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"Your A Sin I Want"

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"I shouldn't have been touching it" Michiko said softly as Ann was doing her best to get a splinter out of the females hand.

"it's quite alright, there's no need to apologize" Ann said with a satisfied sigh when she managed to get the splinter out.

"Thank you" Michiko said with a smile as she handed the Nun her weapon back and instead began petting the cat.

Ann quite enjoyed her company while straightening up her room and the cat seemed to aswell. "are you ready for our duo together?" Ann asked as she continued straightening up her room even though it was already neat.

"of course, oh! How was your Duo with Jack?" she asked before letting out a soft gasp when the cat, who's stomach she had been poking and claws she had been skillfully avoiding everytime she went in for a poke, suddenly caught her hand and bit her finger.

"It went- hey! Don't bite her" The Nun grimaced as she glanced over at the cat who was still attacking her pale hand in bites and scratches. Ann gently took the cat and set it on her shoulder before leaning down and taking the Geishas scratched hand in hers. "I'm sorry" Ann muttered before kissing the females hand.

"A-Ann it's alright" she said softly as she raised her other hand and placed it atop her head and gently patted it.

Her cheeks lit up at the sound that came from Ann as she leaned into her touch. She couldn't help the smile forming as Ann sat on her knees and rested her head on the Geishas lap. She proceeded to stroke her head.

"ah, Ann we should get going, the match will start soon" Michiko said softly.

Ann stared up at her and sighed. "alright" she said as she stood up holding her hand out to help Michiko out.

Michiko took the tall females hand and followed her out and to the waiting room where the two sat down in their respective chair.

When the round started the two killed it, when there were only two survivors left and one decoder they decided to just let them finish and leave.

"The lights are pretty..." The geisha muttered as she stood on the boat of the lakeside environment, next to the Nun staring up at the sky.

"I think your pretty" Ann muttered softly.

There was silence as the Geisha looked up at the Nun who was still staring up at the stars. She took a step closer to the nun and let out a soft gasp when the Nun reached down, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close til their sides were touching.

"Ann" she muttered softly. "I think-" the Geisha was cut off by the sound of the gates unlocking, this caught her attention and she turned to look in the direction of the gate nearest to them.

"Michiko" Ann muttered as she took the females chin and forced her to look up at her. When she looked over, Ann's face was already close to hers, to close, hardly leaving any space between them.

"Y-Yes?" Michiko said as she went to take a step back, only to feel her grip on her waist tighten and pull her closer to her. "Ann"

"Your a sin that I want" she said softly as she gently stroked her cheek. "I want you, my darling, my sin, to be my butterfly"

Michiko didn't know if she should've been offended that Ann just called her 'her sin' or adored that she asked if she could be her butterfly. "Ann...Are you trying to say you love me?"

"I..." Ann was a bit silent before she nodded. "Yes"

The two stared at one another, Michiko began leaning in, but the match ended. She was engulfed in darkness and back at the manor.

"Ann" she softly called out as she immediately ran up to the Nuns room and knocked on it, she gasped when the Nun pulled her in and slammed her against the nearest wall, pinning her up against it.

The Geishas face was red as she looked up at her Nun. "A-Ann!" she said clearly shocked.

"Thank you, I love you, So much Michiko. I want to ensure you stay with me and that your not making a mistake and wasting your time with me"

"Ann you aren't a waste of my time you don't have t-" Michiko wasn't allowed to finish her sentence due to Ann pressing her lips up against hers. Michiko couldn't help letting out a soft like moan when Ann began to lean down and place kisses along her neck. "Ann please" she softly begged out when she felt her bite her, just like her cat would. The Nuns grip on her wrists got tighter when she began to struggle a bit against her as her bites began getting harder.

"The more you beg the more I get the idea that your enjoying this, just let me take care of you" Ann finally spoke.

The Geisha nodded and muttered out a low and soft "Yes Ma'am"

By the time dinner rolled around the Geisha was sprawled out on the Nuns bed, she had bite marks all along her thighs, calf's, stomach, waist, breasts and arms. The Nun still took care to keep her pinned down by the wrists causing bruising on the females pale skin.

Ann made a soft noise resembling that of a cat while Michiko let out soft moans and begs that the Nun enjoyed hearing.

"Guys Dinners ready!" the voice of a survivor rang out through the Hunters Hall.

"mm..." Ann was in the process of licking every bite mark she had left and the Geisha could see how upset the Nun must've been to hear she'd have to hault their little activity to go down and attend dinner. When Ann finally let her wrists go the Geisha laid there for a bit before slowly sitting up.

Her Kimono was loose and undone and her hair was in a bit of a mess, but that wasn't any of her concern. She stared down at her body that was littered in bite marks and bruises. Ann looked along with her, doing everything in her power not to pounce back on her and finish the job.

"Do you...need help redressing yourself." Ann offered as she reached over and gently pulled her kimono up on her shoulder.

"I- thank you" she said softly as she stood, stumbling slightly causing Ann to grab her. Michiko used Ann as a bit of a support as she redressed herself, Ann straightened up the Geishas hair as she did so.

When she was done and finished observing herself in the mirror she sighed softly as she observed the still visible results of letting the Nun have her way with her. Ann and her cat followed the Geisha to her room where she applied makeup to the bruises to cover them. The Geisha never really had a need for makeup since her face was naturally pale, but the embalmer thought she'd like it for her birthday, she never thought it would come in handy, but here she was, using it.

Ann didn't like it. The Geisha gasped softly when Ann grabbed her wrists and held her arms up to her head. "A-Ann, what are you-" her eyes widened when the Nun leaned down and licked the area she applied the makeup. "ANN WAIT DON'T LICK THE MAKEUP!" The Geisha got up only to be slammed down up against the desk she was once sitting at. Stomach pressed against the desk, arms pinned on each side of her head and Ann hovering over her and examining her form.

Ann leaned down and began pressing light kisses along her back, her kisses weren't random. It's like she remembered where every single bite mark she left was. "Ann please" she softly moaned out as the Nun began getting rough with her once again.

"I'd much rather finish the meal that I've started...but if you still insist on going down there..." Ann whispered in the Geishas ear before releasing her.

The Geisha hesitated before getting up and quickly fixing the makeup before Ann took hold of her again but decided to finish the job. With that in mind she went on down to the dinning room and took her seat in between Mary and Jack on one side and Ann sat across from her on the other side.

Dinner went smoothly, she occasionally looked over to Ann only to see Ann staring at her, no, her makeup covered chest. This caused the Geisha to blush and open her fan to cover her chest.

Ann's eyes immediately trailed up to the Geisha, who had already rejoined in the conversation with Mary and Violetta. She humed softly and turned her attention elsewhere.

When dinner was over the Geisha felt a familiar embrace at her feet, upon looking down she saw the Nuns cat at her feet rubbing its head against her kimono. "oh, hello Mayonaka...where's Ann" she said softly as she picked the cat up and began booping the cats nose. She took it upon herself to name the cat Mayonaka, she'd never heard Ann address the cat by a name, but she felt it was rude not to, it was also wrong to name someone else's possession, or in this case pet, but she did and just decided to keep it a secret from Ann. The cat seemed to catch on to the name that meant midnight in her language rather quickly, so she assumed the cat liked it.

The cat meowed and purred when she began petting it as she began walking to Ann's room to return the cat. "Ann's been so rough with me and you sleep like it's nothing" she muttered softly to the cat as she let out a soft giggle before approaching the door and knocking. No answer. "Ann, I have your c-" she went silent as she opened the door to that of an empty room. "Ann...?" she muttered softly as she glanced around the room looking for her. "Alright Mayonaka...let's go to my room" she turned to leave off to her room, closing Ann's room door in the process.

As soon as they got to Michiko's room she flopped into her bed with the cat. "aren't the two of you connected in a way?" she asked as the cat sat by her head, staring down at her. "if I remember correctly..." she sat up and walked to her desk and opened her drawer and pulled out a folder. All the hunters and survivors had a file and it wasn't hard to get a copy and it was obvious that the one she pulled out was Ann's.

"look at her, she's so cute" she said showing the cat the picture of Ann. She was so into reading her file that she didn't notice the knock or the door opening, she only noticed the cat out of the corner of her eye jumping down off her bed. "Be careful Mayonaka, and don't mess with my fans again"

"Mayonaka? What are you looking at?"

"hm?" she turned to see Ann. "oh hello Ann it's just your- ANN!" The Geisha closed the file and immediately stood up to face her.

"Hello Michiko..." Ann leaned down to be more on her level. "I'm sorry I'm late, I was invited out to the garden for a bit so I sent them to keep you company" Ann said refering to the cat that she carefully stroked.

"Thank you, what did you do out in the garden?"

"Just chat with Jack and his gardener" Ann's eyes began to wonder to the females chest. "You still have it on" she muttered softly.

"oh! I'd forgotten completely" she said with a nervous chuckle as she looked through her drawers for some kind of wipe to wipe it off. Of course, thankfully the embalmer had gifted her wipes to go along with the pale makeup.

The Geisha watched as Ann's eyes seemed to light up when watching her wipe the makeup off to reveal the bite marks that would've been visible that she had left on her.

"Is something wrong Annie?" The Geisha said soft and teasingly.

"It's...just Ann...You know this" the woman said softly as her eyes trailed back up to lock with the Geishas.

"I know darling, it's a nickname" she said with a soft giggle as she walked over to her as soon as she was done wiping all the makeup off.

Ann had only then decided to take a seat, even while she sat and Michiko stood Ann was still a bit taller than her. "oh, I see...I quite like it... Say it again"

"What? Annie?" Michiko said with a slight head tilt.

