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Spirit of Dragons

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If there was one thing the guardians were sure of is that Jack was gone often, and they never knew where he went to during his random moments of disappearances. Because one thing about Jack is that he never was around outside of winter, and no matter how much North pushed for them to bond as a team and a family, Jack was gone for any holiday party he had planned.

Jack, however, never noticed the growing concern from his fellow guardians as he went about with his life, because Jack had a secret, in all his time sense he had awoken from the ice, he was never alone. Rather, he was found, tackled, and kidnapped to a strange, cold, wet, and wonderful island by a man who claimed to have known him in his former life. And in all the time he has spent with the stranger from a strange land, he had fallen into a deep happiness with the man whom he now can say without a single moment of hesitation that he loves with all his being, his husband, the spirit and god of dragons, Hiccup.

After a year watching Jack, North is truly confused as to how the young man’s mind works, for all he knows of the young man, he should be happy to be part of the guardians and not running off any chance he gets. Any time he graced Jack with the chance to attend one of his famous parties for the holiday celebration, or even when Bunny gave him a chance to repent for his grave error, ruining Easter, the year before, Jack turned them all down. Not only does he not celebrate with them, but he also has missed all the meetings held during the end spring, summer, and the start of fall, and when the rest of the guardians tried to contact him they all failed. But enough was enough, North is sure Jack is up to something and he, who is but a child compared to any other spirit, if ever involved in anything, something will go wrong. So is it not his duty, as a guardian, to stop him from hurting himself or others.

It was the first day of spring when North called a meeting of the guardians, Jack, always the last to show up, seemed rushed and wished to start the meeting as soon as he flew in from the open window of the workshop.


"So what did you call us all here for" asked Jack.

"I wish to let you know how well everything is." Said North cheerfully.

"That's it," Jack said in disbelief, "that's what you called us all here to say? That everything is good?! Don't you realize that I have more important things to do?"
Having said these parting words Jack flew out the still open window, little did he know but North stood smiling in the workshop confusing Tooth, Bunny, and Sandy. North rushed from the room, the others following behind, heading towards his sled.

"What are we doing?" Asked Tooth.

"We are following Jack to find out where he has been going to all this time", replied North.

"About time" stated Bunny.

Sandy just quietly followed, shaking his head.

As they arrived at the sled, and boarded it, they took off following Jack.

"How do you know where he is heading?" Asked Tooth.

"I planted a tracking device onto Jacks sweatshirt." Answered North, pointing to a fast moving red dot on the globe that was mounted to the front of the sled.
The guardians followed the red dot, all the while staying a distance behind as to not let Jack see them, and after a few hours noticed that the dot had started to slow over an uninhabited island, located between Iceland and Greenland, and they started to circle the island.

"What's Frost doing here?" Asked Bunny, looking at North, the only replay he received was a shrug.

As they circled the island, North grew impatient and started to descend. As they got closer they started to see old wooden homes, each looking to be of Viking origin, but ancient. And seeing an open field behind the small village, North landed the sled, and instructed the rain deer to keep a look out and wait for their return.
As they left the forest they noticed at the top of the mountain that the village rests on was a large well-kept temple like structure. They walked towards it. They entered the gaping doorway into the silent entryway and stumbled into what appeared to be a pitch black central room that reeked of smoke. Noticing a small source of light they followed it, arriving at an entrance that led to a large open arena like structure in the middle of the building. As they entered a massive roar filled the silence and the sky went black.