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In the beginning, there was a dark room...

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When Martina told Álvaro that Olivia wanted to meet him in the storage closet he felt weirdly excited. Not because he actually felt something for Olivia, no that was just what Martín wanted for him.

„Go, find yourself a girlfriend already! You haven’t had one in years.“

He always went on about that topic for hours and Álvaro only started to talk to Olivia to please him. Actually, he didn’t plan on dating any time soon. All he wanted to do right now was to focus on basketball and a girlfriend would just be distracting him.

No, Álvaro felt excited because no girl from the year above had ever talked to a younger guy and if Olivia wanted to speak to him in private, this had to be something serious.

And maybe a small part of him also hoped that whatever she wanted to talk about had to do with Go!

So when he entered the room, called out for her and didn’t get a response, he was not only confused but also disappointed. Then it happened.
The door behind his back suddenly fell close and the lock clicked. He was shut in.

„Damn it!“, he cried out and turned to punch against the locked door.

„Hey, let me out. Let me out! I have a match, let me out of here!“

Álvaro was ready to hit the door again when all of the sudden he heard a noice behind his back.

At first, he was confused about it. It almost sounded like… no it couldn’t be?

It sounded like somebody was crying. The crying was not soft and quiet like it would have been if Olivia was the person that had cried, no it was harsh, loud and the silence between the sobs was filled with frantic breaths.

It was obviously not a girl that hid behind the pile of chairs that dangerously leaned onto the wall to his right.

„Is everything… alright?“

Álvaro felt unsure what to do next. He knew he was locked into the room with this person and would probably have to spend the next hours with them but he just didn’t know if he should come closer.

If it was him that was crying alone in this room, he probably wouldn’t want anybody to find and see him like this.

The other person stayed quiet and for a moment he thought that they might have stopped crying but then it started again.

Álvaro sighed at the heartbreaking noise and went a step forward. Even though he was scared about confronting the other one, he felt like they needed the comfort more than the anonymity.

„Do you want to talk?“

For a few seconds it was quiet again, the only sound in the room were the intense and hectic breaths of the other person.

„Go… go away…“, the other person rasped.

Álvaro froze. Everything inside him turned for a second then he sat down, his legs suddenly felt like jelly.

That voice, he could recognize that voice everywhere. He had hated hearing that voice shouting insults at him on the field and he had hated it even more when he had to hear it say compliments to his sister every day during the last holidays.

Over the last year, he had seen Juanma in many different situations. He had seen him angry, livid when he hadn’t become captain of the basket ball team and so arrogant and overconfident when the coach had asked him back on the team. Those were always situations in public but he had also seen an other side of him.

Early mornings when Juanma had spent the night before with Lupe and was so tired he had nearly fallen asleep in the bathroom or quiet evenings with their families where their mothers would force them to play card games with them.

But Álvaro had never seen Juanma cry.

Silently he leant back against the other side of the chairs and thought of what to do next. Perhaps just being honest to him could be a good idea.

„Hey, I don’t really know what to say but I right now I can only say that I won’t leave you here. You shouldn’t be alone like this, so please if I can help, tell me how. Also, there’s the fact that the door is shut and neither of us will leave this room any time soon, so at least we have plenty of time to talk this through.“

He didn’t know what he’d expected but it certainly wasn’t that Juanma would only panic more than he already did. Álvaro could hear his frantic and labored breathing that only seemed to become faster with every second that passed.

„Look, if you don’t want to talk about whatever is bothering you, that’s alright. Just please, let me help you calm down.“, he proposed again but still got no response from the other one.

„You know I don’t really like you because of this whole basketball drama and the dating my sister thing but what I like even less than letting you harass me is seeing… well, hearing you like this. Come on.“

Álvaro stayed quiet, still hoping that maybe this would calm Juanma down or that he would answer him but nothing happened, so he added: