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So, after watching the drama – there was so many unfinished scenes and areas that I needed more of it made me nuts…. I wanted something a little more added to make us understand Shan Shan and Feng Teng more (or maybe I was just greedy and wanted to see them more). I was left searching- After reading the book, (which was translated into English-as I sadly do not speak Chinese, or read it) I discovered that the book really had less in it than the drama… which frustrated me. I also noted that the book and the drama are not the same, so I will be following the drama series. So, I figured I can’t find the stories – I’ll make them. I don’t often share my writing, however, I figured there would be one or two people out there that would maybe like to see a little more of our beloved couple. Please keep in mind, I am not Chinese, I do not know the culture, I would never do anything to disrespect any culture, or do any harm. This is just my take on this wonderful drama. I do not own these characters, I’m only filling in the blanks that I felt needed to be filled.


I do

Shan Shan leaned her head down into her hands, slowly she took calming breaths. “Ok, Shan Shan you can do this”. She quietly whispered to herself. “It’s ok, it’s ok”. Pulling her head out of her hands she looked at herself in the mirror. Looking back at her was someone she hardly recognised. Her pale completion, made her large brown doe eyes seem almost bigger, the red lip stick that Yue Yue insisted that she wore made Shan Shan look almost majestic. Feng Teng would not recognise her – as she seldom wore make-up. She smiled to herself, remembering that Feng Teng had made the comment to her a few months ago – how he had watched her grow, and develop from a shy helpless girl, to a woman who could stand on her own two feet and defend her own while still maintaining her uniqueness, which drew Feng Teng in when he first met the tiny woman over a year ago.

After paying back the 10 million to Feng Teng – Shan Shan along with Feng Teng’s help drew up papers allowing her cousin Xue luilui to have sole ownership of their jewelry line. With of course Shan Shan was still getting a substantial amount of money from the future sales.


Family, or no family one simply could not call him a push over. Shan Shan got to watch her husband in action – he often kept his businesses practices out of her line of site – however this one was in full view – and Shan Shan had put her heart and soul into this venture so – Feng Teng insured her part of the company was protected. He wasn’t one of China’s most successful business people for nothing.


Shan Shan had proved her point, paid her families debt and in her mind, she could proudly stand next to Feng Teng at corporate functions and shareholders meetings not as the poor village girl that worked as an accountant assistant but as a successful business person and Accountant. Feng Teng always felt that Shan Shan should be by his side, he loved her – he loved her simple mindedness, her ability to make most situations better by simply smiling.

Feng Teng never mentioned the repayment – he didn’t want to the money – he wanted Shan Shan – but Shan Shan’s father’s words echoed in his mind – she could not marry until the money was repaid. Feng Teng could have simply given her the money and made it look like she re-paid it, however, the pride of the Xue family rested on her tiny shoulders. Shan Shan made sure she fulfilled her father’s wishes – proving once again that she possessed those strong family values which was another thing Feng Teng so admired. Making Feng Teng at times burst with pride, knowing full well that whether it be her family or their new family that Shan Shan would fight like a tiger to fulfill her promises. In the world that Feng Teng lived in – there were few people like his wife.


The tiny girl in the mirror that looked back at her reflection for 24-year-old was no longer the girl Feng Teng use to watch eat her meals on his private patio, she was now a woman – both in mind and in body all thanks to her husband Feng Teng. They had gone to the Registers office earlier in the week to fill out the necessary paperwork, so by law they had been married earlier in the week. So, in the eyes of China, they were husband and wife.

“Shan Shan” her mother whispered next her her ear - pulling Shan Shan out of her thoughts. “It’s time my girl, your husband is waiting for you”.

Nodding, she slowly stood up walking towards her mum. Wrapping her arms around her mum, she squeezed her mum tight. “I love you mum” tears formed in her eyes.

Her mum hugged her back tighter – it was such a bitter sweet time for both Shan Shan’s mum and dad. Their only child was getting married, and would they would never need to worry about her – Feng Teng promised them that Shan would never have to worry about anything again. His actions spoke louder than his words as countless times Shan Shan’s parents witnessed Feng Tengs’ compassion, ferociousness, gentleness and his generously.

“Don’t cry my girl, you’ll smear your make up and make Feng Yue upset – she worked hard on making your make up just right”. Wiping a tear from her own eye, she looked quickly to the door. Wrapping her arm around her tiny daughter they walked out.

Shan Shan had to take tiny steps as her traditional gown didn’t allow her to walk fast. The cream coloured silk felt smooth and cool on her skin. The head dress felt foreign – but it made Shan Shan feel like the Queen. Her gown took almost a full year to make however, because it was such a prestigious wedding it took only a few months. A large multi coloured peacock sat on the long train, flowers, crystals and vines adorned the fabric the jacket had the same embordering, along with beaded trim of the wide sleeves. Shan Shan, worked with Feng Yue, and the odd time when they could get his help Feng Tang offered the odd suggestion, they designed a wedding that would make the Feng Family proud. It was difficult as Shan Shan knew very little about a society wedding having never even attended one for her reference.

Shan Shan wouldn’t be lying if she didn’t feel the pressure of marrying into such a powerful dynasty like the Feng family. She was glad she was much sillier and simply minded when she first met Feng Teng or she wouldn’t have fallen into his at times terrifying world.

