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Ateez Imagines

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You smiled as you looked around you, people were dancing while dressed in their best attires, there was a group singing along to the song that was playing on the speakers and others who spoke as they stared at the newlywed couple dancing in the center of the big salon.

It has been a very beautiful ceremony on a perfect summer night, it wasn’t too hot outside and the sky was absent of any clouds letting everyone see the beautiful stars sparkling as Yunho and Sojin gave their first kiss as husband and wife.

You were so happy for them, being a close friend of sojin you have seen their relationship go through ups and downs and you often wondered if they would have their perfect happy ending, no one really saw it coming, with the way their relationship started, but when it became official everyone was over the moon.

And when sojin asked you to be one of the bride’s maid you were over the moon, she knew how much you loved weddings and helping design the salon was really fun and even if you had a really great time doing it you were happy the day finally came.

You giggled when you saw Yunho and sojin dancing to Gangnam Style, you wanted something like that, you wanted to have the perfect wedding, with the love of your life.

You were startled when someone put their arm around your waist and relaxed when you saw Jonho smiling at you, he kissed your cheek and when the song changed to something slower he offered his hand to dance with you, which you happily accepted.

You and jonho had been dating for almost three years now, you met him through Yunho and the both of you instantly clicked, you suddenly found yourself falling for him so when he asked you to be his girlfriend you couldn’t turn him down.

Over the years the two of you had found yourself building a very beautiful relationship, you weren’t just girlfriend and boyfriend, you were best friends, no one couldn’t tear the two of you apart and even if you were obsessed with each other, seonghwa, Jonnho’s oldest friend often joked about how yours was the healthiest relationship of the group.

You wanted to share your whole life with this man and you couldn’t really see yourself marrying someone else.

So you were understandably upset that the topic of marriage never came out, you didn’t want to be one of those girlfriend’s that pressured their boyfriends into proposing to them so you thought that you’d let jonho talk about it first, you’d let him make the first move and you thought that he would say something when the time was right.

But it has been three years with no word about your future together.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked as he looked at you with all the love of the world, you sighed and shrugged “nothing really” Jonhorolled his eyes and pinched your hip, “you know I hate it when you do that, come on tell me I can tell there is a lot in your mind,” he said pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear.

You bit your lip worried, you didn’t think it was a good time to talk about the future of your relationship, but you were getting tired of waiting for him to say something, so you decided to make the first move.

“I was just thinking about how i would love to have a wedding just like this one” you smiled at him but then you felt your heart drop when you felt him freeze on the spot.

Maybe you shouldn’t have said anything.

He coughed visibly uncomfortable and you looked at him worried, “is there something wrong?” you asked placing your hand on his cheek, he shook his head and let go of you, “no, I’m fine, I’ll go get something to drink” he said as fast as he could before he walked away, leaving you alone in the dance floor, you frowned and you followed after your boyfriend.

After a few minutes of you looking for him around the crowd you finally spotted him in the balcony, staring off at the distance, you frowned and made your way there.

“Jonho what’s wrong?” you asked almost whispering.

He turned around to see you looking at him with a worried face, he sighed and watched how the moon illuminated your appearance, making you look like an angel who came to earth just for him.

You walked a few steps so you could reach him and he cupped your face with one hand, you leaned into his comforting touch closing your eyes and you almost forgot about everything that was going on, that was the power he had on you, and you loved it how he made you feel safe.

“You look really beautiful tonight” he whispered after a few minutes in silence, you opened your eyes and grabbed his hand “jongho babe please tell me what’s wrong, you are acting weird, is it something I said?” you looked up at him and he looked away almost pained.

“y/n I’m sorry but, I don’t want to get married” your heart dropped and you sighed “I mean I understand if you aren’t ready I can wait…” “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready I’m sorry” he sighed and you looked away.

“I know you love weddings and i know you always wanted to get married but I am sorry I don’t think this is something I can give you…” you looked at him and stepped away, now visibly hurt “if you always knew I wanted this why did you keep dating me even though you knew you didn’t want us to get married?” he sighed and looked away.

“I thought I would change my mind but I’m sorry I’m not that type of guy” he shrugged and you tried your best to not start crying right there, you didn’t want to ruin your make up hours before the wedding ended.

You looked back to the salon and you felt your heartbreak a little more when you saw sojin dancing in Yunho’s arms, knowing you’ll never have that, at least not with Jongho.

“Now what?” you asked and looked at him, he walked towards you and grabbed your hands “I can’t give you what you want, what you always wanted but I know there is someone out there who can and you deserve everything you want, you deserve to be happy with someone who can give you everything I can’t,” he said and you felt a tear roll down your eye.

You let him hug you and kiss the top of your head, you held onto him as hard as you could and he sighed “I love you, princess, I’ll always love you”

You danced together as the night went on, never letting go of each other, except when Ahreum, one of the bride’s maid came to look for you so they would cut the cake. Even then Jonho didn’t let go of your hand, wanting to keep you as close as possible.

And when the night was finally over jonho kissed you goodbye and you went back to your hotel room, alone, and if you spent the rest of the time crying and mourning your relationship, you didn’t let anyone know.