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Heat of the Moment

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“Requesting for hero assistance! Enemy at large last seen heading North into the warehouse district! Is there anyone nearby that can assist?” Izuku’s comms buzzed with an update as he perched at the edge of a building, overlooking the city.

“Deku here, in pursuit. Approaching from the North-East corridor.”

“Hero Deku, be careful, quirk unidentified, possibly ‘dynamics based’. Requesting back-up. Rendez-vous at the Intersection of North and Fifth street for assistance.” 

“On it.” 

Izuku jumped from rooftop to rooftop, using parkour to run across the uneven surfaces and jumping down into an alleyway at the corner where he was to meet police. Squad cars pulled up simultaneously as he approached them.

He waved at the two officers asking, “Status report?” 

“Unknown villain started downtown, leaving behind a good amount of collateral damage. They managed to give Ground Zero the slip.”

“Oh, no. He must be losing it.”

“Indeed. He’s also in pursuit, and should be here shortly after assessing his immediate area.” 

“Do we know what they were after?”

“Affirmative, looks like a bank robbery gone bad.”

“Alright, I’ll take point. You two on me, the others flank the district. Last team, wait for Ground Zero to appear. Any other heroes in pursuit?” 

“Shouto seems to be en route.” 

“Okay, the last team to fill in Ground Zero and Shouto. Then follow us in. Preferably would like them to also flank the district, their quirks should get them around quick enough.”

“Affirmative,” they all salute Izuku and take their places. Izuku signals the start of their search and runs quietly through the alleys in between the warehouses, listening for any rash movement in the deserted warehouses.

Izuku hears the sounds of explosions in the distance.

“Deku, sir. Ground Zero and Shouto have arrived. Relayed your instructions to them with very little resistance. They’re in the district already.” 


Just as he gets off his communicator, he hears the echoing sound of metal drums clanging to the floor. Signaling the two with him as they cautiously approach the building, Izuku holds his hand up in a fist, the two behind him to stop their movement as a cracked open door comes into view.

Izuku creeps up to it, back flush against the wall as he inches to the door, he can hear two muffled voices, talking—no arguing about something. 

His hair stands on edge when he recognizes the bored voice edged with fury. Izuku peeks around the corner to confirm his suspicion. Tomura was there. He deduces that the villain they’re pursuing is another pawn of the League of Villains.

“Deku, I’ve reached your position, ready for instruction.” 

Izuku steps back from the door, putting a hand to the comm in his ear, “Good to hear from you Shouto, let’s wait for Ground Zero, I’ll need someone to infiltrate from above and behind.” 

“I’ve got the rear covered,” a new voice chimes.

“Perfect then. On three. One, Two, Three,” Izuku bursts through the door, and he hears Katsuki’s blasts on the other end of the building. 

“Shigaraki!” Izuku shouts, “You’re surrounded. Stand down.”

Green electricity courses through his body as wild red eyes peeking through the hand on his face, burning with rage stare him down.

Tomura looks at his subordinate, “Do it.” 

Izuku gets in his fighting stance, ready to fight the pawn when he’s sprayed with a cloud of mist. He doubles over, feeling feverish. Heat pulls his stomach, and Izuku coughs, “No.” 

The warehouse is filled with a sweet scent that Izuku knows far too well. His omegan pheromones, palpable in the air. He sucks in a breath, choking on how heavy his scent settles into his own lungs. 

“Get back!” Izuku shouts at the officers behind him. He can feel slick starting to drip down his hole, staining his costume. Horror fills him as he realizes he’s been triggered into heat. 

New scents fill the room, Katsuki’s familiar sweet caramel scent, but there’s one overriding it, acrid, burning chemicals. His eyes zero in on Tomura’s feral red eyes.

Izuku tries to turn from the gaze, but his omegan body resists, screaming Alpha. His knees hit the ground, as he doubles over, fighting the heat that burns through his veins. Coughing and jaw clenched as he fights to keep his omega at bay.

“Deku!” Izuku hears Katsuki yelling at him and another blast.