Both Shan Shan, her mother, met her two bridesmaids in the hall of the Feng Family home. They decided not to do some of the traditions – such as getting Feng Teng having to break into Shan Shan’s bedroom – they both had struggled to get to this point that Shan Shan felt that Feng Teng had done enough to show her family his love and dedication to her and her family. Besides, as old fashioned as her father was, he simply never like the spectacle of that whole ritual.

Walking down the winding stairs, Shan Shan arrived at the foot, the main doors to the dining room were shut. Shan Shan’s dad stood proudly beside his daughter. Shan’s face beamed with pride as she took her father’s arm. The Xue LuiLui, and Lu Shawangyi walked in front as the doors to the main dining room opened. Shan Shan gasped slightly – in front of her was the man she was going to spend the rest of her life. Tall, dark and handsome in his Golden Silk suit to match his bride. His eyes fell on his wife and his face instantly lite up – Shan Shan’s feet felt like she was glued to the floor – this was like a dream – she was finally here, finally going to marry the man she loved – the man she moved heaven and earth to keep, to show her parents, and his family and friends that she deserved to be standing beside.

Shan Shan felt pressure on her arm as her father pulled her – Feng Teng and Shan Shan’s eyes never left each other’s as they walked towards each other. Shan Shan’s father stopped and Feng Teng greeted his father-in-law. Both Shan and Teng gazed at each other. The world seemed to stop – Teng whispered to her – “I love you”. Shan Shan felt tears form in her eyes. “I love you too”. Feng Teng put his large hand on Shan Shan’s face and wiped away a tear.

“You’re going to smear your make up and Yue Yue will be mad at me”. He smiled softly to his wife. “You are so beautiful” his words were spoken quietly and Shan Shan thought for a moment that she seen his eyes fill with tears.

Shan Shan’s dad cleared his throat – and pulled Shan Shan and Feng Teng out of their trance. The two slowly made their way to the front of the dining hall – where two pillows sat in front of chairs – where both Shan Shan and Feng Teng carried out the traditional Tea Ceremony.

After, serving Shan Shan’s father, mother, Grandparents, and some of her elder Uncles and Aunts, they moved to Feng Teng’s family where his sister Feng Yue, her husband and an elder from Feng Teng’s company whom he considered a family friend as he’s was the last of his Grandfather’s close friends, were all served.

The newly married couple stood up and gazed into each other eyes. Shan Shan spoke to Feng Teng. “I’m so happy – I love you so much”. Her words were quiet – she knew Feng Teng was not big on open affection – however, she needed to say them before the words burst out of her chest.

Shan Shan looked at Feng Teng’s family- it was so small next to hers, it made her heart hurt knowing that she grew up with so much love from her family how she enjoyed all those loud family gatherings before she moved to Shanghai. At least Feng Teng would no longer be lonely – he had her family and she was more than happy to share the love.

Again, Shan Shan felt a small tug on her arm – Feng Teng pulled her in the direction where there sat three empty chairs sat along Teng’s family side– each chair had tablets with names engraved, the fragrance of incense and flowers filled air. Photos of Feng Teng’s mother, father and grandfather. Shan Shan and Feng Teng bowed three times to each photo, showing a sign of respect to the beloved family members who were no longer able to share this blessed event.

Standing up they looked at each other and bowed three times to each other. The families began to clap – allowing Shan Shan and Feng Teng to kiss – for the first time as man and wife.

The couple was soon surrounded by their family all taking photos. Feng Teng held onto Shan Shan he was never going to let her go – he loved this woman almost from the moment he laid eyes on her at the hospital so willing to help his family without any questions. To silently eating with her while she sat on his private patio, laughing and the odd time, partaking in her silly dance routine – everything about his woman drew him in. Her shyness, and quiet personality made him fall deeper in love with her. She never once complained to him – she simply endured.


Turning to each other, Feng Teng asked Shan Shan, “Do we really have to attend the next part of the wedding?” His smile was mischievous.

“Well, what do you have in mind? I’m game!” Shan Shan smiled back at her husband.

Yue Yue grabbed both Feng Teng and Shan Shan’s arms. “Oh no you don’t!” She smiled at them – it took me too long and I had to jump through hoops to get the right venue!” Feng Teng and Shan Shan both burst into laughter.

“We won’t run away!” Shan Shan smiled at her sister-in-law. “Thank you so much for all your help”. She quickly gave Yue Yue a hug.

“Well husband, we have people that are waiting for a bride and groom – and we can’t disappoint them.”

This part of the wedding was just for their family and the very closest of friends. At the reception later – there was more than 2000 people – Feng Industries was a major player in the world of Software, and there would be employee’s, business partners, movie stars, government officials, and dignitaries all attending the evening’s entertainment.

Both Shan Shan and Feng Teng changed out of their traditional wedding clothes and arrived at the venue in simply tuxedo for Feng Teng and Shan Shan wore a simple red off the shoulder evening gown. A stunning diamond and ruby necklace was worn – showing off the jewelry line she had worked for. Normally Shan Shan was not for showing off, however, with all the people her she felt it was good advertising.


Slipping into the back of the car – Feng Teng grabbed Shan Shan’s hand. “Mrs Feng?”.

Shan Shan Looked at her husband. “Yes?”

Feng Teng kissed the back of her hand. “Thank you for marrying me, you’ve made me a happy man”