The woman closed her eyes as if trying to decide if she really, truly liked the little nickname.

"Ann?" Michiko muttered as she took a seat on her lap.

The sudden weight on her legs made the Nuns eyes spring open and look down at the Geisha. "Michiko..." a soft mummer came from the nun as she gently grabbed and began rubbing her waist before gripping it and pulling her closer and leaning down to whisper in her ear. "Why must you taint me, why do you make me want to do the things I wish to do to you?"

The Geisha went silent for a bit before making the frail mistake of asking "what do you wish to do to me?"

The Nuns rubbing of the Geishas waist came to a hault. This worried the poor Geisha before in almost a blink she felt herself being flipped over and onto her side with Ann being the big spoon.

"I want...I want to ruin you" the Nun muttered as her hands began slowly slipping up and down the Geishas body.

"R-Ruin me?" To hear someone like Ann speaking like this was surly shocking to say the least.

"To punish your body, but I'm sure you wouldn't see it that way...You seemed to enjoy the little bit I did to you and here and not so and there, am I correct?"

The Geishas face gradually reddened as the Nun applied pressure to certain areas of her body that did in fact feel good when she bit them aswell as the areas that did hurt when she bit down there. "A-Ann" was all she could manage out.

"because with that punishment will come pleasure...and that's something I'll promise you my dear, I love you...and I'll do everything to make you stay"

There was silence between the two before Michiko flipped around to look up and face Ann, who leaned down just enough for her to kiss her forehead. "Ann...You can ruin me all you'd like but, I promise that I'll stay" she began placing light kisses down and along her long neck. She smiled in a bit of satisfaction as she felt and heard her let out a low yet soft groan. "I promise" she uttered out once more as she slowly found herself straddling the nuns thin waist.

Ann's eyes roamed the females body up and down, taking in how the Kimono fit her frame. It wasn't long before Ann grabbed her waist and flipped her into the bed, quickly flipping their positions. "I love you" Ann spoke out as her hands roamed down to the Geishas arms

"I love you too" The Geisha said as she jerked her wrists up for the Nun to grab, finding herself egar to have her arms pinned atop her head. Yet instead of holding her by her wrists, she interlaced fingers with her. She still had her arms pinned above her head but held her hand instead of holding her down by her wrists.

"Ann!" Michiko softly moaned out as Ann unlaced one hand and used it to spread one of her legs and took her other hand and began gently rubbing her slit with her thumb.

"Don't move your hands from where I've left them" Ann commanded as she continued fondling and rubbing the female.

Michiko nodded and the rougher Ann got with her the closer she felt herself reaching her edge and struggling to keep her arms in place like she said.

"The sounds your making are so dangerous...yet so sweet...they're sounds only I want to hear..." Ann grumbled softly after watching Michiko grip onto the sheets of her bed reaching her peak and listened to her moan out the Nuns name louder than any other time that she had.

The Nun got out of the bed and on her knees by the edge of the bed and grabbed the Geisha by her ankles and pulled her down towards her.

"A-Ann wait!" She clenched her legs around her head when the Nun snatched the Geisha's underwear off and began licking her before beginning to eat her out. "Ann please!" She moaned out as she sat up to observe the female lick and suck at her as if she'd been deprived of food for years.

Ann didn't listen, she wrapped her arms around the females thighs and forced her legs apart so she could keep going.

"Ann I'm gonna-" her legs began trembling as she let out another moan when Ann slipped a finger in her, slowly pumping it in and out before slipping another finger in her. Even after she came Ann kept going. Even when Michiko began trying to push her back she didn't budge until she was forced to cum once more.

Michiko was breathing heavily as her body went limp. Her legs still hung over Ann's shoulders. Her cheeks darkened when she saw Ann stand and lick her lips.

Ann gently grabbed her body and placed her under the covers before crawling into bed with her. Michiko wrapped her arms around Ann tightly as she still trembled. "I love you, Ann" The Geisha muttered softly.

"I love you too" Ann said with a smile as she stroked the smaller females hair.

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Ann and Michiko were in yet another duo match together, yet this time they were at the church.

Michiko held the mechanic tied to balloons, she was almost to the chair when she was forced to drop her by the forward headbutting her. "ahg!" she grumbled softly but it wasn't hard to dash and hit her again, only to get hit by the wilding and his boar.

She was furious, this was the second time the two doubled up on her and made it difficult to just set them in a chair.

Ann noticed how upset she must've been and took it upon herself to grab her by her wrists and slam her against the nearest wall when she walked past her. She stared down at the masked woman and leaned down to kiss the side of her neck before whispering "My dear, what's bothering you...who's...bothering you"

"It's nothing Ann...It's oka-" She gasped and let out a soft groan when Ann leaned down and began biting spaces on her neck. "A-Ann, don't lick the makeup" she grumbled softly as the Nun seemed to have a habit of trying to lick the makeup off the bruises it covered.

"Tell me...or I'll ruin you"

"r-right here!?"

The Nun looked to her, her look was enough of an answer and there was no doubt that the Nun must've been serious. "must I go through with my actions to prove myself"

"Ah! No no!" she said as she tried to take a step back, forgetting she was already pinned against the wall. "It's just..."

Though the Nun couldn't see it behind her mask, she knew the Geisha must've been blushing. She changed back to her human form and looked up at the Nun, this look did something to her. "who did it..." was all the Nun muttered out as she released the Geisha's wrists.

The remaining survivors either took advantage of this and tried to finish decoding or observed the two. Though they couldn't hear a thing, they knew someone was about to get it when Ann kissed the Geishas forehead before immediately sending her cats off and walking away from her, Ann was visibly pissee, she passed survivors like the Enchantress and Priests as if they no longer existed.

Michiko followed Ann from a distance, she didn't mind the few survivors that followed along with her to see where Ann was going or what she was going to do because she was just as curious. "don't let her see you" she said softly to the nearest survivor to her that was also following.

In less than a second after finding the Forward, she struck him down. "Michiko" the Nun called out as she tied him to balloons.

"yes?" Michiko muttered softly as she peeked out at Ann from behind the corner before walking over to her. "take him to a chair"

"yes ma'am" she said softly as she took the balloon and took the Forward to a chair. When she looked back she saw Ann striking the old man about to get her, once again, down.

Before she tied him to balloons she saw her look up at her and wink. She smiled softly and tied the forward to a chair. When he got sent off to the manor she departed and hovered up, looking for any sign of Ann.

There. She saw the Priestess running from Ann, she dashed as far as she could towards them and quickly made her way over to them. "Ann!" she held her arms up and dashed at the Nun and began placing kiss after kiss along her neck.

The woman dashing at her caused her to fall back. She smiled as she felt the Geisha sit on her lap and felt her lips press repeatedly against her neck. "Mm, did doing that mean that much to you?"

"yes! The repeated hitting was starting to hurt..." she muttered softly as she began rubbing her stomach.

Ann took note of that and would be sure that if they duo again and got them or the Prospector, she'd take them out first. "Shall we allow them to tie it then?"

Michiko hummed softly in thought before nodding yes. "thank you..."

"Don't worry, you'll make it up to me" Ann said softly as she rubbed her waist. "Do you want that?"

The Geisha was silent before she nodded yes and uttered out a soft "please" as she looked up at her, the same big doe eyed look she gave her when telling her about the forward and other man. A look the Nun found adorable and would do anything for. "Michiko...your so adorable..." she grumbled softly as she stroked her hair.

She smiled and giggled softly as she wrapped her arms around the Nun as she picked her up bridal style. "your killing me... but this is a death I'd much prefer..." she said softly as she kissed the top of the females forehead.

"I'm sorry" Michiko said softly as the Nun carried her to the churches altar and set her down on it before leaning down and kissing her. As Michiko kissed her back then Nun leaned in pushing her back farther and farther until Michiko was pushed onto her back, her head and a good bit of her back hung off the podeum like structure since it was pretty short.

Ann held her arms pinned down in place as she observed the females face heat up as she quickly submitted herself to the taller woman. "Michiko..." Ann muttered softly as she leaned down farther to kiss the geishas stomach, just like when kissing her back, the kisses weren't random, it's as if she remembered where every bite mark and bruise she left was. "Your such a good girl" Ann said, finishing her statement.

"thank you...Ann, why are we-" Both the Geisha and Nun stopped and turned the the front door of the church where they saw the remaining four survivors making a dash for the exit.

Michiko's cheeks lit up in embarrassment as she pushed Ann back just enough for her to get up. She was about to ask why they were still here and tell her she was ready to leave already, but after the faint sound of gravel being kicked she obviously now had her answer.

Ann wasn't at all embarrassed, in fact, she was glad for them to have seen the effect she had on the Geisha. When she was pushed back she peered down at the Geisha who had her fan up in order to cover her red, embarrassed face. She smiled finding it quite adorable, yet, before she could comment on it, they were engulfed in darkness and sent back to the Manor.

Ann made her way to her room where she hoped to find the Geisha. But she didn't. So she went to her room, and was surprised to not find her there either. "go look for her" she whispered to the cat, a bit of worry washing over her. "have you seen Michiko?" she'd ask Jack. Nothing. "Do you know where Michiko is?" she'd ask Yidhra. Nothing. She went out to the Garden and she wasn't there. She had to trust her cat had better luck and that she'd see her at dinner.

Every so often leading up to dinner she stop and look around and ask some more people before going back to her room after having no luck.

