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Work and Happy

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Before, hours for work had always occupied Dojun's mind. It did not bother him to stay up late in his office, or to not head straight at home to attend meetings in favor of some family dinner. Nevertheless, he cherished his family so much. He tries his best to be with them as much as he can. He was not on the talkative side, so his mere presence is what he could provide by the very least. He'll let the younger ones do all the snarky remarks on the table. 


With all that before, Dojun thought everything is a routine in his life and he would be contented as to what he had.


But then, their family started growing.


He had been doubtful about it before. It wasn't everyday for your younger brother to present a lover and a child, but through time, they all grew to accept them as family. If the fan club shirts do not speak then Dojun does not know what will. Everyone dotes on Byul and even if Hyesung had ultimately given Dojin a hard time, he was too adorable to be casted away. If anything, Hyesung has a way to gather everyone's attention on him. It was something Dojun thinks his brother has fallen in love with.


The sudden addition to the family is surprising at first, but they all know that the addition was all for the best.


In the middle of packing up, Dojun's phone vibrated against his pocket. A year before, he would put the device in a compartment to avoid distractions from work, but if there's something that Hyesung and Byul had gifted to their family, it is how it turned out to be possible for the stoic family of dominant alphas to actually feel warmth with each of the family member's presence. From then on, they tried to be as close as possible, as reachable as possible. With a baby in the house, it feels like no one would like to have regrets on not witnessing something the baby did, so words should always be given around the family for everyone's awareness.


But upon seeing the message in his device, Dojun can't help the soft smile that is probably already plastered on his face.


God knows he adores Byul.


But Heeso, he's a man Dojun is head-over-heels for.


From: Heesoo
The idiot is teaching Byul Math. I wanna stop him!!!! Byul is a baby!!!!!!!


Yes, his family is really growing. Heesoo is long known to be part of it as his younger brother's companion, but the fact that he is now presented as his lover puts a new wave of love and pride in Dojun's chest.


To: Heesoo
Have you tried stopping him?


Dojun figured that his lover is probably holding his phone because the message quickly bounced back to his end.


From: Heesoo
Nopeeee. Your brother stopped me. God these two are so whipped for each other sometimes theyre borderline disgusting!!!!!!


From: Heesoo
Are you done with work???


It hasn't been that long since they started officially going out, but the amount of domesticity that Heesoo gives off makes Dojun so loved. For others, it probably isn't much. His younger brother probably has a ton more of action than what he gets, but Dojun feels extremely happy and contented in his own relationship.


To: Heesoo
Yes. I'm heading home.


"Straight to home, sir?" his secretary asked him from the driver seat. Dojun gave a reassuring nod. His voice is low when he speaks with a soft smile, "My brother-in-law and nephew are at home tonight." His smile turned intimate as he continues, "Heesoo brought them."


"Sir, you look very happy these days. We're glad," his secretary smiled. Dojun would have asked him to elaborate on that, to explain if he always looked sad before, when his phone lit up. Just by seeing the name of his lover, he understands. His own happiness is here. Heesoo is with him. There's no way he couldn't be happy.


From: Heesoo
Please be safe! I'll see you at home. I'm waiting for you!



Dojun almost forgot to say a short goodbye to his driver because all his eyes could see is his lover waiting for him at their parking lot. He looks so good. Dojun can't wait to kiss him and hug him and love him and...


"Have fun, sir!"


After a short wave to his driver, Dojun did not waste more time to be with his partner. He could already see Heesoo's amused face as he gets closer and closer to him. 


"Why are you in a hurry? I'm not going anywhere," Heesoo welcomed him. Dojun only replied by swiftly leaning down to kiss the beta. God knows how much he missed him today. He takes his time gently pressing his lips against Heesoo with his thumb stroking his cheekbone. Dojun wants to savour every moment with Heesoo, but he's also aware of the presence of his family inside the house. Against the muffled cooing from his home, probably because of something Byul did, Dojun breathes out his own adoration for his partner. "I missed you, Heesoo..."


Heesoo laughed a little, lips brushing lightly against Dojun's. "We saw each other this morning, Dojun."


