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When the boundary falls

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Edinburgh, the grass outside the Whiskey Hotel
"Bang, bang, bang!" the white figure and the black figure mingles. The white sword and the scarlet lance collided and burst out a beautiful spark.
"Hum, pretty tough, God's watchdog!" Vlad's right hand crosses the lance, blocks the sword heading straight to his face, and his body retreats a step or two because of the impact force. "But soon you will kneel down in front of the Scarlet family!" Vlad pushed hard, trying to push Jack down. The latter sees Vlad's intention, and makes a back somersault with the help of force. In the palm of his hand, there also appears three silver flying knives.
"Goodbye, watchdog!" Vlad's left hand glows red. Five red light balls fly to Jack, drowning his body in the explosion.
The next second, his vision suddenly a
turns black, in front of jack also disappears. However, Vlad is not surprised .Then a burst of red light appears on his body, a red aperture suddenly forms, the shock wave immediately dispersed and shot down the incoming Throwing Knife. Then he turns around and throws the Red Lance straight at Jack.
"!" Jack's vision only leaves a red shadow, and the white light flickers on him. The Red Lance suddenly explods, and he feels his body fly up, and then fell heavily to the ground, and then a sense of vertigo hit him.
"Hum, it's angel's protection. Only paladins who have been baptized by Godfather can use it, but it can't save you, pathetic running dog!" a smile appeared on Vlad's face.. "I'll send you to the godfather now."!. "Vlad stretches out his left hand, and the red light begins to gather.
All of a sudden, his vision is filled with white light, which made his eyes used to the night have to squint. "Oh, more bread. "Vlad quickly rushes to the helicopter in the sky. Dense bullets fly to him, but are thrown away beside him, accompanied by a faint red light.
"Oh, no.It Look like those army bumps do not know who they are messing with! "Jack says helplessly when he looks at the flying Vlad and the helicopter which in cut in half by a him. "Well,not every secular army is awared that how formidable the power of devil and youkais would be.But I really need to do something that represented church! "Jack gets up, loads his shotgun with a silver bullet, then rolls over and hides behind a tree in the grass. His sharp eyes, stares at Vlad flying in the sky.
Scotland Yard Edinburgh Branch, UK Lao Smith
The war room is in a state of shock. It taeks less than 10 seconds from godsent's discovery of the target to being shot down. The red light, residual shadow and scarlet lance adds a haunting memory to everyone's heart.
"Ah, god.What the hell devil we are dealing with? "Lao takes a deep breath and murmured. "Give me Sitrep of the survivors, Sword 1-1.".
"Unfortunatly, sir, crew were all K.I.A, no one left." Kyle's voice comee from the radio, which makes Lao's expression gloomy again.
"Sir, call from the Government Telecommunications Bureau (GTA)". "It looks like things are getting even more complicated." Lao murmured and answered the phone.
"I am sorry,I thought that was just the police."
"Yeah, you just give call to the guard of hotle by mistake."
"Identity confirmed." There is an emotionless voice over the phone.
After a while, a female voice came from the phone. "Good evening, Law.This is Red Rose.We have report that Wiskey Hotel has gone hot."
"That is a confirm,Red Rose.Target has an energy-based scarlet lance,with the capability of moving in high speed.Moment ago our heli was shot down by him."
"…… "There was a brief silence on the phone. Lao's mood becomes more and more worried. "Maybe some big secret has been revealed, and I'm going to clean up the mess again. "Muttering in his heart
"Copy,we will send air support to your location.Your objective is to secure another VIP called Pope.He is in white clothes.Be Advised, only silver bullet is effective against the host target in whiskey hotel. "Lao shooks his hand and looks at his memos on the investigation of the church. He couldn't help laughing bitterly, "He, it looks like we are engaging enemies that is supposed to only exist in the folk stories!"
On the other side, in a dark stall, a figure, righting her hat, presses the two rabbit ears hidden below. The left hand put down the phone, the right hand takes out the pocket watch, with the right index finger gently touch the sign of a crescent moon on the cover, the crescent moon then emits a weak white light, pocket watch slowly open, like the blue words of Xiaozhuan flying out from the surface, orderly arranged on the surface of the pocket watch, releasing a unique aesthetic feeling. A white hand gently clicks on the top text, and then an email sending interface appears on the top of the surface.