When dinner rolled around she was egar ro go down to find. "michiko!" The Nun called out with a smile as she saw Michiko sitting at the table talking with Antonio.

Michiko turned to Ann and immediately looked away, a blush forming as she opened her fan to cover it and went back to talking to the violinist.

Ann didn't understand. Was she mad at her? The nun frowed and too her seat, she didn't dare take her eyes off the woman and Michiko did her best to not even look in her direction. This made Ann furious. She stood up and grabbed the woman by the wrists. Everyone who was once chatting loudly around them went silent as they witnessed the nun grab the Geisha's hand and pull her and her chair back to her. "why are you avoiding me..." she whispered in the females ear.

The Geisha was silent before she turned to look back at Ann. "Please let me go" she said softly as she began trying to pull her arm free from the taller woman's grip. "Ann, seriously, please"

"what have I done to upset you"

"Nothing, Ann just please let me g-" as the Geisha stood Ann grabbed her other wrist and pinned her down against the table causing those around her to gasp.

"I could ruin you..." Ann whispered just barely enough for the Geisha to hear. "Do you still want that?"

The Geisha was silent.

"Is it because of the marks I left, I'm sorry...or what happened today? I'm sorry or-"

"Ann!!" she geisha shouted as she began struggling against her. "if you let me go I'll t-" the Geisha didn't even need to finish the statement. Ann had already released her and taken a few steps back.

The Geisha sat up, looked to everyone before rushing out the room, the Nun following her til they got to her room. "Michiko, can you please tell me why your so-"

"I'm not upset!!!" The Geisha began fumbling around with her fan as she struggled to look Ann in the eyes. "I was just...still embarrassed...I thought you were too so-" Michiko was interrupted by Ann smashing her lips against hers. "A-Ann the makeup" she softly moaned out when the Nun dove down and began biting and sucking on her neck.

"I don't care" Ann muttered as she grabbed the female and threw her against the bed. "Michiko...let me tell you right now...I'll never be embarrassed when it comes to you and I...You scared me...made me think you hated me"

"Ann, I'm so sorry, I thought you were embarrassed and would've liked to not see me for a while"

"I'd never...what I would've wanted was to finish what I'd started with you in a more...fitting environment..." Ann said with a soft grin that made the Geisha's blush darken.

"Well...I'm all yours" she said softly. "do as you please with me"

"trust me my dear Geisha, I will..."

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"Ann, Ann, Ann, Ann" The Geisha called out as she followed the tall female around. "Ann, Ann please"

Ann sighed softly and turned to her. "No, I wont be able to control myself..."

"But Ann, don't you think I'd look pretty?" The geisha said with a soft pout. "The enchantress and Priestess have an outfit like you, I want to match with you too" the Geisha muttered softly as she wrapped her arms around the Nuns waist.

"You'll look to pretty" the Nun said softly as she wrapped her arm around the Geishas neck. "So I won't allow it..."

The Geisha looked up at her with her big black, begging eyes, the same look the Nun found adorable and would die once more for. "Michiko...No means no" she muttered softly as she pinched the Geisha's cheeks and gently tugged on them.

"But Annnnnn I'll do anythiiiing"

"You already do anything for me" the Nun said with a soft smile.

The Geisha frowned and sighed softly. "Your right...fine..." she muttered as she let the Nun's waist go. "I'll be in my room..."

"I'll be in the garden, I love you" the Nun turned back to the silent Geisha who hadn't replied and grabbed her by the wrists and held her hands up before leaning down to whisper in her ear. "I love you..."

"I love you tooo..." The Geisha muttered softly as she leaned against the Nun who began planting kisses along the side of her neck and cheek.

"I get that your upset with me...would ruining you right here help make you feel better?" The Nun said as she lowered Michiko's hands down to be in front of her so she could use one hand to hold both her hands and the other to rub the side of her waist.

"A-Ann stop we're in the entrance way, why do you insist on trying to get me to allow you to ruin me anywhere that isn't mine or your room!?" The Geisha said with a blush as she did her best to remain composed and not submit to the taller woman.

"As to remind those who just so happen to see, that your mine to deal with, and that if anything ever happens then come to me first...I'd never ruin you for those to see...You in your most vulnerable state is something only I must see."

The Geisha's blush only darkened as she nodded. "I-I see, well I'll see you later my dear, I love you"

The Nun nodded in approval as she let her go "I love you too" she said softly as the both went their separate ways.

Yet Michiko didn't go to her room, she instead went to the females room and began looking through her closet. With her she took two of her outfits and a few other things aswell as her weapon and then left to her room.

When the Nun came back later that evening to get her weapon to get ready for her rounds, she of course found it missing, perhaps Michiko missed her and wanted it was some company? She wasn't prepared for when she'd open the door and walk in only to see the Geisha standing there, with an outfit that resembled the enchantress's and priestess's nun outfit, the sides were slit revealing much of the Geisha's thighs, yet instead of stopping at her knees the two sides, that were cut up and mangled much like Ann's, reached her ankles. She hadn't tied her hair back yet and it was clear she wasn't finished yet and was only seeing how she looked, using the Nun's weapon as a little prop.

"Ann!" Michiko took a few steps back and dropped the nuns weapon as she grabbed and opened her fan to cover her embarrassed face.

"Disobedient..." The nun muttered softly as she shut the door behind her and quickly approached her.

"I was just bored Annie, I'd never wear it out I didn't even plan on showing it to you I'm sorry" The Geisha said as she bowed her head down.

"I know you won't...finish it, it'll be something for my eyes only" Ann muttered as she closely examined what the Geisha had gotten done of her little outfit, the cross necklace and black beaded bracelet. "Do you understand it? What this is?" Ann soon found herself asking as she gently stroked the cross.

"It's a popular American religion, right? A cross is the symbol associated with it. Right?" The geisha asked with a small head tilt.

"...yes, good"


"It's what you worship? Yes?" The Nun and Geisha locked eyes for a brief moment before the Geisha cleared her throat. "N-nevermind, I'm sorry, uhm, do you like it?"

"Yes, as I knew it. You look to pretty" Ann answered as she leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Finish it" Ann muttered as she picked her weapon up. "And I'll be sure to properly punish you for being disobedient when I get back.

"A-Alright!" she said with a nod as she watched the Nun take her leave.

When the nun came back it was clear the Geisha had took a turn from what she originally had started.
( link to her outfit because why not)

"Michiko...I'm ba-" The Nun was shocked to see the Geisha who had turned to face her. The makeup to mimic her black tears and the cross she'd drawn on her forehead. The big black eyed female stood up immediately to face the Nun. She stood straight yet held her hands together almost like Ann. "H-Hi" the female whispered softly to the Nun that immediately shut the door behind her.

"Ann?" she hesitated with every step closer she made towards the Nun.

The Nun's eyes examined every feature visible, every inch of skin and some bruising that was almost faded, something she saw as a problem she needed to fix.

"Ann! Are you alright? Does it look that bad?" she sighed softly and went to turn around only for the Nun to grab her hand and pull her back closer to her.

"No! You good..." a bit of worry struck the Nun as she placed her other hand on her waist. "No one's seen you right?"

"of course not, just you"

The Nun breathed a soft sigh of relief. "now turn so I can see more" the Nun said as she let her go.

The Geisha immediately spun around, it was truly amazing what she had done, the Nun would think as she looked the Geisha up and down. She knew she'd look good, distractingly good, catching the attention of anyone other than her good.

"Ann!" The Geisha called out when she was suddenly picked up and thrown in the bed. Her face was buried in the beds covers and her lower half was propped up on her knees.

Her cheeks reddened when she felt the Nun lean ontop of her, her back touching her front as she grabbed her hands and clasped them together. "hold your hands together like this until I say otherwise..."

The Geisha nodded and held her hands tightly clasped together like she said.

"where'd you find some of this stuff..." The Nun couldn't help ask as she sat up off her and gently stroked the Geishas exposed thighs with a single finger.

"From the Priestess and Enchantress mostly...most of this came from your closet...I...hope you don't mind! I'm sorry I forgot to ask, Ann, I'm-"

The Nun sunk her nails in the Geisha's thighs, a place she knew she'd like and the other in a place she knew would be a shock of pain.

This silenced the woman and made her instead let out a soft gasp followed by a moan, that satisfied the Nun to hear. "No's went to a good use...You did such a good job..."

"Th-Thank you" The Geisha managed out as the Nun released her nails and instead pushed her head down in the covers of the bed, her still clasped hands in front of her bowed head and her lower half half propped up on her knees.

She looked as if she were both praying and begging for forgiveness, and that's exactly the position Ann had wanted her in.

The Geisha felt she was prepared for anything, yet the occasional light groping and stroking of her features didn't help any for when the Nun raised her hand and struck the Geisha's butt.

"Ann!" she softly cried out as she raised her head, only for Ann to quickly push and hold her head back down in place. She her bare skin was struck over and over again until the Nun was satisfied with how red her skin turned.

"Keep your head down" the Nun commanded as she released the Geisha's head and made her way down where she began placing light kisses along her rear end before biting down on an area of her thigh that made the Geisha moan out the taller females name once more.

The Nun held the females calves down as she proceeded to bite and bruise her lower half. "Don't struggle or I'll bite harder"


The Geisha was shocked to hear that she wasn't even biting down as hard as she could but she still did her best to comply with the Nun. Yet when she got to her folds, with once lick the Geisha's let out a moan that satisfied the Nun to hear.

She shot up and quickly grabbed the female by her neck and with the other hand shoved two of her fingers into her.

