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“hospitals creep the hell out of me” said Yunho as he looked around anxiously, he had been sitting next to hongjoong who looked at him with worried eyes but he really couldn’t stay still so he shot up and started walking in circles all around the waiting room while he rubbed his hair to the point it looked like a bird’s nest.

you and him were giving the nursery some final touches while fantasizing about the time your little girl would finally come home when it happened.

at first, it was a faint pain in your lower belly, you thought nothing of it, you thought it was because you had eaten a lot of food that night, it’ll probably go away you thought, but the pain grew as time went by, suddenly the pain was unbearable and blood started to come down your legs.

you both panicked and Yunho was fast to call an ambulance, he had hoped it was nothing to worry about, he had hoped that it was all a small set back and that the doctors would fix it but when they made him wait in the waiting room while his wife and unborn child were taken care of the anxiety grew.

he had to call someone, he couldn’t be there alone and hongjoong was fast to arrive to his side millions of uplifting words coming to his mind, but none could help appease the anxiety of his best friend who as minutes went by got more and more agitated.

“Why aren’t they telling us something? y/n is in there alone and I have to wait here this fucking sucks” Yunho said as he sat down only to jump up again when a door opened, he looked disappointed as the nurse walked past them.

“I really dont know what to tell you, man, we just have to hope that everything is alright,” hongjoong said knowing his words would fall into deaf ears.

finally, after a long wait a doctor came out, Yunho shot up and practically teleported himself to the doctor’s side “Mr. Jeong?” the doctor asked and he nodded eagerly “how is she, doctor? how is my wife and my child? how are they?” he asked and the doctor frowned, Yunho felt his heart drop already anticipating the bad news.

“your wife is doing ok, she lost a lot of blood but we managed to stop it, she will need a blood transfusion but she’ll be ok, as for your baby… I’m sorry but we couldn’t do much to help her,” he said slowly, Yunho felt his heart crush, hongjoong was quick to hold him and thank the doctor for his service as his best friend was too in shock to even say a word.

“you can go see your wife now,” he said as he moved out of the way, Yunho took a deep breath and walked into the room to see you laying in the bed with your eyes closed, your once swollen belly was gone, instead of looking big and radiant now you looked small and frail.

Yunho moved to sit by your side with the help of hongjoong, he grabbed your cold hand and started to cry, he couldn’t imagine how he would let you know that your baby girl was gone, he didn’t know how you would react, you would be crushed, for sure, he didn’t know how the two of you would get past this, but you were going to do it together.

hongjoong stayed by his side until Yunho told him he could be alone, hongjoong looked at him uneasy but left anyway, promising that if he needed him he could call at any time, Yunho just nodded as he held your hand.

he would never let go.