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"Your A Sin I Want"

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"I shouldn't have been touching it" Michiko said softly as Ann was doing her best to get a splinter out of the females hand.

"it's quite alright, there's no need to apologize" Ann said with a satisfied sigh when she managed to get the splinter out.

"Thank you" Michiko said with a smile as she handed the Nun her weapon back and instead began petting the cat.

Ann quite enjoyed her company while straightening up her room and the cat seemed to aswell. "are you ready for our duo together?" Ann asked as she continued straightening up her room even though it was already neat.

"of course, oh! How was your Duo with Jack?" she asked before letting out a soft gasp when the cat, who's stomach she had been poking and claws she had been skillfully avoiding everytime she went in for a poke, suddenly caught her hand and bit her finger.

"It went- hey! Don't bite her" The Nun grimaced as she glanced over at the cat who was still attacking her pale hand in bites and scratches. Ann gently took the cat and set it on her shoulder before leaning down and taking the Geishas scratched hand in hers. "I'm sorry" Ann muttered before kissing the females hand.

"A-Ann it's alright" she said softly as she raised her other hand and placed it atop her head and gently patted it.

Her cheeks lit up at the sound that came from Ann as she leaned into her touch. She couldn't help the smile forming as Ann sat on her knees and rested her head on the Geishas lap. She proceeded to stroke her head.

"ah, Ann we should get going, the match will start soon" Michiko said softly.

Ann stared up at her and sighed. "alright" she said as she stood up holding her hand out to help Michiko out.

Michiko took the tall females hand and followed her out and to the waiting room where the two sat down in their respective chair.

When the round started the two killed it, when there were only two survivors left and one decoder they decided to just let them finish and leave.

"The lights are pretty..." The geisha muttered as she stood on the boat of the lakeside environment, next to the Nun staring up at the sky.

"I think your pretty" Ann muttered softly.

There was silence as the Geisha looked up at the Nun who was still staring up at the stars. She took a step closer to the nun and let out a soft gasp when the Nun reached down, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close til their sides were touching.

"Ann" she muttered softly. "I think-" the Geisha was cut off by the sound of the gates unlocking, this caught her attention and she turned to look in the direction of the gate nearest to them.

"Michiko" Ann muttered as she took the females chin and forced her to look up at her. When she looked over, Ann's face was already close to hers, to close, hardly leaving any space between them.

"Y-Yes?" Michiko said as she went to take a step back, only to feel her grip on her waist tighten and pull her closer to her. "Ann"

"Your a sin that I want" she said softly as she gently stroked her cheek. "I want you, my darling, my sin, to be my butterfly"

Michiko didn't know if she should've been offended that Ann just called her 'her sin' or adored that she asked if she could be her butterfly. "Ann...Are you trying to say you love me?"

"I..." Ann was a bit silent before she nodded. "Yes"

The two stared at one another, Michiko began leaning in, but the match ended. She was engulfed in darkness and back at the manor.

"Ann" she softly called out as she immediately ran up to the Nuns room and knocked on it, she gasped when the Nun pulled her in and slammed her against the nearest wall, pinning her up against it.

The Geishas face was red as she looked up at her Nun. "A-Ann!" she said clearly shocked.

"Thank you, I love you, So much Michiko. I want to ensure you stay with me and that your not making a mistake and wasting your time with me"

"Ann you aren't a waste of my time you don't have t-" Michiko wasn't allowed to finish her sentence due to Ann pressing her lips up against hers. Michiko couldn't help letting out a soft like moan when Ann began to lean down and place kisses along her neck. "Ann please" she softly begged out when she felt her bite her, just like her cat would. The Nuns grip on her wrists got tighter when she began to struggle a bit against her as her bites began getting harder.

"The more you beg the more I get the idea that your enjoying this, just let me take care of you" Ann finally spoke.

The Geisha nodded and muttered out a low and soft "Yes Ma'am"

By the time dinner rolled around the Geisha was sprawled out on the Nuns bed, she had bite marks all along her thighs, calf's, stomach, waist, breasts and arms. The Nun still took care to keep her pinned down by the wrists causing bruising on the females pale skin.

Ann made a soft noise resembling that of a cat while Michiko let out soft moans and begs that the Nun enjoyed hearing.

"Guys Dinners ready!" the voice of a survivor rang out through the Hunters Hall.

"mm..." Ann was in the process of licking every bite mark she had left and the Geisha could see how upset the Nun must've been to hear she'd have to hault their little activity to go down and attend dinner. When Ann finally let her wrists go the Geisha laid there for a bit before slowly sitting up.

