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Arrived from nowhere

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     Ahsoka Tano, alone, locked in a cell for the murder of Letta Turmond, the sponsor used nano-droids which led to the death of several Jedi and Clones. While she was with Letta the cameras went out of service and when they disembarked, they saw their Commander there with the dead suspect, and they arrested her and locked her in a cell thinking that she had killed her.

In parallel, Anakin went to the detention unit with the intention of speaking with his Padawan, undoubtedly believing in her innocence, he tried to force the passage and to enter but the Clones and Commander Fox had him blocked, not letting him enter, he left in anger and frustrated.

  Meanwhile, in her cell, Ahsoka noticed something on the floor. “A key card ! Master, I knew you wouldn't abandon me !” She used the key card with the help of the Force and the red shield which kept the cell closed was deactivated, she went out cautiously, looking around. “I wonder what else you have planned ?” she wondered.

She rushed into the entrance hall and saw dead Clones, she stooped down and picked up her light sabers and a com link which she fastened on her wrist. Before she could say anything, Commander Fox surprised her and set off alarms that rang throughout the prison and its surroundings.
“Commander Ahsoka Tano, had escaped from her cell and killed soldiers ! Stop her !”

  Ahsoka continues to run and meets Clones and turns around. “Commander Tano ! Stop !” one of the Clones pressed a button hoping to stop her, but she managed to pass and escape.

   “Commander, she's heading for the North Corridor of the prison !”

   She passes just in front of Commander Fox who begins to shoot him when he discovers men of his own. “RED CODE ! The suspect killed three Clones! If you saw her shoot to kill !”.

  “Belay that Order, Commander Fox !” ordered Anakin, who had just arrived at the scene with Rex.

“She killed them !”

“I know Commander Tano ! She would never have done such a thing !” Rex retorted.

“Then who did ?” He asked him.

“Shut up !” asked Anakin, approaching them and jostling them slightly, addressing his Padawan. “Ahsoka ! It's Me, Anakin !”.

She heard him on the other side of the prison and stopped for a moment to catch her breath and breathed heavily. “Stop running !” he ordered.

“You can't help me, Master ! Someone's setting me up !”.

“I believe you, Ahsoka !”.

“But no one else will !”.

  Anakin feeling his Apprentice go away again. “Keep searching until we find her !” Then turns to his Captain Clone. “Rex, call security tell them we need to search the entire base ! Now !”.

 The Jedi Knight sets off in pursuit while Rex obeys. “General Skywalker has just issued an all-points bulletin on commander Ahsoka Tano. She's killed three clones and should be considered armed and dangerous !”