When Izuku looks up, he sees a shadow looming over him, a hand descending onto his face. Izuku whimpers as fingers come into contact with his skin—index, middle, ring, thumb. Izuku whimpers, lower lip trembling as he accepts his demise. Tears slip down his face, sad to think his career would end over a triggered heat. 

But nothing happens, Izuku blinks his eyes open, staring up at Tomura, who turns to look at an approaching Katsuki.

“Get any closer and I’ll turn your beloved hero to dust.” 

Katsuki growls, still in battle mode, ready to attack at the right moment. 

Tomura looks back to Izuku, “No false moves, Deku. Kurogiri,” he calls for their transportation, a black portal opens up, and he moves behind Deku, his fingers never losing contact till they curl around his neck. 

Katsuki’s face twists into fear and despair at the heart-achingly familiar sight, with Tomura dragging Deku into the black mist.

“Deku!” the blond yells.

Izuku shakes his head sadly with a soft smile, “Don’t come Kacchan.” 

And just like that Izuku finds himself in a rundown building, coughing and gasping for air the moment Tomura throws him to the ground. 

“Get up,” Tomura states. Izuku tries but the searing heat through his body stings like electrical jolts through his body, he gasps and grunts falling to his side. 

“Can’t,” he grunts, “Hurts.” 

Tomura’s scent grows bitter, before he turns to leave the room, coming back with another person, “Take him up.” 

Izuku’s hauled to his feet, grimacing as he clutches to his stomach, he can feel his slick dripping further, the nameless person drags him up some stairs where he stumbles and falls. He’s picked up and thrown over their shoulder and deposited into a room. The moment they shut the door Izuku weakly makes his way to it, jiggling the door knob hoping they hadn’t locked him in. 

He sobs, wondering what will happen to him, imagining the worst as an omega in heat with a ruthless alpha like Tomura. 

The knob twists and Izuku stumbles backwards falling on his butt, Kurogiri walking in with a pile of items. Izuku looks at him confused, those are—

“Nesting materials. You should at least try to be comfortable,” the misty figure drops off the pile on the bed and walks out, turning back quickly.

Izuku’s stunned, but his omega preens at the soft fluffy pile sat before him. He makes his way to it, his scarred hand running along the fleece blanket and purrs. He shakes his head, he usually can control his instincts but that quirk, it’s lowered his guard, his inhibitions dulled, and that is more frightening. Izuku has worked hard to be a pro-hero, lauded as one of the strongest omega’s that have fought against the odds stacked before him. For him to crumble under a quirk, under the League of Villain’s, makes him sick. 

Filtering through the stack he finds an oversized shirt, and he is thankful to be rid of his constricting costume, the cold air is almost refreshing to his sweltering skin, if not for the raging hard on that taunts him. He despises his omega for being so helplessly turned on, and refuses to touch himself in the presence of the enemy, so he does the minimum to appease his secondary sex, he builds a nest. 

Tucking away the last pillow, he lays in the center of it, rubbing his scents onto the barren items. The only thing missing was an—

The door swings open and Izuku is back on high-alert sitting on his knees as the dark alpha scent worms his way into his space. It doesn’t hold the same acidic scent that burns his nose, it’s more subdued, more musky akin to suede and leather. His omega seems to like the scent as he feels at ease, Izuku tries to shake it off, but it’s a losing battle. 

Red eyes look just as conflicted as Izuku feels. It’s not the same piercing hatred, something Izuku can’t put his finger on, but his mind supplies it — alpha. Tomura seems to be overtaken by his secondary sex, possibly an unexpected aftereffect after ordering the other villain to use it. Izuku’s confused as to why his omega is calling for this alpha, but freezes in his place as the man ambles over. 

Izuku inches back into his nest, but Tomura releases his pheromones, his scent making his omega purr and bare his neck in submission. Izuku feels the rolling heat in his stomach under that intense gaze, and a gush of slick slip down his bare thighs. He bites his lip hard enough to bleed, hoping to wake up from his nightmare. 

