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Until either Hell or Eternity ends

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Togenkyo's scenery has always been fascinating in Hoozuki's eyes. With the lush greenery and buildings painted in pastel colors usually absent from hell, it is indeed worthy of its title as one of the most picturesque places in heaven.

The walk from Togenkyo's entrance to that person's shop is quite a long trail. But the long walk is handsomely paid with how grand the whole scenery is. He continues to adore the scenery until a shack with different herbs hung outside enters his vision.

"Pardon the intrusion," Hoozuki whispers as he slides the door open. As soon as he enters the shop, a relaxing scent drifts towards his nose. Standing behind the counter, the owner's assistant, Momotarou. He's mixing something inside a giant pot when greets the Demon with a friendly smile. The scent must be coming from his concoction. "I came for the ginseng."

"Ah, yes we received the order yesterday." The assistant leaves his pot then shuffles through the papers tacked on the left side of the counter, seemingly to take note that Hoozuki will pick his order up. "Hakutaku-sama is supposed to pick the items himself yet he hasn't returned. Please wait here and I'll fetch him for you."

"Ah, no need. I don't want to interfere with your work. I will fetch him myself." Hoozuki bows as he leaves for the Pharmacist. On the way to the garden where the mythical beast will be getting the ginseng, Hoozuki notices the freshly stepped on grass from a small path. Upon inspecting it, he discovers that not even an hour passed since someone threaded on them. His century old gut feeling tells him that the person he's looking for might be at the end of this path.

Hoozuki enganges in another long walk, clearing the last of the branches, until the view of the Yourou falls readily presents itself to the Demon. With the scent of pure rice wine falling from the falls, one will surely be pulled into an intoxicated sleep, especially those who are mentally and physically exhausted.

But well, the guy in white gown resting under one of those peach trees on Hoozuki's right isn't one of them.

Intentionally making his steps loud, Hoozuki approaches Hakutaku with his gigantic mace set into hitting the man's face. "Hakutaku-san I believe you shouldn't make your customers wait," he speaks, menacingly baritone to express his rage. However, instead of throwing a set of insults in response to Hoozuki's words, the mythical beast's eyes remained closed in a blissful drunken slumber.

The sun here is always in its prettiest form and with the wind blowing nicely, the shadows casted on the other man's form dance elegantly. Not that the absence of it will lessen the beauty of this symbol of luck. Stray strands of jet black hair cover that face almost identical to Hoozuki's as his bandana is there, folded nicely on the basket of ginseng right beside him.

Sighing, Hoozuki sets his weapons aside then sits right in front of the resting mythical beast. The Demon tucks some of his locks behind the his ear so he can fully see Hakutaku's features. Thick lashes, pale skin, plump lips, Hoozuki would really openly recognize this man's beauty if not for his rotten personality. But actually, if he didn't tick the hell off Hoozuki, we wouldn't even notice how special this person is.

Eyes of the same shade as the night travel from his face to his jaws and finally into those purple bruises littering the pristine skin peeking from his disheveled uniform. Something inside him breaks at the sight of those offending marks, spilling his filthy desire of claiming him as his. And it's kind of irritating how this bastard makes Hoozuki feel them.

The Demon inches closer to him, hand pressing on the tree where the other leans on. He moves until his lips are merely centimeters away from that pale skin, breathing over it. Surely, if he were to cover those with his own mark, the moron wouldn't notice.

Hoozuki is really so close into sinking his sharp fangs into that skin. Luckily, Hoozuki is still sane enough to consider his endeavor as a grave misbehavior. After all, leaving visual evidences of his affection may lead to further complications. Instead of going for his neck, Hoozuki places a single kiss on cheek, a centimeter or two from the left side of his lips.

The only time he would express his adoration for him is when he's not even aware of his presence. The only time a truce happens between them is when one is sleeping. Enma's chief of staff laughs, mocking how pitiful his situation was that even Bodhisattva Jizou wouldn't be able to save him.

Hoozuki stands up, dusting his kimono off and taking his weapon. He indulges in burning the image of the only thing that he couldn't get his hands on, before returning to the shack and his role of the man who hates this guy's guts. Regretfully, he considers fulfilling the role until either hell or eternity ends.


Finally hearing the steps vanish, Hakutaku opens his eyes. He searches for the figure that once was with but his silhouette is already out of sight. Placing his hand on the place where the Demon's lips touched, he sighs: "I wouldn't really complain if he just marks me, really."