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fire facts and love

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It wasn’t like that.

It really wasn’t like that.

Seriously. Jungkook only suffered a minor lapse in judgement and that was it. It happens to the best of them, even some of the greatest performers of all time have stumbled on stage or missed a note.

It had nothing to do with his alpha seeing the most gorgeous omega and temporarily blacking out because of it. That only happens in the movies. Jeon Jungkook doesn’t believe in love at first sight. None of that locking eyes and seeing the entirety of your future together play out before you bullshit. Like, a house by the river as he stands by and watches his love with the deepest dimples immerse his feet in the still, warm waters.

Absolutely not. That would never happen to him, ever.

Oh, man. Who is he kidding? Of course it was like that. It’s official, Jungkook is in love and there’s no going back from this. How could he? His alpha is smitten and he’s unfortunately a very weak man. He’ll never admit to it, though.

See, it all took place this morning.

Firefighter school is amazing. Ever since he was a young pup it was all he ever wanted to do. Jungkook would spend many hours of the day imagining himself running head first into a burning building saving all the occupants inside, slinging full families out to safety on his back. Or cranking on those gigantic water hoses and having his very own beast vs. man battles as he won against a raging inferno. He’s even had the saving a cat out of a tree fantasy from time to time.

Regardless, as soon as he was accepted at University into the firefighter program all was right with the world. He’s only a first year, but already top of his class. He loves it. And this morning, the fire station at which his site class is shadowing had an emergent call come in.

The fire was at a clinic where a daycare nursery was attached. There were many children there, and the kitchen was now smothered in smoke.

During drills, the students were in charge of safety with the help of their instructor. Strict rules and order: inspect the scene, safely evacuate everyone present, keep calm. Jungkook was a top of the line calm guy. Cool as a cucumber. Except, the moment he got there and descended upon the nursery everything changed.

His life forever changed.

“Everyone, follow me!” Jimin was shouting from somewhere behind him.

It was all kind of muffled. There was an alarm blaring, the jarring emergency strobe light blinking every two seconds, and it played in the background of Jungkook’s senses as he stood there staring dumbly at this nurse in front of him with two children.

No, a student nurse. Their University logo with the words ‘student nurse’ was patched into his scrub top over his right breast. Not that Jungkook was staring at his breasts, that’s absurd.

Student nurse was crouched down and talking just loud enough over the alarm to calm down the crying kids. He took them by the hands, smiled so gently at them, and then stood up.

Two things happened at once. This guy - who was very tall, very dimply, very big, very beautiful, very omega - turned and looked at him with a very confused look on his face.

And then Jung Hoseok comes barreling into his body, nearly tossing him to the ground.

“Get the fuck moving, Jungkook! Let’s go!” Hoseok yelled.

Hoseok then took swift initiative and guided the pretty omega and children away to safety.

The alpha inside Jungkook wants to rip Hoseok’s head off for that because he’s supposed to be the one to protect him, but instead he gets the fuck moving and is back in action.

The rest of his day, and life, is fucked after that.

Luckily, his instructors don’t find out about the grave mistake he made. There’s no room for hesitation such as that ever again. People look to him as a pillar of strength, to protect and care for them.

That omega probably thinks he’s a dumb idiot, too.

“Oh my god.” Jungkook groans, rolls over on his bed and buries his head into the pillow.

How could he have been so stupid? Just standing there like a fool waiting for, what? He’s not even sure. Love had him by the throat and he was merciless to it.


Holy shit, he’s love isn’t he? Is imprinting a real thing?

Jungkook pulls his head up from the pillow in his poor attempt to suffocate himself and quickly grabs his phone.

A google search tells him that imprinting is indeed not real. Which is disappointing. He’d prefer a biochemical explanation such as that than him being in love, but like. He can’t stop thinking about the omega and what he did to him. God, he was ethereal.

He types in the web page for the University and clicks the link for the nursing school. They’re in two different programs which makes sense why they’ve never ran into each other before, and it’s perfectly normal that Jungkook is looking through the curriculum right now. It says their University is a leading program in the field of healthcare, how nice.

Jungkook finds a video that details a day in the life of their student nurses. A few minutes in and he pretty much gags at the sight of IV’s and bed pans. He’s just about to turn it off when an angel appears on the screen.

His angel.

Jungkook squeals. His beautiful omega is wearing the University uniform with these ridiculously cute glasses talking about how wonderful the program is and how he’s dreamed of being a nurse. It’s the best 15 seconds of Jungkook’s life. He replays it a billion times over and takes a bunch of screenshots.

But it never states his name. No end credits or anything! Whoever posted it should be fired.

Whatever. For tonight, his alpha is satisfied. Jungkook plays the video one last time and goes to sleep.


The following week is relatively normal. If sudden loss of color and vigor in life is normal.

Jungkook likes to think of himself as a lively person. He’s an introvert, but makes friends easy. Lots of friends, actually. There’s never too many interests for him either: taking videos or pictures, painting, editing, games, volunteering at the local fire department. There’s always something fun for him to do.

But these last few days have been kind of, bleh. To say the least.

It’s like his heart took an exit out the backdoor of his spine and left a note on the desk inside his chest cavity saying ‘goodbye, will come back once true love returns’.

That’s a little dramatic, but it’s kinda how he feels. It’s just a crush. The last one he had was on some beta boy from middle school. That never turned into anything. It never does. Jungkook has always been too focused on starting his career as a firefighter, and now that he’s made it he can’t let something like this ruin it for him. It’ll pass soon.

Today, his instructors and station firefighters have taken them to the scene of a house that burned day a few days prior, and it was a pretty good distraction from the swarm of pretty omega, omega, omega inside his head.

“I’m so hungry, and Taehyung is a liar.” Jimin says as they make their way over to Hoseok’s car after their dismissal from the site.

Hoseok snorts. “And those two things are related because?”

“Because he promised to make me food today and bring it to me, but he isn’t texting back. All beta’s are liars.” Jimin frowns, throwing his helmet onto the floor of the front seat.

Jungkook climbs into the back with a chuckle and pops open the buttons on his uniform, taking in a breath. “That’s not a very nice generalization, hyung.”

“Then my original statement still stands. Taehyung is a liar.” Jimin says with a huff.

Hoseok laughs and starts up the car, heading in the direction of their favorite cafè they go to after every site day.

Jimin continues to go on a rant about how Taehyung doesn’t care for his well being and loves to crush his poor heart. Jungkook has given up long ago trying to figure the alpha and beta out. They’re soulmates, apparently. But Taehyung has a boyfriend. It’s really weird.

Jungkook slumps down in the back seat and scrolls through his phone. There’s a few errands he has to run, needs to call his mother back so she knows he’s not dead, and his essay eloquently titled ‘backdraft: the only movie that exists’ is due at midnight. The title is all he has at this point.