He chokes back a sob, tears slipping down his freckled cheeks as the alpha comes closer into his nest.  A sharp pain jabs through him and he cries out, clutching his cramping stomach. The need to mate starts to override logic.

Opening tear-filled eyes he stares up at Tomura no longer unable to fight the pain that resonates in his body as he weakly cries, “Alpha, please.”

Tomura freezes but whatever leash that had been his safety net falls as the alpha pins him to the bed. Izuku instinctively bares his neck again, his senses overwhelmed with the heady scent of damp moss as Tomura presses their necks together to scent the omega. 

Izuku moans feeling the brush of Tomura’s hard on against his leg, his omega preening at the alpha’s scent, his omega taking over. 

Chapped lips graze his neck and Izuku tenses, “Please, don’t,” he cries pathetically.

Teeth graze his scent. “Don’t flatter yourself omega . I don’t want a mate, nor do I want you . But, I can’t stop.”

Izuku is flipped over on his stomach, he cries as he feels the shirt disintegrate, the cold air of the room hitting his skin once more. Izuku starts to tremble, unable to see what Tomura could do to the rest of his body with his hands. His fingers curl into the sheets of his makeshift nest, screwing his eyes shut when he hears a belt unbuckle and the zipper of pants coming undone. 

“Poor hero, brought down by his omega status,” the cruel voice starts, “try not to move, or this might end...unpleasant for you.” 

He feels a hand on his back, fingers tracing his spine as he arches his back, his omega presenting himself for Tomura to take. Izuku feels the blunt head of Tomura’s cock rubbing along his ass crack, brushing over his entrance. Slick gushing out, Izuku squeaks in embarrassment.

“Needy omega,” Tomura growls, “Dripping wet for an alpha you don’t want.” 

He starts to push in, Izuku tenses up.

“Relax, no need to make this more difficult than it already is, for the both of us.” 

Izuku wails into the pillow as Tomura sheathes himself. He feels like he’s splitting in two as his walls burn with the stretch, contracting and conforming to the alpha’s size. Tomura doesn’t let Izuku adjust to him as he continues to thrust in and out of him, grunting and growling, burrowing himself as deep as he can. 

Izuku is horrified when he starts to purr, his omega feeling satisfied at being fulfilled. The heat within him starts to ebb as Tomura fucks him solidly, wanting to bite his tongue when a moan escapes him. He can’t show that he’s enjoying it, but truth be told, his omega is enjoying the touch and feel of the alpha taking him. 

Tomura’s lean body curves around his back, his clammy skin sticking to Izuku’s as he drives deeper, his grunts and groans ghost over the shell of his ear. Izuku moans, when Tomura changes his angle and picks up speed brushing past his sweet spot. 

His hole spasms around Tomura, Izuku tightening up when he feels Tomura swell. 

“No, No,” Izuku cries as he tries to pull himself away by crawling, “Please!”

Tomura wraps his forearm around Izuku’s neck, yanking him up and cutting off his movement and air, “You don’t have a choice.”

Izuku gasps, clawing at the forearm, as he feels Tomura’s knot swell slowly trying to pop in. 

He looks back at Tomura’s evil grin as he slams into him faster and harder.

Tomura laughs, “I like that look on your face: Despair. Despair, Izuku Midoriya, as I breed you like the bitch omega you were born to be.” 

Izuku drags his blunt fingernails down Tomura’s forearm, a weak attempt at fighting back. Tomura’s harried pace is all Izuku needs to know the alpha is nearing his end. He’s pushed back flat to the bed, the palm of Tomura’s hand pushing his head into the pillow, his lower back aching at the awkward position of being hiked up high. 

The alpha growls are louder as he approaches orgasm, slamming his hips one more time as his knot pops in and locks them together. Izuku screams at the intrusion, sobbing uncontrollably as he feels the alpha emptying his seed into him. He’s rolled to his side, Tomura spooning him, his hand minus his pinky stroking his belly as they wait for his knot to deflate. 

“Good omega,” the alpha purrs, “ you took me so well. That wasn’t so bad was it?” 

