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"Your A Sin I Want"

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Ann was as sweet as she was aggressive...

"Ann where did you find this? Has Emma planted new flowers in the garden without me realizing it? Its so beautiful..." The Geisha said as she took the single red and white flower the Nun had handed her and began looking around the garden where they were seated at alone.

The Nun, on the other hand seemed quite upset and The Geisha noticed this. "Ann, what's wrong?"

"No...I found it while in a match and...I...could only find this one...I'm sorry" The Nun said with a defeated sigh.

"Awh,'s perfect, just because there's only one doesn't mean anything at all, there's only one of you and one of me! What's wrong with there only being one of anything?" Michiko said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around the woman's waist.

"It's...really okay?"

"Of course Annie!"

"It's pretty like you..."

"No way, have you seen yourself?!"

Ann wrapped her arms around the females waist and pulled her closer and into a kiss. "Michiko...your such a doll..."

Michiko let out a soft giggle as she laid her head down against the Nuns chest as she admired the single flower.

Ann was as shy as she was quick to show her dominance over the Geisha in front of everyone...

"Michiko...?" The Nun muttered softly as she knocked on the woman's door.

"Yes?" she called out. "come in!" The Geisha sat there reading a book, waiting for the Nun who seemed to linger on before finally opening the door.

"what took you so long to open the door?"

"I-...ahem...I saw...Jack and Emma in the kitchen..."

"what were they doing?" The Geisha said as she looked up at the Nun who seemed to have been fidgeting with her fingers and looking down, but then again, that was a normal stance of hers.


"something like what? It's to early for them, or anyone in fact to be preparing dinner"

"I...yes, yes your right" with that the Nun quickly left.

Something seemed off, with that in mind she left down to kitchen, Ann wouldn't have brought this to her attention for nothing.

When she'd gotten there she found the Gardener and Ripper cleaning up the rather messy kitchen, the sweet smell of baked goods lingering in the air. "Good evening, what are you two up to that's got my Ann all shaken up?" She asked playfully with a smile.

"shaken up? We didn't scare her did we?" The Ripper asked as he looked up to the Geisha before fixing her a cup of tea.

"scare her? Ah, thank you" she said softly as she took the offered cup of tea. "what did the two of you do?"

"Nothing! Nothing! Me and Jack were just baking together and I just flicked a liiittle bit of batter at him" the gardener explained with a nervous chuckle.

"And I skillfully dodged it, therefore it instead hit Ann who was coming in from the garden for what I could only assume was a glass of water like she usually does around this time" Jack finished. "I don't think she got that Emma and I were laughing with her, I hope she doesn't think we were laughing at her" Jack said with a slight head shake.

"Oh, I see" The Geisha said as she took a sip of the tea. "She didn't tell me about that, she only told me you were making something together"

"really? She did stare at us for a good while before leaving back to the garden, and even out there I had the feeling she was still watching us, I guess she was trying to piece that baking was what we were doing together" Emma said as she looked out the window at the Garden area.

"Maybe she wanted some? What were you two baking?"

"just some cookies, we were having a competition to see who could shape them into different things better, oh! You should take Ann the cat shaped ones we did! Here while they're still hot!" The gardener quickly grabbed a tiny plate and took two cookies and placed them on it before handing it to the Geisha. "As our apology, and we'll of course come up and apologize to her too!"

Jack nodded in agreement. "I do apologize Michiko for startling her"

"it's quite alright, I'll go take these to her now, thank you for the tea Jack" with that the Geisha left off to the Nuns room with the baked goods.

"Ann? Annieee" she called out as she knocked on the Nuns door.

"come in"

With that the Geisha walked in to find the Nun sitting on her bed holding her weapon up right for the cat to scratch and rub against like a scratching post. "look what I have!" she closed the door behind her and sat down next to her, holding the plate out for her to see the two cat shaped cookies.

"What are these for?"

