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Izuku pouted as she held the greeting card in her hand. Tenko was always one step ahead of her when it came to small gestures of love. She paced the living room of their apartment looking at the freshly received vase of flowers sitting on her coffee table. 

Whenever Tenko gifted her something out of the blue or just because, she had always asked, “Why?” 

His response was always the same, “I treat it like a game, finding the best ways to surprise you, to get that blush to appear on your cheeks.” 

Tapping the card to her lips, it dawned upon her that their one-year anniversary was upon them in the next few weeks. She desperately wanted to have the upper hand for once, to surprise him and spoil him in the ways she had been the last year. 

She flopped onto her couch with a sigh, before a lightbulb went off in her mind. 

If Tenko loved games, she knew just the thing to surprise him. She smiled slyly, and picked up her bag and coat, making her way towards the door. It looked like she had some shopping to do. 

She browsed a high-end boutique not too far from their home, looking at the options that would best suit her frame and appearance; something Tenko would like, something that would make him blush with embarrassment; something that would make her jaw-droppingly irresistible.

Back at her apartment, she unwraps her carefully packaged purchase and hides it in a drawer of her wardrobe. Izuku hears the door open just as she shuts it. 

“Izuku? I’m home.” A tenor voice calls out. 

She walks straight up to Tenko, meeting him in the living room, wrapping her arms loosely around his neck before pecking him a kiss on the lips, “Hi. Did you have a good day at the agency?” 

Tenko kisses her back lightly resting his hands on her hips, “I did, just working on game mechanics.” 

“Oh, you’re favorite!”

“Yeah, it’s a good challenge. How was your day.” 

“Well,” Izuku drawled and gestured to the flowers on their coffee table, “I received a wonderful bouquet from a secret admirer.” 

“A secret admirer huh? Are you trying to make me jealous? You know how I get,” Tenko’s voice drops sinisterly low.

Izuku giggles, stroking his pale blue hair, “No need to be so serious Tenko. Thank you for the flowers, they’re beautiful, and such a nice surprise when I got home. Timed perfectly to coincide with my arrival.”

Tenko pouts, “Bummer, I wanted to see your face when you saw them.” 

“You spoil me.”

He drops his forehead into her shoulder and hugs her, “You deserve to be.” 

His voice is so soft and somber, and Izuku can’t help but wrap her arms around him, stroking his back. Tenko had a rough childhood, growing up insecure, self-conscious, and outright shy. He had been a nervous wreck when they had met in college, paired up to work on a project. Slowly he had opened up to Izuku, showing her how brilliant and sweet he was deep down. 

He had fidgeted, picking at the skin on his fingers when he mustered up the courage to ask her out. It had been so easy to say yes to him; she had already known how gentle he really was. Izuku had learned of his past, showering him with love and support by helping him when she could. It was because of her love for him that he felt the need to spoil her. 

She had loved him when no one else had. 

They spent their evening cooking dinner together, cuddling as they watched TV and entangled themselves together when they went to bed. Izuku caressed Tenko’s cheek, smiling as she watched him doze.

She couldn’t wait to spring her surprise.

In the days leading up to their anniversary, Tenko’s work had ramped up. He started coming home late—was moody and irritable. That didn’t deter him from being physically close to Izuku, holding her tight and snuggling with her in bed. She thought it was cute, how catlike he became under stress.

His stress left him too tired and preoccupied to leave her his usual small gifts, and alas made him forget that their anniversary was coming up. Izuku didn’t mind, it just made her planning that much sweeter. 

The day of their anniversary was the day after his major deadline at work, he had come home late, exhausted. Izuku helped him get into bed, knowing full well he’d want to just stay in all weekend, binge watch or better yet, play video games. 

Izuku slipped out of bed, shutting the door behind her quietly as she tiptoed to the kitchen. Preparing breakfast in bed for Tenko: blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit, and some coffee. 

Skillfully she opened the door while balancing the tray in one hand, gently placing it on his side table as she sat at the edge of the bed. She reached her hand up to his face, stroking his cheek, at the dry patches of his skin that would flare when he was stressed and lacking sleep.

“Tenkoo,” her voice singsonged as she called to him.

“Mmm,” he grunted as he rubbed his cheek against her palm.

“Hey, sleepyhead. I made you breakfast in bed.” 

Tenko’s eyes opened, voice heavy with sleep as he spoke, “You didn’t have to do that.” 

“I didn’t, but I wanted to,” Izuku leaned in and stole a kiss from him.

He sat up in bed, resting his back against the headboard, rubbing the back of his hand across his eyes, yawning, “Thank you,” he mumbled with a slight blush that made Izuku giggle as she moved the tray to his lap. 