Tomura laughs, and Izuku tries to fight off the exhaustion but finds his eyelids heavy with sleep. He gets to rest if only for a minute, until Tomura is up again and ready to continue fucking Izuku over and over. 

It’s early morning when Izuku no longer feels the heat running through his body, the alpha rolling out of the bed not giving Izuku a second glance as he shuffles away. 

“Your hero friends should be here any moment. I’m done playing with you omega, the quirk’s effects have worn off, and I have no need to be near you any longer.” 

Izuku sits up, wincing at the pain that runs through his body, looking down at the thin sheet that covers his bare body from the waist down. His body is littered with marks, bruises, and bites. Izuku lurches, emptying his stomach over the side of the bed. Removing the sheet, he finds the bed below him a mix of Tomura’s come and his blood from when his knot popped in. 

Izuku sniffles as he tries to move out of bed, tumbling to the floor, weak and shaking all over. He manages to find another shirt and a pair of pants in the pile given by Kurogiri, and dresses himself as gingerly as possible. Slipping on his shoes he abandons his destroyed costume and heads for his exit.

Just as he opens the door, he’s met with a stairwell that leads down. He strains his ears listening for any movement only to be met with silence. He walks down the steps one at a time clinging to the rail to keep him upright; he collapses at the bottom of it, sobbing, when an explosion erupts. 

Izuku shields his eyes from the debris that comes flying from, his eyes squinting at the brightness that fills the dark room.

“Deku!” a familiar raspy voice calls out to him. 

Looking up Izuku, feels a new wave of tears spilling over with relief, crying softly, “Kacchan.” 

Katsuki rushes over, and Izuku’s vision starts to darken around the edges, slumping in the familiar alpha’s arms, the sweet scent of caramel comforting him. 


Izuku wakes up in the hospital, an IV attached to his arm, the steady beeping of his heartbeat heard on the monitors. Izuku looks to his right, seeing Katsuki sitting in a chair, arms crossed over his chest, head tucked down, fast asleep. 

Izuku exhales a heavy breath, before attempting to call out to Katsuki with a croaky voice, “Kacchan.” 

Katsuki’s head snaps up at the sound of his name, and looks relieved Izuku is awake, “Deku. You’re awake. How are you feeling nerd?”

“I’ve been better,” Izuku offers a weak smile. 

“Let me grab a nurse yeah? Take it easy.” 

Katsuki returns in a flash with a nurse and doctor in tow. They check his vitals, ask him questions, by then the police also come by to verify his report of what happened that night. 

Tomura and the league had escaped after the police had been tipped off of their whereabouts, but they had apprehended the villain that had used his quirk on Izuku. Katsuki and Shouto had at least been able to secure him, Tomura had only left the warehouse that night with Izuku, and with no concern for his subordinate. 

He’s exhausted by the time it’s just him and Katsuki. The nurses remarked that Katsuki hadn’t left his side the moment he had found him, and that he was so lucky he had such an alpha. That made Izuku want to cry, because he had no alpha, and there was no way any alpha would want him after what just happened. 

When it was just the two of them, Katsuki gave Izuku ice chips, some water, and little food. Izuku had little appetite, but thanked Katsuki for being there for him, and that he shouldn’t bother; he could tell the blond was beating himself up over it. 

Izuku was kept in observation for a few days, and Katsuki was diligent in staying by his side, ever the stubborn guy, he only left to clean up and shower, disappearing for a few hours. 

The day Izuku was being discharged, Katsuki was there to get him home, helping Izuku out of the hospital and taking him home. He helped the omega get comfortable in his home, deeming that Izuku didn’t need him for much longer, the alpha was about to scent Izuku platonically to ease his anxiety, only for him to pull back with a disgruntled look on his face.

Izuku tilted his head curiously at Katsuki, whose lips were pursed tight.

“Deku, you don’t smell like yourself.”

Izuku’s eyes widened at the implication of the phrase. Katsuki saw the error of his ways and grabbed his hand to calm him down.

His anxiety spiking upon the realized his nightmare was far from over.