The constant curling and pumping of the Nuns fingers at a punishing pace was enough to turn the Geisha into a mess, yet she kept her hands tightly clasped together like the Nun said.

The Nun wouldn't stop, even when she reached her peak, it seemed to instead make the Nun go faster and tighten her grip around her neck every so often and lean down to place a few more bite marks along the exposed parts of her skin.

By the time the Nun was done with her it was past dinner and everyone was to bed. But what the Nun took notice was that the Geisha never once undid her hands. This meant a lot to the Nun...everything she had just put the Geisha through, the pain and pleasure, she stayed upright and kept her hands clasped.

The Nun licked what remained of the Geisha off her fingers and let her neck go. "look up at me..."

The Geisha hesitated before she slowly lifted up her head just enough for the Nun to see her.

Ann felt a little bad for ruining the Geisha's makeup, she looked pretty, with that in mind, she leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"I'm sorry for being disobedient..." The Geisha softly muttered as the Nun helped the trembling female up, taking care to stop when she'd let out a soft whine in pain.

"It's alright, I'm sorry for ruining your makeup, you looked cute"

"It's alright" 'It took a while but the Geisha was soon changed into some bed time clothes and laying in the bed with her arms wrapped around the Nuns waist.

"Michiko, do you need me to- oh" the Nun stopped herself from speaking anymore as to not wake the Geisha that almost immediately had fallen asleep.

The Nun smiled softly and gently wrapped her arm around the sleeping Geisha and placed a light kiss on her forehead. "Good night my doll" she softly whispered.

Chapter Text

She didn't know what to do, she'd never been in the position where she was needy for Ann, it was always Ann bringing it up or somehow wrangling her down every now and then, but it had been longer than usual since they had last done it and at that moment she realized why she never found herself needy for her. She always took hold of her before then.

She could hardly focus on her rounds and of course some of the survivors took notice of that. Not only that but she was beginning to grow sensitive, when the forward stunned her she found herself covering her mouth to stop a moan from escaping, all she could think about was Ann, all she wanted was for Ann to make a mess of her, to ruin her.

A knock came to Ann's door, when she opened it she was surprised to see a few survivors. "Yes?" she answered. She was prepared for anything, she had a round today and it wouldn't have surprised her if they were coming to complain about something she hardly could control like the fact that sometimes she makes a hit through a vault and sometimes she doesn't, but what she wasn't prepared for was for them to tell her about the Geisha and the sick like state she seemed to be in.

"Yea I ran right past her and she looked up at me like she wanted to make an effort but didn't!" The dancer stated.

"when I was put in the chair and Martha came and shot her to get me her face turned and she stayed in a stunned state longer than she's supposed to" The barmaid added on.

The Nun only nodded listening to all their complaints about the Geisha, they seemed worried and she now was too.

"We were gonna tell Mary or Jack but we thought you'd probably be better to tell first" The Seer stated.

The Nun nodded "No need to tell the others, you did good, I'll handle it and cover her last round"

The few survivors at her door nodded and said their goodbyes and wishes of good luck as they left.

The Nun shut her door and sat on her bed thinking about all the things that could be wrong with Michiko. She could be feeling sick, she could just be tired or...someone could be messing with her? The Nun stood at the thought and immediately left to go find the Geisha, of course her room was the first place to check. "Michiko?" The nun called out.

The sudden knock made Michiko jump in the slightest, and just hearing Ann call her name filled her mind with dirty thoughts that she was ashamed to have plague her mind. "Y-Yes?!"

"do you mind if I play your last round?" she asked as she opened the door and entered, she could see what the survivors meant, she just seemed a bit off.

"why? I-I mean you can but- why?"

"Thank you, I just felt like playing another round today" with that the Nun had left, leaving the Geisha alone and wishing for her more. She wanted her, she felt like she was about to burst. She just needed "Ann" she couldn't help but quietly moan out as she fell to her knees. "I'm such a filthy woman..." she muttered softly as she held her head.

She wanted her, and it was the final straw for her, she'd make Ann want her too. But how? She paced around her room for a good while before it hit her, a cat.

When Ann got back from her round she'd decide to head off to her room before going to Michiko's, yet when she opened her room door she found the Geisha plundering through her things, it wasn't anything new and Ann didn't mind since she had nothing to hide, but what caught her attention wasn't that, it was the cat like ears sat atop her head. Her kimono loose and just barely slipping off her shoulders.

"Michiko what are you doing?" The Nun muttered softly as she shut the door behind her.


Ann's face lit up at the single response. "Wh-What?"


She cleared her throat as she approached the Geisha and leaned down to gently stroke her cheek "Michiko are you feeling alright, love?"

The Geisha blushed and nodded yes as she leaned into the Nuns touch.

"What are these supposed to be?" she asked with a soft smile as she poked the little ears atop her head.

She looked at her and let out another soft "Mew?"

"Mmm, I see...your a pretty kitty..." Ann said softly as she began patting her head.

"Nya" she leaned more into her touch, she adored this attention and love almost enough to forget how needy she was, but it was only seeming to worsen. When Ann picked her up her eyes widened as she thought that was it and Ann was finally gonna throw her down and make love with her. But when Ann laid her down and laid down with her and began cuddling with her, she felt it all worsen.

She wrapped her arms and legs around Ann and when applied even the slightest bit of pressure she had let out a soft moan that seemed to startle the Nun. "Michiko?"

She just couldn't hide it anymore "Ann I- I'm sorry I'm- I'm such a dirty woman" she said as she sat up, the taller woman sitting up along with her.

"What are you talking about? No you aren't" Ann said as she gently laid her hand atop hers, only for Michiko to snatch her hand back.

"I am! Because...Because I want you Ann" She finally confessed.

"I'm right here my darling what's wrong?"

"N-No I mean I want it, I want you!"

Ann looked the woman up and down for a bit before realizing what she meant, her trembling frame and tightly clenched legs. "Oh..."

"I-Im sorry..." she said as she bowed her head down.

"How badly?"


The Nun grabbed the Geisha's chin and forced her to look up at her. "How badly do you want it- Want me?"

"R-Really badly, I haven't been able to focus on anything but you!" The Geisha confessed.

"Prove it"


The Nun let her chin go and crossed her arms. "You heard me darling, prove it"

The Geisha was silent, how was she to prove it? She looked around, she thought about it for a long time before her eyes landed on something. "Y-You really want me to?"

The Nun nodded and with that twisted form of approval, she took the woman's weapon and laid it down on the bed. The Nun curiously watched her straddle her weapon and as soon as she did, let out a soft moan as she began slowly riding it.

"Mm..." The Nun stood and walked behind her and sat behind her on it before grabbing her waist and forcing her to grind down on it harder, forcing a loud moan out of the Geisha and a soft one out of the Nun. "A-Ann" she softly moaned out.

"Shh, ride it harder..." Ann softly commanded as she tightened her grip on her waist and proceeded to keep forcing her to roughly grind against the wooden weapon.

When the Geisha finally reached her peak so matter how much she tried to stop Ann kept her grinding against it at a punishing pace. "Ann please!" she softly begged out.

"Mmm, Isn't this what you wanted, mm needed? I won't stop til I'm sure you've been fully satisfied..." with that the Nun slipped her hand in the Geisha's underwear and slipped two fingers in her and began fingering her as she kept her other hand on her waist to make sure she kept riding.

When the Geisha reached her peak once more the Nun only seemed to make her go faster and push her fingers in deeper as she planted sloppy kisses and bites all along her neck.

"One more time please!" The Geisha begged out, and the Nun delivered, by the time she was finally satisfied the Nun was ready to go another round until she felt the Geisha place her hands on her and shake her head no as she muttered "No please..."

The Nun never usually listened to the Geisha and kept going til she felt the Geisha was satisfied enough, but this time she did and slowly pulled her fingers out and licked what remained of the Geisha off her fingers before she leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Your even more cute when your needy...If you ever want me again, don't be afraid to come prove it to me again"

The Geisha nodded yes immediately before muttering out a soft. "okay"

Chapter Text

"It's so soft..." Michiko muttered softly as she gently brushed her fingers against the Nuns White Truffle outfit. She was browsing the little shop along with Ann like she usually did sometimes and ever since the making of her new outfit she couldn't stop stroking it, it was as soft as Josephs fluffy hair when styled short and messy.

Ann was happily watching her cat mess with the feline pets and her, the mini Geisha that she wished she could keep. It was adorable, she wanted it, but knew she couldn't have it.

She soon got up and left to get Michiko so they could leave soon after putting the pets in a cage, not without giving the Mini Geisha a small kiss on the cheek, to which the Mini Geisha tried reaching out for her, only to be disappointed to see the cage door shut and the Nun leave.

"Michiko are you- mm, You really like it hm?" Ann said softly as she walked up towards her, not surprised to see she was touching the clothing meant for her.

"Feel it, it's just so soft and adorable..." She muttered softly as she looked back at Ann as soon as she felt the taller females hands find their way on her shoulders.

"You like it more than the maids one?"

"No of course not, nothing can beat that one, but this one is something you'd be more willing to wear, it would make us both happy, even though your adorable in anything" she said with a smile as she spun around and placed a gentle kiss on the females neck.

"Thank you my dear, let's go" the Nun said softly as she turned to leave. The Geisha nodded and followed her out. "How's the mini me?" Michiko asked as she followed the Nun to her room.

"Adorable as always" Ann said with a soft smile as she swiftly picked the Geisha up with ease and pushed her up against the bed and began lightly kissing along her neck and chest.

"A-Ann" Michiko softly giggled.

