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I hate every inch of you.

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Aaron - Andrew

Aaron doesn’t budge when he hears the knock on his door. He’s too busy staring at his wardrobe and wondering when he ever even bought any of it, let alone wore it. It does not make sense that he has five flannel shirts. He doesn’t wear flannels. Does he?

When no sound comes after a few seconds, he knows it’s Andrew.

“I have no clothes,” Aaron says.

Andrew stands next to him to join in staring down his closet, which is filled to the brim. 

“Hmm,” Andrew says. “Wanna borrow something?”

Aaron has never understood how Andrew could make any sense of his wardrobe. It all just looks like black blobs to him, but Andrew moves with precision like he knows exactly what he’s looking for and then throws it at Aaron.

Aaron holds the jeans up and tries not to wince.

“Just how tight are these exactly?”

“Tight,” Andrew says. “Tell Katelyn she’s welcome.”

Aaron changes right there and grins when Andrew glares at the clothes he drops haphazardly on the floor.

“Jesus Christ,” Aaron wheezes when pulling the zip up.

He flops down onto Andrew’s bed as he gets changed himself. Andrew’s pants have a lot more rips, he’s wearing twice the amount of belts Aaron is, and the black t-shirt he wears over top is loose and oversized, the sleeves reaching just past his elbows.

Aaron waits until Andrew’s done putting on some eyeliner before asking, “So when’s Neil coming over?”

Andrew ruffles with that same sense of ease through his pile of earrings and bracelets. “I’m picking him up. Katelyn?”

“Meeting her at Knox’s place.” He lets the silence settle for a bit before breaching a more serious topic. “Have you packed anything yet?”

Andrew snorts. “I leave on the eighteenth, why would you ever think I’d start packing before the seventeenth.”

Aaron’s happy to be reminded they have another thing in common, no matter how toxic the trait may be.

Aaron purposefully looks at the ceiling as he asks, “We’ll be okay?”

Andrew lies down next to him, stares at the ceiling, and drops his arm on Aaron’s chest with a painful thump, making Aaron wheeze just a little.

“We’ll be okay.”

Andrew - Kevin

“Day,” Andrew says before sitting down on the comfy sofa next to him.

“Minyard,” Kevin replies with a smile.

“So this is where you hang out on Friday nights.”

“What, Jeremy’s house? No—”

Andrew grins. It appears Kevin is already tipsy enough to fall into Andrew’s traps easily.

“Damn it,” Kevin says. “Change of subject.”

“Alright,” Andrew relents. “Your choice.”

Kevin hums and nurses his beer. It looks warm, but it doesn’t look like Kevin’s willing to move anytime soon. Neither will Andrew, he has his bottle of water. Plus, he knows Neil’s in the kitchen, and if he goes there, he’ll see him, kiss him, get so turned on they’ll have to look for an abandoned room in this mansion and Andrew doesn’t feel like being a high school cliché just yet.

“How was your anniversary?” Kevin asks.

Andrew grins. “Good. I got to annoy Neil by constantly calling it our one month anniversary instead of the three months he put on all his cheesy banners.”

“He made banners?” Kevin quirks a judgy brow.

“Yes,” Andrew says and fights his pleased blush. “It was sweet and nauseating. Then we drove out to Lover’s Peak except there were like ten other cars parked there and we just went for a long ass drive.”

“Isn’t that all you do, go on drives?”

“I like driving.”

“You know, I don’t think it’s very punk rock and anti-capitalism of you to just accept a car.”

“Oh, fuck off,” Andrew says. “It’s a car , Kevin. You’re just jealous your dad won’t let you have one.”

“That’s not the point, dad likes driving me everywhere.”


“We have nice car chats.”

“Sure, Kevin.”

“It’s not embarrassing.”

“It isn’t,” Andrew confirms.

A few minutes pass as Andrew takes in the dreadful pop music that’s pounding through the speakers, and he observes someone losing dramatically at beer pong.

“Sometimes he tells me the town gossip.”

“I fucking knew it.”