"The infiltration of youkais into the outside world is intensifying, and now small-scale conflicts have broken out between the two sides. Monsters begins to use their abilities in the outside world, which was once impossible. It is expected that the two sides will inevitably go to large-scale war. "[appendix:conflict in Edinburgh.avi]

Sent by:Red Rose
To:Watasuki no Toyohime

"There's going to be a terrible war on the earth,Reisen, Serien, Ringo. Are all of you OK out there? "As the white light on the pocket watch disappears, the door of the compartment is opened, and the British flag comes into her eyes. The letter and the wish in her heart just now seem to have never existed.
Godsent team, the top of whiskey Hotel
"Incoming look out!" Price roared, and directly pushes an SAS to the ground. Then comes a burst of explosion with heat wave hit. The people's ears on the roof are buzzing.
"Godsent team, Enemy have locked your position and begin to attack, now get the hell outta there!" Lao's anxious command comes from the radio.
"Roger, we are on our way!" roared price, holding the radio. "OK everyone let's go!" five SAS on the roof run to the top staircase entrance. Scarlet barrages fall on the roof like rain, big and small explosions occur one after another. The chimney on the top of the building is cut in half by the explosion. "Keep your heads down and keep moving!" an explosion happens not far from price and nearly knocks him down. Several energy balls even brush his head, leaving several blackened marks on his desert camouflage cap.
"Taste the scarlet lance, humble humen!" a scarlet lance appears in Vlad's right hand. Vlad throws it hard, and the lance flies to the top of the building with incredible speed, leaving only a shadow in the whole process.
Boom! A huge explosion appears on the roof, price and others were knocked down by the shock wave, and the roof begin to shake.
"Quick, the building is going to fall!" price struggled to stand up and pulled up a member of his team. Run to the entrance of the stairs. There are more and more cracks on the top of the building, and the earthquake is more and more strong. The SAS on the top of the building is a little unstable. A crack, gradually spreads to the foot of 6-4 behind the team.
"Long!" after a dull loud noise, half of the roof collapsed directly. 6-4 felt that their feet were empty, and then they fell to the ground.
"The possible ways to damage it are either using silver bullet or using holy power from the god.He gets certain kind of shield so the later is the better option here,but the holy power needs..."
"Eh wait, what is" holy power?You cannot means some kind of fancy terms from children novels like Harry Potter,right?".
"Believe it,or not,secular mortal,the power of magic and Taoism really exists in the world.If you don't wanna die,just do what I say.Or Do you think your pitiful attack helicopters could pull you out of the pit. There was disdain in the tone.
"Hey, you can't just deny..." Kral just wants to retort, and a loud noise comes above his head - a LongBow Apache, in black smoke, circles and falls on the hotel, then breakes into two parts in an explosion.
"SCAR 3-1 is down, I repeat, SCAR 3-1 is down!" There is an anxious cry on the radio, and Kral looks at the wreckage in surprise, speechless.
"See,mortal,that's how your air support goes.Now If you want to save your life and mission, please buy me 60 seconds to prepare.
"Do what he said, Kral.". "SCAR 3-2,get ready for retreat,we cannot lose another pilot."
"Roger!" Kral and Scar 3-2's determined voices sounded on the radio at the same time.
"God speak!" law prays on the radio.
"Humble and weak human beings, even if they have machines, it will not help. "Vlad glances contemptuously at the hotel. Just as he was about to blow down the hotel and shoot down the helicopter with a lance, he suddenly feels an energy gathering on the lawn. "Yo, that ungrateful church dog again, still want to gather energy? Watch me turn you to ashes!" Vlad just tries to throw the lance, and a sharp pain came from his head - a silver bullet directly pierces his left eye, silver prevented his body's self-healing ability, and the lance in his hand gradually becomes thin and finally disappears.
