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To tame a ‘broken’ sub

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Harry has put my rules up on the fridge and in our bedroom. That’s right I said our bedroom. He says that sleeping in the same bed will help me get used to him. I guess it’s fine as long as he doesn’t touch me though.


So far I have been fairly okay only a couple small punishments but today he’s having some friends over I’m not sure who they are though. My thoughts are forgotten about as soon as I hear a knock at the door.


“Go sit in the living room and kneel while I get the door.” He tells me walking down the stairs towards the door.


I’m kneeled by the sofa and I see two people walk in with someone trailing a few steps behind them. I gasp as I see a familiar blonde headed boy peak out from behind them. Jumping up quickly I run to hug him.


“Niall” I scream out just as he’s screaming out my name. We hug each other tightly as he kisses me on the cheek and I do the same to him.


That is until we both get pulled back. I look up to see sir with an angry expression on his face


“Louis, you know better. Kneel now!” He runs his fingers through his hair looking at the other to guys who are obviously doms.


“Niall you should kneel to.” The raven haired man speaks.


“Since you obviously already know Niall. This is Liam and this is zayn. You may call them by their names. Speak.”


I clear my throat looking at the floor “Hi.”


“How do you two know each other?” Liam asks.
I look towards Harry as if to ask permission to speak. He nods giving me approval.


“We met in school before all of this happened.” Finally looking up at them I see Niall tap Zayn’s thigh before talking


“yep that true lou was one of the loudest kids and one of the best pranksters.” He laughs.


“Is that so?” Harry says. “Hmmm”
I nervously look to them. “Do tell me more.” Harry tells Niall.


I silently plead him with my eyes to say no more but he continues on “There was on time he took the teachers chair apart so when he sat on it, it fell. Then there was one time he put up a kid getting punished on the screen in class for calling him ‘princess’.”


Now I’m even more afraid to scared to look at Harry I stare at the ground. He moves his hand onto my neck squeezing it a little to provide pressure.


He trails up to my chin and pushes it up. My eyes meet his “Is that so princess?” He emphasizes princess.


My cheeks heat up in embarrassment. “He was a dom and he wouldn’t leave me alone!” I huff trying to prove my point.


“Oh so he was a dom also? You did that to a dom princess that’s not very nice.” I gasp knowing that I will probably get into more trouble.


He leans into whisper to me. “You’ll get your punishment later tonight.” I whimper anticipating what he will do.


The doms go off to have a private conversation leaving only me and Niall left. “I’m sorry” he tells me. I nod to him as he sighs.


“How is Harry treating you?” He asks seeming pretty genuine.


“He’s good so far.” Giving him a half smile I ask “What about Liam and Zayn?”


His face lights up at the mention of them. “They treat me so well. I love them so much.” He giggles


“That’s amazing Nialler I’m happy for you.” My smile grows even bigger seeing him happy.


The night goes on and it’s getting later. Liam zayn and Harry all come back to the living room and soon it’s time for them to leave. I whine not wanting Niall to leave but I give him one last long hug before he goes saying bye to each of them Harry pulls me upstairs.

“I believe I owe you a punishment princess.” He smirks pushing me into the bed.