Kevin - Aaron - Neil

Neil’s lounging on the kitchen counter, talking to Aaron who looks to be preparing some fluorescent drinks when Kevin makes his way into Jeremy Knox’s massive family kitchen.

He freezes in place for a few seconds before deciding he wants to confront this situation head-on.

“Hello,” he says.

Neil nods. Aaron stares at the floor.

He hasn’t really gotten as far as deciding what to say to them when he actually talked to them.

Neil decides to break the ice in the worst way possible.

“Hey, weren’t you dating Thea?”

Kevin sighs. “I was.”

Neil doesn’t immediately get what he said, but Aaron pipes up.

“Wait, you’re not dating her anymore?”

Neil snorts. “Jeez, calm down dude, you have a girlfriend.”

Kevin watches the play-fight between them and leans against the closest kitchen cabinet. Alright, maybe he’s had a little bit too much to drink already.

His mind wanders to shapely legs, strong hands, chiseled jaws— 

“So, what happened?” Neil asks, waking Kevin from his tipsy daydream.

“She’s focusing on college,” Kevin says. “She got a football scholarship, she’s going pro and she couldn’t really make time in her schedule to date. It made sense, we both agreed.”

Neil hums. Aaron pulls a face.

“How are you so clinical about that? Didn’t it hurt?”

Kevin shrugs and looks around the living room to see if he can’t catch a glimpse of someone.

“No,” he says. “It was the best decision.”

He doesn’t find who he’s looking for and sighs.

“They’re out back,” Neil says with a smirk.

“Who is?” Aaron asks.

Kevin would ask the same, but he probably couldn’t make his ignorance very believable.

Neil grins and Kevin despises him again, just a little bit.

“Jean and Jeremy,” he says.

It’s fine. Everything is fine.

Aaron switches his stares between Neil and Kevin, almost cracking his own neck, but neither of them gives him any further information.

Kevin grabs a shot of something and decides that if this is his final hoorah before going off to college, he might as well try and make the best of it.

“Where?” he asks Neil.

“Pool house.” Neil nods encouragingly. “Good luck.”

“Fuck off, Josten,” Kevin walks off with the sound of Neil’s cackle behind him.

Neil - Andrew

Neil’s position on the kitchen counter is the perfect spot to spy on Andrew. Well, spying is a harsh word. Andrew’s facing him, watching him right back.

After Kevin leaves, Neil gives Andrew a wink, and almost immediately afterward, Aaron fake-retches beside him.

“In front of me? In front of my salad?”

Neil grins and pats Aaron on his drunk little head. “Go find your girlfriend, buddy. You don’t wanna see what comes next.”

“Gross,” Aaron whines and calls Katelyn while waddling out of the kitchen. “Kate, love of my life, where the everloving fuck are you, babe?”

A few seconds later, Andrew slots himself between Neil’s open legs.

“Evening,” Neil says, leaning in. “Wanna drunkenly make out?”

The corner of Andrew’s mouth lifts. “Neither of us is drunk.”

“Even better. That means I’ll remember this forever.”

“Nope, that’s my skill,” Andrew interjects, and Neil whines when he still doesn’t get kissed.

He pouts and points his finger on his protruding bottom lip. 

Andrew rolls his eyes, but leans in and kisses him. Neil’s legs tighten around his waist, holding him close as he laughs against Andrew’s mouth, pleased to have won, pleased to have Andrew as a prize, and he won’t let him go again.

He stops laughing when the kiss turns more heated, teeth nipping at lips, tongues licking the hurt away, heavy breathing between them, and Neil knows Andrew can feel him hard against him.

“We should get out of here,” he mumbles between two kisses as Andrew twists to kiss Neil’s neck. “God, fuck, Andrew— We should—”

“No,” Andrew mumbles. “No fucking in my car.”

“Jesus,” Neil swears, eyes rolling to the back of his head at the thought of that, combined with the way Andrew’s definitely leaving a hickey right below his jaw, fuck.

Neil’s fingers grapple at Andrew’s shirt, one hand finding its way in Andrew’s hair to pull him off, reluctantly, because fuck, that felt so good.