"Jack and Emma sent them up for you, as their apology...Ann why didn't you tell me they flicked some batter at you?" The Geisha asked as she set the cookies down on the bed beside her. "did you think they were laughing at you?" The Geisha soon added on as she leaned in closer to the Nun who instead had looked back down to watch the cat play with the wooden weapon. "Ann? It's okay you know, to be upset and a little embarrassed"

"I wasn't..."

"Ann, there's no need to lie..."

"I'm not, it was fine"

"Then what's wrong?" Michiko asked as she leaned in purposely to block the Nuns view of the cat so she'd instead look at her.

"I..." The Nun whispered the last part making it hard for the other woman to hear.


"I want to do that with you!"

The Geisha was shocked by the nuns sudden outburst and watched as she leaned her weapon against the bed as she began nervously fidgeting once again. "But we already prepare dinner together?"

"No...not dinner they- weren't making dinner either they-...they looked like they were having fun making sweets..."

"Ann my dear, do you know how to bake?"

The Nun was silent before sighing softly. "no..."

The Geisha couldn't help but let out a soft laugh that startled the poor Nun. "Wh-what..."

"perfect! I don't know how to bake that good either! We can learn together!" The Geisha said with a soft smile as she grabbed the Nuns hands in hers to hold.

"I-...then we shouldn't in case we burn something..."

"Come on Annn it'll be fun! Pleasee, will you bake with me?"

The Nun was silent before a smile slowly spreaded to her face as she nodded yes. "Of course..."

The next day the Geisha met the Nun in the kitchen that afternoon. "Look what I borrowed!" The Geisha held up a book of recipes. "It belongs to Hatsur of all people, can you believe it?"

The Nun shook her head no before smiling in the slightest, the Geisha could tell she was still a bit nervous. So she walked over and laid it down for the two of them to look at together.

"What do you want to make?" The Geisha asked as she flipped through the book, until the Nun placed her finger down. "cupcakes?"

The nun nodded.

"okay!!! Let's do it!" The Geisha wanted to do everything in her ability to make sure the Nun had a good time baking with her.

"which one of these is sugar?" she asked the Nun who had measured out everything while the Geisha was calling them out from the book.

"mmm" The Nun shrugged as she looked along with the Geisha at the two white substances.

The two stood in silence before the Geisha licked her finger and lightly dipped it in one of them and stuck it back in her mouth. The Nun watched her, a bit intrigued at the sudden boldness to find out.

She watched as the Geishas face scrunched up a bit in discuss. "th-thats flour..."

The Nun couldn't help but smile and let out a soft laugh as she dipped her finger in the sugar and held it out for the Geisha to lick up, hoping it would help the taste go away.

The Geisha immediately wrapped her lips around the Nuns finger and sucked the sugar off.

"I was about to tell you it didn't matter since we'd be mixing them together anyways..." The Nun soon confessed.

"wh- Your right!!!" The Geisha blushed in embarasment as the Nun chuckled softly.

That was the start of it, every mistake they made together was the best thing ever as it caused the two to bust out laughing.

"No no don't lick it, there are eggs in it!" The Geisha said as she took the wooden spoon from the nun.

Ann grabbed the Geisha's wrist that held the spoon and leaned in to whisper to her "I'm already dead, what worse could a couple of eggs do?"

"I-" how could she have forgotten. She was having so much fun she had forgotten where she was and who she and Ann now were. Much like when she'd go to lick the makeup off and she'd tell her not to...Ann made her feel alive again and when it came to things that could harm her if she were still alive, she couldn't help but try and stop her, forgetting that she and herself were both dead... "your right...I'm sorry"

Ann smiled softly and licked the batter off the spoon.

The Geisha couldn't help but blush as she watched her lick the spoon clean, just seeing her tongue was enough to make the Geisha weak to her knees at the thought of what she and her tongue were capable of doing to her.

"something wrong?"

"o-of course not! I-Is it good?"

"why don't you try?" Ann took the spoon and dipped it in there, just a bit, and took another lick of it before grabbing the Geishas cheeks and pulling her into a kiss.

The Geisha blushed as she felt the batter get pushed into her mouth from Ann's. She couldn't help but let out a soft "Mmm" Ann didn't let up until both hers and the Geishas mouth was rid of the batter.

