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Dog Tags

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Dean was twenty-one years old when the world changed.

There had been a commotion in the garage as people had left their tasks to congregate around the TV where one of the most influential families in America was holding a press conference outing the existence of Weres. Dean had watched numbly as the head of the family, Charles Novak, had called for peace, unity and partnership between the species—effectively ensuring that fear, hatred and bigotry would win the day.

It was a day that would forever be known as the Divulgence, or 'Dive’ for short.

Dean had always kept his head down, but after that day the fear of being outed lived and breathed within him like an unwanted barnacle on his cerebellum. Even keeping his name out of other people’s mouths was dangerous: be too mysterious and be outed, be too community-minded and be outed. He needed to not stand out in any way, but even then he knew that he would be found out—everyone was, eventually. No amount of anonymity would save him—even lone wolves couldn’t hide forever.

For months he’d played it safe and kept under the radar. Kept acquaintances instead of friends, smiled often but said very little. He’d gotten Sam safely squirrelled away at university, and held down his job at the garage with neither fanfare nor complaint, hiding under the chassis of cars. But every day he waited.

Then one day, what he had long feared finally came to pass. Two suits had shown up at the garage looking for him and his life as he knew it was over. It had almost been a relief. Even if he told the assholes to piss off, the garage would know, and he’d be out of a job by the end of the week—if not the day. Law or no law, no one wanted a Were on their staff.

It didn’t take them long to reveal who had outed him. Not his mother’s shitty family, the prestigious Campbells. Oh no. It had been his own lousy, useless, good-for-nothing father who ended up talking in a drunk tank.

But what the Suits had to say was not what he’d expected. At all.

“Join the Military. Use your gifts for your country. Be an American Hero.”

Well, shit. It wasn’t even a choice.