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Ateez Imagines

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Mingi was a great boyfriend.

Everyone could see it, everyone saw how much he cared about you and how much he loved you.

You saw it too.

When you first met you found him a little bit intimidating, he was one of the tallest guys in your college and you have never seen him smile before you started dating, so it was a shock to you when he asked you out.

That’s when you found out he was a very shy and cute guy, something that came out as a pleasant surprise.

As you two grew closer and fell harder for each other you found yourself infatuated with a guy you never thought you would date, as mingi didn’t exactly have the qualities of what you thought would be your ideal type, but of course, you didn’t mind.

When you two started to fall into the routine of a very developed relationship you started to accept his small imperfections, like his annoying tendency of arriving late to every place you two decided to meet at, or his forgetfulness of small things.

There wasn’t a huge deal to you, even if you found them annoying mingi’s great qualities made you look past them, plus he never missed important dates, like your birthday or your anniversary.

So you were shocked (to say the least) when he told you he had to stay late in the office the night of valentine’s day.

You knew his job as an intern at his uncle’s law firm was really important to him and his family, as everyone hoped he would become an important lawyer just like his father and his grandfather before him, but he had never missed valentine’s day, he always made time for you no matter what, even if you didn’t ask him to, he never missed valentine’s day.

Even that year when Seoul was attacked by a really big storm and you had to change your plans, instead of going to the restaurant you had wanted to go for a really long time, the two of you decided to make a quick trip to the nearest convenience store, bought your favorite snacks and drinks and had a movie marathon in your shared apartment.

And if you were being honest that was one of the best valentine’s days ever, so you were understandably bummed when mingi told you the news, you tried your best at to not sounding disappointed on the phone but mingi knew you too well and promised you, you would celebrate valentine’s day on another occasion.

So there you were, sitting on your couch with hyeri by your side, who has also been left alone on valentine’s day, but yeosang had been in his hometown with his parents as his mother was ill in the hospital, so hyeri couldn’t really be upset at him.

“Oh come on y/n I know it sucks but it’s Friday night, we should be having fun” she said when you saw you pouting at the tv, you sighed and turned it off “then what do you think we should do?” she jumped happy “let’s go to the mall, you know the one that has that amazing barbeque? And then we can go to your favorite library” she said with a sweet voice trying to convince you, but she really didn’t have to work that hard so you smiled at her and started to get ready to go out with your best friend.

Going out with your best friend on valentine’s day wasn’t the best of plans but at least you weren’t alone at home bored out of your mind.

“We should go visit Yuna at the record store” hyeri said as you walked through the mall with your arms intertwined, people around you gave you funny looks but you shrugged them away “she had to stay on valentine’s day? Poor her” “well she is single so i don’t really think she cares that much” hyeri said shrugging, you were about to say something when she stopped dead in her tracks pulling you with her.

“Oh my god” she said as she looked at something in the distance, you frowned and followed her eyes to see what stopped her, your heart sunk when you saw what she saw.

There in your favorite restaurant was mingi sitting in a table by the window with his ex-girlfriend, the one he said he stopped talking to ages ago, the one he said he would never like to see again in his life.

They were talking with huge smiles on their faces as he held her hand lovingly, the way he did to you.

You were frozen in your place, you didn’t know what to do, you didn’t know if you should confront them or if you should just run away before any of them saw you standing there looking as if you saw a ghost.

But when mingi looked over you spotting you in an instant you were left with no choice, you held your gaze as he looked horrified at you, like a deer caught in the headlights, you saw him standing up quickly and yeji looking at him as if he lost his mind before turning to look where he was looking, you had never met but she might have seen your face because she pulled her best-shocked face at the sight of you and hyeri.

You felt hyeri pull at your arm and that is when you noticed mingi walking to you “let’s get out of here” she said pulling you away from the scene, you two walked as fast as possible listening to the way mingi called your name, but before he could reach you, the both of you got into hyeri’s car and drove away.

And on that valentine’s day instead of falling asleep with the love of your life hugging you, you fell asleep in the arms of your best friend as you cried like you never cried before.

Definitely the worst valentine’s day of your life.