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Being Wholesome

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She was trembling, tears starting to form as she tightly squeezed the Cowboys hands "What do you mean she said she didn't have another one!?"

"ahg, yea she said it was the only one they had left" Kevin said as she tried to ignore the pain from her tightly squeezing his hands. "Listen, we can fix this, I can-"

"uhg! Kevin! Please!" she let his hands go and turned to her desk where she laid her head down and buried it within her folded arms. "This was my fault, you've done so much for me already..." she sat up and turned back to him and planted a kiss on his cheek. "go down to eat, I'll, I'll figure something out"

He sighed softly and nodded "alrighty then, good luck" after giving her a quick peck on the lips he left...

Leaving her alone...She turned to her desk and looked over at the tiny shattered mirror that she was supposed to give to Mary for her birthday.

She couldn't help the tears that began swelling in her eyes as she began trying to pieace all the shards together. She was quiet, concentrated on putting the shards back together that she let out a gasp when the door opened. Mary.

Mary was the only one she allowed to just walk in, she opened and threw her fan down to cover the mirror and stood and sat on the desk and smiled slightly when her gaze met Mary's. "what are you doing" Mary said as she shut the door behind her.

"Nothing, I was just practicing is all"

"mm...alright, Kevin told me he was a bit rough with you last night and you'd stay up here, so I've brought you the tea you like when in this state, but as I see your up I'm assuming your doing fine and don't need me to do anything?"

Michiko's cheeks lit up and she nodded. "Thank you Mary" she said with a smile as she walked over to take the tea from her.

"I'll see you later alright? Yidhra needed to speak with me and I just wanted to drop this off for you" with that Mary kissed her cheek before leaving.

Michiko walked over and sat down at her desk and stared into her cup of tea Mary brought her and felt tears streaming down her cheeks as she began trembling. Mary was so sweet, she wanted to get her something special, she wanted to do something special, she just wanted her to have something special, because she deserved it.

Mary wasn't having an announced party or anything but she'd come by after dinner to give her the presents

The whole day leading up to dinner she spent either trying to fix the mirror, come up with another gift and ect. She managed to piece the mirror back together but also settled on a dance and with the Priestess and Gardeners help made her cookies which she placed in a beautifully decorated bag which she tied closed with a ribbon and a flower crown.

When the time came Kevin helped her wrap the gifts, she had no intention on giving Mary the mirror that dispite being put back together all the cracks were obviously still visible, but Kevin didn't know that, and she didn't know he slipped it in along with the cookies.

"Are you going to stay?" Mary asked as Kevin helped her carry the gifts down to Mary's room.

"nah, tell her I said Happy Birthday tho" he said with a grin as he handed her the presents he was carrying and knocked on the door for her since with her full hands, she wouldn't be able to. "good luck" he mouthed as he left off.

Mary opened the door clearly a bit shocked to see her.

"Happy Birthday!" Michiko said with a smile.

"Do come in" Mary said with a smile as she opened the door more for her to come in. Which, she of course did.

"Where's Violetta?" Michiko asked as she set the gifts down. Violetta always seemed to be with Mary or in her room and to see her not was a bit surprising.

"She said Emma needed her help in the garden since Jack was busy" Mary explained.

"I see...well...aaaare you gonna open you presents" she said with a delighted smile that Mary couldn't say no to.

"of course, you didn't have to, I'm surprised you even remembered" Mary said with a smile as she sat down and took a wrapped box and began opening it. "ah, Michiko it's beautiful" she said softly as she held up and examined the beautiful flower crown made of a verity of red flower. Michiko ushered for her to open the second one.

Of course upon opening it she saw the bag of cookies. "did you make these?" she asked as she examined them.

"i- had a little help" she said with a light blush.

Mary was about to say something referring to the cookies til the mirror inside caught her attention. "oh no!"

"what is it!?" Michiko said as she stood up immediately to see.

"it seems to have broken while in was so beautiful I would've love it I- Michiko? Darling why are you tearing up what's wrong?" Mary said as she set the mirror back in the box and got up to wipe the Geishas tears away.

"No...Mary just give it to me and forget it okay?" she said as she walked over to take the mirror from the box, only for Mary to step in her way. "No I want to keep it, you gave it to me after all"

"No Mary give it to me you weren't suppose to get it"

"why don't you want me to have it? You got it for ME, therefore I will keep it, shattered or not"

"Mary PLEASE just give it to me!"


"MARY!" The Geisha yelled out as she reached to retrieve the mirror only for the Bloody Queen to take hold of her wrists and push n pin her firmly against the bed behind her. "M-Mary just-"

Mary glared down at the female under her and loosened her tight grip after seeing her start to tear up, but she didn't let her go. "what happened..."

The Geisha was silent before a single tear fell before multiple soon followed. "I got it, and I accidentally broke it...I got it because it was pretty like you and everytime we went to look around you'd always glance at it and when Kevin went to see if she had anymore she didn't so I did my best to put it back together but I just didn't want to give it to you because I just didn't want you to be disappointed and-" Michiko was hushed by a light peck from the Queen.

"Michiko...I'm not mad, I'm not disappointed, in fact because it's something you've done and did your best to put back together it's something I want more and something I'm glad to have...please let me keep it"

There was silence between the two before she sighed softly and nodded. "You can keep it..." Michiko muttered softly.

Mary smiled and released her grip on the female and got off her. But Michiko stayed on the bed. "can I stay..." she muttered softly.

"for what birthday cuddles?" Mary said teasingly. But Michiko only smiled and held her arms out and open for her.

Mary let out a sigh and smiled as she shook her head no. "I shouldn't have given you the idea" she muttered before climbing in bed along with her and stroking her hair and she wrapper her arms around her waist and buried her face in her clothing.

"Mary! Mary!" Came a familiar voice as her room door was thrown open.

"shhh" Mary shushed, but a sluggish Michiko looked up to Violetta aswell.

"oh my, room for another?" Violetta said with a laugh as she climbed her way into the bed aswell with Michiko in the middle of the two. This wasn't the first time all three of them got in the bed together, moments like this made her think that made the hunters beds big on purpose. Or maybe most of the hunters were just big, but she preferred to think they made the beds this big for a different reason, and this was their reason.

"I love you guys" Violetta said with a giggle.

"as do I" Mary said with a smile.

"Me too" Michiko muttered softly before being the first of the three to fall asleep.