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Prince S’chn T’gai Spock of Vulcan had just finished his meditation when one of the servants came to his room.

“Your highness?” The servant, an older man of Vulcan and Orion heritage, bowed before him.

Spock doused the burning incense. “What is it?”

“Your father, King Sarek, requests your presence. The Klingons have arrived with a new group of pleasure slaves to be sold.”

Spock did not particularly desire a new slave. He’d recently freed one who had been a very useful slave for a long time and who had earned Spock’s admiration. Then he had sold another he had become tired of. On Vulcan pleasure slaves were legal. Most of their slaves were acquired from other planets near Vulcan who also had legalized the practice.

It was common on Vulcan, especially with the upper class, to have the slaves due to the simple fact most Vulcans were bonded as children to other Vulcans. It was not a choice, generally, as parents had chosen the mate. Many bonded couples did not even live together later in life, preferring their pleasure slaves.

“Very well, I will be there presently,” Spock advised.

“I am told to inform you that among the slaves is a human male.”

Now Spock was intrigued. It was rare that humans were offered as slaved. It was officially illegal on Earth though Spock was aware that many were kept in secret. Earth was an ally of Vulcan, in spite of pleasure slaves being legal on Vulcan. Earth considered Vulcan too powerful of an ally to protest too much, and considering their own secret activities, it was not spoken of when diplomacy between the two worlds was brought up.

Spock’s own mother was human and had been matched with Sarek for diplomatic reasons. She spent part of the year on Earth and part on Vulcan. But she had never been a slave and Spock had never known a human slave personally.

He could not deny being fascinated by the possibility, so he followed after the servant to the receiving area where his father and his advisers would be waiting for the Klingons to display their wares.

Usually besides slaves, they would have exotic foods and artifacts the Klingons had obtained during raids of other planets and ships the Klingons attacked. Vulcans found Klingons barbaric but they did serve their purposes.

“Ah, Spock,” Sarek greeted him when he joined them in the receiving area. Sarek was dressed in his finest robes. “I thought you might find the offerings today of interest.”

“I am not currently in the market for a slave, Father,” Spock told him quietly.

“Perhaps not, however, considering the selection you may change your mind.”

“You speak of the human?”

“A human, yes. But also there are reports of an Andorian and a Betazoid.”

“It should prove interesting.”

His father nodded and turned to a guard. “Allow them entrance.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Spock waited as the Klingons filed into the room. At first it was only the merchants. Their assistants followed with the cages the slaves were generally kept in.

They displayed five slave cages. After the cages came the other wares they had for sale.

Spock, his father, and the advisers all surveyed the slaves. The advisers were permitted to obtain slaves as well but Sarek and Spock were always given first choice.

The first cage was the Andorian. A female with beautiful light blue skin and white hair and medium sized antennas. Fairly young, Spock would guess. He suspected either his father or one of the advisers would be quite interested in her.

Spock barely spared a glance for the black-eyed Betazoid. He was male but Spock found their mind-reading techniques invasive. He doubted a slave could refrain from trying to analyze him. He did not need such things.

He came to the third cage and stopped. This was the human male.

His breath caught for the human was the most beautiful human Spock had ever seen. Blond hair…the bluest eyes…a chiseled jaw. And lips that were definitely made for pleasure. His stare, he did not look away from Spock’s gaze as most slaves did, was not quite defiant but had definite traces of human arrogance. His full lips were curved up slightly at the corners, not exactly in amusement, but close. There was no fear, no anxiety in the intensity of those blue eyes.


Spock wanted the human, of course. It was only logical to want such a beautiful exotic creature. But he also knew that if he showed too much interest the Klingons would increase the price, so he kept walking past the last two cages, one which held a Romulan female, and the other a Tellarite male.

Spock shared a look with his father who nodded.

“If you will excuse me,” Spock said. “I am needed elsewhere.”

“Of course, my son. I will take care of matters.”

Spock bowed and returned to his rooms to wait. When he’d risen that morning, he’d had no expectation of anything out of the ordinary occurring.

Now his mind felt disordered with anticipation. He had no doubt his father would obtain the human for him. He only hoped that the human would not be too expensive.


Less than an hour later, the same servant from that morning came to him.

“Your father sent word that he has obtained a gift for you.”

Remaining calm, Spock asked coolly, “A gift?”

“The human as your pleasure slave. He is being readied now and advised of the rules. Once he has finished his instructions, he will be brought to you.”

“I understand.”

“Your Highness.” He bowed and left Spock’s quarters.

In the meantime, Spock decided meditation would be of assistance until his human arrived.

He’d gotten in another hour of meditation when the human was finally brought to him.

The human had been changed into plain black lounge pants and a long sleeved black shirt. His blond hair and blue eyes were very striking against the black.

The servant who brought him, left without a word so that it was only Spock and the human.

“What are you called?” Spock asked.

“Jim, Your Highness.”

“You may call me Spock.”

“They told me to call you Your Highness.”

Spock inclined his head. “I am certain they did. However, I prefer you use my name.”

The human, Jim, stared at him. “Very well, Spock.”

“Come closer,” Spock ordered.

Jim hesitated for a couple of seconds but then he came to stand before Spock.

“You were not born a slave?”

“No. I was abducted by the Klingons.”

“I see. How unfortunate for you. But quite fortunate for me.”

To his credit, Jim did not flinch. “I’m not afraid of you.”

“I do not wish you to fear me. I do not mistreat my slaves, Jim. I cherish them.”

Jim scoffed at that. “Cherish a slave?”

“You will find I am not like others.”

“No?  Then why not let me go?”

“That I cannot do,” Spock said softly. He cupped Jim’s jaw. “You belong to me. You are mine.”