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(Don't) Arrest me

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Taehyung didn’t think he would spend his friday night in a dingy cell. Especially when the crime he was being accused of was trying to break in on his best friend’s house. That’s just ridiculous! Jungkook was the one who asked Taehyung to go to his flat and bring his Iron Man movies, however, the younger forgot to give him the keys and Taehyung didn’t feel like going back to where the younger was waiting for him along with his friends and came back again, so he thought it was perfectly comprehensible to try to pick on his best friend’s lock, he just didn’t count on the noisy old lady that lived in the apartment in front of Jungkook to call the cops on him.

Now it’s 3 am and Taehyung sits in a corner waiting for his turn to be interrogated, which he wasn’t worried about because once he could talk to an officer and explain his situation and all would be deemed as a huge misunderstanding and Taehyung would have a funny story to tell his friends. Oh! He already could see Seokjin getting envious of his little adventure!

Even though the blonde was taking everything positively there was one thing bothering him: the lack of human interaction, the police station was almost empty with only a few cops wandering about and grumbling about working late nights. Taehyung had enough.

"Hey!" he yelled in hopes to catch a nearby officer's attention. When that didn’t work he decided the next logical step would be to bang on the bars of the cell, and that surely grabbed an officer's attention.

"Settle down kiddo!" yelled someone from afar. "You are not making your case any better with that attitude."

A tall, very tall, man appeared in front of his cell with an uninterested look.

"Dude. I’m dying of boredom here, please hurry this up so I can go meet my friends! It’s Uno night!" - the blonde babbled, excited to finally have someone to talk to.

The officer, which the tag on his vest read as Namjoon, scowled upon being called dude so casually and shook his head turning on his heels.

"Min! Handle this one, you owe me for that chick from last week" the officer barked at someone and disappeared through the hall.

Some grumbling could be heard followed by a chair scrapping and heavy steps.

"Damn Namjoon. Sneaky asshole." a raspy voice complained, getting louder with each step taken by the man.

"Goodnight. I’m officer Min and will be handling your case." the silver-haired officer introduced himself, not even bothering to look at the man inside of the cell.

Taehyung was a confident person, you see he knows he is good looking and is no strange to romantic relationships having had his fair share of both serious relationships and casual hookups. So the last thing the blonde was expecting was to gay panic at the damn police station. Over an officer.
But could you blame him? In front of him was the most beautiful person Taehyung ever laid his eyes upon, porcelain skin, pouty lips, and cat-like eyes. He was floored.

"H-Hey, I’m Taehyung. Kim Taehyung." the younger male stuttered, feeling his ears getting hot.

"Alright Kim Taehyung. I’m taking you to my desk to have a little chat."

"Please do." the blonde whispered, fortunately for him the officer was clueless to his musings.

The shorter man took keys from his back pocket and unlocked the cell, he didn’t bother to put handcuffs on Taehyung since he didn’t resist the previous officers and thus didn’t pose a threat. That didn’t sit well with Taehyung though, he wouldn’t mind being handcuffed by the hottie in the uniform.

Officer’s Min desk was small, with papers all scattered over it and situated in the middle of the room. Taehyung sat in the chair opposite the other male and clasped his hands.

"So… The problem appears to be…" the silver-haired male muttered while scrambling with the papers on his desk trying to find the file of the man sitting in front of him. Upon finding what he wanted he let a little sound of triumph, thus melting the blonde’s heart even more. "… you were arrested for attempting to break in someone’s flat?"  he mused, making eye contact with Taehyung for the first time and flustering the fuck out of him.

During his time in the little cell Taehyung had practiced over and over what he was going to say to the officers and fix this big misunderstanding. That’s why he couldn’t understand what he said next.

"I wouldn’t mind to break in on your pants officer."

A gasp from afar could be heard followed by the blonde’s own. Officer Min got wide-eyed and let his mouth hung upon like he couldn’t believe what he just heard, however when the words processed on his head a faint blush could be seen on the tip of his ears, somehow that served to spur Taeyhung’s terrible pickup lines.

"Or you could break in on my pants. I don’t mind either way." he let out with a disbelieving laugh, how did he end up sprouting dirty pickup lines on a police officer at 3 AM?

"Sir. With all due respect but I believe we need to do a breathalyzer test." the older man declared getting up from his seat.

"I’m not drunk! I was planning on it...but this happened. " Taehyung jumped to explain. But as soon the officer was sitting back he opened his mouth again. "However I think I’m getting drunk...on you." he said dreamily.

A rumble of laughter was heard and the blonde identified the male as the previous officer that talked to him, Namjoon if he wasn’t wrong.

