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disarmingly charming

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the house smelled of one thing, domestic. if that even has a smell. but for yoongi, yes it does and that is what his house, his home smells like right now. with the simmer of air lingering inside the corners of the room, smells of bacon, fried eggs, and toasts. not forgetting about the coffee he has everyday no matter what the occasion is, also last but definitely must not forget is his boyfriend's warm milk for breakfast

and just like that his boyfriend just got out of their shared room, their love nest, in which the younger prefers it to be called. "i smelled bacons" yoongi just hummed in acknowledgement watching his lover take a sit on their dining area, "smelled nice?" yoongi asked placing the younger's warm milk on his favorite warm yellow coaster. leaving a quick peck on his bed hair. "hmmm goodmorning to you too boyfriend". yoon smiled and sat himself on the chair

he picked up the toast while he was eyeing the younger, hoseok wasn't moving at all the place was silent, both of them just hearing the calmness of their breathes. yoongi enjoying his view of hoseok totally worn out just before having his breakfast. he waited for atleast a couple of minutes when he stood up and went to the small bathroom they have near the area. the older took a ponytail from the hooks sticked to their bathroom wall, making his way back to the small dining area where thankfully his sunshine boyfriend is half awake, except that his hair is all fluffed around looking like a puppy that hasn't been brushed for ages, eyes barely visible, cheeks bright red and mouth that did nothing but mutter small slurs.

he gently took hoseok's face on his hands and made him face up on him, the younger's eyes openined a bit which yoongi found adorable and very hard to resist. he knows his boyfriend's hair is just too long for everyone's liking during mornings like this, but he cared zero percent and loved the way how it suited hoseok, he loves the way how he can tie it into a man bun, loves how his boyfriends crunches his brows everytime his hair gets into their way in the middle of making out resulting of him whining to the older to tie his hair and let him make out more to his hyung, which always resulted of a putty yoongi whipped for his oblivious at the same time whipped boyfriend. he can not also forget how he loves to see hoseok in a bun, out of no where or even planned looking like a hot meal ready to be devoured, him ready to sprawl out for the younger to be bent down on his knees, get his arse slammed and moan wantonly, all lewed things hoseok can do to him and he's in it, very into it.

he tugged the black elastic tie on his hands, gathering the pile of hair that are on hoseok's way, tugging it purposely a bit harsher than normal just to wake the sleeping energy in him. resulting of a deep grunts from him, hypocritically making the older a bit aroused, or maybe more.

"babe c'mon, few minutes till bath time and you've barely touched your meal yet." yoongi whined effectively waking the younger up, knowing how hoseok hates it when he feels upset. "m'sorry, im too tired from last night i feel like sleeping all day" yoongi blushed from the mention of their previous night, bawdy images of him purring all night moaning loud screaming only one name forgetting all of his vocabulary and remember only hoseok's name, last night was amazing and definitely needed by the two. "want me to scrub your hair for you today?" with the mention of that said task he can not deny how that woke hoseok up. it was a developed habit by the two of them, they unknowingly developed it while they were still in the middle of just dating. when yoongi came over to take care of sick hoseok, the younger frankly asked for a help in the shower since he knew better than taking a slippery bath with a dizzy mind. the moment the older's finger touched his scalp he knew who he wanted for the rest of his life

"hmm, can you do that?, i mean you have work too babe" hoseok blushed, its been so long but everyday is just another day of falling deeper for the man infront of him. "i wouldn't exchange it for the world sunshine" and hoseok smiled at his lover, don't you just love how good life is?, because hoseok does.

when both of them were settled with breakfast, after the occasional playful teasing and banters, over the slight swinging of hoseok's crazy looking hairdo, and with a blushing mess yoongi when his lover accidentally reminded him of the night before and the many nights filled with wondrous adventures of them in bed, practically a semi hard on resting on both of their boxers, but neither of them was on the mood to give a mind about it and just share sweet kisses from each other. t'was now the time to clean the dishes, usually the two of them will do it. yoongi will be the one to rinse and soap it while hoseok will be the one who's incharge of telling stories and drying them then placing them back on their respective places. but today hoseok insisted on doing this chore alone and letting yoongi rest even for a bit, he knows how it's tiring for yoongi to wake up in a very early time especially since his hyung mentioned to him that today's work was abruptly canceled do to a turbulence that happened in the site making the surroundings unsafe for the workers to wander around. leaving yoongi a day off and he guesses more of it while the work area is not yet cleared.

instead of taking a rest and get cuddled on their big couch, thanks to yoongi who wooed his young lover to buy this humongous set of cushions for him to laze around. he marched to their room and went to check on their closet, honestly speaking hoseok's closet. but what hoseok's is yoongi's and what yoongi's is hoseok's so basically their closet. numerous colorful clothing clouded his eyes, some that are filled with letters numbers even troublesome words that he usually uses for club nights, but still are too colorful. yoongi glided the sliding door further, gently this time since the last time he was being a bit harsh and almost broke the mirror that was attached to the frame . it revealed more of hoseok's work clothes, different styles from different brands. luxury branded accessories that are seperately organized on the top shelves of their closet. yoongi smiled to himself while picking up a blue oversized dress shirt, at the same time on the same row in the rack he managed to find one of hoseok's dark fitting slacks that blends well with this. he took it out of the shelves then gently closing it, but then rapidly opens it again when he forgot to bring out the designer gucci belt hoseok got from him for their 1st anniversary together [he'll let him borrow it just this time]. which was basically 4 years ago exactly last week. he did not risk of getting himself badly injured so he took the stool that his boyfriend teasingly placed there one time when he encountered the older almost falling and causing accident. ever since then he frowned everytime hoseok mentions it, still in denial of how the bright pink plastic stool is a big help for him to save him from an absolute crisis. yoongi who is now standing infront of their bed admiring the outfit he chose humming very pleased, he got hoseok's towel from their rack and marched back to the kitchen where he spotted his hoseok drying off his hands on the towel hooked on their refrigerator.

"you're smiling so bright maybe its my turn to call you sunshine?" hoseok teased taking yoongi's slim waist between his pair of hands. "no, i dont want to steal your spotlight pun not intended" hoseok frowned beacuse of the terrible joke but yoongi wiped it away by bringing their noses to touch and gently sway both of their head to give each other "nose kisses". "why are you smiling so wide then" hoseok asked to which yoongi replied with a swift kiss "because i love you" hoseok groaned as much as he liked how everything felt he cant keep the butterflies to himself and he had to groan it out. "baby i swear im about to take my shower and you are about to rinse my scalp, please dont make me take you there". yoongi laughed at the comment as he pushed away from his boyfriend still keeping the tight grasp with him. "no i wont, im keeping my clothes on. that is why i brought here with me your towel" hoseok smiled wider and kissed his man's temple

"you know i love you right?" hoseok asked, "you know that i would always love to keep it that way baby" yoongi replied not long after following "also i may or may not have picked up your outfit to work that will really look good with the gucci platforms tae gave you last week" hoseok groaned so loud that yoongi had to kiss him to shut him up, that maybe led to a blushing yoongi and a moaning hoseok inside the confined space of their bedroom bathroom as someone in particular is busy sucking the shit out of someone in particular. no one knows, just maybe, let your imagination run wild as the couple always says.