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Cosplay Darling

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“Isn't that...?”

You were on your way home from work, having finished up just a few minutes late due to a deadline crunch. None of that could be placed on you, but that wasn't the important thing you were looking to focus on at the moment. No, what you saw coming across Silverman Gym, a somewhat new place in the middle of the city, was a small group of women heading out, their duffel bags over their shoulders as they appeared refreshed from their workouts. Two of the girls were far from unfamiliar to you, a tan blonde who looked as though she was slimming down, with a small muffin top under her school blouse, another whose mind seemed to be reeling after, mouth watering over something. You assume the buff guys that inhabit the gym.

But no, the most important figure walking out was your teacher girlfriend, Satomi Tachibana. You hadn't seen her in a while since work was crazy busy, and your time to see her was limited as a result. You had seen her pictures on social media and in text chats, but seeing how fit she was getting over time in person was something else.

You obviously had to take the moment to approach her and talk to her.

“Satomi, hey!” You rushed up to her in your business attire, a smile on your face as the teacher turned to face you. For some reason, she seemed startled by your presence, as the surprised look on her face illustrated to you. Upon closer examination, you saw she had a tan, something you hadn't noticed in her pictures.

“Wh-what are you doing here?!” Satomi shouted, gripping the strap of her gym bag tightly. “I thought you were working late!”

“Hey, teach, you know this guy?” said the blonde, her head cocked to the side.

“Uh, well, yes...” Satomi said, addressing the younger woman. “Hibiki, Akemi, this is my...boyfriend.” She said that in an oddly quiet tone, as if she was embarrassed by your presence. The look on the other girls' faces, who are apparently her students, tells them why this is the case.

“Tachibana-sensei has a boyfriend?” said the black haired girl, Akemi, as if startled by the news. “But...he doesn't look very swole.”

“Swole?” you asked, as if it were your turn to be confused. “Is that some new slang I'm not aware of?”

“N-Nevermind that!” Satomi said, waving her hands at you with a nervous laugh. “This is just a really big surprise is all! I didn't think you'd find me here, of all places!”

“Why's that?”

“I think she's just embarrassed to be seen with her students.” Akemi said teasingly. “Come on, there's no shame in working out with other girls.”

“The fact it's with other girls isn't my worry.” whined Satomi as she slouched over. “It's the age.”

“...Wait, why's that bad?” you asked. “Satomi, it's no big deal if you're with high school students, you're only twenty-ni-”


“But I-” Before you even had a chance to say another word, Satomi was shoving you off in the direction of her apartment, her students staring blankly as the distance grew between you. Once you were far enough from them, Satomi doubled over, clearly out of breath from how hard she worked to push you away. “Uh, Satomi? I think you did more work doing that than you did anything at the gym.”

“Sorry...” she said, getting her second wind, brushing her bangs from her face. “It was just embarrassing to let my students see me outside of school. I try to get away from them, but everywhere I turn, there they are.”

You had a chuckle at her misfortune. “Well, if that's the case, I know just the place we can go where they won't be able to show up.”

“Would that be my place?” she asked.

“You bet. I've been wanting to see some of your new cosplays for some timmmmph.” Your mouth was covered by Satomi, her hands placed on your lips as she looked around in a panic.

“Quiet!” she hissed. “I don't want anyone knowing that I double as a cosplayer.”

“...Is there anything you actually want people to know about your life?” you asked sincerely.

“Uh...” Satomi sweated profusely, as if it only just dawned on her what she was doing subconsciously. “Well you see...”

“I mean you seem to enjoy being secretive about a lot of things. I'd swear it was a secret kink of yours.”

“It's just, I want to try and keep my work life and my personal life separate. I can't help it that it keeps trying to intersect at different points in my life!”

“Maybe that's a sign that you should let them do just that.” you pointed out.

“No.” Satomi said, tugging on your ear as she pulled you away. “Let's just get to my place, it's getting late as it is.”

“Ow! Ow! Okay, geez, I'm getting a good feeling for how hard you've been working out!” you groaned, letting the teacher tug you away even as you were slightly humiliated.


“Geez, look at that muscle!”

You had a laugh seeing Satomi as she removed her blouse, prepared to change out of her teacher attire and fitting into something a bit more comfortable. As in, sweatpants and a tank top. You wagered she was so used to coming home on her own that she was so quick to change as soon as she entered the door. She wasn't 'swole' as one of the students called it, but she definitely looked like a different person once the clothes came off. She had a much leaner build to her, and you could see the tone in her biceps, especially when she raised her arms up. There was something about how it made the side of her breast look,especially where it met her armpit. “You've definitely been working on yourself, babe!”

