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Ateez Imagines

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You sat down in one of the bar stools and gave your order to the bartender before you brought both of your hands to your temple to rub on them.

To say you had a bad day, would be a very big understatement, not only you had awoken late due to your alarm suddenly deciding not to work but it also started raining as you ran to the office cause you couldn’t catch the bus and all the cabs seemed to be occupied.

You thought your day couldn’t get worse but oh boy it totally could and it happened when your “rival” at your company got the promotion you were expecting for yourself.

So there you were drinking your beer while you thought about the day’s events, you felt your phone vibrate and you picked it up to see a message from your ex, of course, that had to happen, it was as if God hated you or something, you took a big gulp of your drink and turned off your phone, you didn’t have the energy to deal with the asshole who decided to break off your engagement cause his ex told him she wasn’t over him.

“I don’t know what caused you to be this angry but a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be frowning like that,” a voice said from beside you and you scoffed, of course, a random guy was going to try to flirt with you “is that the best pick up line you got?” you asked before turning to see the most gorgeous man you have ever seen, you almost wanted to punch yourself for being mean to someone who looked like that, the guy smirked and you felt your heart flutter “Nah, I can actually do way better than that” you smiled and sighed “then show me, mystery man” he smiled and extended his hand “I’m Yunho” you shook his hand and smiled “hello Yunho I’m y/n” you answered as you got a little bit closer to him.

Maybe your day would end much better than it started.