“Andrew,” he tries to catch his breath. “Not in the kitchen either.”

Andrew leans back and takes in Neil’s disheveled state. “Fine. Let’s go find a bedroom.”

The Knox mansion is, naturally, massive, and even worse to navigate when you’re dealing with a fucking erection.

Andrew’s holding his hand as they walk through wide hallways, and it was probably obvious to everyone what they were planning on doing when they went upstairs, but Neil’s frankly too horny to care.

Finally, in the corner of the house, they find an unoccupied room, and, thankfully, the door has a lock.

Andrew pushes him up against it the minute it’s closed.

He reattaches himself to Neil’s neck, eager to give his hickey a friend, and all Neil can do is try and keep himself upright, one hand on Andrew’s waist to feel grounded.

Neil moans when Andrew kisses him again, when he feels his hands reach under his shirt and touch his bare skin, lighting him up from the inside.

Neil almost stops breathing when Andrew leaves a final nip and sinks to his knees in front of him.

“Andrew,” he says, his hands immediately going back to rest against the door behind him.

“Neil,” Andrew says and smirks as he pops the button, pulls the zip down slowly, agonizingly slowly.

The pants get pulled down, along with his underwear, and Neil fights a shiver when he can feel Andrew’s breath on him.

They haven't done this before, and Neil sort of assumed Andrew wouldn’t want to, but the confident way Andrew just goes for it, wraps his lips around Neil, and looks up at him shows Neil shouldn’t ever assume anything about Andrew again.

Andrew’s mouth is heat, his tongue teasing at Neil’s tight skin, his deft fingers wrapping around what his lips can’t reach yet. It’s the best kind of torture.

Andrew reaches out a hand to pull Neil’s hip closer, urging him on a little, but Neil’s terrified of his lack of control.

“Fuck, Andrew,” he groans. “I can’t— Your pace, okay?”

Making his mind up, Andrew now puts both hands on Neil’s hips to press him against the door and starts taking Neil in more and more, until Neil can feel himself hit the back of his throat.

It’s so hot and tight, and Neil whines as he shuts his eyes. He won’t make it long if he has to look at Andrew doing it too.

The filthy sounds fill the air around them, Andrew’s fingernails are biting into Neil’s thighs and Neil can feel the heat in his gut, warning him it’s time— 

“Andrew, fuck, I can’t—”

Neil doesn’t want to touch him to shove him off, but Andrew doesn’t move, bobs his head faster until finally, Neil breaks, and he comes down Andrew’s throat.

Andrew hums around him, tongue dragging on his sensitive skin as he pulls off and visibly swallows. He doesn’t even pull a face, and Neil, lacking the support of Andrew holding him up, trembles and falls to the ground.

There, Andrew is waiting for him and pulls him close, wraps his arms around Neil’s neck and kisses him, lets him know the taste of him, lets him know he liked that, probably just as much as Neil did.

They move to the bed and undress until they’re both naked, lying still, and facing each other.

Neil’s hand itches to touch Andrew.

“What can I do?”

Andrew swallows and Neil’s eyes track the movement. “You can touch me.”

He feels clumsy as he holds Andrew in his hand, even though he’s done this before. 

He knows what Andrew likes, the way he twists his wrist, the way he shifts between rhythms. The way Neil looks Andrew in the eyes as he does this, watching Andrew’s pleasure develop on his face.

The hitch in his breathing that tells him he’s on the right path, the way his eyelashes flutter as he can’t decide whether he can keep his eyes open or not.

The sound of his quiet, barely-there moans that ring so loud in Neil’s ears, he can’t help but lean in close and kiss them out of his mouth.

Andrew bites him, puts a hand on Neil’s jaw, and pulls him closer, tugs at his hair as Neil undoes him.

Only when Andrew’s mouth goes slack, when Neil knows he’s close, does he move away. He shifts on the bed to lie between Andrew’s legs and puts his mouth on him.