Her Kimono was loose and undone and her hair was in a bit of a mess, but that wasn't any of her concern. She stared down at her body that was littered in bite marks and bruises. Ann looked along with her, doing everything in her power not to pounce back on her and finish the job.

"Do you...need help redressing yourself." Ann offered as she reached over and gently pulled her kimono up on her shoulder.

"I- thank you" she said softly as she stood, stumbling slightly causing Ann to grab her. Michiko used Ann as a bit of a support as she redressed herself, Ann straightened up the Geishas hair as she did so.

When she was done and finished observing herself in the mirror she sighed softly as she observed the still visible results of letting the Nun have her way with her. Ann and her cat followed the Geisha to her room where she applied makeup to the bruises to cover them. The Geisha never really had a need for makeup since her face was naturally pale, but the embalmer thought she'd like it for her birthday, she never thought it would come in handy, but here she was, using it.

Ann didn't like it. The Geisha gasped softly when Ann grabbed her wrists and held her arms up to her head. "A-Ann, what are you-" her eyes widened when the Nun leaned down and licked the area she applied the makeup. "ANN WAIT DON'T LICK THE MAKEUP!" The Geisha got up only to be slammed down up against the desk she was once sitting at. Stomach pressed against the desk, arms pinned on each side of her head and Ann hovering over her and examining her form.

Ann leaned down and began pressing light kisses along her back, her kisses weren't random. It's like she remembered where every single bite mark she left was. "Ann please" she softly moaned out as the Nun began getting rough with her once again.

"I'd much rather finish the meal that I've started...but if you still insist on going down there..." Ann whispered in the Geishas ear before releasing her.

The Geisha hesitated before getting up and quickly fixing the makeup before Ann took hold of her again but decided to finish the job. With that in mind she went on down to the dinning room and took her seat in between Mary and Jack on one side and Ann sat across from her on the other side.

Dinner went smoothly, she occasionally looked over to Ann only to see Ann staring at her, no, her makeup covered chest. This caused the Geisha to blush and open her fan to cover her chest.

Ann's eyes immediately trailed up to the Geisha, who had already rejoined in the conversation with Mary and Violetta. She humed softly and turned her attention elsewhere.

When dinner was over the Geisha felt a familiar embrace at her feet, upon looking down she saw the Nuns cat at her feet rubbing its head against her kimono. "oh, hello Mayonaka...where's Ann" she said softly as she picked the cat up and began booping the cats nose. She took it upon herself to name the cat Mayonaka, she'd never heard Ann address the cat by a name, but she felt it was rude not to, it was also wrong to name someone else's possession, or in this case pet, but she did and just decided to keep it a secret from Ann. The cat seemed to catch on to the name that meant midnight in her language rather quickly, so she assumed the cat liked it.

The cat meowed and purred when she began petting it as she began walking to Ann's room to return the cat. "Ann's been so rough with me and you sleep like it's nothing" she muttered softly to the cat as she let out a soft giggle before approaching the door and knocking. No answer. "Ann, I have your c-" she went silent as she opened the door to that of an empty room. "Ann...?" she muttered softly as she glanced around the room looking for her. "Alright Mayonaka...let's go to my room" she turned to leave off to her room, closing Ann's room door in the process.

As soon as they got to Michiko's room she flopped into her bed with the cat. "aren't the two of you connected in a way?" she asked as the cat sat by her head, staring down at her. "if I remember correctly..." she sat up and walked to her desk and opened her drawer and pulled out a folder. All the hunters and survivors had a file and it wasn't hard to get a copy and it was obvious that the one she pulled out was Ann's.

"look at her, she's so cute" she said showing the cat the picture of Ann. She was so into reading her file that she didn't notice the knock or the door opening, she only noticed the cat out of the corner of her eye jumping down off her bed. "Be careful Mayonaka, and don't mess with my fans again"

"Mayonaka? What are you looking at?"

"hm?" she turned to see Ann. "oh hello Ann it's just your- ANN!" The Geisha closed the file and immediately stood up to face her.

"Hello Michiko..." Ann leaned down to be more on her level. "I'm sorry I'm late, I was invited out to the garden for a bit so I sent them to keep you company" Ann said refering to the cat that she carefully stroked.

"Thank you, what did you do out in the garden?"

"Just chat with Jack and his gardener" Ann's eyes began to wonder to the females chest. "You still have it on" she muttered softly.

"oh! I'd forgotten completely" she said with a nervous chuckle as she looked through her drawers for some kind of wipe to wipe it off. Of course, thankfully the embalmer had gifted her wipes to go along with the pale makeup.

