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Ateez Imagines

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The party was in full bloom, people walked around with glasses on their hands while others dance to some generic song that was playing through the speakers.

The dark blue sky laid on top of them and the full moon provided some extra lighting, the summer breeze blew softly through the terrace giving everyone a gentle relief from all the heat they gathered through the dancing.

Everyone was having a good time, everyone except you.

It was Ahreum’s birthday party, one of your closest friends, you had to be there, even if you wanted nothing more than be in your bed wrapped with your favorite comforter while listening to sad songs while you cried about your failing relationship.

No one knew about it, mainly because you decided to not say anything.

Ahreum has been planning this party for weeks now and she has been too excited about it to be bummed by your issues, so you decided to keep it on the down-low, no one needed to know besides it was a temporary break up like all the others before, so it wasn’t necessary to worry your friends knowing you and doyoung were going to get back together in a week.

You smiled when you caught ahreum dancing with seonghwa, her boyfriend, with a huge smile on her face, it was obvious she was having the time of her life and that was all that mattered to you.

You sighed and looked away only to be met by the sharping gaze of san, one of seonghwa’s closest friends.

You had met him when seonghwa invited you and ahreum’s friends to his birthday party, you didn’t get to talk to him much but ahreum told you he was a great guy just like all seonghwa’s friend.

She barely told you anything about him but for some reason something made him stand out from his group, maybe it was his cat-like eyes and his obvious self-confidence, or maybe it was the fact that every time you met he would look at you like you meant something to him.

Whatever it was, there was something about him that attracted you and while you weren’t the person to sleep with other people while on a relationship, every time you saw him you wanted to walk towards him and ask him to fuck you like no one ever has done before…

But you couldn’t think about that, you were a loyal person, even if your boyfriend was somewhere off flirting and sleeping with other women, you weren’t the type of person that would do that, so those thoughts had to stay far away from your head.

You looked down your cup and realized that it was almost empty, you also realized that it has been a while since you last moved from that couch and that people were starting to judge you (they weren’t that was just your head messing with you like always) so you stood up and walked around the terrace trying to find where the table with the drinks was.

You jumped when you felt someone put their hand on your shoulder and turned around to see san looking at you with a curious look.

“Sorry about that…” he said rubbing his neck and you had to take a moment to breathe and gather your thoughts, you smiled and shook your head “no, it’s ok i was just distracted” he nodded “yeah i noticed, if you are looking for the drinks i think they are inside,” he said pointing to the apartment.

You looked back to where he was pointing and you made a move to go there but he stopped you by putting his hand on your hip, you turned to notice that he was much closer than before and you sucked in a breath when you smelled his fragrance.

There was a very obvious chemistry between the both of you, you could feel the tension and if people looked over they would feel it too, they would also probably think that you were going to have a very intense make-out session, and a part of you thought of that too, but then again you had to push all those thoughts away even when you could feel electricity building with the way he touched your naked hip.

He suddenly took his hand away as if he was just burnt and laughed awkwardly “sorry about that” why was he apologizing? You didn’t know, but you didn’t want him to, you wanted him to grab your hips and pull you closer to his body and just forget the world around you.

You smiled “it’s ok, I think I’ll go inside,” you said raising your glass for him to see, he nodded and was about to say something when suddenly a girl hugged him.

“Sannie i finally found you, come with me it has been a while since we saw each other,” she said in a high voice and you cringed, he looked at her to answer and that is when you made your way inside the apartment.

Yeah, you definitely weren’t that type of girl.