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Various of Feelings

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Levi has a strict routine.

He likes going to the bars on late Friday nights, and drinking himself silly just for the taste. Liquor has little to no affect on him, unless he really tries, and he uses that to his advantage fairly often.

He likes the sound of heartbeats picking up at the sight of him, faking drunk silly when men approach him and offer him another drink. Again and again.

It is always the same, but he never grows tired of it.

He seems easy, but he always chooses his prey carefully.

No amount of sex is worth lowering his standards, no matter how much he thrives off of the feeling.

Tonight was supposed to be no different.

Levi wasn’t supposed to see him, wasn’t supposed to do this.

Apparently, fate says otherwise.


Levi knows the exact feeling of lust - of attraction. His skin tingles when eyes fall upon him, his teeth dig into his lower lip at the flirtatious gazes of foolish men, and his eyes hood at the smell of arousal.

Nothing can be hidden from him, and because of that, he knows the exact moment that he’s caught tonight’s meal.

He exhales softly, then takes a sip of his drink. He acts carefully, letting the liquid drip down his chin before licking it away with his tongue.

He feels the hitch of breath more than hears it.

Levi turns around on his stool, slamming his empty glass down and leaving a five on the counter next to it. He searches for those eyes, and meets bright greens shining in the dimness of the bar.

The person flushes, ducking his head down to avoid Levi’s gaze and act oblivious.

Levi’s smirk falls.

All this work for nothing, huh ?” he mutters under his breath, tone slurred purposely.

If there was one thing Levi always did, it was avoid the innocent ones.

He takes those that deserve worse, crushes them with their pleasure and watches, nearly amused, as the light fades from their eyes and he hears and feels their last breath.

It’s always a one night stand.

A filthy smells comes around, dark black eyes staring through him, thinking wrong of him, and the disgusting sound of his lips smacking.

This is the kind he preys upon, who hold nothing but ill thoughts, those that wish nothing but the worse upon others.

This world they share that is full of hardly any people Levi would deem good by his standards, therefore, he allows the ones who deserved it to live and to others he gives them the final night of their life.

Some would say that Levi was playing God, but Levi never thought of such a thing.

Instead, he reasoned that he was helping the big man out. He was doing God’s work.

Funny, coming from a demon.

Hey, ” he coos, walking unsteadily over to the tall, thin man. “ D’ya know the way t’ Klorva ?”

A dirty grin crosses his face.

“I can give ya a ride there, if you’d like…” he says, attempting to be flirty.

It just about makes Levi sneer.

I’d like that. ” Levi presses his hands against the man chest, pressing up against him gently.

Levi can still feel eyes on him when he leaves, but this time, he doesn’t feel any lust from them.


The man’s hands are rough, digging into his hair and yanking it to the point that Levi is near hissing out in pain, but he continues, knowing that he will get nowhere without first pleasing the man before him.

Hah…” the person breathes harshly, pressing up closer, driving his dick deeper into Levi’s throat.

He pulls off just before he spills.

“I don’t swallow, you piece of shit.”

The male laughs, disgustingly, as he smiles smugly, “You’re a fighting bitch, aren’t ya?”

Levi narrows his eyes, before pulling over a nice grin, standing and then moving over to the cheap looking bed behind them. “Well then, I guess you’ve got to put me under control, hm?”

He almost scoffs when he hears the man’s noise of agreement, but he holds it back and climbs onto the bed, looking toward the guy suggestively.

“I’m waitin’,” Levi coons, leaning back and spreading his legs. “Thought you said you’d make me cry?”

Levi knows he’ll take it as a challenge. He’s always been good at riling people up.

“You’re quite the slut, eh?”

The bed creaks as the man climbs onto the bed, in between Levi’s legs. Levi grins and pulls him closer, wrapping his legs around the other’s waist.

“Oh, you have no idea.”

Levi finishes up around two in the morning, and the man lying in the bed couldn’t be anything else but a shell of the human he once was.

Levi, on the other hand, couldn’t feel more alive.



“You look refreshed,” Petra says, smiling as she makes her way over to the sofa Levi is occupying. She takes a seat a few spaces from him, turning her head with a soft look. “Have fun? You look disappointed.”

“Feeling it,” he replies. “Guy couldn’t even get me off, possibly the least satisfying sex I’ve had in awhile.”

“Well, maybe you should find a new location, since you’ll have to soon anyway.” She says, in thought for a moment before adding, “Hanji found this new place, ‘says it’s really good and that all the good looking guys go there. Some even have a lot of cash, although you aren’t really into that, are you?”

“No,” he lolls his head back, turning to look at her with his tail freely flicking about the deep red rug before moving to curl on top of his legs. “I think I’ll stick where I am for now, arguing over which is mine is the last thing I want to do with you or your group there.”

She smiles, now remembering that small fact. “Oh, right.” Petra nods in agreement, then, “Stay safe.”

He snorts. “When am I not?”


Again, the kid is watching him. It seems he’s gotten braver over the few days that have passed.

The bar is nearly empty, and after going more than a week without anyone to satisfy him, Levi is starving. He may be considering to take the kid. After all, despite his pure looks, he could also just be hiding behind another face, waiting to get his hands on someone weak.

The thought gets Levi standing, moving away from the bar and to one of the tables - the one he knows the guy is sitting at.

He feels the way the guy stiffens when he leaves the bar and the tense and unease that rests in him as Levi stops in front of him.

“You’ve been watching me,” he states, not caring of the blush that appears at his words. Upon a closer look, the kid couldn’t be a day over twenty, with tanned skin and innocent green eyes.