He ignores it all and opens twitter.

Hoseok’s car comes to a stop at a red light. Jimin’s phone pings with a notification, and he pauses long enough in the middle of a rhetoric about Taehyung’s nose hairs to say, “Kook, what the fuck?”

Jungkook clicks off his phone and rolls his eyes. “What? I know we aren’t supposed to take pictures of the sites but they were cool fucking rocks, okay?”

Jimin’s eyes grow wide and he holds his phone up to Hoseok, voice shrill. “What the fuck?!”

Hoseok leans in and squints at the screen.

Together, they burst into laughter.

And what the hell is so funny?

Just as he opens his phone to see, the red light turns to green and Hoseok is taking off, while Jimin hurdles over the middle console to snatch Jungkook’s phone right out of his hands.

“Hey, give me it back!” Jungkook shouts and tries to lean into the front seat, but Jimin is a strong fucker and pushes him away.

Hoseok grumbles. “Quit it! We’re gonna get in an accident!”

“Tell Jimin to give me my phone!”

Jimin laughs harder. “I bet he does make your heart go boom, huh?!”

Then idiotically, he makes a stupid, hideous kissy face and places the phone up to his mouth so that Jungkook can see the screen, and well, now he wants to die.

How the hell did he post a picture of the pretty omega?!

“I’ll kill you!” Jungkook screeches and almost breaks his neck against the seatbelt as he darts forward for his phone again, but Jimin is faster.

Jimin huddles against the door far out of his reach. “Hobi there’s a shit ton of these screenshots in his library! Where did they even come from?!”

Hoseok makes a sharp right turn, throwing Jungkook over the seat as he tries and fails to grab his friend and maybe commit a serious crime.

“I thought it ‘wasn’t like that’, koo.” Hoseok says teasingly.

Another notification pings throughout the car.

Jimin stops laughing and gasps. “Oh, that fucker can reply to Jungkook but not me? Where’s the loyalty? Here.”

He throws his phone back to him and Jungkook misses, scrambles to pick it up from the floor, and hurries to open it.

Jungkook deletes the post and unbuckles his seatbelt.

“Goodbye, friends.” And he reaches for the door handle.

Unfortunately, the child lock is on.

Hoseok looks over his shoulder and glares at him. “Don’t be so dramatic and put your belt back on. Safety first. Yeah, you having all those pictures is a little odd as fuck, but.”

Then he makes a face and doesn’t follow it up with anything that would make him feel better. Actually, now he feels worse.

Jungkook puts his seatbelt back on and buries his head in his hands with a loud groan. “He’s just so cute, okay? And I found a video and watched it a lot and took some screenshots of it, that was all!”

Jimin turns in his seat and knocks on the top of his head with his fist. “Lover boy, you don’t need to explain it to us. You have a crush on someone you saw in the middle of an emergency. It happens to everyone.”

Hoseok nods. “Yeah, my alpha made me dream about that hot little alpha EMT worker who taught the CPR class for like a week. You saw the way he did those chest compressions on that dummy? Couldn’t get it out of my head.”

Jungkook shakes his head and sighs. “I don’t think it’s like that though? I mean, maybe. I don’t know. I don’t feel the same since that happened. It’s like my alpha misses him.”

They all share a confused glance.

“That’s fucking weird, right?!” Jungkook yells.

Jimin bites his lip. “Okay, it is. Is imprinting real?”

Jungkook sighs. “No. I googled it.”

“Damn.” Jimin shrugs. “I’m out of guesses then.”

Hoseok pulls into the café parking lot. They both fully turn around in their seats and stare at him like parents speaking to their frightened child.

“I think it’s kinda cute.” Hoseok says, somewhat wistfully.

Jimin agrees with him. “Yeah. And before you freaked the fuck out and deleted the tweet you saw that Tae said he’s a classmate of Jin hyung. I can ask him to get his info.”

Jungkook’s brain does somersaults over itself. Could it really be that simple? Fate never works that easily. Maybe for soulmates like Jimin and Taehyung it does, but Jungkook doesn’t think it’d bend so well in his favor.

He slowly shakes his head. “No, it’s okay. I’ll get over it. I’m fine.”

Hoseok raises a brow. “You sure? Those screenshots say otherwise.”

“I’m sure!” Jungkook emphasizes and pulls at the handle. “Now take off the child lock I want to eat.”

They both give him a tight lipped smile, but then the lock clicks and he opens the door, rushing into the café to order a coffee with the most amount of espresso that won’t kill him. If he has to live with this crush he’ll do it like a man.


“This should be ingrained into everyone's head by now. It’s elementary. PASS. P for pull, A for aim, S for squeeze, S for sweep. Take an extinguisher and practice.”

The instructor motions towards the wall mounted fire extinguishers and walks away.

Jungkook frowns. Sometimes going over the absolute basics of fire protocols that he taught himself when he was four and begging for a toy extinguisher is monotonous.

He walks over to Jimin and grabs at one of his suspenders, tugs it back and releases it hard against his chest. “P is for Jimin hyung is a Punk.”

Jimin swats at him and misses. “Quit playing around.”

Jungkook laughs. “A is for And he’s shorter than me.”

Hoseok is there to stop Jimin as he starts to run after him. “Can you two please behave?”

“S is for.” Jungkook drops down into a handstand. “His Shoes have lifts inside them.”

“You little shit.” Jimin ducks underneath Hoseok and makes his way over, kicking his foot out at Jungkook’s stomach which causes him to crumble to the floor in a fit of giggles. He gets back up and jogs over to the display wall.

“And S is for So he needs me to reach things too high up for him.” Then he proceeds to tug the extinguisher off its hook with a little too much force.

The metal device careens straight into his head and knocks him backwards.

“Oh, ow!” Jungkook hisses and lifts a hand to his forehead.

His fingers come back bloody.

Hoseok is there in a second, holds him by the chin and tilts his head slightly. “Are you alright? This is why you guys need to stop fucking around, look what happens.”

“Mr. Jeon, what’s going on?” Their instructor hollers from across the room and everyone freezes as he makes his way over. Jungkook squints his eye because now there’s a bit of blood slipping past his eyelid. He definitely can’t get out of this one.

“Sir, I - “

Jimin interjects. “It was my fault, sir. I acted recklessly with the extinguisher and caused harm to my team partner. I take full responsibility.”

Jungkook tries to shoot Jimin a why in the hell would you take the blame look, but there’s currently blood in his eye and his vision has gone all wonky.

Their instructor ticks disapprovingly and gestures his head towards the door. “Mr. Jeon, take your ass to the infirmary. Mr. Park, you’ll be taking extra safety lessons this week. And for the rest of you, no playing around! This is life or death!”