"mm, get some rest" Ann said with a soft smile as she quite literally toppled over next to her.

Michiko couldn't help but let out a laugh when Ann fell in the bed with her. She would've quite literally been flung out the bed if it weren't for Ann having her arm wrapped around her. "Ann!" she said with another giggle as she wrapped her arms around her neck and began placing light kisses on her neck. "Good night"

"Good night" she softly as she gently nuzzled the cat that hopped in between them.

The next morning the Geisha found herself alone in the other females room. "Ann? Mayonaka?" she softly called out as she crawled out the bed and stretched a bit before she left to her room to get ready, hoping to see her downstairs.


Michiko was sitting down at the table toying around with her fan and upon hearing her name she happily turned around to greet who she knew was Ann by her voice alone.

Yet when she saw her, her eyes widened in the slightest as she stared down at the outfit she was in. "A-Ann" she said softly in awe, running over immediately to touch the fabric that she found fit her well, just like she'd though.

"You've been very good, and I quite like it"

The Geisha could tell the Nun must've still been trying to get use to the new outfit.

"Michiko?" The Nun smiled softly when the Geisha had suddenly wrapped her arms around her, she could feel that this was her way of trying to feel more of the soft fabrics.

"Do you think it's that soft?" Ann asked softly as she picked the Geisha up bridal styled and lifted her up, liking the feeling of the smaller females hands roaming her features.

"Yes, and it looks so good on you" she said softly as she kissed Ann's cheek when she was able too.

Ann let out a soft groan that resembled that of a purr when she began stroking her neck. "Sit next to me"

"yes ma'am" Michiko said softly as she was slowly set down. The hesitation to even put her down in the first place was written all over the Nuns face as she watched the Geisha quickly run to ask Hatsur, who sat next to Ann, if he'd be so kind as to change seats with her.

Thankfully he did so and the Geisha was able to sit next to the woman and stroke the soft fabrics on the females body.

Ann ever so clearly liked this attention she was getting from the Geisha, they had a match together and she considered not wearing it as to not distract one another, yet it was to late to consider it now.

"will you be wearing it to our match?" The Geisha had softly asked as she held the nuns hand.

Ann was silent, she didn't dare look at the Geisha, already knowing she'd be giving her that look she always seemed to give in to. "...yes..." she uttered softly. She smiled when hearing the Geisha's delighted squeal.

And as she said, when the nun walked in she was in the outfit. Though she was a bit surprised to see the geisha in an kimono that's color scheme resembled hers.

"look, now we match!" she said playfully as she ran over to sit in the nuns lap.

"My Michiko, you look stunning" she said softly as she gently rubbed her waist before patting it, a signal for her to return to her own chair, which is what she did.

"Thank you" she said with a smile, they were soon engulfed in darkness and send to the Red church.

Ann was at the back near that exit gate while Michiko was at the front in the church.

Michiko smiled softly when she came across one of Ann's cats that was latched onto a survivor. She hit them down and placed them in a chair and was on her way as soon as the spikes shot up. She was a bit nervous since she had a few survivors like the forward and prospector going against them.

She blushed when she felt a hand suddenly grab one of the horns on her mask and pull her back in the slightest. "Ann?" she muttered softly with a smile.

"have you gotten anyone yet?" she asked as she gently stroked the horn on her mask.

"I have, someone you must've left? Your cat was still attached to them so I downed them"

"I'm always crossed on who to persue when they manage to latch onto two, thank you" Ann said as she let her horn go as soon as her form timed out.

"of course, I'll go back through there in case a survivor got onto the decoder I passed, I'll stay near the front"

Ann nodded "Alright, I'll stay back here, if you need me yell"

Michiko smiled and leaned further into Ann's form when she placed a light kiss on her forehead like she always did when they met up and exchanged plans and locations. She didn't realize she was practically clinging onto her until Ann tightly gripped her waist and pulled her back.

"Sorry, sorry, it's soft" Michiko said as she blushed and held her fan up to cover it. With that she hurried off, she only occasionally crossed paths with Ann as the match went on, and every time she did she couldn't take her eyes off the woman til she was no longer in sight.

Ann was after the last survivor, only one more hit and they'd be downed. She decided to dash and land the final blow needed, she was in the process of dashing when Ann suddenly stepped in her way.

"ANN!!" She screamed out. By the time Ann turned to face her she'd already been knocked down and engulfed in darkness.

When Ann awoken she was shot with a rush of pain. "ahg, cat!" she called out. She sighted when hearing the cat start to purr.


The sudden shouting of her name made Ann sit up, she knew it was Michiko dispite the darkness.

"Ann wait!!!"

She should've listened, because as soon as she sat up Ann let out a loud groan, this pain was nearly something she hadn't felt in a while.

The lights were soon flipped on and she met eyes with a teary eyed Geisha who ran over and helped ease he back down and into the bed.

"Michiko, what happened" she muttered through her soft wince of pain.

"Ann...I'm so sorry...I tried to dash after William and finish the job, but you got in the way yet it was to late! I...I ran into you and...and you blacked out and-" she struggled to talk through her tears.

"Michiko...stop crying, it's fine, I'm fine" Ann said reassuringly as she gently grabbed and held the trembling female's hand.

"It's not...I hurt you...look at you...You can hardly get up without being in any pain..." Michiko held onto her hand tightly. The cat nuzzled up against Ann's cheek and she nuzzled it back before looking to Michiko. "My dear Michiko, it was an accident, it's alright, I'll be better by tomorrow"

Tomorrow turned into maybe the next day, then to maybe next week, it was terrible, Michiko covered all Ann's rounds aswell as having to do her own, she was a bit exhausted sometimes, but didn't mind taking care of Ann no matter what, especially since she was the one who caused it.

Yet she noticed Ann was getting more and more depressed dispite her and her cats company. She was bed ridden and Emily said if she wanted a fast recovery she should do minimum movement of her back until she says otherwise.

She felt she needed to do something for her, or to get her something else to keep her company especially while she was in matches and she knew exactly who to get.

"Annie?" Michiko softly called out as she knocked on the door.

"mmm?" Ann uttered out in response.

"I have someone for you..." She said with a soft smile as she opened the door and immediately met with Ann's expectant gaze. "Hm?"

She walked in with her hands behind her back. "close your- hey, dear wait!" it was clear that she was now struggling to keep whatever was behind her back contained, which sparked Ann's attention.

She was about to ask when suddenly a mini figure jumped out at her, fan in hand and excitement drawn all over its face.

Ann's expression changed almost immediately and was about to make an effort to catch the tiny geisha when her cat jumped up and grabbed the mini hunter by the collar of its kimono. When the cat landed the Geisha began panicking and trying to get out of the grasp of the cats mouth and began reaching for Ann, clearly wanting help.

"Cat, bring her" Ann commanded almost immediately when seeing the tiny hunter start to panic and reach for her. The cat did as told but didn't put her down, Ann had to grab her from the cats mouth when it got close enough.

She held the weaping Geisha up and smiled, upon seeing her smile the tiny Geisha smiled and held its arms out for a hug which Ann gladly gave in to. "Michiko..." she muttered softly. "thank you..." she said softly as she put the mini Geisha down on her lap.

The cat gently poked the mini geisha with its nose, in fear of being grabbed again it began running around on the bed from it, only to be chased by the cat and tackled down. With one paw the cat was able to keep the mini hunter down.

"of course! You seemed a little upset so I thought getting mini me would make you feel better since she usually does" Michiko said as she crawled on the bed with her.

"For how long can she stay with me?" Ann asked as she watched the cat gently lick the mini geisha's cheek then collapse ontop of her, purring softly. When the cat did this Ann finally stepped in and helped the little geisha out from under the cat that was only trying to play.

"Well actually...she's ours now"

"She's what!?" Ann said as she turned so sudden it made her wince a bit in pain.

Michiko let out a soft laugh as she kissed the top of her forehead. "The forward who we were chasing and helped carry you back asked if there was anything he could get you to apologize, he'd told me he had been tackling you half the game and felt it's why you took my blow so badly, I told him no at first but when I realized you'd be stuck in here for a while he got her for me so technically he owns her since he bought her but he said we have complete ownership over her, so she's ours!" She explained happily as she watched the mini Geisha lay down on Ann's chest and cuddle up with her.

Ann was clearly shocked and could only stare down at the mini Geisha.

"Annieee" she called out trying to get the nuns attention. "It's like we're paaareeeents!" she said happily.

Ann shot up and immediately smashed lips with her. Michiko couldn't help let out a soft moan when she kissed her back. "Michiko...thank you" Ann said with a smile.

She nodded and kissed her cheek. "you'll be better in no time"

From then on Ann now had the Mini Geisha to help keep her company, it made the week's that went by seem like nothing, and like she said, she was better and it felt like hardly any time at all passed.

Chapter Text

"I can't, I'm sorry, let's go see your mother" Ann muttered softly as she struggled to do the mini geishas hair.

The mini geisha nodded and latched onto Ann's neck when picked up and placed on her shoulder with her cat on the other.

"Come in" Michiko softly called out when hearing a knock come to her door.

"We need help" Ann said softly as she entered the room, the little Geisha flung herself at her happily as soon as she saw her bigger counterpart. "Mini me!" she called out happily as she dashed forward to catch and hug the little geisha. "Hm? Annie didn't do your hair?" She said with a small head tilt as she sat the little geisha down on her desk.

"I- ahem...didn't know how..." Ann muttered softly as she approached her and stood behind her as she watched her sit and get to work at the mini hunters hair.