The Geisha watched as Ann's eyes seemed to light up when watching her wipe the makeup off to reveal the bite marks that would've been visible that she had left on her.

"Is something wrong Annie?" The Geisha said soft and teasingly.

"It's...just Ann...You know this" the woman said softly as her eyes trailed back up to lock with the Geishas.

"I know darling, it's a nickname" she said with a soft giggle as she walked over to her as soon as she was done wiping all the makeup off.

Ann had only then decided to take a seat, even while she sat and Michiko stood Ann was still a bit taller than her. "oh, I see...I quite like it... Say it again"

"What? Annie?" Michiko said with a slight head tilt.

The woman closed her eyes as if trying to decide if she really, truly liked the little nickname.

"Ann?" Michiko muttered as she took a seat on her lap.

The sudden weight on her legs made the Nuns eyes spring open and look down at the Geisha. "Michiko..." a soft mummer came from the nun as she gently grabbed and began rubbing her waist before gripping it and pulling her closer and leaning down to whisper in her ear. "Why must you taint me, why do you make me want to do the things I wish to do to you?"

The Geisha went silent for a bit before making the frail mistake of asking "what do you wish to do to me?"

The Nuns rubbing of the Geishas waist came to a hault. This worried the poor Geisha before in almost a blink she felt herself being flipped over and onto her side with Ann being the big spoon.

"I want...I want to ruin you" the Nun muttered as her hands began slowly slipping up and down the Geishas body.

"R-Ruin me?" To hear someone like Ann speaking like this was surly shocking to say the least.

"To punish your body, but I'm sure you wouldn't see it that way...You seemed to enjoy the little bit I did to you and here and not so and there, am I correct?"

The Geishas face gradually reddened as the Nun applied pressure to certain areas of her body that did in fact feel good when she bit them aswell as the areas that did hurt when she bit down there. "A-Ann" was all she could manage out.

"because with that punishment will come pleasure...and that's something I'll promise you my dear, I love you...and I'll do everything to make you stay"

There was silence between the two before Michiko flipped around to look up and face Ann, who leaned down just enough for her to kiss her forehead. "Ann...You can ruin me all you'd like but, I promise that I'll stay" she began placing light kisses down and along her long neck. She smiled in a bit of satisfaction as she felt and heard her let out a low yet soft groan. "I promise" she uttered out once more as she slowly found herself straddling the nuns thin waist.

Ann's eyes roamed the females body up and down, taking in how the Kimono fit her frame. It wasn't long before Ann grabbed her waist and flipped her into the bed, quickly flipping their positions. "I love you" Ann spoke out as her hands roamed down to the Geishas arms

"I love you too" The Geisha said as she jerked her wrists up for the Nun to grab, finding herself egar to have her arms pinned atop her head. Yet instead of holding her by her wrists, she interlaced fingers with her. She still had her arms pinned above her head but held her hand instead of holding her down by her wrists.

"Ann!" Michiko softly moaned out as Ann unlaced one hand and used it to spread one of her legs and took her other hand and began gently rubbing her slit with her thumb.

"Don't move your hands from where I've left them" Ann commanded as she continued fondling and rubbing the female.

Michiko nodded and the rougher Ann got with her the closer she felt herself reaching her edge and struggling to keep her arms in place like she said.

"The sounds your making are so dangerous...yet so sweet...they're sounds only I want to hear..." Ann grumbled softly after watching Michiko grip onto the sheets of her bed reaching her peak and listened to her moan out the Nuns name louder than any other time that she had.

The Nun got out of the bed and on her knees by the edge of the bed and grabbed the Geisha by her ankles and pulled her down towards her.

"A-Ann wait!" She clenched her legs around her head when the Nun snatched the Geisha's underwear off and began licking her before beginning to eat her out. "Ann please!" She moaned out as she sat up to observe the female lick and suck at her as if she'd been deprived of food for years.

Ann didn't listen, she wrapped her arms around the females thighs and forced her legs apart so she could keep going.

"Ann I'm gonna-" her legs began trembling as she let out another moan when Ann slipped a finger in her, slowly pumping it in and out before slipping another finger in her. Even after she came Ann kept going. Even when Michiko began trying to push her back she didn't budge until she was forced to cum once more.

Michiko was breathing heavily as her body went limp. Her legs still hung over Ann's shoulders. Her cheeks darkened when she saw Ann stand and lick her lips.

Ann gently grabbed her body and placed her under the covers before crawling into bed with her. Michiko wrapped her arms around Ann tightly as she still trembled. "I love you, Ann" The Geisha muttered softly.

"I love you too" Ann said with a smile as she stroked the smaller females hair.