Everyone scrambles to return to their duties. Jimin takes the extinguisher out of Jungkook’s hands and gives him a small smile and a wink. Jungkook mouths ‘thank you’ and turns away for the door to the infirmary.

He feels pretty stupid walking through the hallways because he can’t see, he isn’t really sure where he’s going, and if any blood gets into his mouth he may throw up.

But then a glorious big sign that reads NURSES OFFICE appears before him and if he skips gleefully a little bit no one needs to know.

A young alpha man sits at the front desk. The look of horror on his face as Jungkook walks in doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Dude, you’re bleeding.” He says.

Jungkook’s eyes go wide. More blood goes in. Nice. “Oh shit, are you serious?”

The man nods. “Yeah, I’m serious. Let me grab the nurse for you, my dude.”

He gets up and hurries away. Jungkook snatches a tissue off the desk and wipes at his face, presses it above his left eyebrow to slow the bleeding. It soaks through it pretty fast, and as he moves to toss it in the trash a voice from heaven says,

“Wait, not that one. Use the one with the red bag.”

Jungkook looks up and feels it the moment his heart re-enters the back door of his spine, knocks the goodbye note off the desk, and takes a happy little seat.

The bloodied tissue drops from his fingers to the floor. Stupidly, he leans over to get it and almost bangs his injured head off the lid of the can, but manages to dodge and throw it away in the hazard bin.

He looks up, and the love of his life watches him with a mix of amusement and concern.

“You don’t look so well.” His deep, angelic voice croons.

Jungkook swoons. “Will you take care of me?”

A beautiful smile spreads across his equally beautiful lips which makes those wonderful craters adorn his cheeks. Jungkook had to have bled out. There’s no way this isn’t heaven.

“Sure. Come on back, sir.” He says and turns around.

There’s no need to tell Jungkook to follow. Jungkook would follow him straight to hell, directly into battle, he doesn’t care. He slinks after him like a wounded puppy - which in this case he kind of is - and he can’t help it that his eyes drink in every inch of him. All long, long inches. He’s taller than him and built so perfectly, arms big and an ass so firm. Damn.

It’s been a week since the stupid accidental tweet he sent. Two weeks since all of this has began, and suddenly his world is so vibrant and brand new. He could burst into song, truthfully.

Pretty, omega nurse spins around once they enter the exam room and points to the raised table. “Please, sit.”

Quickly, he gets up and sits.

Jungkook watches him go to the sink and wash his hands, then begin to move around and gather supplies.

“You look a little familiar.” He speaks offhandedly as though he isn’t really expecting a reply from him.

And so Jungkook chooses not to because there’s no way in hell he wants to bring up how much of a loser he is in the face of danger and cute boys.

Thankfully, he simply pulls gloves out of a box and tugs them on, changing the topic. “So tell me what happened to your head there, fireman.”

Jungkook bites down on his lower lip and his eyes drift to the name tag hung from his chest. Oh, that built chest. “Hi, Namjoon.”

Namjoon stops, grins, laughs. “Hi. Should I call you fireman, or something else?”

“I don’t give a shit what you call me.” Jungkook sighs dreamily.

“Okay.” Namjoon says and comes closer. And, oh my. He smells so sweet. Like honey. “I’m gonna take care of you now, fireman. Tell me if it hurts.”

Jungkook closes his eyes and feels like he’ll never hurt ever again. Not with Namjoon, Namjoon, so close and touching him so gently and smelling so glorious.

He’s only 22 and has already reached nirvana.

Namjoon holds pressure to the wound for a little bit, wipes a cool cloth over his lid and cheeks, then sprays something into the cut that burns slightly. But he soothes it right after and lets out a small chuckle. “So, you gonna tell me the story of how you got this nasty cut or will I need to take some guesses?”

Jungkook hums. “It’s stupid.”

“I’m only a third year nursing student but I’ve already seen a few stupid injuries. I think I can handle another.” Namjoon says, wiping away at more dried blood.

“Well.” Jungkook has to stuff his hands under his thighs to physically stop himself from reaching out and touching Namjoon. He has a good feeling his hands would fit oh so perfectly around his hips. “My friend is short and I was making fun of him about it and a fire extinguisher hit me in the head?”

Namjoon lets out this kind of laugh that’s really just a loud shout, and Jungkook would eat his own hair to hear that every day for the rest of his life.

“That’s crazy. Was it a flying extinguisher with wings? Or did your short friend have to throw it up at you? There’s details missing.” Namjoon brushes his bangs back from his forehead gently.

Jungkook thinks his lungs are about to collapse in. “I pulled it off the wall too hard. I’m pretty strong.”

God, why would he say that? Like, it’s definitely true, but he didn’t need to say it.

Namjoon smiles though, and his eyes slowly travel down Jungkook’s arms and back up to the cut on his head. “You look it. I guess you have to be to be a fireman, hm?”

Jungkook inventories that look Namjoon gave him to pull out at a later date, and then fights the urge to say a dirty joke. If only because he’s an idiot and stupidly hot boys make him say idiotic things. It’s worse because this is probably the actual love of his life. “Wanna know why they call us firemen?”

Welp, here it goes.

Namjoon picks up a bandaid. “I wanna go the easy route and say it’s because you’re men who put out fires. But that’s too simple. And also makes me want to go on a rant about women firefighters, but you don’t want to hear that.”

“Oh God yes I do.” Jungkook pleads because he’d listen to Namjoon recite the alphabet a trillion times over just for fun.

“No way.” Namjoon laughs, and nods at him. “Go on, finish the joke.”

Jungkook nibbles his lip and catches Namjoon’s eye. “Because I find you hot and leave you wet.”

Namjoon slaps the bandaid on his forehead a little too roughly and quickly turns away. “Hilarious. I think you’re all healed now.”

Normally, this would make him feel like shit. His foot in mouth disease is quite terrible, but a focused glance at the side of Namjoon’s face lets him know there’s an amused smile on the corner of his lips, and the tip of his ear burns red.

Jungkook counts it as a win. “Thank you, Namjoon. My name is Jungkook, by the way.”

Namjoon disposes his supplies in the appropriate bins and washes his hands again, catching his eyes as he dries them off. “You can take the bandaid off when you get home and keep it open to air, the cut wasn’t too deep. And be nice to your short friend, Jungkook.”

He hops down from the table. It’s a physical battle to keep his arms down at his sides and not around Namjoon’s waist. “I can’t make any promises.”

“Bye.” Namjoon waves at him.

Jungkook, regretfully, waves goodbye and exits out the exam room. His alpha whines like the weak fool that he is.

