  

He swallowed thickly. Was A person that made you happy, kept you on your toes, could argue and agree with you without animosity, without fighting? Enjoying their touch, their lips, exploring every bit of their skin as you embraced them, making them moan and cry out in pleasure. Putting their pleasure before yours? 

Izuku made him very happy, but he could say the same about Izuku?

Shouto did say that Izuku suffered from Hanahaki, unrequited love. 

But, how could Izuku believe that ...he chokes on his air one more at a revelation.. While he treated Izuku special, he had never expressed it necessarily. Izuku was another concubine, but he had so much more to offer than that. 

No, he couldn’t let Izuku slip away. He hurriedly walked to Izuku’s shared quarters, not bothering to knock. 

The door swung open, his eyes immediately zeroing in on Izuku hacking over the side of the bed, Shouto running his hand down Izuku’s back. Something dark twisted in Tomura at the sight, he shook his head. Jealousy?  

Dabi and Toga jumped to their feet, “Your Majesty! What brings you—”

“Leave us.”

All of them froze, Izuku’s impossibly large eyes blinked owlishly at him. 

Shouto leaned down, whispering to Izuku, Izuku’s eyes slid closed as he nodded his head, opening briefly as he smiled softly at him. Shouto stood up straight, nodded at Toga and Dabi, and they made their way to the door. 

Tomura grabbed Shouto, “I owe you for making me realize.” 

Shouto just nodded and saw himself out. 

He made strides to Izuku, his cloak billowing in his wake as he crossed the room. 

Grabbing Izuku’s hands in his, he pressed his lips against slender fingers, kissing each digit. . 

“Why? Why won’t you confess to me?” 

“Rejection,” Izuku wheezed, “I couldn’t bear it.” 

Tomura moved to the bed pulling Izuku into a gentle embrace, rocking them back and forth as he listened to Izuku’s wheezing breaths. 

“You wouldn’t have been rejected Izuku.”

“You don’t mean that.” 

“I do! I love you, I realized…,” he pulled away cupping a hand to Izuku’s cheek, “I couldn’t bear it if you were gone. I love you.” 

Izuku coughed and choked on a gulp of air.

“Izuku, say it. I swear it’s true.” 

Tomura looked into dulling green eyes, that had a gleam of hope running through them.

“I love you Tomura,” Izuku said above a whisper, “I love you so much.” 

Tomura’s heart swells as tears slipped from Izuku’s jade-like eyes. He swiped them away, whispering “I love you too, Izuku” as he closed the gap, slotting their lips together in a sweet kiss. 

As they pulled apart, Izuku’s breathing steadied. Taking a deep breath he tested his lungs. His eyes lit up in a way Tomura hadn’t seen before: pure unbridled joy. Tomura hugged Izuku, they both cried tears of joy.

“We have to call for the doctor just to make sure.” 

Izuku shook his head with a smile, “I think...I think I’ll be fine. But if you insist—”

“I insist, I won’t let you gamble your life away again.” 

Izuku nods with a smile, “I’m sorry. I just didn’t think it was possible.”

“I didn’t mean for you to feel that way. Feelings...are new.” 

Izuku took his hand in his with a blinding smile, “That’s okay; it’s new territory for the both of us.”

Tomura squeezed Izuku’s hands making a new vow, “And as long as you’re by my side, I can do anything.”