"Awh, it's okay, you were doing good so far, you brushed her hair out well, it is late so it could've stayed down anyways" Michiko said softly as she soon finished.

The mini Geisha bounced up happily and bowed before holding her hands up for Ann to get her.

"Who'll keep her during our match this time?" Ann asked softly as she picked the tiny Geisha up and kissed the top of her head before muttering a soft "You look nice" to the little geisha.

"Your matching with me again?!" Michiko asked as she immediately looked up at her.

"Of course, I like to watch you hunt, you look cute with your mask...though we have a late match and it'll be a bit darker, I'll still be able to see you and your beauty..." she muttered softly as she kissed the top of her head aswell.

"A-Ann darling, don't say such things" she muttered softly as she used her fan to cover her blush. "can't we take her?"

"I don't want her to get hurt, and all pets are invisible to us on the field, what if we lose her" Ann said as she watched the cat swipe at the mini hunter who only swiped back with her tiny fan.

"ah, I almost forgot about that" she uttered softly as she hummed softly. "who could we trust to keep her again, yet alone this late?" Michiko muttered in thought as she sat down and got out a pen and paper.


"mmm....she wouldn't agree to it..." Ann answered.


"His claws scare her"

"what about his little gardener?"

"She's participating in our round"

"okaaay, Emily?"

"she's also-"

"how about we keep looking at hunters for now then" Michiko said with a bit of a nervous giggle.

" about Violetta?" Ann suggested.

"Remember last time? She didn't want to give her back although the clothing she made for her are still pretty adorable-"


"did he reeeally watch her? Or did he just surround her in tentacles so she couldn't move"

"Fair point...what about Bur-" Ann could even get the man's name out his mouth before the geisha began shaking her head no immediately.

"Okay, how about Yidhra?" Michiko suggested instead. Ann's silent glare said enough. "Joseph?"

"Perhaps...but much like Mary, would he agree to it?"

The geisha sighed softly. "probably not...let me think about wh-" the geisha suddenly went silent.

"what? Did you think of someone?" Ann questioned as she leaned in closer to the female.

"Why not let the forward watch her?" Michiko happily suggested.

"The...forward?" Ann muttered with skepticism in her eyes.

"Yea! Let's give it a try! Let's go ask and if he says no we'll and just let Violetta watch her again! Kay?"

Ann hesitated before muttering a low "alright..."

On they went to the forwards room, the man was quite surprised to see the two hunters standing in his doorway when he opened it up after hearing them knock. "oh! Uh- hey! Sorry! Hold on!" The forward let out a nervous laugh as he hurried to get a shirt on, it was clear the man must've been working out, the two hunters seemed unphased, Ann wore her usual blank face while Michiko smiled patiently.

"So what's up?" He asked as soon as he got his shirt on.

"We'd like to know if you'd be willing to watch a little someone while me and Ann are in our duo match together?" Michiko said with a soft giggle as she grabbed the mini geisha and held her up to him.

"You...want me to watch her?"

"he's denied it Michiko let's g-" Ann was interrupted by the man letting out a loud laugh.

"I wasn't denying it at all! I'd like to watch her whenever you need!" He said with a grin as he held his arms out to retrieve the mini Geisha.

"Oh...really?" It was clear that Michiko was a bit surprised by his agreement and handed the mini Geisha over to him. She didn't squirm around like she usually did when put in the care of someone else, she seemed to have not minded and was instead to busy making gestures at the cat.

"Yea sure thing" He said as he gently tapped the top of her head to get her attention only to be met with a fan to the hand which caused him to chuckle softly.

"Well...thank you..." Ann said softly. "Take good care of her...please..." she then handed him a note with a few instructions on it.

He smiled and held up a thumbs up before taking the note and immediately setting it down and not examining it, which is something that concerned the nun a bit.

"Miiiniii meee! Come give me and your mama hugs before we go!" Michiko said with a smile as she held her arms out for a hug.

The tiny Geisha jumped out of the forwards grasp and into the Geisha's embrace followed by that of the Nuns. "Behave yourself" the nun said softly as she kissed the top of her head.

"Have fun" Michiko softly added on as she also planted a kiss atop her head before giving her back to the forward. "Take good care of her! We're trusting you! Don't forget to look at the note!" Michiko called out as she and Ann made their way off to the matching hall leaving William and the Mini Geisha alone in his room.

"Well there, suppose I'll be looking after you for a bit" The forward said with a grin as he set the mini geisha down and ridded himself of his shirt once the door was shut and the two hunters were gone.

The mini geisha nodded as she watched him get back down on the ground in a pushup position.

"So what do you want to do" he asked as he began doing pushups.

The mini geisha got up and ran over and jumped on his back happily when he began doing pushups.

"eh? You wanna help me workout? Or are you just having fun?" he said with a soft chuckle as the mini Geisha laying over his shoulder and giving him a playful smile was enough of an answer.

He continued to work out with the little geisha playing around as he did so. When he did situps he made sure to extend his legs in a way where she could climb up his stomach and legs then slide down where he'd use his feet to pose a hault to her slide so she didn't slide down to fast and end up hurting herself somehow.

They played around until a knock came to the door startling the little geisha. "hey, hey, don't worry" he said as he sat up and grabbed a cold towel to rid himself of sweat as he called out. "Come in!"

"You up for a game?" The cowboy said upon opening the door with the first officer behind him. The Geisha hid behind the forward and peeked out just enough for the Cowboy to spot her. "Ay who's this little lady? I didn't think you'd buy one of the little hunters, they seem like trouble just waitin to happen" Kevin said as he and Jose entered the room and he kneeled down closer to her level.

The mini Geisha stared at the cowboy in awe before hiding back behind William.

Jose lightly patted Kevin's shoulder as he chuckled. "I think your scaring her"

"Scarin her!? There's no way" Kevin said as he stood back up.

William laughed before shaking his head no. "No no, I did buy her, but not for myself"

"Pardon?" Jose said clearly a bit confused.

"Remember what happened to Ann? Yea, I felt a bit bad and wanted to do something for her and Michiko told me if anything getting this little gal and handing her over to them would be best" he explained.

"Ahh, yes I remember, and you have her now, why?" Kevin said as he kept catching the mini Geisha peek out at him only to hide once they made eye contact then do it again.

"I'm just watchin her while Ann and Michiko are in their duo"

The two men nodded as they flopped down next to him. "So what are we to do with her" Jose said as he stroked his little bit of a beard.

"We?" William said in a bit of shock.

"well yea, we ain't gonna leave ya to deal with her on your own" Kevin proudly announced.

"You guys don't have to" he said with a nervous grin.

"Ahh, I see, ol uncle here doesn't want his buddies here to help take care of his lil niece" Kevin said teasingly as he elbowed Jose who only rolled his eyes in response.

"So your an uncle now hm? Family does come first" Jose soon added on.

"wait what? No! No!" William said as he peered back at the little geisha that was using his back to hide behind. He felt his face heat up when the little geisha looked up at him and smile as she held her arms up wanting to be picked up.

"You really do see yourself as her uncle, huh?" Kevin muttered in a more serious tone.

"and if he does is that really an issue" Jose said as he elbowed Kevin hard in the chest.

"Nah, I'm just watching her" William said with a smile as he picked the geisha up and sat her on his knee. "They did leave a note for me" he said as he pointed to it.

Jose got up to grab it while the cowboy made faces at the geisha that made her blush and look away only to look back again.

"Seems to be some simple things like when to have her take a nap and for how long and what she likes and doesn't like to have for a snack" He said after reading through it

"Well then, I could go for a lil snack, how bout it lil lady!?" The cowboy said with a grin as he stood and held his hand out to the mini geisha.

The tiny geisha's face heated up and she looked to William who nodded allowing her to, hesataintly, step onto the Cowboys hand. "hm? Whatchya trembling for?" as the cowboy said, she was indeed trembling and a blushing fit. "Ay, I think she likes me!" he said teasingly, not helping the poor geisha who jumped in Williams arms immediately after his claim.

"Oh leave her alone Kevin!" Jose said with a sigh as he opened the door as soon as William caught the poor geisha and threw a shirt on and was ready to go down with them.

The three boys and mini geisha made their way down to the kitchen. "let's says she shouldn't have more than a quarter slice of anything" Jose said as he looked up from the note.

"Ah, how about this" Kevin said holding up an orange and apple.

"Do you want that?" William asked the Mini geisha who was put on the counter.

She nodded immediately and scooted closer and reached for the orange, once William understood she wanted the orange, Kevin tossed it to him and she watched with great interest as he cut her a quarter slice of the orange.

The three watched as she immediately began nibbling on the orange.

"Well this is easy" Kevin said as he took a bite of the apple.

"Mhm, I knew it would be" William said as he leaned up against the wall.

When the geisha finished her slice of orange she put the skin down to the side and looked up at William, then looked around for the apple only to see the cowboy munching on it.

"Mmmh? Want some?" The Cowboy held out the apple and the tiny geisha blushed as she slightly leaned forward with her mouth opened.

"hey! Cut her a slice!" William called out as Jose shook his head and sighed.

"Nah, Nah, we can share!" Kevin said as he held the apple down for her to take a bite, which is exactly what she did. "See?" Kevin said with a grin. "She don't mind!"

"Your a mess Kev" Jose said as he rubbed his temples.

The two watched in confusion as Kevin and the Geisha shared the apple, as long as the little geisha didn't mind nor eat to much neither stopped them. Kevin was taking big bites, especially compared to the Geisha and in no time they were done.

Geisha seemed quite upset that the apple was finished, yes she liked it, but sharing it with the cowboy made her extremely happy.