"Kim Taehyung, are you inebriated?" Yoongi, read his tag, asked Taehyung with a furrow in his eyebrows.

"No sir. Officer. Daddy." Taehyung rumbled, upon realizing the last word he said the younger male banged his head on the table. "I’m so sorry! I don’t know why I said this! I’m not even into that...I mean, unless you are? Oh my god! I’m so sorry officer, it’s just that you are so pretty that it’s making me a flustered mess. I didn’t mean to disrespect you." he rambled getting more and more embarrassed by the passing seconds.

Yoongi cleared his throat, he was indeed getting pissed at the blonde male that was making his work difficult and wasting his time but upon further inspection he could see how the blush spread to the younger’s pretty long neck. He immediately averted his gaze from the younger, what the heck Yoongi? You don’t check out possible criminals!
The older man let Taehyung’s crude words slip when he saw the mortified look in his eyes and assumed his babbling and inappropriate behavior was due to his nerves. But then the blonde had to go and call him pretty! In front of Namjoon no less, the little fucker would tell what he heard to everyone and torment him with it whenever he got the chance, oh he could already imagine being teased to no end about it.

"Taehyung! I ask you to not speak nonsense. Or I will be forced to add disrespect to law enforcement to your criminal charge." Yoongi barked, getting frustrated.

This confused Taehyung though, was Yoongi insinuating that calling him pretty was nonsense? Didn’t the man have a mirror in his home?

"With all due respect officer but you are really pretty, how is that nonsense?" he asked confused with a little tilt of his head (something Yoongi swore didn’t endear him, it didn’t!). "If you allowed me I could prove it to you."  Taehyung declared with newfound confidence and rested his head on his hand. "Let me take you on a date?"

To say Yoongi was shocked was an understatement. This night was supposed to be like any boring graveyard shift, a couple of drunks here and there and tons of paperwork. Not a date invitation made by some kid belonging to the latest Vogue issue. The officer could feel his throat get dry like a piece of sanding paper and the embarrassment was clear as day on his face.

Taehyung realized the older male discomfort and immediately felt guilty about it, even though it may look like he was joking he was actually serious. This night had all the potential to turn into a crappy night but Taehyung was adamant on making it the best he could and well, how could you blame him for getting enamored by the cute officer in front of him.

"I...I don’t want to make you embarrassed...I just really want to get to know you? Maybe over a cup of coffee?" the younger tried to persuade, biting his lips and averting his gaze when Yoongi wouldn’t say a word.

"Taehyung." the older male called his attention. Brief seconds passed and the silence was unbearable so Yoongi cleared his throat and continued. "Are you aware of why you are currently at the police station?"

If Taehyung was a puppy the drop on his humor would be hilarious, his ears and tail would certainly have dropped. However the resemblance was close with his puppy eyes and deflated expression. "Kind of…" he mumbled. " It’s all a misunderstanding and my best friend can vouch for me. He just didn’t pick up my phone call so I don’t know when he will be able to clear… " he gestured around the room. " … all of this."

Suddenly the blonde male lost all his energy and he could feel how tense his muscles were from being cramped on a tiny cell and how his stomach was eating itself. Officer Min also could notice the younger’s hunger, mainly because his tummy rumbled.

"I will grab you something to eat. " Yoongi declared before getting up and walk away.

Upon arriving at the vending machines the silver-haired male leaned on the glass of the drink machines and huffed."C’mon Min Yoongi. Stop getting flustered because of a kid!" he grabbed his cheeks and not so lightly slapped them. "Get your shit together!"
Deciding that pitying himself wasn’t productive he chose a beverage and some snacks to feed the hungry and cute, not cute Min Yoongi!...the hungry kid. Just kid. He was about to go back to his desk when Namjoon stopped him on his tracks.

"Yoongi-hyung...I know I was the one to toss this kid to you and even made fun of you but if you truly are uncomfortable I can take over… " the guilt was clear on the taller man and Yoongi immediately decided he couldn’t be mad at Namjoon for longer.

"It’s fine Namjoon-ah. It’s just that… " he looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping and coughed on his fist. "heiskindacute."

Namjoon squinted his eyes trying to make out the garbled mess that came out of his hyung’s mouth and when he understood the surprise was noticeable.

"Hyung!" he exclaimed like a middle schooler hearing gossip.

"So, what we are going to do is not talk about this. Ever." the older male said in a rush before disappearing to his desk, leaving a snickering Namjoon behind.

Taehyung was heartbroken and having the officer being kind to him by giving him snacks was not doing him any better.

