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we tried the world; good god it wasn't for us

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“We really should try to eat healthier all together,” Jon murmured to himself while placing a bunch of kale into the shopping cart. He didn’t really know what on earth he would cook with it, but it seemed nice and green and healthy enough. All those fitness people seemed to like kale - the ones like the ripped guy son smiling at him from a box of protein powder on the shelf. 

The shop was almost empty and it was half an hour to closing time. All Jon wanted was to get their groceries, go home and take a long, hot shower. It was pouring outside. Maybe they could watch that documentation about deep sea fish tonight and cuddle... 

“I’m a vegan, I am healthy,” Gerry answered and threw one, two, three packs of non-dairy chocolate chip cookies and a bag of fries next to the kale. He then was eyeing a two pound glass of Nutella lovingly across the aisle. 

“One day soon I will cook a vegetable and make you eat it, Gerry.” Jon sighed and added some carrots, broccoli and cheese to their groceries. He hated it when he forgot the shopping list at home, he always only remembered about half of what they actually wanted to get. Did they need more onions?

“Yeah, you’re sweet enough already.” They could hear Oliver from the other side of the aisle, where he was trying to figure out which overpriced and “ could kill you with caffeine ” sort of coffee they would try next. Oliver always let his boyfriends decide on the food - he had never been a good cook and went from takeout to less expensive takeout after quitting his first job. 

“Nothing is ever sweet enough!” The noise Oliver could hear sounded suspiciously like his boyfriend trying to climb into the shopping cart. It would not have been the first time for that to happen.

“Don’t hurt yourself, Gerry-Pie,” Oliver answered just loud enough for Gerry to hear it, rolling his eyes but smiling fondly ng at the same time. Then he directed his attention back towards the coffee beans. Just as he had decided on a sort, Martin came into his aisle, his hair dripping wet, clothes covered in fur and his grin shining brighter than the sun.

“I guess the dog has been sufficiently pet?” Oliver asked with a smile and tried to wipe a bit of the dog hair off of Martin’s sweater, but didn’t really succeed. 

“It has! I mean, I don’t know if it really was sufficient enough, but the owner came back out and took the dog with him, of course.” Martin looked sad at the thought that the dog might not have been pet enough today, pouting his lips. “I think it’s a shame that dogs have to stay outside the shop, especially in this weather.” 

“You really are one of the good ones, sunshine.” Oliver bet over to kiss Martin on the cheek, smiling fondly at his boyfriend.

From somewhere behind the cereal shelf they could hear Jon trying very hard not to yell.

“No, Gerry, we are NOT going to buy a year's supply of Oreos! You need vitamins !”