"Nice shot! Police!" Jack praises, "that special silver bullet is capable of penetrating his shield as well as drawing his power.But unfortunately I do not have more.Now his shield is weaken so ordinary weapon can destroy it given that the fire power is enough.You know what to do, Right? "Jack put his hands together, and then the obscure but rhythmic prayer begins.
"All team, lay down some heavy suppressing fire on the target, weapons' free!" Kyle ordered on the radio. The team members raised their guns and aimed at Vlad in the sky.
"I wait all days for this!" the voice of 6-4 came from the radio. The M134 minigun on the armored vehicle began to spin, ready to sprinkle ammunition.
"Damned human beings, you are dead. "Regardless of the bleeding left eye and aristocratic etiquette, Vlad roars down from the sky. He couldn't summon a lance because of his lack of magic. At this time, he is like a high-speed shell, trying to hit his opponent with speed.
"Fire at will!" at Kral's command, 19 submachine guns and a machine gun began to split out their tongues of fire, and dense bullets rushes at Vlad. The shells drops on the roof of the car and on the fluffy soil of the ground. The clattering and dull crashing sound accompanied the wild gunfire make a grand symphony .
On the other side, Vlad is not blessed to enjoy the "concert". The bullet hit the shield of his body and sent out beautiful sparks. But the injured body, has been unable to let him maintain the shield for too long. As a faint red light flashed by, he could no longer feel the circulation of magic forces around him. A 7.62x51 mm NATO standard round blows his head in half. Several. 45 ACP silver bullets also hit him in the arm, causing him a sharp pain.
"Ahahahahahahah!" with pain and anger, Vlad roared and flew to the armored car, only half of his head began to recover. If the 7.62 bullet was silver, he might have to fight with half a face.
"Sir, it looks like the target is heading toward me.".
"6-4, get the hell outta there... No!" before the armored car could evacuate, Vlad, who is flying close to the speed of sound, hits it. The car is immediately overturned and rolls over to Kyle and Pope at a ridiculous but fast speed.
"Everybody spreads out!" Kyle yells and grabs Jack. The latter seems to have just woken up from a dream. He looks shocked. Before he knows what's going on, he is pulled aside by Kral with his clothes. Behind them, the police armored car just passed their position, then taxied 5 or 6 meters on the ground before stopping.
"Damn mortal,why do you do that?I only need another 15 seconds to complete the rutial.Now I need to run it again.
"Don't you see, dull preist, that amror would have rammed you down had you continued." Kral also explains aloud to Jack.
"Yeah you are right! Now, how do we deal with him.". "He is gonna kill me if no one distract him."
"Oh, I'll fight his face by face if necessary.". "That's the call of duty of police. We are born to protect others."
"Well,I really admire your courage, Corpral. "Jack's tone has more admiration. "Now get moving, before he could region his power!" Jack then put his hands together and prays again.
"Come on, mortals, face your death!" Vlad grabs a policeman from the ground and quickly inserted his sharp teeth into the poor man's neck. The police officer didn't even have time to make a scream. His body shrank at the speed visible the eye, and soon turned into a mummy. Vlad throws it away, and the body gently falls to the ground.
"Dada dada" the rest of the officers quickly fired at Vlad, but the bullets are bounced away by his shield.
"Die, stupid mortals! Your blood will be my strength!" the red ripple quickly spread around, sweeping all the police out. The intense gunfire stopped, and Vlad sees Jack praying.
"Here you are, church dog! Get ready to be pierced. "Vlad's right hand summoned the lance, ready to throw.
"Dong Dong Dong!" there is a burst of gunfire next to the tree. Several silver bullets fly towards Vlad. Although most of them are blocked by the shield, one of them penetrates and hits him.
"Ah!" Vlad's body swings back for a moment because of the sharp pain and stopping power. Then a combat knife stabs him in the face.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, damn mortal." Vlad's right eye is punctured directly, and the combat knife was stained red with blood. Vlad's world falls into darkness. Then, a left hook hits his left face directly, knocking his teeth off and with a split of blood.
"Last strike!" Krals grabs both sides of Vlad's head with both hands, then pulls his head down hard and slams it with knee pads.
"Ah, ah!" Vlad pushes Kral away and falls to the ground.