Those eyes make him interested. Levi has never read someone so much of an open book, and this kid seems like it. He couldn’t be much of an innocent person, no human ever was. Perhaps Levi should fulfill his wish since it’s obvious from his scent that the kid’s attracted to him?

“Why exactly is that?” he asks, already really knowing the reason.

He takes a seat across from the boy, seeing how he hides behind his messy brunet locks.

Levi brushes them back, feeling the heat from the boy’s face on his pale fingers.

He gets no answer.

“You got a name at least?”

A deep breath, then, “…Eren.” It seems he wills himself to add more to it, “You’re always leaving this place with someone…”

“I don’t think my sex life is any of your damn business.”

It shuts Eren up right then.

“Unless,” Levi adds, smirking and quirking a brow. Eren stills at the single word, waiting. “You asked with hope for a chance.”

He stammers, rubbing at his neck and his blush deepening.

“It’s just an offer, feel free to say no.”

“Ah, no… that’s…” he pauses. “I mean yes, uhm.”

“You’re a nervous wreck, aren’t you, kid?”

Eren mumbles, “Shut up.”

That night, he leaves with Eren, taking him to another hotel, still cheap but better looking and he watches how anxious Eren is just to enter the building.



Usually, Levi doesn’t kiss his prey, places his lips nowhere near their faces. Their dick? Yeah, sure. Mouths? Hell no.

But the first thing Eren does when they enter the room is slam him against the door, and then, completely different from his previous actions, he presses his lips to Levi’s, almost hesitantly.

When he pulls back, he gets an angry look in return.

“We don’t kiss,” Levi says, brow twitching and he fights the urge to look apologetic at the look Eren gives him in return. “And don’t think at all about marking me. I’ll cut your dick off.”


“Anything you against?” Levi’s surprising himself, he never does this, never questions anything -  just hurries to finish the act. He’s never this considerate for his prey.

Perhaps it’s because Eren won’t end his nervous act, the twirling of his hair and rubbing the tan skin of his neck red.

He gets a shake of the head in return.

“Then strip.” He turns, getting rid of his shirt before reaching the belt of his pants. Eren is bright red, staring. “Did you not hear me?”

“Sorry,” he mumbles. Then he starts to take off his button down, slow and oddly sensual for someone so nervous.

Levi has to remind himself to finish taking off his clothes when he gets distracted by the sight of the boy nearly naked.

“Underwear too,” he adds, when he notices Eren’s hesitation.

Eren bites his lip and nods, and Levi finds it terribly adorable.

He has to remind himself that this kid is not any different from his usual prey.

He just seems like he is.

Thirty minutes later, after some encouraging kissing and sensual touches, Levi is lubing up his fingers and stretching Eren out.

“Are you a virgin?” Levi asks, completely confused when Eren makes a surprised noise. It’s as if he has no clue of how sex between men works.

“Not… per say.” Eren says, turning his head to the side, and digging his face into the pillow. “I’ve been with women, but this would be the first time I’m with a man.”

“Do you at least know how gay sex works?”

“Yeah, I just didn’t think it’d feel this way.”

“First time having fingers up your ass, huh?”

Eren chooses to just ignore the comment.

“It gets better. Trust me,” Levi says, and pulls his fingers out once he’s satisfied.

He goes to grab a condom before he positions himself at Eren’s entrance, hardly managing to hold himself back.

Levi feels like some sort of villain not too much later. He knows the pain that Eren is going through, knows he can’t do much to help fix it, and Eren’s small tears aren’t helping.

“You’re crying,” he says, stating the fucking obvious.

“Sorry,” Eren sniffles, tightening his hands in the sheets. “I didn’t think it’d hurt this much.”

“No one ever does,” he mumbles. “I’m only halfway in, though.”


“Quit apologizing,” he says, looking down into tear-filled green eyes. “Just…”  Part of him is finding this unbelievable. He’s a treating a human like something more than just a thorn in his ass. “Tell me what to do to make you feel better.”


“Nearly,” he answers.

“…Hold my hand.” Levi furrows his brows, not understanding how something so simple could do anything to help, but he moves to do it regardless. Using his other hand to hold himself up, Levi watches as Eren opens his mouth to speak again. “And, a kiss, maybe?”

“You’re kidding?”

“Haha, not really.” It’s more of a dry laugh, and Eren’s avoiding looking into Levi’s eyes. Levi gets the feeling of complete embarrassment burning up from Eren and he can see the upcoming regret in his green eyes.

He kisses him.

It’s slow and deep and he’s breathing out through his nose, eyes shut. He doesn’t get the chance to pull back up, Eren’s free hand wraps around his neck tugging him lower, and strangely, he gives.


He doesn’t kill him, doesn’t even come close to it. Instead he ends up revealing himself to Eren, his horns and tail visible as he hugs Eren to his chest. His tail wraps itself around Eren’s leg, the brunet’s breath blowing onto Levi’s chest and his eyes squeezed shut as Eren touches his hands to his horns.

“You’re an… incubus?” he repeats, looking into Levi’s silver eyes once they open.

“That’s what I fucking said,” he mumbles.

“You didn’t kill me,” he states, sounding confused.

“Be grateful, you shit.”

“Why didn’t you?”

Levi pauses. He doesn’t know the answer either.


They exchange numbers, meeting for small hangouts and the occasional blowjob.

“You didn’t tell anyone,” Levi mutters, sipping on his drink.

Eren looks almost offended. “Did you think I would?”

“Wasn’t sure,” he replies, looking out the window, “humans aren’t exactly the best at keeping secrets.”

“Yeah, well,” Eren says, munching on some chips, almost angrily at the accusation. Levi raises a brow in amusement. “You can trust me at least, I promise not to reveal anything to anyone.”

It’s honestly the first time in years that Levi has allowed himself to trust a human.