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Ateez Imagines

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inspired by: Pretend by Cnco

The house was packed with people, some drinking some dancing others talking over the loud music that was playing through the very big and very expensive speakers.

Your boyfriend was somewhere in the living room talking with some of his friends but you couldn’t care less because currently you were pinned to the wall of the hallway your legs wrapped around Yunho’s waist while he kissed you like he never did before.

You knew what you were doing was wrong, the both of you had partners that were somewhere in the crowd of people at that same party, you could both get caught cheating in any moment but you still didn’t care.

The way he kissed you was intoxicating you, no one has ever kissed you the way yunho was kissing you, no one has ever made you feel the way he was making you feel.

You felt like you were floating in space and the only thing pulling you into reality was Yunho’s hand holding your waist while yours tangled on his dark hair.

He pulled away only to latch his lips on your jawline tracing a path down your neck.

You moaned when he found your sweet spot and he smirked before sucking on the patch of skin.

You opened your eyes and tried to pull him away from you “Yunho no marks jinyoung can see” you reminded him and he groaned when he heard his name.

“Tell him you are leaving with a friend so you can stay with me” he murmured against your neck and you bit your lip, your hands never leaving his hair, you closed your eyes and hissed when he returned to kissing your neck, his left hand lowering to grab your ass.

“What about…fuck…what about…Minnie?” you asked in between moans, he stopped kissing you and looked at you with hooded eyes “don’t say her name” he said and tried to kiss you again but you pushed him, Yunho dropped his face to your neck frustrated.

“You know we can’t…” you sighed and he looked up at you “we both know we can’t but we are still doing it so either we stop saying that we can’t and just enjoy the moment or we both return to our respective partners and forget all about this” he said and your heart dropped.

How did this all start? How did you get tangled up in this situation?

“Baby please come with me i know you don’t want him i know you think of me when he fucks you” he whispered against your neck, you sighed “break up with your girlfriend first” he groaned and pulled away from you, setting you down on your feet.

He rubbed his face clearly annoyed “you know i can’t do that” he said and you rolled your eyes “but you still cheat on her?” you scoffed “why are you judging me? You are just as bad as i am and you know it”

You crossed your arms and turned to leave but yunho grabbed your arm “y/n stay” he pleaded as he wrapped his arms around you, bringing you closer to his body, you sighed as you smelled his scent.

You wanted to stay, you really did, but there was no way you were going to let jinyoung know you were cheating on him, even if you didn’t love him anymore you didn’t want to hurt him and you knew that if you decided to stay he would find out and everything would be ruined.

“Baby stay …please” he whispered and you almost give in, but you couldn’t, you had to gather all your strength to pull away from him, you turned to see him looking at you with pain in his eyes, you looked down.

“I’m going to leave and break up with jinyoung, if you want to see me again then you’ll have to break up with minnie” you told him before you kissed his cheek and walked away from him.