"Says she should take a nap since she hasn't today and she's only allowed one nap a day." Jose read off.

"That seems lame" Kevin muttered softly. "so, are you sleepy little geisha?"

The geisha frowned and shook her head no.

"come on now" William said as he scooped her up in his arms like a baby. "You gonna take a nap"

The mini geisha began to struggle and put up a fight, refusing to go to sleep.

They passed her around trying to get her to sleep, even kevin was unsuccessful at getting the mini hunter to sleep, she only blushed and struggled more.

"ah, guess we have to go to dream witch..." Jose muttered

"Go ta who!? Give me that!!!" Kevin snatched the paper and looked over it. "mhm..."

"what!? Let me see" William snatched the paper just as Kevin did and also read over it. "if she can't sleep take her to Yidhra, if she fails, take her to Violetta but be sure to constantly remind her of the end goal" he read out.

"Let's take her to Violetta-" William said almost immediately after a moment of silence.

"Agreed" the other to men said soon after.

With that, they were off on their way to Violetta's room, with a few swift knocks they were invited in by a familiar voice.

"What brings you three to my door?" The spider said as soon as the door opened.

"we uh- need some help" Jose called out as he and the other boys looked around since the spider seemed to be no where in sight.

"help? With wh- ah! My baby!" The spider fell from the ceiling landing on her appendages and immediately made her way towards the two, taking the mini geisha that immediately reached out for her. "I'm so glad you came to visit my dear! I have some-"

"actually! Violetta we need help putting her to sleep" The forward spoke up.

"sleep? Have you already taken her by Yidhra?" The spider asked as she placed the mini geisha on her back.


"Yes" The cowboy lied as if it were nothing.

"Good good" The spider said before she began humming softly and wrapping the tiny geisha up in her webbing like a cocoon.

This sent shock through the boys body's, and seeing the mini geisha start to panic didn't help.

"Hey wait!!" The forward called out in horror as he tried to get the tiny geisha back only for the spider to turn away and mutter out a soft. "You lied..."

"what!? Nononono we just-" the first officer was quickly cut off by the spider sighing and moving past them with the half webbed geisha still in hands. "I don't see what's so difficult about going to Yidhra first, come on, come on" She said as she walked out her door and headed down to the witches room.

The boys hesitantly followed the Soul Weaver.

With a few swift knocks the door flew open and a follower poked her head out and whispered a soft. "she's asleep...come back later..."

"Stay out here" The spider commanded the boys as she motioned for the follower to let her and the mini geisha in anyways.

As the door shut in front of them the three boys turned to look at eachother. "this can't be good" william muttered out.

" wouldn't be on the list if so..." Jose reassured.

They three all jumped when hearing a loud hiss come from inside the room, then silence.

It was a while before Violetta came out with the geisha who was re wrapped in the webbing with only her sleepy face visible and a clearly pissed off yet flustered witch behind her. "There! Me and Yidhra need to uhm, talk! Yes yes, talk, take care! Do come back anytime!" Violetta said as she seemingly kissed the tiny geishas sleeping face before handing her over.

"Don't..." The witch chimed in as she began slithering back into her room.

"I uh- thanks!" William said with a smile as he held the geisha much like one would a baby.

The spider nodded before turning back into the witches room and shutting the door behind her.

With that the three boys began heading back to the survivors hall. "well then, it's late now, I'll be heading off, good night Will" Jose said with a nod.

Kevin nodded in agreement and tipped his hat in the slightest and after they finished exchanging good nights they left into their respected rooms.

"well..." William muttered softly as he laid the sleeping Geisha in his bed so he could begin getting ready for bed himself. "should start watching you more often..." he said with a bit of a smile, though it didn't seem like it, a lot of time passed while he was watching the Geisha, he didn't realize how late it was, this wasn't a nap, this was her now going to sleep and not waking to the morning or til her parents came to get her.

He said to himself that he'd lay down but not go to sleep, he'd instead wait for them to get back, but in a matter of time he'd fallen asleep and didn't wake up til he was startled awake by knocking at his door.

He got up best he could without waking the Geisha and threw open the door. "Yes...oh!" he was face to face with the nun, though she wore a blank expression she somehow looked just as exhausted as the survivors coming back from the match and either going to get tended or going back to their rooms.

"where is she..." The Nun muttered softly.

"ah of course" he walked back in and gently scooped up the Geisha and handed her over to the Nun that quickly inspected her. "hm...looks like you did said to give this to you" Ann handed him a bag that seemed to be filled with puzzle pieces and a few fragments.

He chuckled softly after looking in the bag and shook his head no. "No no, keep it...just...promise me this won't be the last time I get to keep her.

"you'd like to keep her more?" The Nun said with a head tilt as she took the bag back.

"yea, it was fun in a way" He said with a small grin.

The Nun seemed to seriously be considering her answer before nodding and giving him a "very well then..." in response. "thank you..."

"Anytime!" with that he watched the Nun walk off with the tiny Geisha in arms, excitement coming cross him as he looked forward to the next time he'd be able to watch the tiny Geisha again.

Chapter Text

The tiny Geisha was riding on the Cowboys shoulder along side the forward and first officer, they were on the way back from dinner and off to Williams room.

The tiny geisha wanted to stay with him the night, and he didn't mind and Ann and Michiko didn't either, so they allowed him to since he had a match with violetta in the morning and planned to take her with him. "Alright, say goodnight" William said as he grabbed the tiny Geisha off Kevin's shoulder. She was upset and panicked as she began reaching out for the Cowboy who only grinned, aware that the little geisha seemed to like him.

"Oh my tiny darlin, don't be upset, I'll see you tomorrow morning at breakfast and in our round" the cowboy took her tiny hand and placed a kiss on it, making the tiny geishas face heat up and turn from him to hug and hide her face in the forwards shirt in embarasment making the cowboy chuckle.

"alright, leave her alone" Jose said as he elbowed the cowboy. "Goodnight Will"

"Night!" Kevin said with a wide grin as he walked off with Jose.

William walked in his room and shut the door behind him and sat her down on his bed and took the little gold clip out of her hair for her and placed it on his desk. He laughed softly when her hair fell down in her face. "Ah, don't you have sleeping clothes now? Man, Violetta really makes you anything huh?" he said as he placed her on his head and began his walk to the hunters hall and knocked on the geishas door. No answer.

"ah, they must be in Ann's room" he said as he walked down a bit further and opened the door, not thinking to knock first. "Hey I forgot to stop by to get-" he felt his face heat up when he saw the trembling geishas face seemingly darken from already being red and her immediately look away in embarrassment and under the covers the small bump he'd just now noticed began to extend and the Nuns head extended out from under it, she looked to Michiko and licked her lips causing the female to cover her face with her hands before she turned to shoot the forward a furious glare.

"A-Ah I'm sorry!" he immediately shut the door and left, he knew his head was on the line and could only hope Michiko would come to his defense if Ann said anything to him or tried anything.

He mentally noted to never just walk in one of their rooms ever again, in fear of walking in on the nun having a bit of 'dessert' especially after dinner when he or someone else was supposed to be watching the tiny Geisha, and to ask Violetta to make some clothes for him to have for the mini hunter so he won't have to bother them anyways.

Chapter Text

Ann was as sweet as she was aggressive...

"Ann where did you find this? Has Emma planted new flowers in the garden without me realizing it? Its so beautiful..." The Geisha said as she took the single red and white flower the Nun had handed her and began looking around the garden where they were seated at alone.

The Nun, on the other hand seemed quite upset and The Geisha noticed this. "Ann, what's wrong?"

"No...I found it while in a match and...I...could only find this one...I'm sorry" The Nun said with a defeated sigh.

"Awh,'s perfect, just because there's only one doesn't mean anything at all, there's only one of you and one of me! What's wrong with there only being one of anything?" Michiko said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around the woman's waist.

"It's...really okay?"

"Of course Annie!"

"It's pretty like you..."

"No way, have you seen yourself?!"

Ann wrapped her arms around the females waist and pulled her closer and into a kiss. "Michiko...your such a doll..."

Michiko let out a soft giggle as she laid her head down against the Nuns chest as she admired the single flower.

Ann was as shy as she was quick to show her dominance over the Geisha in front of everyone...

"Michiko...?" The Nun muttered softly as she knocked on the woman's door.

"Yes?" she called out. "come in!" The Geisha sat there reading a book, waiting for the Nun who seemed to linger on before finally opening the door.

"what took you so long to open the door?"

"I-...ahem...I saw...Jack and Emma in the kitchen..."

"what were they doing?" The Geisha said as she looked up at the Nun who seemed to have been fidgeting with her fingers and looking down, but then again, that was a normal stance of hers.


"something like what? It's to early for them, or anyone in fact to be preparing dinner"

"I...yes, yes your right" with that the Nun quickly left.

Something seemed off, with that in mind she left down to kitchen, Ann wouldn't have brought this to her attention for nothing.

When she'd gotten there she found the Gardener and Ripper cleaning up the rather messy kitchen, the sweet smell of baked goods lingering in the air. "Good evening, what are you two up to that's got my Ann all shaken up?" She asked playfully with a smile.

"shaken up? We didn't scare her did we?" The Ripper asked as he looked up to the Geisha before fixing her a cup of tea.

"scare her? Ah, thank you" she said softly as she took the offered cup of tea. "what did the two of you do?"

"Nothing! Nothing! Me and Jack were just baking together and I just flicked a liiittle bit of batter at him" the gardener explained with a nervous chuckle.

