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Dinner for Two

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With the impending approach of his sister Henry, who was beyond thrilled, had set up a surprise of his own. A final mother and son date. And with his Mom taking time off to prepare herself for the last stages of pregnancy  he could not think of a better time. He’d left a card on her desk in the study and waited for the confirmation text which arrived around lunch time.

I do humbly accept your request, Little Prince.

It’s a date. I’ll see you after school my Queen.

Regina smiled softly to herself. Her baby boy was growing up. He had already surpassed herself and Emma in height taking on the build of his grandfather Charming. He was steadfast in his beliefs which thankfully no longer revolved around bringing down the Evil Queen who was easily no more. Soon she would be looking upon her daughter and reminiscing over Henry. It was bittersweet to think of him making his way in the world. Whichever world he would be choosing in a few short years the idea of letting him go being a known necessity and yet the complete opposite of her nature.

He practically adored her such a far cry from a few years past. They often used cooking as a way to spend time together and teach him life skills. She could rest easy knowing that he wouldn’t starve no matter what realm he was in. The Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke having opened trade and updating the homeland to include things like plumbing and electric in some areas.

When the knock at the door came she was greeted with perfect white lilies in front of her face before her boy lowered them. He placed a kiss upon her cheek and bent down to say hello to his sister. “You may have hijacked her womb but I’m high jacking her back.” He teased chuckling. Off he went to change out of his school uniform. When he returned he was sporting his favorite navy blue blazer, button-up and pressed jeans. Her Little Prince.

“Shall we?” he asked lending his arm to her and walking her to the Mercedes. As was his custom he opened the door letting her settle in. After careful navigation they landed at the town park. She let him lead and he grabbed her hand and take them for a walk. The easy silence only punctuated by smiles as she waited for him to speak. “I never said thank you for loving me when I wasn’t so loveable.”

“Neither did I.” Regina said bringing a slow smile to his face.

“Yeah, yeah well as a mom it’s kind of your job.” He poked “But for real, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” She answered as he put an arm around her shoulder instead.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. And I know it’s been a weird journey but I’m happy we made it to today. Everything I thought I was searching for was right here. “

Regina’s eyes were giving ways to tears.  He held her a little closer but said nothing. Their footsteps were the only sounds along their favorite path only taking a seat once she had become slightly winded due to baby activity. Henry laughed watching her shirt move on occasion.

“Brat.” He tossed with an eye roll meeting the dark brown eyes of his mother who smiled.

“Her timing may be inherited from your grandmother.”

They shared a chuckle at the soon-to-be princess’s expense. When her kicking slowed they resumed their pace still close to one another. There were moments when she sensed his want to speak up but instead he refrained and others where they simply shared about their days.

“I love our family,” He stated smiling warmly, “but I wanted one last day just us.”

“Oh Henry you will always be my first love.”

 “Mom, I just meant like before. I’m not jealous, much.”  He added to her amusement.

Regina nodded leaning her head against his strong shoulders sure to get stronger. Ending up outside of Granny’s Diner they were both starving. Letting go had been the most difficult time in their relationship but it had also paved the way for this moment. A moment she was going to treasure forever. Ever the gentlemen he pulled out her seat and ordered for three people as his Ma made her way in. She kissed all three of them quickly.

“Looks like Ma inherited that timing thing from Grandma as well.” Henry teased, shooting his mother a wink. Just as in the beginning the unexpected addition only served as a reminder that the best is yet to come. The best being completely unexpected in life.