“You, um, think so?” Satomi asked with a nervous smile.

“Well, you're just very, um...toned.” you said, realizing that you may have been overstepping your boundaries just a bit. “I'm sorry, it's hard to ignore you when I haven't seen you in so long.”

“But what about my photos I send you?”

“I can only enjoy those for so long,” you admitted bluntly, “but having the real thing in my hands? That's always a prize.” You watched as Satomi blushed, taken aback by your words.

“W-Well, I do my best to keep in shape.” she said. “But when you're dealing with a bunch of students with more energy in their whole bodies than just their pinky...”

“Yeah, but those girls aren't going out of their way to cosplay, are they?”You tease Satomi by coming up behind her, pushing your finger against her belly. You traced along the outline of the diamond-shaped tan around her stomach, hearing her shiver just from the mere touch. “I bet those girls saw this without trouble.”

“They did...” she admitted, leaning her head against your chest. “But they didn't push too hard about it, thank God.”

“It's a cute little mark,” you said, “nothing to be ashamed of, even if it sticks out like a sore thumb.”

“Right, thanks...” she said with a light chuckle.

“I have an idea, since we're alone. Why don't you show me how one of your outfits look on you now that you have some muscle to you?”

“Are you sure?” Satomi asked. “I'm a little worried that the tone will rip into them.”

“Don't worry about it,” you said, pecking her cheek, “even if it does you can sew it back up.”

“Fiiine.” she said, heading into her bedroom for a change. “Just stay here and wait patiently.”

You chuckled, taking a seat on her sofa as you waited patiently for her. The thoughts of Satomi and her new build were racing through your mind, even as you heard repeated grunts and struggling groans coming from her bedroom. Though it sounded like she was having a hard time with the outfits, you remember hearing these noises before; it was just a normal thing for cosplayers to go through, no matter what their build.

After what must have been twenty minutes, Satomi returned to you, walking into the room wearing leather pants and a jacket, with boots that had a skull sewn into the tongue. Underneath was a black tank top, one that fitted tightly against her curves. You thought the teacher was a beautiful specimen to begin with, but wearing the 'biker girl' gear that you adored a few Comikets back, it brought back some fantastic memories of that trip.

“It's so tight...” Satomi groaned as she made her way over to you. She sat atop your lap, getting her chest in your face even as she complained.

“You didn't have to pick it, yanno.” you teased, running your hands over her curves. “It still looks nice on you.”

“Really? You think so?”

“Satomi, you're twenty-nine, you still look good, okay? Just relax.” You brought her head down to meet yours, giving her a passionate kiss on the lips. Her voice echoed inside your mouth, her hands resting on your shoulders. She accepted your embrace with ease, running her hands over your collar to slowly remove the jacket from your body. She was quick to start undressing you, which impressed you given she had just gotten changed.

“It's been so long,” she said, pulling away from your lips to unbutton your shirt, “I can't remember the last time we were able to get so intimate.”

“Neither can I,” you admitted, moaning as she ran her hands over your exposed chest, “but that's why we need to make the most of these little moments, don't you think?”

“Mhm...” Satomi said, sucking her lower lip as she felt your build. “I've missed this.”

“This hasn't changed a bit,” you teased, making it your turn to remove Satomi's leather jacket off of her arms, “but you have. I want to show some appreciation to your new tone.” With her jacket off, you could see the tone in her biceps very well, especially getting a hint of side boob given how her top was laid out. You lifted her top up just enough that you could see her abs, and while they may not have been rigid like most bodybuilders you've eyed, they were definitely present in some form. You couldn't help but see how lean the teacher had grown, wanting to show your admiration of her physique and the time it took to work on those muscles.

You leaned in to press against the diamond tan on her belly, which caused her to shiver from the sensitivity it caused. She didn't seem to mind it, judging by the way her hands cupped the back of your head and pushed against her stomach. Your hands ran up the underside of her shirt, pushing upwards until you reached her breasts. She gasped as your palms pushed up against her nipples, causing her to moan once more.

“My breasts aren't my muscles, you jerk.” she said, finally laughing at you.

“They still feel good.” you admitted. Your lips showed their enjoyment of her workout sessions, running up her abdomen while you massaged her breasts. Every second you heard Satomi moan, as though you were slowly arousing her into appreciation of your touch.