“See you, dude!” The front desk guy yells.

Yes, he most definitely will be seeing him again. Because Jungkook will be back. And this time, he won’t be coming for a bandaid, but for Namjoon’s heart.


It’s been a long week. But today, god Namjoon’s day has been all kinds of confusing.

First, he lost his entire binder filled with his pharmacology cheat sheets and IV drip rate cards which is basically his bible. He cried for a good minute or two. Then an iodine packet burst in the pocket of his white scrub top.

Now, to top it off, he went to the wrong clinical site assignment for today and is now stuck in the nurses office with Seokjin and his boyfriend.

“I just think it’s weird, y’know.” Taehyung says from his spot laid flat on the extra cot kept for students who are sick and need to rest. Seokjin sat on the chair beside him massaging his hand. “Jimin’s mouth tasted like strawberry but he ate a blueberry gummy. That doesn’t make sense.”

Seokjin nods seriously. “That is pretty weird, babe. Maybe you guys should have tried another flavor?”

Taehyung sighs. “Okay, I’ll remember that for next time.”

Namjoon rolls his eyes. He’ll never understand the mechanics behind Taehyung’s supposed ‘soulmate’ and his relationship with Seokjin. All that he knows is that it’s extremely not normal. Maybe it’s a beta thing.

The alpha who sits at the front desk and possibly has worms for brains peeks his head into the room. “There’s a guy here. He asked for Namjoon. Actually, he said the words ‘angel with beautiful dimples and perfect face’, and I just took a guess.”

Namjoon’s jaw drops.

The two beta’s stop and stare at him.

Who in the hell could that be?

He stands up from the chair and heads for the door as the couple begin to do the same. Namjoon turns around and points a finger at them, whispers. “No, stay.”

Seokjin bats at his hand. “I’m not some dog you just order around. I wanna see who it is!”

“Yeah, me too!” Taehyung adds excitedly.

Namjoon doesn’t have it in him to fight it because that has proved futile since his day began, and simply walks out towards the waiting area.

He sees chunky black boots first. And tucked into them are thick orange pants, with an oversized orange with white stripes coat buckled overtop. A fireman’s uniform. The only thing missing is a helmet, which looks like he just took it off because his hair is tousled on top of his head.


His eyes are huge. “Hi, Namjoon! Hi. I’m sorry I look like this. I just left my site and hurried back to campus to give you this.”

Namjoon looks down at his outstretched hands that he didn’t even notice before. There’s a painting in one hand, and a plate of cookies in the other.

From behind him a strained voice that sounds like Taehyung’s screeches. “Jungkookie?!”

Jungkook either doesn’t hear or simply ignores it, voice earnest as he continues to speak to him. “I wanted to get here sooner. I made them this morning and they were so warm and fresh then. But I was running late and my instructor is now keeping a close eye on me. I’m really sorry.”

Namjoon slowly takes the items from his palms and looks him in the eye. All he can utter is. “Huh?”

This is by far the cherry on top of his upside down day.

Jungkook waves a hand at the cookie plate shyly. “Hey, try one.”

“Ooh, can I too?!” The front desk alpha asks enthusiastically.

Jungkook shrugs. “Um, if Namjoon is okay with it?”

Namjoon isn’t sure he’s okay with anything right now. Like, what is even going on?

He only nods and turns to place them down onto the table beside him, then peels back the Saran wrapping. They’re decorated so prettily, each and every one. He can tell they were made with precious time and care. Carefully, he picks one up and takes a bite.

“They’re honey cookies!” Front desk guy says happily, already stuffing a second one in his mouth.

He’s right though. Honey cookies made with ginger, pine nuts, rice malt syrup and other ingredients that Namjoon can taste so sweetly on his tongue. They’re absolutely delicious.

And Jungkook made them for him? Why on earth would he do that?

Namjoon furrows his brows. “A fireman baker. Who would have thought? These are amazing, Jungkook. You didn’t have to thank me for fixing you up last week. It was a small cut. And it’s healed already, too.”

Somehow, he can’t stop himself as he reaches out and rubs his thumb over the now lightly scarred cut above Jungkook’s left brow.

Jungkook’s eyes sort of flutter and his ridiculously long lashes brush against the apple of his cheeks. Namjoon has to pull his hand away fast after that.

“I’m glad you like them.” Jungkook says, and nods towards the painting. “I made that, too. Um, it’s just a simple thing.”

Namjoon takes another bite of cookie and takes a closer look at the painting. A simple thing? It’s far beyond that.

The portrait is of him in his scrubs, a beautiful scenic background with so much attention to detail. The colors muted yet strong. It’s a little unreal and overwhelming. He loves it.

”So, let me get this straight. You’re actually a fireman baker painter? Am I missing anything?” Namjoon asks teasingly.

Jungkook rubs the back of his neck shyly. “I’m not even a fireman yet, technically.”

Namjoon smiles. This kid is adorable. “Hey, this painting is. Holy shit. You’re very talented. No one’s ever done anything like for me before. Thank you. You’re the best patient I’ve ever had.”

“I agree.” The front desk alpha says.

A sort of frown graces Jungkook’s lips, but then just as quickly disappears and he rubs his hands together nervously. “My friends are actually waiting for me in the car. I have to go now.”

Namjoon nods. “Okay. It’s actually a good thing I came in by mistake today or you would have missed me.”

Jungkook’s eyes widen. “Oh, you’re not here everyday?”

He shakes his head. “No. All the nursing students rotate clinical sites for a short amount of time. I forgot I’m no longer assigned here. I’ll be at the head medical building now.”

“I see.” Jungkook says, and shoots him a smile that’s only short of dazzling. “It was so nice to see you again, Namjoon.”

Namjoon holds the portrait close to his chest and rocks up on his toes just the tiniest bit. “You too, Jungkook.”

Jungkook turns around and starts his way towards the door and out the nurses office.

But Namjoon hurriedly shouts. “Thank you again!”

When their eyes meet from across the room it feels soft and private even though three pairs of eyes are watching them.

Then Jungkook is gone from the room in all his orange uniform glory.

Both Taehyung and Seokjin immediately burst into raucous laughter, falling all over each other like the couple of imbeciles they are.

Namjoon pays them no mind. Instead, he stares at the door Jungkook just exited from and grabs another honey cookie off the plate, and eats it slowly.


This may be his favorite spot on the entire campus. Outside of the medical building right next to the rose bush, centered in the middle of the outstretched lawn where the view of the high hills and trees and small houses are easily seen. Especially on a day like today, not a cloud in the sky, an expanse of earthy green land. The sun is bright, but the humidity is low. It’s perfect.

Except, Yoongi won’t stop bouncing his leg up and down, up and down, up and down -

Namjoon drops his palm to his knee. “I am literally begging you to stop moving.”