"Is it good?"

The Geisha immediately nodded yes as she watched the Nun hold the spoon out for the cat to taste aswell.

Michiko smiled at the cats meow of approval after its first lick of the spoon.

Ann stood behind the Geisha with her hands ontop of hers, helping her pour the batter into the little cupcake wrappers that were nuzzled in the cupcake tin.

"do you want to lick the rest from the bowl?"

Ann was silent before shaking her head no. "No thank you, I'd like something else to get the sweet out my mouth before I consume more..."

"Something like what?" she asked as she pushed the empty bowl with a thin layer of batter in it for the cat to lick up as much as it wanted before she placed the cupcakes in the oven. "I can make you some o-" The Geisha's face lit up red when she turned around to see the Nun was hardly an inch away from her and staring down at her as she felt the Nuns arms wrap around her waist and pull her closer, into a hug of sorts. "" she softly finished.

"That sounds nice..." The Geisha could feel the Nun nervously fumbling with the tie of her apron before she soon added on "can...I help?"

The Geisha smiled softly and nodded. "of course!"

Ann was amazing, just a little hard to read. She understood how sometimes Ann could come off as a more distant huner, she understood how she could seem uninterested if she was talking to anyone she didn't show any interest in. She knew and understood all of this, so why did she have the lawyer held up against the walls of his own room by the throat, her grip tightening by the minute. Why did she have the urge to kill the man that's hurt the one she loved, she'd never seen Ann as truly upset as she was when she walked in her room with bits of food all over her, she could've sworn she'd seen more of the black like tears on her face form. Ann had been through enough in her living life and she was furious that Ann didn't tell her sooner about the survivor that was bullying her.

"Put him down!"
"well this seems well deserved"
"This is entertaining"
"poor Ann, I didn't know either"

The mixed sounds of survivors trying to convince her to stop and not harm him and hunters observing and giving their opinions on the situation went right over her head. Their words and begging was nothing until she heard that of Ann's.

"Michiko, my dear it's alright, please just, come to me"

For the first time, she snapped her murderous gaze that was hidden behind her mask back at Ann who was holding the hissing cat back.

She was putting more and more together, she thought her cat just hated the lawyer because he smelt funny, she now understood why the cat kept its eye on him whenever he and Ann were within the same range of eachother.

She released him and watched him gasp for air and some survivors run to his aid, it was probably for the best she didn't kill him, for her own sake.

"Why didn't you tell me..." Michiko muttered as she shakily held Ann's hand and walked along with her down the halls back to her room.

"It was fine, I'm use to it and much worse" Ann muttered softly as she only occasionally glanced at the furiously masked woman.

Ann was startled by Michiko slamming the door behind her. Ann had never seen her this furious and it scared her. "Michiko..." she muttered softly.

"Ann, no, I don't wanna hear it!" she peered up at the taller female. "Ann your amazing and I love you! I won't allow anyone to talk to you in any harsh way, let alone bully you!" Michiko changed forms and tightly wrapped her arms around her, Ann could now see the female struggling to keep back tears.


"No I'm not done! Your so kind and thoughtful, you keep to yourself and don't hurt anyone! You let volunteer to watch Yidhra's Follower and Robbie and let them play with your cat, you help Jack prepare tea for everyone! You help Emma water her flowers and check up on any of the survivors that escape injured- you don't hurt anyone and don't deserve to be hurt in return!" she was silent before muttering "I'm done now..."

Ann was silent and wrapped her arms tightly around the smaller female. When Michiko looked up Ann was in tears. "Michiko...I should've told you I-...I promise I will"

The geisha smiled softly and gently reached up and gently wiped the new forming tears in the Nuns eyes. "And I'll make sure no matter what, I'll deal with those who mess with you, I promise, I love you"

Ann smiled and leaned down to kiss the female deeply. "I love you too" she muttered softly when she broke the kiss.

"And next time I'll listen to you too" Michiko said with a soft smile as she gently petted the cat that only meowed in response.

"I promise"