It was amazing how Dojun is both reminded of Heesoo being young and being mature in a single sentence. The laugh he gave definitely brought the youthfulness he still has in him, and yet the way he calls the CEO by his name made him sound mature beyond his age. He's so amazing. I love him so much.


Dojun buried his face against Heesoo's shoulder. His shoulder isn't as wide as his own, but Dojun wants to be on it forever. Heesoo's small built holding him is enough to have his huge muscles melt and crumble on their own. It was only then that fatigue from work is starting to weigh him down. A couple stray of hair fall on his forehead and he knew his shirt is getting crumpled. It's far from the neatly gelled hair and straightened suit he went on for work this morning, but Dojun does not care. Not when Heesoo is gently carding his hand against his hair and his other hand is softly massaging the side of his neck. "You did well today, master. Thank you for working hard," Heesoo whispered against his ear. The name still pops out here and there and Dojun understands that Heesoo used to call him that for years, so he doesn't mind that much. Besides, Heesoo did tell him that the younger male gets turned on when he calls him master, so, who is he to complain?


"Oh, hyung. Welcome back."


Dojun felt his lover startle against him but he kept his arms around Heesoo. He looked up to see the younger alpha smiling at him. "Dojin, hi," he greeted his younger brother standing on the porch of the house. Heesoo is still blushing in his arms and it took his everything not to kiss him for being so adorable. He wants to, but he knew Heesoo would only turn redder if they kissed a lot in front of a family member. He settled with stroking his thumbs against Heesoo's hip.


"Ah, Heesoo, don't mind me. You can continue your business with hyung," Dojin's tone sounds harmless, almost innocent, but Heesoo knew better. He hadn't spent most of his life following him for nothing. If Dojin's face isn't blank right now, Heesoo knew he's already grinning ton shit at him.


"You can be annoying sometimes."


At this, Dojin finally laughed. "I'm just going to make a call, really. You two do your thing," he finally said with utmost sincerity. He passed by them with a little wave. When Dojin saw Heesoo still glaring at him, he teased the bassist more, "Heesoo, don't worry. You can have hyung all you want."


By the time Dojin had scurried off, Heesoo is breathing through his nose. "More and more each day, he's starting to be like his wife," he murmurs under his breath. Dojun, hearing him perfectly, laughed. It is amusing to see his younger brother turned like this. Hyesung really did bring out something they didn't know Dojin has in him.


Heesoo was in the middle of stressing over his friends when he felt lips on his temple. "Let's head inside, Heesoo," said against his hair.


Looking up, Heesoo smiled at Dojun before slightly tiptoeing to kiss his nose. "Okay. Let's eat dinner as well, okay?"



"Wait, you haven't had dinner yet?" Dojun asks while food is being served to him. Seeing Heesoo preparing his meal is making him feel things again. God, I want him so much. So much.


"I was waiting for you."


Dojun gulped. I need to marry him. I need to marry him.


Dojun gently pulled Heesoo on his lap. "Dojun, your family's outside," Heesoo hissed after recovering from being startled. He panicked for a little while because even if the dining room is all to themselves, he can clearly hear the family's laugh in the living room. However, he quickly deflates upon feeling Dojun's warmth holding him close. Heesoo melts in Dojun's arms. "You're really a softie, you know? I wonder why your business partners are intimidated by you," the younger male muses.


"I just love you so much, Heesoo."


Heesoo cupped his cheek in return, and grinned, "I love you, too, Dojun-ah."


"But eat your dinner first," Heesoo quickly adds when Dojun leans in for a kiss. He knew where it will escalate and he does not really want any of the family members walking on them making out, especially not the younger ones. Hamin's mouth does not have a brake.


Dojun smiled, finally letting go of his lover. Once Heesoo got off his lap, he leaned down to give a quick peck on Dojun's lips. "We can do much later, okay? You should eat for now."


"Real food?"


Heesoo snorts. He's really joking now. He has come a long way. "Yes, yes. Eat with real food for now. Let's talk about the other food later," he laughed.


Dojun really has found his happiness.