“Neil—” Andrew moans and attempts to push him away but Neil ignores him, suckles on Andrew’s tip, and gets acquainted with the weight, the taste in his mouth. The ache in his jaw as he decides to slide his mouth further down makes him groan around him, and with Andrew’s hand pulling at Neil’s hair, his mouth is quickly filled with Andrew’s spend.

It’s not as gross as he imagined it to be, to swallow Andrew’s come and clean up what he missed when pulling off. 

Even less when Andrew pulls him back up on top of him, with their sensitive cocks resting against each other, their chests moving with heavy breaths, and their mouths linking again.

Their kissing turns lazy, uncoordinated yet effortless, their lips finding each other again and again.

“Do you wanna go back to the party?” Andrew whispers after a while when they’re just resting, Neil’s head tucked under Andrew’s chin.

“Fuck no,” Neil says. “Why the fuck would I want that?”

Andrew hums, pleased, Neil can tell. “Okay.”

“Can we just stay here?”

“How long?”

Neil smiles and trails a finger on Andrew’s chest. “Forever.”

Andrew snorts, jostling Neil’s head in the process. “Maybe not forever.”

Neil sighs.

“Until morning,” Andrew says.

“Alright.” Neil closes his eyes and lets the sound of Andrew’s heartbeat pull him into sleep.

The rising sun wakes Neil from his slumber, and he realizes Andrew’s up too because he’s rubbing gentle fingers through his hair.

He sighs and tightens his arm around Andrew’s chest.

“You’re leaving in three days.”

“Yes,” Andrew says.

“I don’t like that.”

It’s not really a joke, but they both laugh because it’s easier that way.

They kiss, pull faces at the taste, get dressed, and make their way through the house on tiptoes so they can’t get roped into clean-up duty. 

On the seventeenth, Neil helps Andrew pack, and when it gets to be too much for Andrew, he goes and harasses Aaron for a while. At night, they all play video games together and ignore the looming deadline.

Later that night, Neil stays over and all they do is hug. They lie on Andrew’s bed together, closely entangled and they breathe. They don’t talk about it.

In the morning, Neil can tell Andrew hasn’t slept. He decides to change course then and smiles before kissing him.

“Hey,” he says, lifting Andrew’s chin to make sure he’s listening. “This is going to be so good for you.”

“Is it?”

Neil nods and smiles again. “It is.”


In an effort to distract Andrew even further, they jerk off in the shower together, and if nothing else, it’s worth seeing the disgusted glare on Aaron’s face when they finally make their way downstairs.

“You know my bedroom is next to the bathroom.”

Andrew reaches for the cereal and deadpans, “You bet on my love life.”

Aaron sputters, “You can’t keep using that against me!”

“Can, too.”

“I hate this family,” Aaron says, stuffing his face with his sandwich.

They pile Andrew’s luggage into his car, stuffing everything in until only the driver’s seat is left free.

Neil had offered to join Andrew on the drive there, even going as far as looking up the train journey back, but when they discussed it together, it seemed best to say goodbye in Palmetto instead.

It would be too hard on both of them, they decided, and the trip wouldn’t be very nice if they were both counting down until they arrived and Neil would have to leave again, except he would have no support system with him as he went back home.

So, here they are now, on the Dobson-Minyard driveway, ready to say goodbye.

Betsy had taken Andrew aside earlier, and they had a long talk while Neil attempted to distract Aaron, so all they do now is hug. Betsy whispers something in his ear that makes Andrew snort, and Neil is happy the mood is high.

Aaron breaks a little when he and Andrew hug, and when Andrew says, “Dickwad, we agreed on no crying,” Betsy and Neil join in with complaints on how Aaron’s breaking the rules.

Lastly, when it’s Neil’s turn, he simply walks into Andrew’s arms and kisses him. He leans his forehead against him, and they take a deep breath together. Neil smiles. So does Andrew.

“Call me when you get there.”

“Bet you I can make it in nine hours,” Andrew smirks.

“No breaking the traffic laws, Andrew,” Betsy says from behind them.

Neil grins and sees the challenge in Andrew’s eyes.

“Fine,” he says. “Ten.”

Neil kisses him, hard and fast. “Alright. It’s a bet.”