“I’m going to go clean up the kitchen, I’ll be back.” 

She watched Tenko take a small bite out of a piece of pancake while he nodded at her. She moved to the kitchen and finished washing everything before preparing snacks and beverages which sat on the coffee table next to his fully charged controller. 

She slipped back into the bedroom just in time he finished eating. He wore a small smile on his face, opening his arms beckoning her to climb into his lap. Izuku crawled up from the foot of the bed and made herself comfortable sitting on his lap and kissing his syrup laced lips before curling up on his chest.

“That was delicious Izu.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m spoiling you today,” she leans up and starts showering his face in kisses, “I know that you love to play video games to de-stress, so I bought a ton of your favorite snacks and drinks. All waiting for you in the living room.”

Tenko kissed the tip of Izuku’s nose, “You’re spoiling me.” 

“You’ve been working really hard,” she says propping her chin on his chest.

“We can just stay in bed and cuddle.” 

She giggled, “Yeah, but knowing you, you’re dying to play your games.”

He snorted, “You know me too well.”

“It’s what happens when you live together,” she says getting out of bed, “Now, I think you should move to the living room. I’m going to straighten up the room in the meantime.”

She pulls on Tenko’s hand, dragging him off the bed and he embraces her, kissing her forehead, “Have I told you I loved you?” 

“Not in the last hour.”

A small smile lifts the corner of his lip, “That won’t do. I love you Izu.” 

“I love you too, now go ,” she says as she pushes him off.  He grabs some clothes and a towel to shower and change. Izuku makes the bed, and cleans their room, so that when Tenko comes back, she’d have the room to prepare her surprise. 

She sneaks into the living room and sees Tenko settled in, walking behind the couch she places her hands on his shoulders and lets them slide down his chest till her chin’s resting in his pale blue hair, “You okay? Do you need anything else?”

“You’ve more than prepped me enough to not have to get out of my seat for the entire rest of the day. I have everything I need right here,” he tilts his head up to look at her, “I’d like if you’d join me on the couch though.”

“Hmm, in a little bit, there’s a few things I wanted to do in the bedroom.”

“Okay,” he quickly kisses her chin, “come back soon.” 

She kisses him on the lips quickly, “have fun!” 

She tries to contain her bubbling excitement for her surprise as she goes for her shower. 

Wrapped in her towel she walks back into their room, locking the door behind them and taking out the carefully wrapped package she’d hidden weeks ago. 

Laying it out on the bed, she traced the nude satin straps, the embroidered flowers with small  pearls in its center that adorn the delicate mesh panels of the bralette and thong that left nothing to the imagination. It was so cute and sexy at the same time. She knew Tenko would love it. 

She slipped on her barely-there underwear, and slipped on a matching pair of nude thigh highs that had the same flower pattern and lace scalloped edges at the top. She wrapped the garter belt around her thin waist, clipping the thigh highs from sliding down. 

Giving her a once over in the mirror, she gave herself a nod of approval before she grabbed a pair of heels before opening the door and was met with the cold chill of the rest of their apartment before she slunk down the hallway. 

The sound of explosions and gunfire echoed in their apartment as she drew closer. Peering around the corner of the hallway, Tenko was heavily engrossed in his game, she smiled as she placed her heels on the floor and stepped into them. 

Straightening up, standing tall and full of confidence, she stepped into the living room, stealthily moving to her favorite seat in their living room, a chaise lounge she usually lays out on. She lays across it, resting her head in her hand, the other arm resting at her side, as she flips through a magazine she’d left there earlier. 

Tenko has yet to notice her, and she smiles to herself as she looks up at him, which makes Tenko take pause to look briefly at her—only for him to do a double-take and for him to make a choked noise. 

Eyes locked, she sits up provocatively, making her way to Tenko, who can do nothing but stare with his jaw hanging open. Taking a seat on the coffee table in front of him, her hands run down her body, down her legs as she widens them. She watches as Tenko’s completely enraptured by her, she smirks as she lays back on her propped elbows.

“Hi,” she coyly says.

“Hi?” he responds, “Izu—”

“—Let’s play a game baby,” she says with a tilt of her head.

“A game?”

“Mm hmm, you love games right?” 

“Of course,” he moves to put his controller down, but she sits up, stopping him. He looks at her confused. 

Resting her hands on his knees, she slides them up his thighs, maneuvering off the table and onto her knees, “for every level/boss you beat, I reward you.”

Tenko lights up, “Oh, that sounds ea—”

“—but, you have to concentrate while I do things to you.”

His eyes widen, as she leans up crawls in between his arms that hold the controller, “You think you can handle it?” 

Tenko nods.

