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Sometimes the Sunshine is too Bright

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Chiva-aree's residence. Morning.


Bright gulped his morning coffee down to the last drop. He closed his eyes and wished that once he put his cup down the pile of bills on the counter would miraculously disappear, or at the very least, be fully paid. The ceramic bottom touched the tiles and he opened his eyes, they were still there, sealed and ready to be opened. He sighed aggravatedly.


'I shouldn't complain. I shouldn't complain.' He told himself. It was a mantra he did every day. His mother didn't complain, so should he. His father didn't want to pass his debt onto them. They just have to make do with what fate dropped on their lap and do their best to clear all outstanding debt his father loaned from the bank. He thought renovating their restaurant was going to help rake in customers, however, the construction company, owned by his father's old classmate, was shady and Bright's father was too naive to ask why the materials were overpriced. They also prolonged the construction, Bright thought it was the last straw and confronted his uncle. However, he was given all kinds of excuses; the fire department SOP was getting updated so they had to wait, the cement used needed to dry longer, and so on.It wasn't until Gulf and Mike, Bright's childhood friends intervened. Gulf was from the wealthy Traipipattanapong family, they were considered old money and had a lot of power. While Mike was from the Siripongchawalit family. They were a clan known in law enforcement. Due to his friend's involvement, the restaurant finished, but his father suffered a heart attack and passed away.


Bright's father wasn't even able to see the sum of his debt. When his mother saw it, Bright was afraid that he would lose her too. She wanted to take out a loan to pay for the loan, however, he told her that he would help her out. He dropped out of university and started working odd jobs to help his mother pay the debt. When opportunities were scarce, he'd help at the restaurant making deliveries or waiting tables.


Life had been hard for him for the past three years, and he hoped that he would be able to land a job that paid him a lot. He'd do anything, save for selling his body.


He looked at his phone and saw another unread text flash on the screen. He knew who it was from.


Months ago, he accompanied his uncle to assist him. His uncle was a makeup artist and sometimes, he would ask Bright to help him out, he thought that his nephew would be discovered by designers. They did, however, time and time again, Bright refused them.The price was too high and Bright had promised himself that he would not disgrace his parents by selling himself for money. However, that day, there was a photographer that kept snapping his photo.


Annoyed, Bright confronted him and the photographer introduced himself as Guy Lertchuchot-Boonsri. It clicked in his mind that the Guy was the husband to the number one fashion designer in Asia, Green Lertchuchot-Boonsri of Green House of Glam. Guy himself wasn't completely unknown to Bright either. He knew that the man had worked with big named celebrities all over the world. But that didn't mean he could take Bright's photos without permission.Guy apologized and offered to shoot him for free to build up his portfolio, and Bright was upfront that he knew that nothing was for free. And if Guy was going to solicit sex from him, he frankly declined. The photographer said that he was happily married and content with his husband, Green. But he did tell Bright that his androgynous looks would fit well with Green's next fashion project.


"I'll shoot your portfolio, in exchange, I want you to meet up with my husband and maybe inspire him again," Guy said and promised him that he wouldn't have to do anything close to sexual.


Bright thought about it and told him that he would do it. It was a good idea to just build a portfolio than wait to be discovered. It was more professional and there would be less of a chance that he'd look like a naive jailbait. Plus, having Guy Lertchuchot-Boonsri's name attached to his photos was going to help a lot. His uncle reassured him that the Lertchuchot-Boonsri couple weren't nefarious nor creepy in any way. Bright felt much better in his decision and later that day, he went to meet with Green.


To say that Green, of the famed Green House of Glam, was an interesting person, was a complete disservice to the man Bright could only say he was a character, an adorable one, but his personality and enthusiasm was in a league of their own. His high-pitched squeal when he saw his husband nearly deafened Bright. It seemed that he was non-existent to the two of them as they made-out off to the side.


Bright was both glad that he wasn't seen as an object, but a little disturbed that the heavy petting could turn into a full bout of welcome home lovemaking.


He tried his best to make himself invisible. In his attempt, he caught a glimpse of the many-many gowns and suits on mannequins. They were opulent and grandiose that Bright's inner flamboyant gay boy did a cartwheel, sashayed, two pas de bourrée, a double backflip, and landed perfectly with rainbow pom-poms in both hands. He gasped at the most luxurious and blinding gown he had ever seen. It was still unfinished yet he could see that concept of what the designer was going for.


It was made to wrap and hug the wearer's body tightly, sensually. It wasn't made to shock, it was made to entice. The fur coat was so fluffy and white, he was tempted to just wrap it around himself and forget about the whole world. He couldn't help himself and walked to it, dazed and hypnotized.


"Ah! Ah! Aaah! You can look but you can- oh my Gooooooooooooood!"


Bright woke up from his trance and covered his ears. Soon enough Green was twirling him around and looking at his face at any possible angle.


"She's perfect!" Green announced and Bright just looked at Guy confused. All he got was a shrug.


At present, he was still confused about the whole thing. They had dinner and Bright went home with a contract for 10,000 US dollars. All he had to do was show up whenever Green called him and let the man sketch him. It turned out that Green had been in a creative slump and was unable to finish his new collection after his falling out with one of his muses. Bright saw Green as a passionate and sensitive person, he deduced that he could trust him. Guy was also too stupidly in love with his husband, so he trusted him too. With Mike's help, they were able to look into the contract, and Bright was happy that there weren't any hidden conditions, and so he signed it. It was too good to pass up and it was a good sum to knock off a good chunk off of their family's debt. Other than that, he finally had his photos professionally taken and he was introduced by the Lertchuchot-Boonsris to designers. He now had a career in modeling, but still preferred to work locally to be close to his mother.


The other day, however, Guy met up with him and offered him another contract. This time Green wanted him to model for him on his newest collection. The collection was partly inspired by him. It was big for his modeling career. But! There was always a but when it came to Green. The catch was, he had to wear one of the gowns in the collection. Bright had nothing against cross-dressing, he was gay after all, but there wasn't anything feminine about him save for his face. He grew so close to Green and Guy that he didn't want to be the cause of any of their demise. And it wasn't just walking on the runway in one of the gowns. Green wanted to announce him as the new face of Green House of Glam International. That was not just big, it was huge. Although that would entail that he would have more work overseas and would be able to pay off their debts sooner. Which means his mother would be alone.


He didn't want her to be alone. He sighed again and tried not to look at his phone and the unopened envelopes.