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Could you repeat that?

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Asami briskly walked down the campus searching for the ‘Lady Kyoshi’ Dormitories. Her flight was delayed and instead of arriving at her new school as five, she came at eight. After signing final administration forms and receiving a key to her room, the time was well past ten. It was already dark by the time she exited the offices, and there were only a handful of people still walking around. She gripped her key in her fist out of habit and began to wander. The map that she received in the office was black and white and appeared as if they Xeroxed it several hundred times before printing it out for distribution.

She walked up to a street lamp in an attempt to illuminate the map so that she could attempt to decipher it, when suddenly she heard someone behind her. She nearly jumped out of her skin, startled, as they spoke.

“Do you need some help?”

Asami quickly turned, her face pale.

“Oh crap, sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Asami relaxed a little as she realized that it was a woman’s voice. “Ah, no that was silly of me,” she said sheepishly, a slight blush appeared on her cheeks.

“So, do you need help?” asked the girl.

“Yes please,” Asami handed over the map and took a pen out of her bag and handed it to the girl. “I’m looking for the Kyoshi dorms.”

“Well for starters, it’s in the opposite direction,” the girl smiled at her and continued to talk.

Asami couldn’t look away from her smile, and then her gaze shifted to her lips. She couldn’t help but stare at the girl in front of her.

She was now pointing at the map, but Asami could only look at her toned arms. As the girl continued to gesture to the paper, Asami’s eyes shifted to the girl’s body, she was athletically built, but still feminine. Asami lowered her gaze to her chest just as the girl turned and pointed in a direction, and Asami took the chance to follow the curve of her back, gaze moving lower and lower…

“Did you get that?” Asami’s train of thought vanished as the girl turned back and addressed her.

“Uh… could you repeat that?” Asami was sure that her face was the color of a tomato.

The girl grinned at her once again, “how about I walk you there? This place is really confusing at night.”

“Sure, thanks,” Asami replied, embarrassment coursing through her.

“I’m Korra, by the way.”

“Asami. Pleased to meet you.”


They walked up to Asami’s room and Korra extended her hand. Asami shook it, their hold lingering longer than it should have.

“Thank you so much for walking me,” Asami said, blush decorating her cheeks.

“It’s no problem, I remember looking for my dorm on the first day, it was a nightmare. Oh, your map by the way,” Korra handed the paper back to Asami, and she took it.

“So, I’ll see you around?” Korra said as she backed away towards the stairs.

“Definitely,” Asami grinned.

As Korra disappeared into the staircase, Asami unlocked her door and walked in. She walked up to the bed, collapsing into it and turned on the lamp to look at the map in her hands, there were arrows drawn from when Korra was telling her the way, but something else caught her interest. In the corner of the map was a set of numbers, Korra’s phone.