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“You two need a honeymoon,” Susan declared a few days later. Waltzing swiftly into the Kings breakfast room and stealing an apple off the table. Edmund looked up from his toast and considered unhooking his foot from Caspian’s. He didn’t.

“It’s the best way to get the council to hurry up and move on”. Susan continued pulling a chair up next to Edmund. “And also I can’t stand another day of you both shamelessly mooning over one another”.

“Su” Edmund protested, feeling a flutter of embarrassment. Susan crunched into her apple and raised her eyebrows at Edmund. Alright, she had a point.

“I agree,” Caspian said, putting down his cutlery. “However I can’t get the nobles to agree on anything at the moment”. Susan smiled prettily at Caspian, it was the smile she used in poker games. Edmund put his toast down suddenly invested.

Lucy was at the docks, Dawn Treader was set for sail. “Ship’s ready!” Lucy called with a wide smile. Nabiyah was with Lucy, she looked extremely happy to get to see a ship ready itself for sail.

“Where are we going?” Caspian asked Susan. He seemed a shade concerned. Edmund didn’t blame him, when Susan got an idea she could be terrifying.
“The Lone Islands” Susan replied her poker grin in full force. Edmund reached out and linked his fingers with Caspian’s.

Peter and Anwar were amongst the people and Narnians milling around the docks. They had Rilian with them.

Rilian immediately dragged Edmund off to look at a crab he had found.
“Um, will everything be alright if we go?” Edmund heard Caspian ask.
“We have everything handled” Susan reassured Caspian. “After all, we've had years of practice ruling Narnia”.
“It will be perfectly fine,” Peter said. Edmund could see Peter and Susan were smiling in an eerily similar way. Caspian didn’t seem very assured that they had everything in hand.
“Don’t worry, this is great practice for Calormen, you wouldn’t believe the politics there-”. Anwar chimed in.

Edmund swooped in grabbing Caspian. “Alright thank you, Peter no sword fights allowed” Edmund said dragging Caspian away from his well meaning siblings.

“They are going to start a war with half the council aren’t they” Caspian sighed letting Edmund guide him towards the Dawn Treader.
“It’ll be fine, Lucy will stop them from offending too many people”.

Caspian tilted his head in acknowledgement of Lucy’s superior skill. “Anwar is a very good babysitter,” Caspian said, nodding towards where Anwar and Rilian were. Rilian was babbling rapidly and Anwar looked perfectly in his element.


It was actually very nice to be on the ship. It was peaceful, and no one interrupted them with timetables or policys or curtain issues.

“Hah, the cabin is exactly the same,” Caspian said happily, running his eye over the inside. He was smiling widely, and Edmund hadn’t seen Caspian smile so lightly like that for three whole days.

Someone had left a box of dried sweet fruits on the small table by the bed. Caspian picked out a sweet and ate it. “Do you remember last time we were in here?” Caspian drawled slowly, looking Edmund up and down. And yes, yes Edmund did.

Caspian leaned over Edmund and slowly kissed him softly pressing his lips against Edmund’s gently biting at Edmunds mouth. Edmund dug his hands through Capspian’s long hair tangling his legs with Caspian’s. Edmund licked into Caspian’s mouth chasing the taste of sugar in his mouth. Caspian kissed down the side of Edmund’s neck running his hands down Edmund’s side’s and hooking them under the waistband of his trousers.