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Magic's Chosen

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The figure across the way from her hadn’t noticed her presence yet, he was too fixated on the mirror in the center of the room. With a tight smile, Diana turned her head to see her friend lying on the ground unconscious, partially leaned against a wall of stone, but thankfully alive next to her. Bending down she put a silencing spell upon her surroundings then lifted her friend up. Focusing on her magic once more, she visualized both of them back in Professor Flitwick’s office. 


The gasps that sounded in front of her let her know she made it back safely. Opening her eyes she hefted her friend over to a chair, thankful for the physical training she also went through in the Underground and also thankful for her friend’s slight frame. 


“Diana! Is he ok?” 


“I think he’s just unconscious.” Turning her head toward her Professor who looked at her with a shocked expression, “He may still need medical attention. Please keep this quiet though, if you must…” Summoning a crystal, she handed it to her Head of House who looked at it with wariness and recognition. “You may use this and ask for a healer, by Lady Diana’s request.” Turning quickly to Hermione, “If the healer comes remember the rules I taught you.” 


Summoning her magic once more, “I’ll be back.” 


Hermione’s last words to her breaking apart as she left once more, “But you can’t apparate…”


Once more back in the stone chamber, she summoned a crystal that she transfigured into a throne-like chair that resembled Jareth’s before lounging in it. Her knees crossed, her back straight but head slightly tilted to the side. 


“I was going to let you go, you know.” 


The turbaned man in front of the silver mirror jumped, before swirling in pace his eyes widening as he saw her in the place of his captive. 


“Oh, but then you just had to go after one of mine.” She let out a disapproving sigh, “I’m ever so disappointed in you.” 


“Where’s the boy?” 


“Oh you mean the boy you kidnapped. The boy you were going to use to get whatever you are after. I got him to safety, and now you will have to deal with me.” 


Before he could stop himself, Quirrell had flinched as light in the form of a glowing ball of fire raised itself above the girl upon the throne. Her eyes blazing in an angry emerald fire, her teeth glinting sharply in that oddly goblin like grin. 


Quirrell stilled as the shade whispered for him to appeal to the girl, to use the girl instead. 


“You will do as well, I suppose. Come and look in the mirror and tell me what you see.” 


Diana was silent but rose from the throne and walked regally up the small dais where the mirror sat. Keeping Quirrell in the corner of her eye, she looked into the mirror. It was merely her reflection but it smiled eerily before showing her red stone and then with a wink put it in her pocket. The weight registered itself on the real side of the mirror. Diana smiled and turned toward Quirrell. 


“What did you see?” 


“Myself putting a red stone in my pocket.” She grinned as the professor’s eyes widened at her truful answer. Turning her wand quickly in her hand she changed the throne into a normal stone chair, much more unyielding. As she expected, as soon as she stepped away the Professor cast an Expelliarmus toward her; her wand flying to his hand. He let out a cruel laugh, but she only smiled in turn. Her thumb caressed the bottom of her Wyltt heirship item that was at the moment a ring upon her middle finger. 


He held out his hand, “Give me the stone.” 


“No, I think not.” She smiled at him, her head tilted to the side. 


His eyes turned crimson and he bellowed as he pointed her wand at her, “Give it to me!” 


Diana only let loose her own cruel laugh, her magic already seeping into her Wyltt ring willing it to return to its original state on her command. 


A hissing voice came from behind Quirrell, “Show her to me.” 


Quirrell hurriedly followed the command, unravelling the turban upon his head and then he turned showing off his parasite. 


Diana merely smiled and tilted her head as her gaze met the parasite’s crimson one, “Hello parasite.” 


Just as Quirrell began to turn toward her to curse her, the Wyltt staff formed in her hand and she sent a burst of power his way causing Quirrell to fly backwards upon the stone seat face first, his parasite looking upon the girl. 


“That staff?” The pale visage stared at the staff recognizing it immediately. 


“Yes?” She smiled before waving it again, sending her intent for the armrests of the stone chair to become clamps upon Quirrell’s arms to keep him in place. Her wand fell from his fingertips, and with a wave of her hand it was back in her hand that did not hold the staff. Seeping her magic into the staff it went back into a ring, and her wand disappeared up her sleeve.


“Now let’s restart our little conversation shall we?” 


Emerald met ruby, as Diana and the parasite locked gazes. 


“Now I believe you want the stone, most likely to get a body again. However, I do not believe you are quite ready for one yet.” 


“How dare you, you are just an insolent child!” The visage raged. 


“Yes, I suppose I am. However, I currently hold the power right now. Perhaps if your host had been more intelligent, he would have either approached me politely with a request…”


The visage scoffed.


“Or...simply would have been aware of how stupid an action it would be to strike against someone that’s mine.”


The visage hissed something that was no doubt in Parseltongue, how Diana missed being able to speak it. It was the one thing she missed from her days before Jareth. 


In the meantime she waved his way, “Yes, yes. I’m sure you said something highly offensive in Parseltongue; but I can’t understand it anymore so its such a pity I won’t ever know what you said.” 


“How could you…” The crimson gaze narrowed. 


