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Like A Queen

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If she’s completely honest, most of the time, Felicity doesn’t really mind being Oliver’s EA. When she found out about her “promotion” she had been more upset about the fact that he hadn’t had the decency to at least ask her about it rather than having it be one huge and aggravating surprise when she walked into the office that day because if he had bothered to ask and explained his reasoning she would have wholeheartedly agreed and probably wouldn't have broken the coffee machine in a fit of rage. Spending her nights using her hard-earned skills to protect Starling City and knowing that Oliver can’t run the family company (let alone save the city) without her makes the endless rumors and judgmental looks bearable.

Except for times like right now when Oliver is almost fifteen minutes late to a meeting with an important investor she repeatedly reminded him about every day for the past week.

Luckily, Mr. Harding is too busy with a phone call in the conference room to bother to repeatedly ask her for Mr. Queen’s E.T.A. like so many of their almost-forgotten visitors. Unluckily, Mr. Harding’s young, brunette, punctual, stiletto wearing assistant (Cassie? Cathy?) decided to stay behind in the outer office and has planted herself in the waiting area directly in front of Felicity’s desk, glancing up from her own tablet every five seconds to check her watch and give her a cool, judgmental look. Like it’s her fault it takes her CEO a hundred years to get up in the morning.

She is about to send him another caps lock filled text when he steps through the door with an iced coffee in his hand and a charmingly apologetic expression on his face.

“I’m sorry, I know I’m late. I don’t have a valid excuse for this one so I’m not even going to try, but, look; I got you an iced caramel coffee thing from that place you like. I would’ve gotten you a scone but they ran out.”

She gives him a hard, steely look as she takes the plastic cup out of his hand and replaces it with one of the fancy folders with the company logo embossed on the cover.

“Mr. Harding is one of our biggest investors, he’s interested in the new satellite system Applied Sciences is working on, and he went to school with your father and is friends with Walter which is probably why he chose to make phone calls and politely wait for you this whole time,” she reminds him in a rush, straightening his tie and fixing his jacket as he skims through the folder. “That’s a copy of the progress report and a summary with cliff notes for you. Fifteen minutes after this meeting the head of Applied Sciences is coming in to discuss the outcome of Mr. Harding’s decision. After you’re done we’re having lunch with Thea and Walter at that sushi place down the street and when we come back I’ll help you go over the quarterly reports on your desk. Got all that?”


“Good. Now, go charm that nice man into giving us his money.”

He gives her a wink before letting the CEO façade fall completely into place and then confidently walks into the conference room with a winning smile and an outstretched hand, leaving her alone with Katie (yeah, it’s Katie) who is looking at her with a rather forlorn pout.

“No one ever brings me coffee,” she hears the brunette say quietly to herself.

Felicity barely manages to hide her smug smile as she takes her seat at her desk and sips her well-deserved drink.