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Ateez Imagines

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The music was blaring through the speakers, people were dancing and drinking, your group of friends was gossiping about someone’s ex who had just walked in, but you didn’t care, your attention was on someone else.

he was standing a few feet away with his arms around a girl laughing at something his friend said while the girl sucked on his neck, you scoffed.

you turned to seulgi who was standing right beside you “why didn’t you tell me he was back?” you asked and she raised her eyebrow confused till she saw who you were looking at and her face fell.

“well, we were kind of hoping he wasn’t going to come” you rolled your eyes and drank what was left on your cup “I’m going to dance” you said while walking away, you were going to lose yourself in the music and pretend Jung wooyoung wasn’t a few meters away from you sucking on another girl’s face.

you and wooyoung knew each other since you were practically children, you basically grew up together, you were best friends, well that was until he became friends with Kim hongjoong and park seonghwa.

you didn’t blame them for taking him away from you but ever since he met them you disappeared from his map.

well not entirely, he still acknowledged your existence but your weekly hangouts were long forgotten and even if he would say hi to you on the hallways it still wasn’t enough.

suddenly those small hello’s turned into nods and then into nothing, suddenly you were invisible to him, and it hurt like hell.

then college came and because destiny liked to laugh at you you happened to get accepted to the same university wooyoung was accepted in, but it wasn’t like anything was going to change right? he was still going to ignore you and you were still going to live your life pretending that the pain of losing one of your closest friends wasn’t there.

until a few months ago when you happened to be at the same party where you happened to get drunk and somehow you ended up naked in his bed.

you told yourself that it was a one-time thing, but who were you kidding?

that one time turned into two times and those two times turned into …well it turned into friends with benefits relationship although you weren’t friends, not after all the time and all the things that happened, you and wooyoung would never go back to being the best friends you, used to be.

and because you couldn’t be more unlucky (or stupid) you developed feelings for him, which you decided to confess one night after he fucked you so hard you almost forgot your name.

of course, he didn’t feel the same way, this was your life after all, not a romance novel where he would return your feelings and you would develop a beautiful relationship, no, it wasn’t like that in your world.

after that he disappeared, he left for a month to who knows where.

you thought that that was it, that Jung Wooyoung was finally out of your life and you would be able to move on and live your life wooyoung free, but no, he was back.

you got so lost in your dancing you got startled when you felt two hands on your hips pulling you closer to a hard body, the guy behind you put his lips on your ear and you instantly knew who it was.

“hello princess” he whispered in your ear and you shuddered, you loved it when he called you that, you wished you hated it, you wished he didn’t have such an effect on you.

but he did and he knows that that’s why he was pulling you closer to him while he kissed your neck, one hand on your waist the other on your belly, and you were melting, suddenly you forgot about your friends, you forgot about the girl he was previously kissing, suddenly all you could think about was wooyoung and the way he was kissing your neck and his hard-on pressing on your butt.

“let’s go somewhere else” he whispered, somehow you could hear him above the music, you should have said no, you should have pulled away and gone back to your friends, but you couldn’t, it was stronger than you, so you let him take you away.

you let him grab your hand to pull you in one of the rooms of the fraternity house, you let him kiss you like you meant the world to him, you let him undress you and kiss your body like it belonged to him because it did, no matter how hard you tried to deny it you were his and only his.

and how could you deny it when he laid you on the bed and ate you out like a starved man? how could you deny it when he turned you around and fucked you like it was the only thing that mattered?

your body was his and your heart was his, even when you woke up alone, even when you cried in the arms of Seulgi while she combed through your hair.

even if it hurts like you were being burnt alive, you were his.