“Good.” she straddles his hips, tilting his head up with a finger before looking over her shoulder, “You can change the game to something...less intense. Try not to get killed. If you die, I start over.”

She watches Tenko pull up another game to play, a classic game, moving through each level killing foes on the way, to save the princess from an evildoer at the end.

“Nice. But before you start,” she grabs the hem of his shirt, “I need you to remove this.” 

Tenko quickly strips his shirt, revealing his thin, toned frame. Running her hands up his torso and resting her arms over his shoulder, she shuffles closer, rolling her hips against his, pulling a grunt from him, she hums at his response, “Let’s start.’ 

Izuku hears the sounds of the game starting, she’s familiar with the game, as they’ve both played it numerous times, she hears the telltale jumping sounds of the character moving across the screen, and so she starts. 

Determined not to block his view she shifts in her seat pressing kisses at his jaw, exhaling hot breath as she moves over the shell of his ear—a sensitive spot of his. She starts to grind her hips against him, and feels Tenko tense up.

Pressing more kisses along his jaw as she cups his face she murmurs, “No pausing either, don’t mind me,” she licks a strip up his neck.

“That’s hard considering…,” his voice strained. 

Izuku chuckles her hands sliding down his sides, “You’re going to have to do your best.”

Within minutes she heard the trumpeting sound of a completed level, she smiled against his skin before pulling back to look at his face, “Congratulations, on winning the level,” she whispers against his lips, kissing him slowly.

Her hands unbuckle his pants, sliding her hands over his underwear, his hips bucking into her palm. She applies pressure as she rubs his hardening cock, his breathing ragged and deep.

“Level 2?” she innocently asks.

“Ye-yeah,” Tenko stutters. 

“Better hurry,” she urges him. Her fingers running up and down the underside of his shaft, touching and grazing his balls. 

Tenko wastes no time beating level two and she sinks down to her knees, pulling at the top of his pants and tapping on his pelvic bone, a hint to lift his hips up. She pulls his pants down, his hardening cock springing free from their confines. She licks her lips and Tenko is torn between watching the screen and watching her. 

He chooses to focus on the game after she sends a warning glare his way, slouching lower for Izuku to get better access as he widens his thighs. She starts by kissing the base of his cock, stroking him slowly in a twisting motion. He shudders an exhale when her tongue travels the length of his dick. Izuku stares up at Tenko’s face, her boyfriend chewing on his lower lip glancing every so often down at her. She hums, amused at his reactions, but she knows he won’t break, that he’ll continue to play the game if he wants to get to the final stage. She kisses and mouths at his length, never fully wrapping her lips around him. His cock fully hard, the tip red and leaking already and she’s barely done anything to him. 

“Baby, I hope you’re gonna last,” she teases.

“I will. I will,” he repeats as he starts to mash the buttons of his controller. Izuku hears a song indicating the end of a successful battle. Sitting back on her knees, she continues to stroke him with a smile. Tenko lifts a hand, running his fingers through her hair, “Can I at least get a kiss for beating the level?” 

She nodded and leaned up, his fingers holding her chin in place as the softly made out. Izuku slid a hand between her legs, under her underwear, and dipping her fingers inside her slit; she moaned into his mouth as she found herself dripping wet. 

Disconnecting from his lips she panted, “I think...I think two more levels should outta do it. You can claim your winning prize soon.” 

He kissed her deeply and said, ”Okay, I think that replenished my HP levels enough to keep going.” 

She laughs at his little joke, as he takes the controller back in his hands, he unpauses his game, signaling Izuku to continue her quest. 

Wrapping her lips around the head of his shaft, she massages the underside of it with the flat of her tongue before swirling it around and coating him with spit. She inches her way down, taking him deep enough her lips are pressed against his pelvic area.

“Izuku,” Tenko whispers as Izuku starts to bob up and down on his dick, his hips starting thrusting slightly to meet her pace, her throat hums against him, pulling out groans from him. 

Her lips make a smacking sound as she pops off of his cock, moving to lick and lap at his balls while stroking him firmly, and she hears the sound of another level completed. 

“That was fast!” 

“I’ve decided to beat levels as fast I can. Time Challenges.”

“Hmm,” she hums humorously, “Is that right,” she says as she climbs up his body between his arms and settles in his lap again, his dick pressing against her pubic bone, “last level Tenko.”

He starts the new level and Izuku wraps her hand around him and strokes him against her body. Lifting her hips up, pulling her thong to the side she rubs her slit against Tenko, whimpering and panting, feeling good. 

Lining his cock up to her pussy, she spreads her knees wider as she sinks down, taking him all the way in, both moaning simultaneously as his thick cock fills her up. Wriggling her hips makes Tenko groan as she gets accustomed to the feeling of being full. 