“Here, why not enjoy this?” Satomi offered, raising her arm up. “Don't think I didn't see you glancing around here before.”

You did so, with Satomi leaning into you so your mouth could get a feel for the crevice that had formed in the armpit. Your hands massaged away at her bicep, feeling the tone that went into building that particular muscle. The teacher cooed as your tongue lashed away where her arm met her chest, nibbling into the skin while she exhaled.

“Oh, my god...” moaned the teacher. “You really do love my body, don't you?”

“More than you'd think.” you admitted, switching up to the other side of her. You proceeded to do the same thing to the other arm, showing Satomi your appreciation of her efforts in working out, while also smelling the sweat that had likely formed following the workout session, or even that long run from the gym.

“Mmmph...okay, I'm glad you appreciate me and my body,” she said, finally moving away from your caressing lips, “but I think I should show you MY appreciation for you.”

She slipped off your lap, though a bit faster than she would have liked thanks to the leather she was wearing for pants. Once she was between your legs she pulled your cock out of your pants, giving it a quick stroke while she salivated at your erection. You had to admit, there was at least a 'give and take' vibe to your relationship; you take admiration in her body, and she does the same in your crotch.

She pecked away at your cock, humming in delight of the taste that it left on her lips. She soon pushed her lips over the crown, savoring the flavor that her tongue felt as it tickled the tip. You hummed in delight, gripping onto her sofa as she pushed down on the glans. One thing you were happy about, despite not having seen her in some time, her oral talents were still on point, moving further on your shaft without concern over her gag reflexes. That was how much she enjoyed your member, she was willing to keep her throat in as much shape as her body just to satiate her need to deep throat your dick.

Though she reached the base with her lips so easily, Satomi formed a diamond with her fingers and thumbs around the member, pushing down on your crotch to keep you in place. The teacher pulled back her head, slurping up the salty taste along the way. Her eyes shut as she savored the musky aroma emanating from your groin, keeping it to memory when you both finished up for the evening. When her lips pushed up against your bell, she enjoyed teasing away at the urethral slit, gathering up the small dollops of precum that had been building up. It may not have been as good as the actual substance that she wanted, but it worked until you released that load.

Amusingly, you found Satomi using this as an odd opportunity to work out as well, judging by the movement her arms made, as though she were performing a modified push-up against your crotch. Her hands moved over your thighs, which she used for support as she moved back from your body. It was pretty clear to you that she had been growing a mindset for using exercise in all aspects of her life, even if just barely.

Then again, you did consider sex to be quite the workout session when you both put your all into it.

Satomi did stop doing the push back, but she kept her mouth open while her tongue moved about your rod. The crown was slowly lathered with her saliva, with you enjoying the motions her tongue made against the tip. It was different to watch it in action rather than feel it moving around your member, but the teacher seemed to enjoy that regardless. She was probably in heat after the workout she had earlier, having built up some sexual frustration since she looked to get back in shape. You had no complaints, as it made her look more desirable than before.

Even as your cock throbbed against her tongue, she kept her mouth open, much to your amusement. You supposed Satomi had her reasons, but it would be interesting to see when she finally got a taste of your load. Inhaling through your nostrils, your eyes rolled back as you held off on the release, but you could only do so for so long. Given the work the teacher's tongue was performing on you, it was only a matter of time before you let loose.

As predicted, your load shot into her mouth, directly targeted into the back of her throat. There was little in missing the aim, but it was hard to miss given how close to her lips it was while your member was sitting atop Satomi's tongue. Her mouth filled up with your cream, pooling quickly given how much you were shooting in. Once you had finished, Satomi swallowed it down, opening her mouth back up to show off how clean her mouth had become afterwards.

“Hoo, shit...” you groaned, resting your head on the sofa. “You've definitely worked more than your body since the last time I saw you.”

“I'm glad you noticed.” Satomi said, licking her lips off. She took a moment to clean your cock off, gathering the little bits of cum that were still leaking out the slit. “You know, my tongue isn't the only thing that could use that sort of workout tonight.” It was the emphasis on 'my' that caught your attention, understanding just what she meant in that regard. She began by pivoting around so that her ass was in your face, bending over as she peeled off her leather pants, revealing she had taken her panties off after getting changed. You enjoyed the view of her pussy between her legs, seeing your girlfriend was already getting wet. “Well? Are you going to dig in?”