Diana could only wonder how this must be for the once great and powerful Voldermort, she smiled instead giggling at the thought. He was being out-talked by an eleven year old, all his villain monologuing forgotten. 


He had begun to mutter and Diana sat upon the ledge of the stone dais as she watched him reach the conclusion she was waiting for, “Unless you were…” 


His red eyes looked at her widening, it almost looked like his eyes might just roll from his head. Diana supposed it was a possibility with how weakened he’d become. 




“So you are…”


“I am no longer that person, that person died at three and I rose from her ashes.” Diana’s voice turned cold. 


She waited though for him to go through the whole chain of events in his head. His eyes narrowed.


“You don’t know who you are dealing with, you silly child.” 


“Oh but I do, Voldermort.” Her sharp grin re-visited, “Or should I say Tom Marvolo Riddle.” 




“Yes me.” This time she did giggle, a hand covered her mouth gracefully before she composed herself. “But don’t worry that piece is safe, I thought it might be an awfully good bargaining chip for once we met again.” 


This time he just stared at her, she could feel him trying to make his way through her labyrinth. 


Her face blossomed into a full-on bright, cheerful grin, “Be careful you wouldn’t want to get lost in there. I’d imagine it would be a pain to once again be stuck inside someone’s head. Oh wait! You still are.” A small giggle burst free.


“How dare you!” The visage seemed to sputter for a while, before it resumed its incredulous stare. “What are you?” The voice hissed out, shocked by her utter lack of respect and fear for him.


She tilted her head to the side, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” She smiled at her rhetorical question, “It’s funny that’s not the first time I’ve been asked that question, nor do I believe it will be the last.” 


Clapping her hands together, “Back to business though.” She pulled the stone from her pocket, “I will help you get a body back. However…” Her eyes shot towards his pair and she power-walked toward him, her eyes not leaving his fiery gaze. “I have conditions.” 


Standing before him, she leaned forward slightly so that their faces were only a foot apart. 


“You need to regain your sanity, a good leader must have all his marbles in his jar.” 


A cold laugh followed her comment, “You expect me to believe you are on my side.” 


Diana waved away his comment, “There shouldn’t be sides in the first place. After all, magic is neither good nor bad; it is only power.” She smirked, “I would have you become the leader you should have.” Tilting her head to the side, “I researched both you and Grindelwald quite thoroughly, both of you had similar goals at the core but both of you failed to execute them correctly. Grindelwald aligned himself with Hitler, in order to cover for his genocidal tendencies and you, well, weren’t very subtle either. You both had the power for real change, and you both had the charisma to help influence change in the rest of mages, but you both squandered your gifts recklessly.” 


The hissing laughter came from the noseless pale snake-like face, “What would you know about ruling, you are just a child?” 


“I actually know more than the average mundane or even pureblood family member.” With a smirk, Diana pulled the stone from her pocket and placed it on the ground with a wave of her hand it became a throne that looked like it was almost made of sandstone and rubies. Sitting upon it regally she looked back to the visage, “I was after all taught by the best.” 


The visage had nearly gaped at her after she had turned the stone wandlessly into a throne with barely a look and not a word spoken. 


“As I spoke to you about in the past, after class that one day at the start of the year, I wish to back a politician that will bring back the old ways of respecting pure magic. They would have to understand that all mage blood is precious, while agreeing that the new mages born must be educated properly in ancient ways. I would like you to be that politician, once rising once more you’ll already have the support of the families of old so that’s one step closer to the ultimate goal.” 


The pale face scoffed, “The political scene isn’t one that can be easily traversed. The Ministry holds many of the strings of Wizarding Britain.” 


“Yes, I’m aware. The whole Ministry and Wizengamot will have to be ripped down to the studs. The ideas behind them were practical at times, however with corruption and greed those ideas have been buried. However, that all is for another day when we have the time for that long of a conversation. I’ve already prepared all my plans for the mage worlds in your new habitat.” 


“I am not a pet, you little…”


“Yes, yes…” Diana waved away his disputes, “The fact still remains you need a place to reside until we get your pieces together so that you’ll be sane once more. I already have one of those pieces in safe keeping however I’ll still not be able to restore you completely with just that.” Standing from her throne and reverting it back to the red stone, she stepped forward once more, “I offer you a comfortable place to reside until I have the things needed to give you a body again. It offers entertainment, comfort, luxury that’s fitting a Slytherin and the plans I’ve drafted for the future. The only thing I will require from you at the time of the ritual will be several oaths to ensure that you will not act against myself or those who belong to me. So what do you say, Voldermort, ready to be relocated?” 


His crimson gaze had been staring at her for a while, she could almost hear the cogs of his mind turn as he came to the realization that she gave him the best option. 


“What do you gain from all this?” 


“I’m able to revert the mage world back to the form it should have been in, with some new and stately improvements. A bonus is I get to see Albus Dumbledore’s face when he realizes that his once thought pawn is actually the queen on the chessboard and she’s going to be the one that brings about his downfall.” 


A sharp and gruesome smile split the lips of the beast, “Dumbledore’s demise is indeed a bonus.” 


“Well then…” With a twist of her hand, Sal’s old prison appeared in her hand, “Let’s move you in.”