Pressing herself flush against him, she wraps her arms around his neck, resting her chin on his shoulder she starts to move. Slowly she rises up, and down making sure her breathy moans are in Tenkos ears.

Slowly she bounces up and down his cock, she feels him tensing trying to keep himself in check, “are you close to beating it?” 

“Just a few more puzzles” he grunts, “you feel too good though.” 

“It’ll feel even better when you beat the level,” she nibbles his ear. She circles her hips, gyrating against him, her lips latching onto his neck and sucking. 

The victory song sounds and she pulls back smiling when she sees Tenkos face. Reaching behind her she removes the controller from Tenkos hands, placing it on the side. She rolls her hips, “Congratulations, you’ve successfully made it to the final level, do you want to claim your prize?” 

Tenko’s hands squeeze her butt cheeks and pull them apart, biting down on her lips she continues to rise and all.

“What’s my prize?” he pulls her closer, his hips thrusting up into her, she moans and he leans in kissing her before peppering kisses across her freckled cheeks and down her neck.

“Take me,” she breathes out against his ear, “I want you.” 


“Anywhere, just—please fuck me.” 

“Now, now, Izu, you were taking your time teasing me? Is that very fair?” 

“Tenko, pleaseee,” she whines as she tries to increase her pace, though his hands hold her in place. 

“Patience, darling. I want to savor you.” 

Izuku huffs and pouts, but relents and lets Tenko have his way. He lifts her up and carries her across the room, laying her out on her favorite chaise. He thrusts into her deeply, her back arching off the cushions crying out. He trails kisses down her neck, thrusting slow and deep.

“You’ve gotten dressed so prettily for me,” he growls as he lightly bites into her soft mounds, teeth catching the laced edges of her bra and pulling it to reveal her hardened nipple. Swiping his tongue over it has her crying out again, her thighs squeezing Tenko’s waist.

“Tenko,” she breathes out, “wanted to look good for you,” she pants out each word, grunting with each thrust in and out, “Yes! Right there, please.” she cries. 

His hand comes up to caress her face, tucking hair behind her ear, his lips capturing hers for a deep kiss, “You’re always beautiful.” 

Izuku wraps her legs around Tenko’s waist, pulling him in deep as they moan into one another’s mouths. Tenko’s hips start to pick up his pace, their lips pulling apart gasping for air and filling the room with moans and cries. 

Izuku cups Tenko’s face when she showers him with kisses, pushing his hair back to see his pale face. His piercing red eyes are full of love and lust as he pulls her legs off, and widens her legs to drive deeper into her. 

Crying out she grabs his biceps, digging her nails into his skin, “Please, Tenko, faster, harder.” 

Grabbing her hips she pushes her deeper into the chaise, picking up his pace, the angle hits her g-spot, she cries out, tears escaping the corners of her eyes at the intense pleasure that floods her system. 

Tenko kisses her tears away, as he calls out her name.

“I’m c-close,” she breathes out, Tenko acknowledges her with a nod, he slams his hips harder into her, and she comes, her entire body going taught as she cries out Tenko’s name loudly. Tenko continues to fuck her as she rides out her orgasm, she reaches a second one immediately and clenches tight around him, her hands clawing down his back as she clings to him.  

Tenko wraps his arms around her back, laying them flat out on the chaise, as he presses kisses into her neck as he thrusts deeply into her. Regaining some of her strength she holds Tenko’s face in her hands, breathing harshly through her nose as she kisses him frantically, whispering against his lips, “Come, baby. Fill me up.” 

Tenko groans at those sweet words that fall from her lips, drinking them up as he kisses her deeply and slams his hips over and over till their stuttering with his release. She has a third orgasm as Tenko fills her with his seed and locks her legs around his back tight.

She giggles as she pushes back Tenko’s sweaty hair, using the extra hair tie on her wrist and gives him a messy ponytail. Caressing his cheek with the back of her hand, “Happy Anniversary, my love.” 

Tenko pushes himself up to gaze down at her, realization and horror on his face, “I—oh my God. I’m so sorry. I forgot—”

Izuku shushes him, “You’ve been busy, it’s okay! You spoil me every other day!”

“But it’s our one year anniversary. That’s special ,” He groans as he extracts himself from her, “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” 

Izuku carefully rolls to her side, not wanting Tenko’s cum to slide out onto their couch, “Oh, you can definitely make it up to me.” 

“How so?” 

“Well, let’s play games all day long.” 

Tenko’s eyes widen for a fraction of a second before he leans down and kisses her, his hands running over her body and playfully slapping her butt, “You’re on. What should we play next.”