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Ateez Imagines

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She was a special girl, one of those you don’t meet every year, she looked like a supermodel, she had a happy aura and her personality attracted everyone she met. I didn’t think it was weird for her to become so popular in such a short time, or that the boys saw her as a piece of meat or a trophy they could possess to brag about to their friends.

Not all of them were boys though, she was also approached by girls, some with romantic intentions and others to be her close friends, the others would watch her from afar and with admiration, I was one of them.

I watched as she walked through the school’s hall, with her head held high as if she owned the whole place, I watched as she talked to her friend, all the attention was on her, wherever she was people would just notice her, it was as if she was being followed by a spotlight.

I thought she was perfect.

The last time I saw her was on Tuesday night, I was in the library studying because my brothers decided to invite their friends and I needed a quiet space to study, I left for home around seven-thirty, the library was almost empty, so I thought I wouldn’t run into someone but when I reached the end of the hallway I saw her having an argument with someone, I took some steps back just so I wouldn’t be in their line of sight, the argument seemed to get very serious and the guy seemed to get very angry so I thought I would call security but before I could do that I saw him push her to the floor, I held my breath thinking he was going to kick her but he just grabbed his jacket from the floor and walked away.

I got closer to her with the intentions of helping her out but she was up before I even got to her side, she just smiled at me and walked out of the library.

Now, if you ask me what they were arguing about, I wouldn’t know what to tell you, I heard insults and i heard her begging for more time and that she was going to solve the problem, but besides that, I couldn’t tell what they were arguing about.

After that incident, I found out that she wasn’t as loved as I thought she was, she seemed to have a lot of enemies, what has she done to get all this hate? Why did they say she slept with the history professor? And why did they say they saw her injecting heroin? Who would want to hurt her that way?

Jongho raised his head to see the two policemen looking at him with curiosity, “now can someone tell me what happened to y/n?” he asked and the two men looked at each other before turning to him, one of them sighed “Miss y/l/n was found dead in the subway and we have reasons to believe it was a homicide”

He looked at both of them in shock not knowing what to say, y/n has been missing for a couple of days but he still had hoped they would find her or that she would come back, the policemen didn’t wait for him to say something and stood up to walk out of the door, not before they said goodbye to the headmaster who was watching from the corner of the room.

Jongho stood seated trying to gather his thoughts before he picked his backpack and got out of the office, he couldn’t believe he wouldn’t be able to see y/n ever again, but it was done, there was o turning back, she wasn’t coming back.

When he got outside he saw a crowd of people who turned around to watch him, he saw his friends on the side who tried to approach him but before that happened jongho ran away leaving the building as fast as he could.