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Salt & Sand & Roses.

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"Woo! Heeeere I go!" Jack whooped, running down the beach and tossing himself into the water with a big splash. On the edge of a beach blanket Legosi sat, sunglasses perched high on his brow and a smudge of zinc down his long, canine nose.

Haru chuckled to herself.

People who still wore zinc at beaches were old guys, young kids, and apparently, Legosi.

"Aren't you going to join your friends?"

"Oh—um. Yeah. In a bit. Just wanted to, you know. Take in the air."

"Suit yourself." She stretched her long rabbit paws out onto the blanket in front of the wolf. She wouldn't admit it, but she was more than happy to share a blanket with him, if only for a little while. It was the school summer trip and he'd forgotten to pack his own, so rather than watch him get sand in his fur, she offered her blanket. It was big enough for two. Her ears perked up at a long, meaningful inhale.

Was he...?

As soon as Haru's rear paws stretched out against him, Legosi couldn't help but inhale just a tiny whiff. As a wolf, his nose could smell prey from over four kilometers away—and being less than one meter away from her the aroma of her was intoxicating. It smelled earthy, with a hint of roses, a dash of wet fur and—fear? Was she afraid? He glanced over at her, but her face was hidden behind a sunhat draped over her face. He did, however, get a glimpse of her swimsuit underneath a sheer beach wrap—a white bikini with gold accents that made his hair stand on end.

"Were you...smelling me just now?"


What was he supposed to say? "yes" would sound creepy, and "no" would just sound like he was trying not to be creepy but failing. He inadvertently opted for dumbstruck silence, to which Haru laughed.



"Go on, then." She raised her legs up into the air, her soft paws almost smudging the zinc from his snout. The other students were still playing on the beach, blissfully unaware of the two on the blanket. "Smell me."

A shudder rippled its way up his spine from the base of his tail all the way to his ears. Surreptitiously, he lowered his nose and slowly breathed in. Sand and sweat and zinc. Her feet were sprinkled with grains of sand, each standing out against her delicate pink paws. He swallowed when her small hand laid atop his, dragging his sharp claws up her calf and towards her inner thigh, towards the V in her bikini. "I-is this okay?"

"Everyone's out having fun. No one will notice." Her sunhat made her expression irascible but Legosi imagined she was winking at him. It was all the more titillating, the secrecy and the playfulness and the—oh god, he was touching her. His knuckle barely grazed the dip in her bikini bottoms when she let out a soft squeak and giggled. His face went red. He didn't know how, but he could smell that laugh. The soft fur of her legs stood on end as he inhaled again, this time—sweat and sunshine and excitement. He pressed his fingertips against the white fabric of the bikini and she giggled again, pulling the sunhat over her face.

Pretending to move back underneath the umbrella to get out of the sun, he leaned towards Haru, his tail twitching in anticipation. With a long claw, he slowly peeled to the side the fabric, just enough for a deft finger to find its way through. Even though he'd never touched someone like that before, he was surprised how easily his finger glided inside her. Her hand was immediately above his, rubbing in small, deft circles. He could feel her tighten against him and he curled his legs up, trying to hide what was in his swim shorts.

"Mmm, like this." Haru pushed and pulled his finger in and out of her. As she got wetter, his throat became dryer. His world seemed to zero in on the two of them—he couldn't smell anything but her. Roses and salt and cum. The little bunny arched her hips into his hand, her fingers moving faster, faster, faster—and her tiny legs began to twitch, and Legosi worried that she might shatter into a million tiny pieces and he wouldn't be able to put her back together again. Tighter and tighter, flowers and fur. She picked up her leg and pressed her trembling foot against his wet nose. Sand and earth and something entirely unrecognizable.

Suddenly, the tension peaked.

She arched her back, her gorgeous body rising from the white waves of her beach wrap and falling back into the surf of the blanket. Legosi was shaking, his tail—and his erection—twitching furiously. The tide had ebbed away, and he slid his fingers out, leaving sticky trails of cum and sand on the blanket. His breathing was ragged. Gone was the smell of salt, or the surf or even the smell of zinc on his nose—it was just her, her, her.

The sunhat dropped from her face and for the first time, he saw her, her cheeks flushed and bright. She grinned at him with sparkling brown eyes. He felt his heart jump into his throat.


"Next time, you're gonna have to clip your nails."

"Y-yes ma'am."