"And I skillfully dodged it, therefore it instead hit Ann who was coming in from the garden for what I could only assume was a glass of water like she usually does around this time" Jack finished. "I don't think she got that Emma and I were laughing with her, I hope she doesn't think we were laughing at her" Jack said with a slight head shake.

"Oh, I see" The Geisha said as she took a sip of the tea. "She didn't tell me about that, she only told me you were making something together"

"really? She did stare at us for a good while before leaving back to the garden, and even out there I had the feeling she was still watching us, I guess she was trying to piece that baking was what we were doing together" Emma said as she looked out the window at the Garden area.

"Maybe she wanted some? What were you two baking?"

"just some cookies, we were having a competition to see who could shape them into different things better, oh! You should take Ann the cat shaped ones we did! Here while they're still hot!" The gardener quickly grabbed a tiny plate and took two cookies and placed them on it before handing it to the Geisha. "As our apology, and we'll of course come up and apologize to her too!"

Jack nodded in agreement. "I do apologize Michiko for startling her"

"it's quite alright, I'll go take these to her now, thank you for the tea Jack" with that the Geisha left off to the Nuns room with the baked goods.

"Ann? Annieee" she called out as she knocked on the Nuns door.

"come in"

With that the Geisha walked in to find the Nun sitting on her bed holding her weapon up right for the cat to scratch and rub against like a scratching post. "look what I have!" she closed the door behind her and sat down next to her, holding the plate out for her to see the two cat shaped cookies.

"What are these for?"

"Jack and Emma sent them up for you, as their apology...Ann why didn't you tell me they flicked some batter at you?" The Geisha asked as she set the cookies down on the bed beside her. "did you think they were laughing at you?" The Geisha soon added on as she leaned in closer to the Nun who instead had looked back down to watch the cat play with the wooden weapon. "Ann? It's okay you know, to be upset and a little embarrassed"

"I wasn't..."

"Ann, there's no need to lie..."

"I'm not, it was fine"

"Then what's wrong?" Michiko asked as she leaned in purposely to block the Nuns view of the cat so she'd instead look at her.

"I..." The Nun whispered the last part making it hard for the other woman to hear.


"I want to do that with you!"

The Geisha was shocked by the nuns sudden outburst and watched as she leaned her weapon against the bed as she began nervously fidgeting once again. "But we already prepare dinner together?"

"No...not dinner they- weren't making dinner either they-...they looked like they were having fun making sweets..."

"Ann my dear, do you know how to bake?"

The Nun was silent before sighing softly. "no..."

The Geisha couldn't help but let out a soft laugh that startled the poor Nun. "Wh-what..."

"perfect! I don't know how to bake that good either! We can learn together!" The Geisha said with a soft smile as she grabbed the Nuns hands in hers to hold.

"I-...then we shouldn't in case we burn something..."

"Come on Annn it'll be fun! Pleasee, will you bake with me?"

The Nun was silent before a smile slowly spreaded to her face as she nodded yes. "Of course..."

The next day the Geisha met the Nun in the kitchen that afternoon. "Look what I borrowed!" The Geisha held up a book of recipes. "It belongs to Hatsur of all people, can you believe it?"

The Nun shook her head no before smiling in the slightest, the Geisha could tell she was still a bit nervous. So she walked over and laid it down for the two of them to look at together.

"What do you want to make?" The Geisha asked as she flipped through the book, until the Nun placed her finger down. "cupcakes?"

The nun nodded.

"okay!!! Let's do it!" The Geisha wanted to do everything in her ability to make sure the Nun had a good time baking with her.

"which one of these is sugar?" she asked the Nun who had measured out everything while the Geisha was calling them out from the book.

"mmm" The Nun shrugged as she looked along with the Geisha at the two white substances.

The two stood in silence before the Geisha licked her finger and lightly dipped it in one of them and stuck it back in her mouth. The Nun watched her, a bit intrigued at the sudden boldness to find out.

She watched as the Geishas face scrunched up a bit in discuss. "th-thats flour..."

The Nun couldn't help but smile and let out a soft laugh as she dipped her finger in the sugar and held it out for the Geisha to lick up, hoping it would help the taste go away.

The Geisha immediately wrapped her lips around the Nuns finger and sucked the sugar off.

"I was about to tell you it didn't matter since we'd be mixing them together anyways..." The Nun soon confessed.

"wh- Your right!!!" The Geisha blushed in embarasment as the Nun chuckled softly.

That was the start of it, every mistake they made together was the best thing ever as it caused the two to bust out laughing.

"No no don't lick it, there are eggs in it!" The Geisha said as she took the wooden spoon from the nun.

Ann grabbed the Geisha's wrist that held the spoon and leaned in to whisper to her "I'm already dead, what worse could a couple of eggs do?"

"I-" how could she have forgotten. She was having so much fun she had forgotten where she was and who she and Ann now were. Much like when she'd go to lick the makeup off and she'd tell her not to...Ann made her feel alive again and when it came to things that could harm her if she were still alive, she couldn't help but try and stop her, forgetting that she and herself were both dead... "your right...I'm sorry"

Ann smiled softly and licked the batter off the spoon.

The Geisha couldn't help but blush as she watched her lick the spoon clean, just seeing her tongue was enough to make the Geisha weak to her knees at the thought of what she and her tongue were capable of doing to her.

"something wrong?"

"o-of course not! I-Is it good?"

"why don't you try?" Ann took the spoon and dipped it in there, just a bit, and took another lick of it before grabbing the Geishas cheeks and pulling her into a kiss.

The Geisha blushed as she felt the batter get pushed into her mouth from Ann's. She couldn't help but let out a soft "Mmm" Ann didn't let up until both hers and the Geishas mouth was rid of the batter.

"Is it good?"

The Geisha immediately nodded yes as she watched the Nun hold the spoon out for the cat to taste aswell.

Michiko smiled at the cats meow of approval after its first lick of the spoon.

Ann stood behind the Geisha with her hands ontop of hers, helping her pour the batter into the little cupcake wrappers that were nuzzled in the cupcake tin.

"do you want to lick the rest from the bowl?"

Ann was silent before shaking her head no. "No thank you, I'd like something else to get the sweet out my mouth before I consume more..."

"Something like what?" she asked as she pushed the empty bowl with a thin layer of batter in it for the cat to lick up as much as it wanted before she placed the cupcakes in the oven. "I can make you some o-" The Geisha's face lit up red when she turned around to see the Nun was hardly an inch away from her and staring down at her as she felt the Nuns arms wrap around her waist and pull her closer, into a hug of sorts. "" she softly finished.

"That sounds nice..." The Geisha could feel the Nun nervously fumbling with the tie of her apron before she soon added on "can...I help?"

The Geisha smiled softly and nodded. "of course!"

Ann was amazing, just a little hard to read. She understood how sometimes Ann could come off as a more distant huner, she understood how she could seem uninterested if she was talking to anyone she didn't show any interest in. She knew and understood all of this, so why did she have the lawyer held up against the walls of his own room by the throat, her grip tightening by the minute. Why did she have the urge to kill the man that's hurt the one she loved, she'd never seen Ann as truly upset as she was when she walked in her room with bits of food all over her, she could've sworn she'd seen more of the black like tears on her face form. Ann had been through enough in her living life and she was furious that Ann didn't tell her sooner about the survivor that was bullying her.

"Put him down!"
"well this seems well deserved"
"This is entertaining"
"poor Ann, I didn't know either"

The mixed sounds of survivors trying to convince her to stop and not harm him and hunters observing and giving their opinions on the situation went right over her head. Their words and begging was nothing until she heard that of Ann's.

"Michiko, my dear it's alright, please just, come to me"

For the first time, she snapped her murderous gaze that was hidden behind her mask back at Ann who was holding the hissing cat back.

She was putting more and more together, she thought her cat just hated the lawyer because he smelt funny, she now understood why the cat kept its eye on him whenever he and Ann were within the same range of eachother.

She released him and watched him gasp for air and some survivors run to his aid, it was probably for the best she didn't kill him, for her own sake.

"Why didn't you tell me..." Michiko muttered as she shakily held Ann's hand and walked along with her down the halls back to her room.

"It was fine, I'm use to it and much worse" Ann muttered softly as she only occasionally glanced at the furiously masked woman.

Ann was startled by Michiko slamming the door behind her. Ann had never seen her this furious and it scared her. "Michiko..." she muttered softly.

"Ann, no, I don't wanna hear it!" she peered up at the taller female. "Ann your amazing and I love you! I won't allow anyone to talk to you in any harsh way, let alone bully you!" Michiko changed forms and tightly wrapped her arms around her, Ann could now see the female struggling to keep back tears.


"No I'm not done! Your so kind and thoughtful, you keep to yourself and don't hurt anyone! You let volunteer to watch Yidhra's Follower and Robbie and let them play with your cat, you help Jack prepare tea for everyone! You help Emma water her flowers and check up on any of the survivors that escape injured- you don't hurt anyone and don't deserve to be hurt in return!" she was silent before muttering "I'm done now..."

Ann was silent and wrapped her arms tightly around the smaller female. When Michiko looked up Ann was in tears. "Michiko...I should've told you I-...I promise I will"

The geisha smiled softly and gently reached up and gently wiped the new forming tears in the Nuns eyes. "And I'll make sure no matter what, I'll deal with those who mess with you, I promise, I love you"

Ann smiled and leaned down to kiss the female deeply. "I love you too" she muttered softly when she broke the kiss.

"And next time I'll listen to you too" Michiko said with a soft smile as she gently petted the cat that only meowed in response.

"I promise"