Yoongi looks up from the textbook page he’s been staring mindlessly at for the last three minutes and pulls his pinky finger out his mouth. “I wasn’t even moving?”

“You haven’t stopped since we sat down.” Namjoon says, takes him by the wrist and inspects his nail beds. His poor fingernails are bitten raw and peeling. “You’re going to gnaw your damn hand off, Yoon!”

Yoongi sighs and tugs his wrist out his grip. “Leave me alone you know how I get before an exam. I’m nervous I’m gonna fail.”

Namjoon pushes his own study material off his lap and sets it aside. “You literally never do. You’re top of the class for a reason.”

”For now!” He exclaims with his eyes wild and crazy, and it’s always pretty freaky to see his usually supremely calm and relaxed best friend right before a test. He turns into a maniac.

So, he reaches over and gathers up the materials in Yoongi’s lap and neatly folds them away.

“Hey, we’re not done yet!” Yoongi protests.

Namjoon places their things next to the rose bush and stands up. “We still have like an hour before the exam. Let’s go over to that bakery down by the media station. We can get that treat you like and you can nibble on that instead.”

Yoongi looks down at his poor fingers mournfully and then back up at him. “You’ll pay?”

“Yes, hyung. I’ll pay.” Namjoon says.

It takes him a minute to raise up from the grass, but once he does he outstretches his arm to Namjoon. “You have to hold my hand or I really will chew them off.”

Namjoon groans. “It’s always me stuck babying you before a test. Do you make Jin hyung hold your hand too?”

“Fuck no it’s always up Taehyung’s ass, or his nose. Or his mouth. Just, inside his body at all times. It’s disgusting.” Yoongi laces their fingers together and begins to pull him in the direction of the bakery.

Well, Namjoon can’t argue with him on that.

It’s a straight shot walk and not too far away. Not many people are out either, which makes the sound of birds chirping and the serene cool breeze all that much better to appreciate. Even Yoongi’s hand in his isn’t all clenched and clammy like it normally gets when he’s worked up. Namjoon’s enjoying himself.

But then Yoongi says, “What the fuck is that?”

And it turns a little odd.

Off in the distance a figure walks towards them, something like a human shaped burlap sack slung over the shoulder.

Namjoon squints and disbelief washes over him.

It’s Jungkook. Jungkook, walking through the expanse of grass carrying a heavy brown sack like it weighs absolutely nothing and he does this shit for leisure. Like this is fun for him. It makes no sense at all.

Yoongi starts to pull Namjoon off course. “Let’s get out of this crazy guy’s way.”

Namjoon drags him back. “Wait, no. That’s, um.”

“Namjoon, hi!” Jungkook yells happily.

Yoongi’s mouth drops. “You know him?”

Namjoon doesn’t grace him with an answer. Not when he can’t look away from the enigma that steadily approaches. It’s been a few days since the nurse’s office incident and he hasn’t thought much about it. But now, Namjoon feels almost stuck as he takes in the sweat dotted at Jungkook’s darkened hairline, the flex of his muscular arms carrying the large sack, and also the slight downturn of his lips.

Which is confusing. Why is he frowning like that?

“Hi.” Yoongi is the one to speak, because Namjoon can only stare, and Jungkook isn’t even looking at them the moment he stops. His eyes are lowered, kinda sad. Namjoon follows his gaze and sees they’re locked onto where he and Yoongi are holding hands.

Namjoon clears his throat. “What are you doing? Here? Carrying that, um, thing.”

Jungkook blinks and quickly looks up, a small grin on his lips. He slaps his hand against the dense sack. “It’s for a drill called the dummy drag. I stole it.”

“You stole it?” Yoongi asks, brow raised.

The two scrutinize one another for a moment with an air that can only be described as awkward, and more awkward. “Well, borrowed it. I’ll take it back when I’m done.”

Yoongi tilts his head. “Done doing what?”

Jungkook tilts his head right back. “I’m sorry, what’s your name?”

Namjoon shakes his head. “This is Yoongi.” And then looks down at their laced fingers, hurriedly pulls away. “My friend, Yoongi. Yoongi hyung, this is Jungkook. He’s a - “

Yoongi’s gummy smile suddenly appears, slightly mischievous. “Fireman.”

“I was going to say lunatic, actually.” Namjoon says, turning back to Jungkook whose big eyes have brightened, his face excited like some puppy that just got a treat. It makes his skin tickle. “What are you doing with that thing? It looks so heavy. Please don’t hurt yourself.”

Jungkook hoists the dummy bag up higher on his shoulder, which makes the veins in his arms and neck bulge, but that’s a minor detail. “I wanted to show it to you. To be honest I wasn’t even sure if you’d be here, but I hoped you would. I’m so happy you are.”

Jesus, he sounds so earnest and sweet even if this is the most strangest thing ever.

Yoongi chuckles. “Hold on. You brought that big ass dummy over to show Joonie? So he can like, what? Look at it? Touch it? Pick it up himself? I’m telling you now he won’t be able to, he looks super big but his arms are weak.”

Namjoon turns and punches Yoongi in the shoulder. “Hyung, be quiet!”

Jungkook looks at Namjoon with soft, tender eyes. “I wanted to show you how strong I am.”

It’s somewhat jarring to have such a cute face say those exact words while holding a bag that probably would have snapped Namjoon’s back by now.

He nods and tries not to let the conundrum stress him out. “Yes, I remember you telling me that before. That’s how you - “

Vaguely, he motions at his forehead.

Jungkook laughs. “Yeah. So, do you like it?”

Namjoon’s eyes grow wide. “Do I like how strong you are?”

Beside him, Yoongi mumbles something akin to ‘oh my god’.

Jungkook bites his lip, runs his gaze over the full length of him. “You weigh 74kg, huh?”

If his eyes get any bigger they’re sure to come rolling out his head. Also, the sun has suddenly gotten too bright. He feels overheated in his skin. “I do, actually. Like, exactly. How do you know that?”

“Just by looking at you.” Jungkook says so casually, then ducks down and drops the dummy bag to the ground with a loud thump. “That’s how much the dummy is. A nice, good solid weight.”

Namjoon has never once in his life imagined a scenario where his weight would be compared to that of a stuffed burlap sack and be into it. He should not be okay with that.

Nor -

“Can I pick you up?”

- should he be sort of into that, too.

Yoongi gasps. “What is happening?”

Namjoon blinks. “You want to pick me up?”

“You can’t answer all of my questions with another question, Namjoon.” Jungkook says with a little smirk to the corner of his lips.

“It’s hyung to you.” Namjoon replies, which makes that smirk deepen. He wishes he didn’t say that. “And no, you can’t pick me up.”