"How is the feel, ha, bat!" Kyle clenches his fist and made a rattling sound. His body sinks properly and is ready to fight. On the other side, Vlad is in a mess - his face sinks directly, a knife is inserted in his right eye, and his left eye is hit by a special silver bullet and could not be recovered, leaving only the empty darkness.
"I have to admit, human, you are not easy to deal with. "The blood gushed from his right eye like a fountain as Vlad pull out the knife. Then, his world gradually returned to light. "But your luck is coming to an end!" Vlad quickly stands up from the ground, almost recovers, completely unable to see what has happened just now.
"Oh, that's not..." Kral sees only a shadow, and his body is grabbed by Vlad, and then he is slammed on the tree,with a buzz in his ear.
"Wait to be sucked dry!" Vlad grabs Kral in his right hand and licks the corner of his mouth. Sharp fangs gradually approaches Kral's neck...
"Poop, poop, poop!" the suppressed gunfire appears behind Vlad all of a sudden. Vlad drops Krals in pain, covering his belly, and looks behind him - Price pours at him with the MP5, and the lethal bullet flies to his body. Vlad's right hand glowz red, then a ball of light flies to Price's feet and blows him up.
"Ah" fell to the ground, Price tries to crawl to the MP5 in front of him, but the gun is kicked fly by Vlad.
"Human beings, it's really beyond my expectation that you makes me pay such a high price tonight as a vampire elite, but it can't stop the Scarlet family and youkais from conquering the world. You are defeated! Death has no disgrace!" The red waves gathered around Vlad...
Suddenly, a white light hits Vlad directly, and the red rippl vanishes in an instant. His body, too, gradually dissipates in the light.
"Accept the sanction of the holy light, devil!" Jack's sword glows holy white, and walks to Vlad with firm steps.
"No! Why can you still use holy power! How can there be people like you in outside world?" Vlad tried to summon the Lance, but the magic power in his body seems to have disappeared, and the Lance could not make any response.
"Holy power will deny you from using your power."
"Ha ha ha, even if you purify me, thousands of my compatriots will revenge for me, and your world will eventually fall into our hands. "Looking at Jack, who is getting closer and closer, Vlad laughs madly and his red eyes are full of madness. He also feels weak and falls to the ground.
"…… "Jack raises the sword without expression and inserts it into Vlad's heart. The body of the latter soon becomes particles and dissipates in the air.
"May god have mercy on your sins." Jack puts away his sword, and then a burst of fatigue rolls over his body. He sits on the ground, staring at the sky, tears streaming down.
"Father, may you have a good sleep." with his hands together, Jack prays devoutly.
"[Cough, cough]." Kral wakes up from a dizziness. He picks up the gun and runs to Jack.
"Are you ok?" Kral pats jack with his hand. The latter, frightened, draws out his sword and put it on Kral's neck.
"Oh, sorry." seeing Kral's surprised face and raised hands, Jack puts the sword away. "Vampire elite has been neutralized.We could go home now!"Jack has a stretch.
"Yeah, though the price is heavy." Kyle looked at the burning hotel and the bodies of the police, saying with a sorrowful tone. "Watcher this is Sword.1-1,hostile target has been eliminated,VIP pope is secured.Mission Accomplished!"
"Copy that,1-1,Osprey is inbound, standby.It 's time to bring our boys home.
"You good, sword 1-1?" Price runs to Kral with the other four SAS.
"I am good sir,I own you one this time.Today We pay a high price for our victory.
"I understand what you feel,son,but this is war.Somebody has to scarifice." there is a trace of sadness in price's voice. "My team members have checked that armor vehicle and find Sword 6-4 . Unfortunately,he dosen't make it."
"Peace to the Fallen." Jack pats Krals on the back, comforting Kyle who is in a daze. "They fuifill their duty so the survived could head on.This is just a begining,we still have a long way to go."
The roar of helicopter pours into their ears. An Osprey flies quickly to the grass and slowly descends, and the gate behind is gradually opened.
"OK let us go home!" Price beckons the other SAS members to board the helicopter, with Kral and Jack following. Then, the Osprey closes the cabin door, raised its altitude, and flies to the dawn sun in the distance.