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we tried the world; good god it wasn't for us

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Gerry was woken up by the lack of someone's arm around him and the sound of clinking dishes. Long hair a complete mess, yawning and trying to find his way without switching on the light, he stumbled into their small kitchen.

“Babe, why are you awake at... 6 am?” He blinked at the clock on the wall, a cat shaped one that Jon had insisted on. His boyfriend Oliver, eyes closed and in only his boxer shorts, was pouring another spoon of coffee into the machine.

“I’m not awake.. go back to bed.” His voice was raspy from sleep and Gerry wanted nothing more than to pull him back into bed with him. But he knew Oliver well enough to know that that wouldn’t happen, so he just pressed a kiss onto his boyfriend’s forehead and made his way into the bathroom to freshen up.


“Are you decent?” Martin knocked on the bathroom door, but he also opened it in the same moment without waiting for an answer.

Mawtin ou ave feen me- ” Gerry took the toothbrush out of his mouth, his hair finally in a very messy bun up on his head. One stubborn streak was hanging into his eyes, still. “Martin, it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before.”  

“That is true, but I still-” Martins words were cut off by a very minty kiss pressed against his lips.

“You are a gentleman, I know. Good morning, sunshine. The bathroom is all yours.” 


Back in the kitchen, Oliver had managed to open at least one eye and was nose deep in his first cup of strong, black coffee. He watched as Gerry added one, two, three spoons of sugar and a big dash of non-dairy milk into his own cup. 

“I still remember the day you wanted to impress me by saying you drink your coffee ‘ as black as your soul’ and didn’t even get down one sip of it.”

“Doing everything for the aesthetic.” Martin laughed as he walked into the room and dared to switch on the light. The hurt moans coming from his boyfriends had him yet again wonder if he actually lived with a bunch of vampires. 

“Has anyone woken Jon yet?” he asked while rummaging through the tea cabinet, trying to decide on today’s flavour. “Whose turn is it? Gerry’s?”

A deep sigh, but Gerry detached from Oliver's lap to stand up and walk into the second bedroom to get Jon. The blinds let in just enough light for him to not fall over a pile of books on the floor. All he could see in the twilight was a tangle of Jon’s long hair peeking out of the sheets. 

“Jon, sweetheart, it’s time to wake up.” Incoherent mumbling. Jon only pulled the blanket further around his body, curling up into an adorable Jon-burrito. 

“Come on now, you’ll be late for work.” He tried to get Jon out of the warm covers, failing miserably. 

“Five more minutes, Gerry….”


Martin and Oliver watched their boyfriends through the open kitchen door. Gerry carried Jon, who was still clutching a pillow, towards the bathroom. He had simply thrown the sleepy man over his shoulder.  

“I can’t believe this is our morning routine,” Martin sighed. He was leaning against the kitchen counter with his favourite cup in hand, a smile playing around his lips. 

“Really?” Oliver looked over to him, an eyebrow raised, his grin making him look almost awake. “This is exactly what I imagined our morning routine to be like. Do we have any coffee left?”