Yoongi holds up his hands. “Now, let’s stop for a moment. I would very much enjoy seeing Jungkook pick you up.”

“I would very much enjoy it if you shut up.” Namjoon hisses.

Jungkook does that stupid thing where he runs a hand along the back of his neck and it’s so stupid, and charming. “I’d only do it with your consent, but yeah. I should probably get this dummy back.”

He goes to retrieve it, and Namjoon’s mouth somehow says. “Okay, just. Just this once. This is my thank you for the cookies and painting, then we’re even.”

There may have been a pause somewhere in there, Namjoon isn’t sure. One moment he’s upright, and the next he’s not, feet lifted from the ground and slung over Jungkook’s shoulder.

In a faraway distance there’s the sound of Yoongi cheering, the echo of his claps ringing in Namjoon’s ears. That’s entirely muted by the feel of big hands gripped to the back of his thighs, tight and secure. Or the intense smell of alpha that permeates his being. Or worse, the smugness in Jungkook’s voice when he asks. “Do you like it now, hyung?”

Namjoon stutters. “Sure. Now put me down!”

Jungkook lowers him gently back to his feet.

Yoongi holds his stomach laughing. “That was amazing! Thank you for whatever all of this was. I’m so ready for the exam now.”

Namjoon quickly straightens out his scrubs, and clears his throat. “Right, yeah. The exam. We have to take that.”

Jungkook nods and backs away, leans down and tosses the dummy back up as if it weighs nothing. Namjoon wonders if he was weightless in his arms too. “Of course. It was nice to meet you, Yoongi.”

Yoongi smiles at him, then smiles at Namjoon. “Oh same here. You have no idea.”

Namjoon takes Yoongi by the hand again, and waves at Jungkook with the other. He rushes to say, “Please don’t pick anyone else up today. Okay, bye.”

And then hastily turns away back in the direction they came.

“Bye, hyung!” Jungkook shouts from behind them.

Yoongi waves at him from over his shoulder.

Namjoon takes a deep breath, and counts to three in his head. “I am so confused.”

“I’m not.” Yoongi says, grinning.

By the time the exam begins, Namjoon can’t for the life of him make sense of the questions on the page, nor the reason why this baby alpha Jungkook has suddenly popped up in his life and doesn’t seem to want to go away.


“Jimin, serious question.”


Jungkook throws an arm over his eyes and attempts to drown out Hoseok and Jimin talking too loudly.

“Are you and Taehyung fucking?”

Jimin gasps. “Absolutely not. That’s my soulmate! Ew, why would you ask that?”

There’s a silent pause where Jungkook imagines Hoseok is flinging his arms around exasperatedly. “Because of everything! I watched him kiss both you and his boyfriend goodbye on the lips the other day.”


“And he had his hand inside your pants holding your ass for an uncomfortable amount of time.”

Jimin snorts. “Why were you watching? Pervert.”

“What does his boyfriend think?”

Jungkook sighs dreadfully. “Know what I think? I think everyone should be quiet for a second. I’m having a crisis and I’d like to do it in peace.”

The room falls silent for a moment, then Hoseok whispers. “If you all dated it’d be an alpha and two beta’s. Thoughts?”

Jimin simply shushes him.

Jungkook moves his arm away and back to the floor, staring up at the ceiling of Hoseok’s dorm. He’s been laying here for a while feeling only a little bit sad for himself.

Courting is hard. He doesn’t even know if he’s doing it right. Actually, he’s almost positive he isn’t doing it right because Namjoon doesn’t seem that impressed. God, he wants to impress him so badly. Did the portrait not convey how Jungkook sees him as a work of art? Did the honey cookies akin to his sweet scent not prove he was capable to provide? Was the testament of his strength to hold and protect Namjoon not enough? And for fucks sake, why didn’t he ask for his number the other day?

It didn’t help that Yoongi was there. Namjoon said that they were just friends, but they held hands twice and Jungkook kind of thinks the two omegas may have a thing. They seemed awfully close. He doesn’t want to dislike Yoongi because he was a pretty cool guy, but dammit he’s in the way of Jungkook’s plan! How can he get rid of him?

“That’s such a fucked up thing to think!” Jungkook says out loud.

Jimin groans. “He’s talking to himself again. Hobi, it’s your turn to kick him.”

The floorboard creaks and then there’s a firm kick to the right side of his ribcage that makes him hiss. “Hey! No talking to yourself. Also, I’m bored.”

Jungkook rubs at his side and sits up, running a hand through his hair. “I need to see Namjoon.”

“Obsessed, much?” Hoseok makes a face.

Jungkook rips his sock off his foot and throws it at him, hitting him right on the chin. “I’m not. I just want him to like me.”

Jimin peers at him over the top of his phone. “I can still ask Tae to get his number for you.”

“No. I want to do it myself.” Jungkook says, eyes to the floor. He feels so inexperienced. He’s never done anything like this before, and Namjoon is so much older and mature. Maybe this is all too much for him.

Hoseok sits up abruptly on the couch, eyes wide and mouth open. “I have an idea! Let’s do one of those cliché firefighter sexy calendars. You know the ones.”

Then he proceeds to put one hand behind his head and the other on his cocked hip, a sultry look on his face. “I’m Mr. December and winter won’t be the only thing coming.”

Jungkook snatches the other sock off his foot and tosses that at his face, too. “I hate that and I hate you.”

Jimin hums. “That is kinda hot. But I bet Namjoon already thinks you’re hot. It’s okay, you’re doing fine. When Tae and I courted Jin hyung it was just like this.”

The room falls silent again.

Hoseok screeches. “You both courted him? Jimin, dude.”

“I think you guys are in a polyamorous relationship and haven’t realized it yet.” Jungkook says.

Jimin pauses, shakes his head. “Nah.”

They let it go after that. Jungkook lowers himself back to the floor and covers his eyes once again, slightly defeated. He hopes Jimin is right and he’s doing just fine, but for now, it’s hard to convince himself of that.


The café is pretty slow this late in the evening.

Jungkook is thankful. It was a long day at the site, a lot of movement and activity and orders from his instructor. The three of them were beat by the time they made it here, ordering a shit ton of food to eat. Hoseok and Jimin left not too long ago. Jungkook wanted to stay a little while longer and go over his notes, request an uber later.

Though, he may make it sooner because his body is screaming at him to get out of this uniform.

He loudly sips up the last of his coffee and opens up the uber app, just as the door to the café swings open.

There stands Namjoon, the epitome of perfection. Easily the most beautiful thing in the room. He’s not wearing scrubs today, but instead jeans with a dark brown sweater and a cream colored scarf around his neck. He walks over to the empty counter and greets the alpha cashier Luna as if he knows her, makes her smile and laugh like it’s nothing. Then he stares up at the menu and ponders. Luna gestures at the display of new muffins. Namjoon gazes at them, shakes his head, and orders a drink instead.