"According to this report an old lady saw you picking on the lock and… "Yoongi lifted his eyes and caught Taehyung staring at him catching him by surprise making him blush, which in turn made Yoongi blush. The two young adults looked like a couple of fools if you asked Namjoon.

"And…" the older male tried to continue but it was obvious he was growing flustered. "What do you have to say in your defense?"

"I was picking on the lock." Taehyung declared while biting on his sandwich. Apparently that wasn’t the right thing to say because Yoongi let out a sharp exhale. "But it was because Jungkook, my best friend" he clarified. "forgot to give me his keys and I wasn’t feeling like going to our hyungs flat and come back again."

"So it was a better idea to force your entry?" the officer asked in disbelieve. Upon seeing Taehyung shrugging he let out a quiet laugh and shook his head. "And what was so important that your friend couldn’t be without for a few hours?" he asked resting his head on his palm.

"Well…He really wanted to have an Iron Man movie marathon but forgot the movies at his place." the younger male muttered, second-hand embarrassment on his face.

The other male let out a full-on laugh at that. "Are you for real?" he asked, mirth on his eyes.

"Yeah! I tried to tell him that we could watch it on netflix but apparently, that was nonsense, because according to him netflix is ruining movie culture. Whatever that is." Taehyung rambled and rolled his eyes at his friend’s idiotic thought process.

The next hour was filled with conversation between the two males about everything but the reason why Taehyung was there. Both men were so immersed in their talk and jokes that they didn’t see a person approach them in a fury, close to tears.

"Hyungie! I’m so sorry for only coming now! My phone was on silent!" Jungkook cried, looking at Taehyung with guilt in his pretty round eyes.

"Ah! Jungkook!" Taehyung exclaimed getting out of the little bubble of small talk and warm smiles he and Yoongi created.

"Min. This young man is the tenant of the flat and apparently the suspect’s story was true, he was just trying to get something for his friend. We checked his flat documents and everything checks out." a nearby officer informed before moving along and go attend other cases.

"I knew you were telling the truth." Yoongi said confidently. "I’m just going to clear this misunderstanding and then you two can go along." the older male said before getting up and disappearing to somewhere.

Jungkook kept apologizing profoundly but Taehyung could only focus on the fact that he had to go away and wouldn’t see the officer with the pretty gummy smile again. Man, what a pity. Getting smitten so quick was definitely a mistake, the blonde concluded.

Yoongi appeared with some papers on his hands and handed them to Taehyung.

"Here you go. You are free to go Taehyung." the officer informed, with his gummy smile in place. That only made Taehyung’s heart get shattered into a million pieces.
Too immersed in his poor heart Taehyung gave a distracted wave and bolted out of the police station with Jungkook on tow.

"Wow hyung. You just let him go like that?" Namjoon whispered, appearing out of nowhere and scaring the living daylights out of Yoongi in the meantime.

"Jesus Namjoon!" he huffed with a hand on his chest. The corners of his mouth stretched forming a secretive smirk. "You have so little faith in your hyung, huh Namjoon-ah?" before the younger could bombard him with questions he shrugged and left.

Jungkook was feeling immense guilt over letting his best friend rot in a police station while he was eating their hyungs delicious food and enjoying himself. Taehyung could see the conflict on his dongsaeng face so he ruffled his hair and smiled at him.
"Gukkie, hyung isn’t mad at you ok?" he reassured his friend.

The younger male didn’t want to drop the issue but upon a glare from his hyung he shut up.

“Well, I can scratch that off my bucket list” Taehyung sighed dreamily.

”Who puts getting arrested on their bucket list?”

“Not that idiot. Getting arrested by a hot officer” the blonde concluded and both males laughed wholeheartedly.

The younger male didn’t want to drop the issue but upon a glare from his hyung he shut up. Until he saw something pink peek out of the papers Taehyung carried on his arms.

"Hyung? What is that?" he asked curiously.

"What?" Taehyung asked looking at the papers he was carrying after the younger pointed at them. With a furrow on his eyebrows he picked the little square of pink paper and tried to read what was on it.“Wanna grab a coffee because I like you a latte!”  it read along with a cute mug with heart eyes. Taehyung felt his cheeks getting hot, especially when he saw Yoongi written at the bottom along with a phone number.

"JUNGKOOK! YOU ARE THE BEST FRIEND EVER!" the blonde yelled it was futile to try and hide is excitement. "THANK YOU WORLD!"

Jungkook looked at his hyung like he grew another head and scrunched his nose utterly confused with the new information dumped on him. As soon as he was going to ask about the older looked at him and gave his boxy signature smile. "Snowball fight?" and how could Jungkook deny such a thing? He had all the time in the world to question his hyung, right now there were more important things to do.