You removed yourself from the sofa, leaning into her ass while sucking on her folds. It was definitely a different means of showing your appreciation for her body, but you felt the same tone in her glutes as you held onto them while digging into her muff. You savored the taste of her lubrication as you puckered against her private region, sucking hard on them to gather the taste on your tongue. You heard Satomi humming heavily, pulling her top off while she continued to bend over. Though the teacher did inevitably stand upright, she unintentionally showed off the build of her back, seeing the tone in her figure without realizing she was giving you that sight.

You couldn't help but run your hands up her back, just to feel the ridges that went into sculpting her current figure. They weren't overly muscular and detailed, but it was still hard to ignore how fit the teacher had become. You hummed in delight of the taste of Satomi's pussy, while she moaned in pleasure from how you were toying with her twat.

“Oh, God, your tongue is so good...” Satomi said, inhaling just as you jabbed it between her folds. Using it to swirl around her canal, you hear the teacher purring loudly, her rear pushing against your face just to smother yourself. It was nice to feel your face against her ass once again, even if the tone of her rear was much different compared to the last time you were buried by her derriere.

“Mmmmph, that's enough.” said Satomi, pulling away from you. Your tongue pulled back from her snatch, her fluids trailing from your tongue to the floor. You were confused for a moment until she fully kicked her leather pants off her ankles, then sat back on the sofa. “How about you stick something else inside for a change?”

Grinning like an idiot, you stood up off the floor and went back to Satomi, stroking your cock to make sure it was fully erect once more. You even rubbed away at the folds, using your crown to massage against them just to make sure the fluids lubricated you perfectly well. Lifting her legs up, your teacher girlfriend held onto her ankles, giving you the best access possible when you finally pushed through.

Your cock head finally penetrated Satomi's pussy, watching her teeth grit while her eyes rolled back. Her body trembled for a moment while your rod pushed through the canal, stretching it out just to fill it with your girth. “Keep going...” Satomi insisted. “Push deeper. Fill me up with your cock...”

One thing you enjoyed about her workout sessions, and you hadn't thought about it until now, was how your girlfriend clamped down on your cock with her canal, clenching in to tighten up around your rod. She only did it for a brief moment, perhaps just to flex herself out, but it still felt good for a brief moment how it felt squeezing into your dick.

When both of you were ready, you began to pump your hips into Satomi, watching her breasts bounce about with every thrust into her. She had been resting on her back, positioning herself so she could watch you work against her while holding onto her legs. She was moaning through closed lips, showing appreciation for your talent in jutting your cock inside her sheath.

You slapped hard into her backside, leaning over Satomi for a better angle. You stared down at her while you bucked hard against her, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing just slightly inside the living space of her apartment. Her moans turned to grunts as she felt your pace picking up against her body. There was a bit more aggression going against her, though that was being done to test the durability of her newfound muscles, especially those in the lower body.

“Harder...keep...going harder.” begged Satomi, sweat slowly forming on her skin. Her eyes rolled back as she licked her lips, her body tensing up as you continued to ream her pussy with your rod. She was enjoying herself, as you could tell by the trail of vaginal juices traveling down your dick. The fluids did a good job of covering your cock in them, lubricating your member so that it could slide in and out of her with ease.

Your tip prodded against Satomi's cervix hard, causing the teacher to grunt the harder you went against it. You weren't intending to penetrate it and slide into her womb, but the idea did arouse you greatly. The teacher's legs dropped, only to wrap around your torso and pull you into her, using her toned muscles to dictate the speed you were going at. Unexpectedly, she grinned up at you, a mischievous expression on her face while staring on.

“What's so funny?” you asked.

“What I'm about to do.” she replied.

You don't really know how she managed it, as it went like a blur, but Satomi used her legs to flip you off your feet and onto the sofa, laying lengthwise while your head rested on the arm rest. The teacher even pivoted around on you, giving you that similar view you had while eating her pussy out. You could see her ass bounce against your lap as she dropped down on your shaft, getting a good idea of just how hard she had been working out. It was still a pleasant view for you, especially as she raised her arms up, with her hands resting on the back of her head to flex her biceps. The teacher was giving you a gun show to remember, and you were enjoying every moment of it.

“You like that?” asked Satomi, looking back at you as she shifted her movement, swinging her hips over your lap while your cock shifted about inside her snatch. “It has to feel really nice, right? My toned ass dropping down on your dick?”

“It's real nice...” you moaned, sucking your lip while you reached out for her ass. You gave it another squeeze, eliciting a purr from Satomi as you firmly grasped it.