Jungkook is thoroughly fascinated. And thoroughly in love.

Luna takes his money and stuffs the tip Namjoon gives her into the jar and begins to make his order. As she ducks down below the counter for a new roll of cups, their eyes meet from across the room.

And he quickly ducks his head down to his phone and requests an uber 15 mins away in a fit of panic.

It startles him when a saccharine scent overcomes the table. “Jungkook, hi.”

He looks up. Namjoon has sat down in the booth across from him, a brilliant smile on his face.

Jungkook’s brows raise. “Namjoon, hey.”

Namjoon’s expression begins to turn apologetic, voice rushed. “I’m sorry if I’m bothering you. You’re probably with someone, I saw you and just wanted to say - “

“No, no. Not at all. I’m alone.” Jungkook cuts him off, shaking his head as he gathers his notes into an organized pile. “And I’ve actually been the one bothering you so, you’re okay I promise.”

Namjoon settles back into the seat, but his face remains wary, somewhat confused. “You haven’t been bothering me, what do you mean?”

Luna appears at the table and sets Namjoon’s beverage down. She takes a glance at Jungkook. “Kook, did you want another coffee?”

Jungkook shakes his head. “No thank you, Luna. I’m fine.”

“I didn’t know you guys were together. So cute.” Luna says, and then walks away as if she didn’t just say the singular most devastating thing in existence.

Jungkook wishes he could disappear, but all he can do is rub at his neck and take a shy glance at Namjoon. “Luna’s really nice.”

Namjoon laughs a tiny bit and takes a sip of his drink. “She is. You come here a lot?”

Jungkook nods. “Yeah. My friends and I like to stop by after our site days for school.” He flicks a hand over his bright orange firefighter uniform.

He doesn’t miss the way Namjoon stares at him closely from head to toe and back up again. “I see. Mine come to study sometimes. They were busy today.”

“Oh. That sucks.” Jungkook says.

Namjoon shrugs. “Not so much. Since you’re here.”

They both look at each other as if neither can believe what was just said.

Jungkook’s heart hammers in his chest nervously, but with a tad more confidence. “I really haven’t been bothering you?”

Namjoon is quick to shake his head, the tops of his ears dusted pink. “You haven’t. I mean I was definitely confused but, yeah.”

A woman walks by holding one of the new muffins and Namjoon watches her for a moment.

Jungkook smiles. “Are you confused about wanting that muffin, too?”

Namjoon looks at him, soft. “Not really?”

“Okay. Can I buy it for you?” Jungkook asks, and Namjoon goes hesitant. He reaches out and grazes just the tips of his fingers. “Please, hyung?”

Slowly, Namjoon nods.

Jungkook bites his lip. “Any preference?”

“Whatever you want to give me is fine.” Namjoon says, hopeful.

Jungkook stands from the table, and they may or may not be discussing multiple things right now but he can never be too sure. His phone gets a notification that the uber is right around the corner and he kind of wants to kick his own ass. He really is exhausted, but he’d put off sleep for a lifetime if it meant spending more time with Namjoon. Maybe there will be more time, soon.

Luna wraps up the muffin nicely for him and he heads back.

“You look cute in regular clothes.” Jungkook says as he hands the muffin over. Then laughs dumbly. “I mean you look cute in scrubs, too. I’ve just never seen you out of them. They always look comfortable.”

Namjoon places the muffin down and grins. “They are comfortable. And thanks. I really like your uniform. You look hot.“

He stops, waves his arms about fruitlessly. It’s adorable. “As in temperature wise. Like, it looks very heavy. Please don’t dehydrate and sweat to death.”

Jungkook is on cloud nine. Death at this exact moment wouldn’t come as a bad thing. He places both hands under his chin and simply admires the man before him. “I don’t want to leave. I want to watch you eat your muffin.”

Namjoon raises it to his mouth and takes the tiniest, most daintiest bite. It’s so fucking adorable he truly can’t handle it. “You have to leave?”

He sighs. “Yes. Please keep eating.”

And so he does. Takes another bite, this one slightly bigger, and chews carefully. Then he holds it up with open eyes. “Try it. It’s pecan. You’re not allergic, right?”

“I’m not.” Jungkook smiles at him, and leans in to take a chunk of his muffin. His alpha swoons. By the endearment on Namjoon’s face, his omega probably did too. At least, he hopes so. “I’m allergic to garlic, though.”

Namjoon frowns. “My condolences.”

“Hyung, can I have your number?”

Namjoon almost drops his muffin, but safely lowers it to the table and holds out his hand. “Let me see your phone.”

Jungkook hands it over without a second thought. He watches Namjoon type on the screen and then call his own phone. Jungkook’s body buzzes with so much excitement he could combust. It’s probably just exhaustion. A notification sounds and Namjoon hands his phone back. “Looks like your uber is here.”

“Oh.” Jungkook says.

Maybe he should stay. He really should probably stay.

“You better go. I’ll text you tonight, okay?” Namjoon seems to have read his thoughts, and the sheer anticipation for his text tonight makes him want to leave immediately.

Jungkook raises from the table and grabs his notes, grateful his hands are too busy holding something then reaching out for Namjoon. He really wants to caress his cheek. Or runs his fingers through his hair. It’s overwhelming.

“See you, hyung.”

Namjoon looks up at him, and if he seems shy it must be the lighting of the café. “See you, Jungkook.”

Jungkook waves goodbye to Luna and leaves floating three feet off the ground.


It still comes as a shock when Jungkook shows up to the medical building unannounced randomly over the following weeks. He brings all kinds of things to give to Namjoon: cards with cute little handwritten letters attached and Namjoon’s favorite candy, a new binder set for the one he lost, a single red rose, one day it’s only a playlist that he made for Namjoon and they listened to it together next to the rose bush.

It had a lot of love songs.

Namjoon finds it all very cute. His omega is particularly delighted each time Jungkook comes around, and it’s a bit confusing. Actually, it’s a lot confusing. Even more so the day Seokjin has the gall to say,

“That baby alpha is courting the fuck out of you Namjoon what are you confused about?”

From the other side of the table Yoongi erupts into laughter.

Namjoon tries to make sense of the words but he’s three beers in and the bar they’re currently at is pretty loud, he’s not even sure he heard him correctly. “Wait, huh?”

Yoongi takes a swig from his bottle. “I’ll translate. He wants to knot you. But with love. A love knot?”

Seokjin and Yoongi laugh some more but Namjoon doesn’t really see the joke.

