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First Meeting

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First Meeting

Feng Teng was woken up in the middle of the night – his beloved sister Yue Yue had gone into labour. A new member of his family would soon make their way into his world. Quickly getting out of bed, he washed and dressed to make his way to the hospital, he simply could not go back to sleep now. In the car, his phone rang. Yue Yue needed to have an emergency c-section. His mind raced, her blood – her rare blood, Panda Blood, would be needed if something were to go wrong. He had simply lost to many of his family he could not lose his beloved sister too.

Feng Teng made the call to his personal secretary, Linda. “Linda, call the person who has whose blood matches my sister. It’s an emergency.” His voice was calm and steady when he spoke. Years of dealing in business gave him the ability to calm his fears, and hide his panic. He hung up the phone. “Please hurry.” He spoke louder to the driver.

A few moments later, he arrived at the hospital, his driver quickly opened his door. Just as Feng Teng stepped out of the car his phone rang. His call display simply read - Linda, swiping to answer, “Yes,”.

The female voice on the line spoke quickly and calmly -“She’s on her way I sent a driver. Her name is Xue Shan Shan. She will be arriving in less than 10 minutes. I’ve alerted the hospital as well telling them that an AB-HR negative donor will be arriving. Zheng Qi is already sitting with Yan Quig. If there is anything else you need please let me know.” And Linda hung up the phone. Feng Teng counted his lucky stars the day that Linda became his Secretary she did her job and she did her job well – most of all she asked no questions.

Feng Teng’s long legs quickly made the journey towards the entrance doors short. The entrance area was well lite and quiet. The hospital he arrived at was one of the top private hospitals in Shanghai. The automatic doors opened and two security guards bowed slightly as Feng Teng walked in. Feng Teng was someone who was recognized immediately. If you read any type of newspapers, magazines, or watched tv he was someone who was in the news almost weekly. The smell of disinfectant pierced his nose. Reminding him of the last time he made a middle of the night visit to this hospital was when his Grandfather passed away. Images of that horrible time flashed through his mind. He shook his head trying to chase those awful memories away. Pressing 11 at the elevator. He was on his way to the Delivery ward of the hospital. The elevator seemed to be moving too slow. The doors opened and he was met immediately by Zhen Qi. “How is she?” Feng Teng asked he was happy to see Zhen Qi waiting for him. Zhen Qi seemed to know him best – and was someone who had always been by his side through the good times, and the bad.

“They just brought her in to the operating room.” Zhen Qi rubbed his face – it was a sure sign that he was stressed – Feng Teng would often tease him telling him he would never make a poker player, “Um, Yan Quig is pretty shaken – he’s worried about Feng Yue.”

“She’ll be fine” Feng Teng would not allow another member of this family to be lost. Deep down he knew that he simply could not stop it, but he would do everything and anything in his power to prevent him from being the only member of his family left.

Yan Quig rushed up to Feng Teng and quickly grabbed his arm. His words were rushed. “I’m scared, what if she needs blood – they only have a very limited supply in this hospital! I told the Dr to make sure they had enough – how could they be so careless!”

Feng Teng pulled Yan Quig into a brief hug. “It’s ok, I have another donor on her way. Yue Yue will be fine. Come let’s sit and wait a few moments we’ll wait for any news.” Feng Teng always took charge when he was in any room – it was just something that came natural to him. And almost with just his being in the room seemed to calm both men down.

The three men, sat on large brown leather chairs in the waiting room. The sound of footsteps pulled each man sitting - to slowly stand. The doors opened to the waiting room and a petite girl with a round face made her way into the room. Feng Teng noticed immediately that she was still half asleep, her hair was pulled up in a messy bun and a sleep line still ran across her face. Her eyes were large and there was a very pleasant, relaxed look about her. Feng Teng immediately felt at ease with her.

Yan Quig rushed to the tiny girl and grabbed her arm. “Are you the donor? Please, please help my wife! You have to help my wife.”

The tiny girl cringed with pain as Yan Quig pulled and squeezed her arm. “Please sir”, she bowed slightly “Can you please let go of my arm? You’re hurting me. And, yes, yes I’ll do anything I can to help you!” She spoke a little louder.

Feng Teng immediately stepped in between the small girl and Yan Quig. Pulling Yan Quig away from the girl. “Xue Shan Shan? AB Negative HR Blood?” His words were smooth – almost as if he were trying to lure a kitten out from under the bed.

“Yes, yes I am”. She mumbled and rubbed her arm where Yan Quig had grabbed her. She looked at the tall man in front of her. “I’ll be more than happy to donate blood, you can take as much as you need. But, can I ask a question?” Her brown eyes met his

“Yes”. Feng Teng answered- ah the dreaded ‘question’ this is usually where the person asking the question -- will ask for money – or a huge favour, everyone knew him – everyone knew his family everyone knew his family had money and could grant almost anything asked. She must know at this moment the desperation of his family just by the way she was brought to the hospital and Just now by the way Yan Quig behaved.

“Who are you and how do you know my blood type”. She looked the large man in the eyes.

Feng Teng was surprised and would have been amused if it weren’t such a stressful time.

