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Dawn Treader

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Things were worse. So much worse. The first time Edmund had left Narnia, his memories of Narnia had been blurred. Edmund remembered everything. Edmund remembered the feel of Caspian’s back under his hands. The taste of his mouth, the sound of his voice, the scent of moss and flowers. Edmund remembered the confused pleading look on Caspian’s face that day Edmund had walked through the doorway. Edmund almost wished that he would forget like the first time. And then Edmund took it back, he never wanted to forget Caspian.

When they had returned to England, the Narnian clothes they had been wearing were exchanged for the school uniforms they had abandoned amongst the ruins of Cair Paravel. The pendant Caspian had gifted Edmund stayed with him. Edmund always wore it around his neck, close to his heart.

Which is why Edmund was currently trying to murder his twerp of a couisn. Eustace the snotty brat, had stolen Edmund’s pendant when he had been sleeping. This was one of the many reasons Edmund had not wanted to share a room.

“EDMUND!” Lucy screamed, Eustace made a worrying gurgling noise under Edmunds hands. Edmund released his cousin from the choke hold he had been holding him in. Lucy was instantly by Edmund's side, putting herself between him and Eustace. Lucy’s worried face filled Edmund’s vision.

“You tried to kill me!” Eustace spluttered behind her in his obnoxious whining voice. Edmund reminded himself that Eustace was only twelve, and he was his cousin. “I’m going to tell Harold and Alberta!” His annoying cousin. Eustace scrambled out of the bedroom.

Edmund sighed, closing his eyes. “What happened?” Lucy asked.
“He stole my pendant” Edmund said, he got up ignoring Lucy’s sad eyes. Edmund didn’t want to face her right now. He knew he had over reacted, but Edmund really didn’t want to hear it. He was just glad Peter and Susan weren’t here to scold him.

Edmund could hear Eustace loudly whining at his parents that Edmund had lost it, it was like the ice cream incident. Edmund winced at that comment. He was not proud of how he had acted a week ago. Susan and mother were going to America to join father and Peter was off to medical school. Their mother had decided to surprise them by treating them all to a rare ice cream, she had also invited cousin Eustace.

Edmund had taken one look at the frozen treat and left the shop. Mother had asked if it was similar to his hatred of Turkish Delight, Edmund may or may not have started to cry. Eustace had seen it all and had not let it go. Edmund almost wished that he had actually killed him. He instantly felt bad, Edmund had once been an obnoxious idiot. Eustace really wasn’t that different. And besides, Eustace didn’t know the background. Edmund would also be deathly curious if ice cream had made someone cry. He went to face the music.

Aunt Alberta sentenced Edmund to washing up duty for the rest of their stay. Uncle Harold grunted from behind his newspaper. Eustace gave Edmund his pendant back, but not before calling it a dumb girly necklace. Edmund put his pendant back on resting it over his heart. A weight lifted from his shoulders. Eustace gave him a guilty look.