“Why would he want to do that?” He asks, internally debating if he should order another drink. Best safe if he doesn’t.

“Because you’re pretty as fuck.” Seokjin says, and reaches over the table to pinch his cheek. “Everywhere we go you’re always the prettiest omega there.”

“Hey!” Yoongi kicks at his chair.

Seokjin kicks him back. “We’re making our Joonie realize why his little alpha fireman wants to fuck his brains out then marry him Yoongi, read the room!”

Yoongi huffs but turns back to Namjoon. “He’s right. You’re gorgeous and smart and Jungkook told you himself he really likes you.”

Namjoon nods. “Yeah. As a friend. I really like him, too.”

“As a friend?” Yoongi asks.

He nods, again. “Yes, as a friend.”

Seokjin rests a hand under his chin. “I have a question. Would you let Yoongi or I help you during your heat?”

Namjoon rolls his eyes. “Hell no. You two have already tried that before, it’s gross. You’re my friends.”

“So, would you let Jungkook? If you went into heat this exact moment, would you let him take care of you?”

And everything sort of comes to a glaring halt. Because well, he isn’t repulsed by that idea. Jungkook is soft and kind, and Namjoon imagines he’d be that way if he asked him to. If Namjoon told him how badly his heats make his body burn and ache so deep within, he’d take such gentle care. He’d probably be rough too, if Namjoon wanted that.

They’ve never kissed before. Have never held hands or hardly touched at all. But Namjoon would be okay with that. Kissing him, letting Jungkook puts his hands all over his body, letting Jungkook stop the pain and sensitivity with his big, fat knot and -

“Joon, you’re about to start fucking drooling!” Yoongi exclaims.

Namjoon rapidly blinks away the visions and closes his mouth, wiping at it with the back of his hands. There definitely wasn’t any drool. “Both of you shut up.”

Seokjin claps excitedly. “You so would let him! That’s very slutty of you. I’m so proud. I need to tell Tae and Jimin.”

He quickly shakes his head. “No! Please don’t. Jimin will tell Jungkook and like, not yet. I need to figure some things out first.”

Yoongi looks at Seokjin. “Oh, so it’s Tae and Jimin now?”

Seokjin shrugs. “It probably was all along? Who knows. They’re soulmates, we all date, it’s no big deal.”

Yoongi launches into a dialogue into how much it is a big deal, but Namjoon tunes them out. He feels sort of cut open and raw, but not in an uncomfortable way. A part of him wants to find out right now if this feeling is warranted, but he can wait until the morning. Jungkook will still be there.


Jungkook can’t seem to help it that his insides are jittery and restless as he walks across the campus in a very familiar route.

He’s nervous to see Namjoon. His text felt heavy, somewhat urgent. Maybe he’s finally ready to tell Jungkook to leave him alone, to stop popping up out of the blue. It was only a matter of time. Of course it was too good to be true, Namjoon has come to his senses and wants to let him down easy. Jungkook should have prepared better for this. If he cries it’s his own doing for being too hopeful.

The rose bush comes into view but Namjoon is sat a couple feet away from it on the bench nearby, eyes down to the book in his lap.

It’s only natural at this point to admire him. That must be pathetic, huh? To have fallen for him the very first moment he ever laid eyes, and to feel it even stronger now despite only knowing each other a few weeks.

Nobody does that. And yet, here he stands, mesmerized by the shape of Namjoon’s lips, his cute button nose, and nurturing soul. Unbelievable.

Jungkook picks up the last remnants of his strength and approaches.

“Hyungie.” He greets, giving a small wave.

His heart gallops at the way Namjoon’s face lights up, dimples deepening. “Hi, kookie. Come here, sit.”

Jungkook does. Namjoon tucks his book away into his backpack and then shifts a little closer to him. It feels so nice being close to him. Always wants to be closer, never close enough.

“Are your classes over for the day?” Namjoon asks.

Jungkook nods. “Yeah, they are. What about you?”

Namjoon shakes his head. “No, I have one more left in a second. But I only have to take a quiz then I can go. Did you want to maybe stay and wait for me? I mean, only if you want to.”

“Of course I want to.” Jungkook rushes to say, has to dig teeth into his lower lip to slow down. “I can stay. Did you want to ask whatever you needed to later or - “

He’s cut off by Namjoon moving closer again, nearly in his lap. Then his hand is raising to swipe his thumb over that long healed cut above his eye, soft and deliberate. Their eyes meet, and though Namjoon’s touch is sure, his gaze says otherwise.



Namjoon’s hand grazes his bangs from his forehead and Jungkook thinks his eyes flutter, they certainly feel like they do, so utterly weak to him. His voice carries on nervously.

“Have you been trying to make my omega yours?” Namjoon says, pauses. “And your alpha mines?”

Jungkook hadn’t realized his eyes were fully closed until he opened them. Namjoon hasn’t looked away from him, taking in every feature of his face. He slowly nods. “I have. Was I doing okay?”

Namjoon nods, too. “More than okay.”

It feels right when he places his hand atop Namjoon’s thigh and gives a gentle squeeze. Namjoon smiles shyly but doesn’t pull away.

Instead, he twists his fingers in the nape of Jungkook’s hair, and says. “I’ve never been anyone’s before.”

“Me either, hyung.” Jungkook responds, reassuring. “I was so sure I was doing a terrible job courting you.”

Namjoon laughs. “I didn’t even know you were courting me until Jin hyung said so.”

Jungkook’s eyes widen. “What did you think I was doing?”

“Being a nice friend!” Namjoon exclaims, lowering his head in that adorably bashful way of his.

It makes his heart sing.

He raises a hand to Namjoon’s cheek and cups it gently, lifts it so to meet his gaze once more. “I’m allowed to kiss you now, right? Please tell me I can, hyung.”

Namjoon doesn’t answer. He simply kisses him, off center and clumsy, but Jungkook hardly cares. It’s the best kiss of his life.

They press their lips together and pant into each other’s mouths long enough for Namjoon to abruptly pull away and almost fall off Jungkook’s lap and the bench in his haste to get up. “I forgot about my quiz!” He shouts, scrambles to grab his backpack.

Jungkook stares up at him. “What should I do?”

“Nothing. Don’t do anything just sit there and be cute!” Namjoon starts a jerky walk/jog across the pavement. “I’ll be right back!”

“Good luck!” Jungkook yells at his retreating back.

Namjoon disappears into the medical building without another glance.

And then sticks his head back out the door to shout. “Oh, and yes! You can call me baby!”

Then he is gone again.

Jungkook slumps back against the bench and giggles to himself, looks up in the sky, and feels as though he’s one with the clouds and never wants to come back down.

He’s starting to think that house by the river isn’t too crazy, after all.