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Ateez Imagines

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It has been two whole weeks since the last time you saw (and felt) wooyoung.

The morning after he left the fraternity room like he had never been there, leaving you to wake up naked and alone in a room you only had been a few couples of times, you had to get dressed and get out of the fraternity without being noticed by anyone.

That proved to be a very difficult task as you had to go through the kitchen where hongjoong, the “leader” of the fraternity was drinking coffee and talking with san, one of wooyoung’s closest friends.

When they saw you they weren’t surprised, they just said good morning and san let out something along the lines of “it has been a while since I last saw you do the walk of shame in our house” that bothered you a lot, mainly because it proved your point about how you were just another girl to fuck with for wooyoung, that you weren’t important enough to be known between his friends.

The only reason they knew your name it’s because you insisted on presenting yourself the first morning after you stayed there, you smiled and shook their hands as wooyoung rushed you to get you out of there.

Looking back on those memories hurt you a lot, it made you realize how unimportant you were to him, that instead of being wooyoung’s childhood friend, you were just a quick fuck, a one night stand that meant nothing to him.

San’s words made you want to never return to that house, to never see wooyoung again or at least not get naked in front of him and not let him fuck you like the way only he could do.

And seulgi was more than happy to help you with this task.

She distracted you and she made you talk with other guys in hopes of you falling for someone that wasn’t going to use you for your amazing vagina (her words not yours)

And you did meet some great guys, but alas, no one was like wooyoung, no one made your heart flip with their smiles or made you want to listen to their voices non stop, and you knew for a fact that no one was going to make you feel like a goddess just like wooyoung did.

Seulgi wanted to call bullshit, but she didn’t know how you felt, she had a very good and stable relationship, Jimin would never abandon her and come back years later to use her just for sex even when he knew she was in love with him, no, Jimin was a gentleman who would never betray seulgi’s trust and would rather die than hurt her in any way.

And Jimin would never blow up her phone with text when she clearly didn’t want to talk to him, just like what wooyoung was doing.

“Is like he can’t take a hint” she said after the third time he called you during your movie marathon, seulgi has demanded to keep your phone every time you two were together (which as roommates was most of the time), she had the power of turning him down and the constant vibration of your phone was getting to her nerves.

So there you were, trying your best at ignoring wooyoung and the way your chest hurt every time you thought about him.

You were hoping that after weeks of you not answering his calls he would give up and go on with his life, but no, one of wooyoung’s biggest trait was how relentless he was, whenever he wanted something he wouldn’t stop till he got it.

You were in the library of the college when he finally caught you, you had gone there to study in peace as Jimin had ended his finals and he finally had time to hang out with seulgi, you needed to study and you wanted to give them some time alone so you escaped from the dorm and you managed to find a quiet place at the end of one of the shelves, right next to the window, just your favorite spot.

You have decided to turn off your phone as you wanted to have your full focus on your book, you were halfway done when wooyoung found you, you didn’t notice his presence until he sat down on the couch next to you.

“Hello, princess long time no see,” he said when you put the book down and you felt your heart leap in your chest at the nickname “why haven’t you been answering my calls?” you picked up your phone to show him “I have it turned off,” you said fully aware of what he meant, he clicked his tongue and looked away.

“Look y/n I don’t know what I did for you to ignore me but I really miss you…” your blood boiled, of course, he didn’t know what he did, of course, he thought he was innocent when he was conscious of the fact that you had feelings for him.

You rolled your eyes “that’s the thing wooyoung, you exactly know what you are doing wrong and you act like it’s not your fault” he looked at you surprised.

He took some time to think about what you said and scoffed “i thought you we were past that i thought that when i came back things would be different”

“Things would be different? You mean my feelings for you? Did you really think that disappearing for a month would change anything? Wooyoung, i have been in love with you for ten years now…” you said and he widened his eyes shocked, you scoffed and started to pick your stuff.

“I’m done wooyoung please don’t talk to me again” you said standing up to leave but you were stopped by wooyoung who stood in front of you blocking your way “wait i didn’t know this” you stared at him and shook your head “well now you do” you sighed and made a move to leave but before you could he grabbed your arms so you didn’t have a choice but to look at him.

“So you are just going to leave? After you told me this?” you groaned and shook your arms so he would let you go “what do you want me to do wooyoung? Look if I could stop feeling this way I would but I can’t so my next option is to stay far away from you and move on” he shook his head “no, you can’t do that “’‘why? Why can’t I do that?” he sighed and rubbed his neck.

You felt your heart beating faster in your chest “are you in love with me? Do you have feelings for me?” you asked him and he looked at you lost, as if he was looking for something in your eyes “tell me right now right here one good reason to not move on, tell me you have feelings for me, if you don’t then let me go, let me move on” you said as tears welled up in your eyes.

He looked at you as millions of thoughts ran through his head, he didn’t want to lose you, but he wasn’t really ready for a committed relationship, he didn’t want to hurt you he didn’t want to let you go.

He looked down and sighed “you can move on” you looked away as you felt your heartbreak inside you, the tears finally falling through your cheeks, you nodded and walked away without a word cause you knew that if you said goodbye you would break down in tears.

And you didn’t want to cry in front of him, you didn’t want to let him know how much he has hurt you, you were done with him, now you were free to move on and forget about the boy you have been in love with since you were 9.