“You really like my ass, don't you?” asked the teacher, pushing back down on your lap as it squished against you. “I think the view looks fantastic to you.”

“Yes, it does...” you moaned. You couldn't help yourself, pumping your hips in the air against Satomi, hearing her groan as your tip repeatedly pushed against the cervix. The panting sounds she made as she bent over, resting her arms on the opposite arm rest were loud and heavy, making you imagine that her eyes were rolling back from repeated jabs inside her canal. You were pumping hard into your girlfriend, watching her backside ripple with every thrust you made.

Though it was a bit awkward to do, you managed to sit up, leaning into Satomi, your chest resting against her back. With your bodies sweating, your skin stuck to hers, but you felt you had the better end of the deal; you felt every crevice that her muscles made on her back, toned and lean to first the aesthetic she was rolling for. It felt wonderful to touch with your pecs, your hardened nipples pressing into her.

The teacher reached for your hands, rubbing them over the front side of her body. She allowed you to feel up her abs, leading them slowly up to her chest. From there Satomi left them to rest on her breasts, allowing you to fondle them while you bucked away at her ass. You felt the firmness of her mounds, realizing that they hadn't changed so much compared to the rest of her body. And yet, they fit her figure well, adding to the beauty and luster that you admired her for.

“Come on,” she groaned, reaching her arm back to wrap around your head, “keep going. You deserve a little workout too. Pound my ass harder!”

You chuckle, thinking little of what she was implying about yourself. You did enough exercise moving back and forth to work, and didn't need the same effort as her. You ignored that part and heard where she begged for more, pumping away harder at her backside while leaning into her neck. You peck away at her collarbone, bringing your teeth into her skin for a quick and light nibble. You tweaked away at her nipples, hearing a light mewl escape her mouth.

“Ah God.” she moaned. “It feels so good!” She rocked her waist back and forth against your hips, meeting with you as your cock continued to slide inside her muff. Combined, both your moans were getting louder, your voices filled with excitement at the prospect of cumming in unison. Satomi turned her head to face you, eyes locking as she sucked her lower lip. She managed to tilt back and meet with your lips, locking them together just before one last thrust against her rear.

The two of you remained connected together, in more ways than one, as you released your fluids in unison. Your seed filled up Satomi's snatch, flooding her canal to the point that your seed was oozing from her snatch in a matter of seconds. The teacher herself quivered as her fluids dripped out of her canal, dribbling down your dick and balls until it made its way onto the couch. Neither of you worried about the mess made, as the couch itself was pretty old to begin with, not to mention it was far from the first time you had fun on there. But the sensation of being together after so long was fantastic, especially because you were able to see just how fantastic the teacher was now that she was in much better shape.

When you pulled your lips apart and popped your cock from her sheath, Satomi fell back into you, catching her in your arms as she had the doofiest smile on her face. “That was wonderful...” she sighed, a trail of saliva forming on her lower lip.

“I bet.” you sighed. “You must be really exhausted between this and working out.”

“I don't mind.” she insisted, lifting herself up just to quickly peck your cheek. “Tomorrow's Sunday, anyway. I have all of tomorrow to spend with you if you have the time.”

“Um...yeah, I don't see why not.”

“Great!” Satomi said, snuggling up against you. “I can make a very special breakfast in the morning.”

You thought that you were going to her bed, but Satomi passed out right on top of you. As the worn out teacher began to snore heavily, you sighed and laid back on the sofa, deciding that this definitely seemed like the best place to sleep for the night. You even had the perfect cover on top of you.


When you awoke, you found Satomi was gone, no longer laying atop your body. The morning had arrived, and you could smell the wonderful aroma of eggs and bacon being made in the kitchen. Grabbing your pants, you pulled them up and headed in, expecting to see your girlfriend working at the stove. And you certainly did, but you hadn't expected to find her like this.

“Good morning!” she said in a chipper tune. Tachibana wore a blue wig over her head, presumably taking on the cosplay persona she held, Yulia Riko. You were especially surprised to see that she wore no clothes underneath her apron, a startling thing to do when working a hot stove with greasy food.

“This is a welcoming sight to see.” you said, approaching her from behind. “Just tell me you didn't burn yourself.”

“What do you take me for, a complete klutz?” she pouted as you pecked her cheek. “Go to the table and wait for your meal. I made sure to put a lot of protein into this.”

“Sounds good. But where's your share of the meal?”

“Don't you worry,” she said, giving you a wink, “I have another source of protein to eat from.”

That surprisingly took a bit of time for you to understand.