Zhen Qi put his hand on the tiny shoulder of Shan Shan, quickly he introduced Feng Teng to her. “Xue Shan Shan, This is Feng Tang – he’s our boss, and the owner of Feng Tang Corporation.” Feng Tang watched as the look on her face went from confusion to shock.

“Big Boss” she whispered and quickly bowed low. Zhen Qi then introduced himself where Shan Shan quickly spoke the works “Handsome Qi!” A quick moment of watchfulness ran through Feng Teng – she knew Zhen Qi, but not him.

“And this, is Feng Teng’s brother-in-law General Manager Yan Quig”. Zhen Qi pointed the man pacing back in forth.

At the mention of his name Yan Quig stopped his pacing and walked to Shan Shan - “Please – please you must help my wife!”

“Yes, Yes, show me the way”. Shan Shan turned from the men and was met by a nurse who was walking towards the group to get the blood donor.

Shan Shan was ushered into a large hospital room – it was bigger than her apartment. She thought to herself – this is what money will get you. Blood was taken and she lay back on the bed and pressed her arm – allowing the vein to clot. This room must cost a fortune!

Zhen Qi walked into the room – “Ah, thank you so much Xue Shan Shan!” He had a smile on his face. “You can take the day off of work tomorrow – you must be tired after being woken up in the middle of the night and getting so much blood drawn – please stay in this room as long as you need to rest up”.

“I’m fine, and it’s no problem.” Shan Shan was awake now and her simple – bubbly personality was shining through. “I can’t stay in this room! It must cost a fortune!” She stood up quickly – a small dizzy spell rushed through her – she put a smile on her face and straightened her back. “Thank you – Thank you.” And she bowed to Zhen Qi

Walking out of the room she met Yan Quig. “Ah! Xue Shan Shan!” his voice was light and happy. “Thank you so much! Yue Yue and our son are well!” Again, he grabbed her arm.

Shan Shan felt her a small wave of dizziness rush over her and she winced slightly as he grabbed her arm where she knew there would be a bruise tomorrow. “It’s ok, it’s ok – oh I have something for your wife!” Quickly Shan Shan pulled the name tag off her purse. It was a worn, old cloth name tag. “It’s not much – but please give this to your wife. My mother made it for me years ago - Those of us with Panda Blood need to be careful not to get hurt, or get into an accident.” She handed the tag to Yan Quig.

He looked at the worn tag – “Thank you but, no, you should keep this, it’s something your mother made you.” His voice was louder than normal. He was full of excitement, he was a new father and his wife was fine.

“It’s ok, I don’t have much but please take this and if I can help again – please call me. My number is on that little card inside.” Her face lite up. “And Congratulations again!”

Feng Teng Walked out of his sister’s room. “You’re both very loud,” He gently scolded the both of them. “Your wife is asking for you.” he looked at Yan Quig.


“Oh yes, and thank you Xue Shan Shan for everything!” He waved the cloth tag at her. “Oh and thank you so much for the lovely gift”

Shan Shan stood and watched as Yan Quig made his way to see his wife. The air became warm, and it was quiet in the hallway – being the middle of the night – it should be. Shan Shan looked at ground. Feng Teng’s shoes were shinny and looked expensive. Shan Shan looked at her well-worn brown faux suede boots -- two different worlds.

“Thank you- you can go now”. Feng Teng gentle voice pulled Shan Shan away from her thoughts.

“OH YES – and sorry - sorry to keep you”. She quickly bowed and turned to leave the hospital.

Feng Teng stood motionless, and watched as the tiny woman walked away - she apologized, for what he wasn’t sure and she didn’t ask for anything – his sister was safe, baby was healthy and all was right in his world. And, this - this woman didn’t ask for a thing… she didn’t even ask for a ride home. Ride home! In his excitement of becoming an uncle he had forgotten to make sure she got home safety. He went into his sister’s room again to swiftly tell them that he was going home. Quickly kissing his sister and a quick hug to his brother in law, Feng Teng made his way out of the hospital.

Feng Teng met his driver waiting for him in the lobby of the hospital. He immediately spotted Xue Shan Shan standing outside. Her phone was in her hand and it looked like she was talking – but not on her phone.

Both Feng Teng and his driver walked outside to hear that yes, indeed Xue Shan Shan was talking to herself – something about being treated well when you walk into a store, and then being ignored if you didn’t buy anything – Feng Teng really didn’t understand what she meant, the sound of a car arriving pulled him out of this thought. He looked to notice it was a taxi. She called a taxi! He was going to bring her home it was the least he could do!

Shan Shan didn’t hear them two men standing behind her. She waved at the taxi like the driver wouldn’t see her – they were the only ones standing out in the cold – the wind was bitter – he wondered why she didn’t wait in the lobby. Silly girl. Feng Teng went to speak, but Shan Shan quickly opened the taxi door and slipped inside. Feng Teng went to knock on the glass of the taxi door – he would at least pay for the ride home for her – but the taxi sped off before he had a chance. Feng Teng stood up and looked at his driver. “Interesting”. Raising his eye brows and small smirk crossed his face.

“I’ll bring the car up”. His driver spoke.

“No need, we’ll walk to it, it’s not far.” Feng Teng thought to himself – Xue Shan Shan… is an interesting person.

Shan Shan shivered in the back seat of the taxi. She was happy to have help – but she was tired, hungry. Mumbling to herself “those rich people –“